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Journaling is my Cathartic Release

Without spoiling any details, or verbosely repeating myself in the essay we have due next week, this week’s blog post will focus on how journaling, writing, and being more involved in the blogosphere has helped throughout the transition I’ve been discussing this entire semester.

I’ve always enjoyed writing stories and developing creative pieces, however writing in an argumentative style or expressive logical reasoning would, if I can suggest, be my strong suit. Moreover, I would attest that talking face to face with someone is far easier and more enjoyable for me than having to write something- let alone share it online… Whether it’s an argument on an essay topic or telling someone how my day was, I would prefer to do so verbally. Yet, ever since the idea of leaving football behind and starting this new journey, I’ve found it hard to precisely express how I’ve felt and I’d get tired of people repeatedly asking me why I quit. ReRouted has given me an outlet to express myself in a way that I didn’t know was really possible. As such, this post explores the cathartic release made possible through blogging/journaling.

Being more involved in blogging has shown me that although my situation may feel unique to me as I experience it in a personal silo, many others have shared experiences of retiring from sports and leaving something that you have loved, known and been comfortable with for so long. In this, or this, and especially this, you can find articles and posts from others who also report on and/or share this feeling. Likewise, here is a small sampling of useful sources to cope with mental health issues that are both related and indirectly related to the experiences one may encounter through any change they face.

Mental Health Resource Mashable

HealthLink BC

Kelty Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health

Simon Fraser University Counselling

University of British Columbia Counselling

Mental Health Canada

Mental health is not new, but in the short time I’ve been able to understand what it is exactly, there does seem to be a growing body of work, services and research directed at bringing awareness to it. While I attempt to be mindful of how I feel, I’m not always that introspective; however, throughout the process of blogging, I do feel as though I have brought forth my voice into writing. I know that I did enter this blog with the purpose of detailing my experience in facing change, and with that there would potentially be some emotional issues that required confrontation, but the extent to which I have utilized this space to vent has been entirely cathartic and has highlighted some important  aspects of my past, present and future that are uplifting, motivation and worthy of reflection. ReRouted has been a sacred space for me to develop, document and instill a sense of passion for myself, but also for anyone else who may have interest in doing the same. It has been a place to bleed my questions, concerns and dreams, while also providing countless opportunities to learn new skills, preoccupy myself with tasks and be enthralled with artistic elements that normally wouldn’t be so interesting to me.

All in all, I believe I have given a lot in terms of effort through weekly posts and assignments, but ReRouted has offered me just as much in serving as a mic for a voice that was once not ready to speak, particularly in the context to which I am writing about; me. Next week marks the final post for this course, so stay tuned for some further reflections, questions and insights, and regardless of it marking the end of a blog guided by a university course, the process will unfold published or not…

Rivalries Are The Best Thing In Sports

Week 13 also known as rivalry week, because of the amount of instate matchups, is always known for having the best games and this year was no exception. This week everything from upsets, to classics, to possibly the greatest and craziest game of all time. This weekend also produced many, many points as defence was almost non existent the whole weekend. Image result for texas a&m lsu

#7 LSU vs #22 Texas A&M is undoubtedly the best game of the year and possibly the best college football game ever. In a stunning 7 overtime shootout, Texas A&M beat LSU 74 – 72 in the highest scoring game ever in college football. A&M was down by 7 with 2 seconds to go and with 0:00 on the clock they scored the game tying touchdown to send it to an overtime thriller. From there another 84 combined points were scored in overtime with the game officially ending when Kellen Mond connected with Kendrick Rogers for the two point play securing the win. If you love defence then this game definitely wasn’t for you as there were so many completely open catches and if it’s anything to do with the score the defence did not show up in College Station. If you weren’t able to watch the game live, I do recommend you go back and watch the highlights for this game as it truly was something special and there might never be another score this high ever again.

Image result for sad michigan fan

The second biggest game this weekend was “The Game”, between archrivals #10 Ohio State and #4 Michigan. Ohio State was on a 6 game winning streak in this rivalry with Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh having never won “The Game.” Ohio State extended their winning streak in this historic rivalry to 7 games as the trounced Michigan 62 – 39. Michigan came into this game with the #1 ranked defence in the nation but for whatever reason they could not stop Dwayne Haskins and the high scoring Buckeye offence. Michigan were the favorites going in to this game as they had looked super dominate the past couple of weeks and Ohio State was not looking impressive as there defence had just given up 51 points to Maryland. However, something must have changed in the past week and Ohio States defence looked fast and playoff ready. This game does pose a problem for the playoff committee because if Ohio States does go on and win the Big 10 Championship game, it will be difficult to allow them into the playoff with them having a terrible blowout loss to Purdue.

Overall this weekend was a super exciting weekend with contains all the best games of the year. Going forward, next weekend we have all the conference championship games, which will have the biggest impact on who makes it to the college football playoff. Depending on who wins and who loses it could make the choices made by the committee on who gets in either really straight forward or they’ll have to cut a few surprising teams.

Conference Championship Games:


Pac-12 Championship Game:

#16 Washington vs #17 Utah

ACC Championship Game:

#2 Clemson vs #24 Pittsburgh

Big 12 Championship Game:

#6 Oklahoma vs #14 Texas

AAC Championship Game:

#9 UCF vs Memphis

SEC Championship Game:

#1 Alabama vs #5 Georgia

Big Ten Championship Game:

#10 Ohio State vs #19 Northwestern

Mountain West Championship Game:

#23 Boise State vs Fresno State


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