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The feeling I get when reading a book… – Mini Assignment #6

Taken from the adaptation of Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett’s “Good Omens”, which is actually my favourite book of all time, this scene is what it feels like when I find an amazing book – being transported to heaven! Also, let’s ignore the context of the scene in the gif because it’s not as…nice as I’m implying!

the-rabbit-hole.ca – Peer Review 3

For our final peer review in PUB 101, I was paired with http://the-rabbit-hole.ca, which is about highlighting interesting topics online, as the internet is vast and filled with a lot of cool—and often hidden—stuff. 

Immediately, this concept drew me in and made me want to stay on the website. The idea of having “a digital tour guide” is really fascinating, and having looked at the reviews on the site, I knew I wanted to click on all of them and learn more.  

Design & Usability

The design of the site is very clean, and the colour scheme is a great contrast of dark and light, with pops of colour in the post images. The featured banner on the landing page really draws you into the content, giving you many options to choose from. 

The site is very easy to navigate, and all categories are clearly marked, which is great for choosing what content I want to read, or where I want to navigate to if I want to learn more about the site. The site is also very accessible in presentation. 


Having mentioned that the topic of this site already fascinated me on first glance, actually engaging with the content made me so much more interested! This site is really true to its purpose: giving you interesting internet highlights. We’ve all been on internet content spirals, and this is such a great central space to have those spirals contained. Each post is presented in a review-style, but with a level of objectivity that hits a journalistic reporting style many of us are familiar with, and consume regularly. 

But, what makes this different is the way personality is integrated into each post. They’re reviews, so of course personal opinion comes into play, but little tidbits of information about the author’s life are presented in the reviews, and in a way that is relatable, too. As someone who engages with a lot of online personalities, relatability is huge to keep me coming back for more, and is a great tactic to maintain an audience as many people come online to not feel as alone, to engage in a different reality, or to make friends. 

Regardless, the content on its own is interesting enough to keep an audience coming back. Relatability and familiarity are great, but having content that anyone can stumble upon and find intriguing at its core is key. I particularly liked the post on Retro Report, where viral news stories are updated on in a mini documentary style video. This both fits the theme of the site and is a topic pretty much anyone would find interesting, and I certainly loved learning about it and will keep updated on it going forward. 

Most of the posts also have videos and images embedded into them, which makes the content dynamic and interesting to look at while reading and upon first view, as opposed to an entirely text-based piece. 


In terms of overall marketability of this site, I think it has great potential to grow into something larger and monetized. If the author wants to expand on this by posting more frequently, or setting up social media accounts for the site, I think it has great potential to attract a large audience. As mentioned, it’s something that would suit a wide variety of people, which in turn could result in a large audience. 

All in all, it was a pleasure to review this blog, I think the potential is massive, and I really look forward to seeing where the author decides to take this in the future!