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What’s new in April?

Summer style is here! Take a peek at these beauties, just launched today.

Hart Versatile Bracelet

This bracelet comes in turquoise or multi-colored and doubles as a necklace. So versatile!

Hart Versatile Bracelet

Filigree Earrings – Botanical

Inspired by palm leaves and lightweight so you won’t mind wearing them all day.

Filigree Earrings - Botanical

Want to see more? Check out my Stella & Dot website to see the rest of the new arrivals.

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I don’t really want to talk about football anymore.

This is what I said to myself when thinking about what I would be blogging about. What does this mean? What does it show, and how does it reflect the process of being rerouted? If this change were a 12-step process, would this be the final one where I moved past an addiction, or is this the stage where acceptance has enlightened a sense of awareness that now, I am not a football player, I’m just me. So, today I want to focus on the future, not the past, as well as shift from goals to well-being, something that I feel is necessary when having strong aspirations for myself. For me the ultimate in well-being is summer…

This Summer, I also plan to travel to the Balkan region of Europe with a friend for about 3 weeks, namely Hungary and Croatia. At this time in my life, I feel that I need an adventure, and for me, immersing into a new culture with relative independence is not only exciting, but also somewhat challenging. In seeking balance, which is something I have made a priority, I feel that backpacking in a foreign country will provide the penultimate growth. I want to avoid the cliche of ‘finding myself abroad,’ but in all reality, it is the surrealness and element of the unknown away from home that is alluring, which will hopefully enable a sense of looking within and learning more about myself, my fears and my strengths. I want to wander and get lost in an area I have never stepped foot and I wish to rely on myself; communicating, exploring, being resourceful, organization and of course, just not knowing anything at all. There are so many inspirational blogs available online about travel. For instance, check out my classmate Magali’s blog here!

I also plan to explore more of the Lower Mainland region, particularly the mountains and of course, some nearby beaches. I was always a winter person, but last summer, I took advantage of the weather and found myself paddleboarding, relaxing, hiking (see the regions best hikes here) and swimming in some nearby lakes I was yet to visit. Since this time, I have come to truly appreciate where we live and feel that the region has so much to offer.

My course enrollment date for the summer is next week and I want to enroll for a couple online courses so that I can still be lying on the beach and not in class. It’s frustrating that no courses that are required for my degree are offered during the summer through Distance Education, therefore, I’ll take electives outside of my degree to continue making strides towards accumulating the credits required to graduate. I understand that taking courses may not seem entirely relaxing, but for me, making progress does provide an element of stress relief and knowing that I am accomplishing tasks that are required for me to continue moving towards the future.