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Blog: How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?

I feel like this question is the most common question I get asked from non-EV users. For this blog, I will try my best to be as transparent as possible in the most concise and digestible way for all my readers. This is the best estimate on how much it costs to charge my Tesla and I will be comparing the charging costs against how much it costs to fill up my gasoline car which is a 2011 BMW 323i.

We will assume the follow charging rates from BC Hydro electricity (BC Hydro, 2022) 0.14 cents per kwh (BC Hydro has two rates, step 1 rate of $0.09 per kWh and step 2 rate of $0.14 per kWh, the average household tends to pass the step 1 threshold so we will be using the step 2 rate to calculate the electricity cost). To make thing’s easier, I have an iPhone app that tracks my at-home charging history on my Tesla Model 3 called “Optiwatt” (not sponsored). The app does not track how much I spend on Tesla Superchargers or Pay per use public charging stations (these tend to cost ~$0.50 per kWh) which I have never used since I got the vehicle.

For gas prices, we will assume premium gasoline costs $2.00 per litre since BMW’s and other german vehicles require premium gasoline (Park Ave BMW, 2020). I could provide receipts here of all my gasoline purchases, but I will just estimate how much it costs me to fill up my BMW with an average amount of driving.

Let’s start with the Tesla Model 3, since I got the car in March 2021, it has only costed me a total of $409.82 with 27,353 kilometers on the odometer. To put it into perspective, a full tank of gas on my BMW 323i costs me ~$120 which gives me ~600km of range. This means that, if I spent $400 on gas for my BMW, I would only get to drive a distance of ~2,000km versus the entire 27,353 total kms driven on the Tesla! Don’t believe me? Here are the screenshots from my optiwatt account…

iPhone Screenshot of homescreen on Optiwatt app showing total money spent on electricity.
iPhone screenshot of total odometer kilometers from Optiwatt app.
iPhone screenshot of different charging time duration and costs to charge a Tesla.
iPhone screenshot of different charging time duration and costs to charge a Tesla.

This is just a quick and easy way to explain how much it costs to charge my Tesla Model 3. Charging costs vary by municipalities, countries, and the type of chargers you use. I’m hoping this gives my readers a glimpse of how cheap it is to charge a Tesla. Of course there are many other factors that go beyond the scope of this blog, but I am more than happy to go deeper into charging related questions via comments, email or by scheduling a zoom meeting, so feel free to leave comments on this post or contacting me via email at vancitytess@gmail.com.


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Featured photo: Manthey, N. (2022). Tesla opens paid charging at (some) Destination Chargers. Electrive.com. From: https://www.electrive.com/2022/08/04/tesla-opens-paid-charging-at-some-destination-chargers/

Let’s get cheeesy~@Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Seattle

Who doesn’t love cheese? Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is often crowned as a must-go food place in Seattle, located in the renowned Pike Place Market, the shop is always crowded with people from all over the world. Everyone’s reason here is clear, he/she including me would like to taste the best cheese! From Beecher’s official website, they have also stated that “The enzyme source in our “World’s Best” Mac & Cheese and all of our cheeses is microbial rennet, which is vegetarian and gluten-free!” Therefore, vegetarians can also eat without ease!

Beecher’s Seattle location serves grilled sandwiches, soups, and their signature mac & cheese (which is claimed as “world’s best”!), visitors could also buy different kinds of cheese and related products as food souvenirs. My friend I only wanted to have some instant good food so we had got the “World’s Best” Mac & Cheese and Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

GRILLED SANDWICHES: Grilled Cheese --- $7.99 USD

MAC & CHEESE: "World's Best" --- $6.49 USD - 8oz  

You could watch their cheesemakers at work! So many cheeses, and some gigantic machines are here.

The Mac & Cheese is really, really delicious, you can feel the whole sauce is made mainly by cheese and there’s no dilution by many other ingredients like milk or water.

We even dipped our sandwich into the remaining cheese sauce and god, it’s definitely a hidden way to enjoy their food!

"Handcrafted and grilled to order with American artisan cheeses on locally produced, whole wheat bread."

This is definitely a moment of truth… <3

The sandwich tastes good too, you can see it’s perfectly toasted. However, the taste of the cheese here is milder while compared with that in the mac & cheese. So, it might be better to eat the sandwich before the m&c if you plan to purchase both.

Rating: 9/10

Location: 1600 Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101

Customize your vegan cinnamon roll! @Cinnaholic Seattle

I couldn’t even remember how many times I’ve seen cinnamon rolls in cafes, grocery stores or fast food places in Vancouver, but I never tried one because I felt like it would be a bit too boring and overly sweet to have a big cinnamon roll on my own. However, I was very attracted by a vegan cinnamon bun chain called “Cinnaholic” since their cinnamon rolls are firstly healthier; and the most important thing is: they offer flavor varieties and customization!

I visited their bakery at Seattle to experience their handcrafted cinnamon rolls; which are claimed 100% vegan, dairy & lactose-free, egg-free and cholesterol-free. The best part for me was being able to choose from more than a dozen decadent topping choices, the process of picking and creating is always fun. And what I got was a cinnamon roll topped with caramel sauce, brownie bites, pie crusts, and some fresh strawberries (in case of being too indecisive or simply lazy, the shop also offers a list of recommended combinations for you)!

The cinnamon roll itself was fresh and yummy, love how they reheated it by oven before serving to customers. While for the toppings, things can’t go wrong with the combinations that I picked (I guess…), the fruits balanced the sweetness and heaviness from the brownies (which are awesome) and the pie crust added some more texture to the whole dessert. I definitely recommend people who have a sweet tooth to pay a visit and have fun there!

Self-customized cinnamon roll

$8.26 (USD)

[4 toppings|without frosting]

[strawberries, brownie bites, pie crust, caramel sauce]

Rating: 8.5/10

Location: 816 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

The best of all worlds!@Vegan Night Market

Recently, articles about the upcoming Vegan Night Market in Vancouver went viral in my personal news feed. This reminds me of my unforgettable gourmet night in the Vegan Night Market held on September 12, 2019; in “At the Waldorf”. I believe it’s now a good time to share my experience since the next night market, which shall be more or less similar, is coming back in December!

This night market I’d been to was organized mainly by “The Vegan Project”, participants could enjoy shopping, eating, listening to music, and more; simply by paying a minimum admission fee (aka donation) of $2. And of course, my focus through the night is on all the scrumptious food!

These are all the things I had tried (actually there was so much more that I wanna eat!! but I was already full…), and they ALL TASTED GOOD. The ice cream was coconut-based and tasted really flavourful since strawberry and coconut always match well, the ice cream itself is creamy and the cone is crispy. The pita from Chickpea tasted awesome too, the crispy tofu wasn’t oily and you can freely add different sauces provided by the shop; the whole thing was much better than my previous experience in their restaurant. All the other savories are also just as good as they look like in the pictures and I definitely recommend vegans (or even non-vegans) to grab some food there. You’ll surely feel satisfied.

The next Vegan Night Market will be held on 19th December 2019. I want to go again so badly but I wouldn’t be able to make it because I’ll be back in Hong Kong already at that time… Those who are in Vancouver, you better don’t miss the chance!

Rating: 9/10

Location: 1489 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1S4 (At the Waldorf)

There’s a lot of stuff in my Pitaaa@Chickpea

Though my time in Vancouver is short, I still have a strong feeling that Chickpea is one of the most commonly known vegan restaurants in the city. I had actually tried Chickpea’s food from their food truck not long ago, but it was the first time that I actually visited their restaurant, so I was quite excited.

The reason I was having dinner in Chickpea is that it was my housemate’s birthday and she’s a vegetarian. As you can see from the snap on the right, most of us had ordered Pitas so I believe these shall be highly recommended for newcomers. The restaurant also serves a variety of cocktails, but I’m not a fan of alcohol so…I haven’t tried any. The portion of the Pita is quite generous and is surely enough to make you feel full; most of us find it difficult to eat by bare hands, you simply have to pour out stuff from the Pita to a plate and use forks and knives to eat.

So, here’s another picture that shows my weighty Pita.

SABICH (GF) Pita $10.5
[Sabich: fried eggplant, warm yams, & warm chickpeas; Pita: fresh pita along with organic hummus, fresh vegetables tossed in olive oil lemon dressing, some spicy schug sauce and pickles]

The whole thing is quite tasty in general, you can easily have a mouthful of different textures and flavors. However, I feel like there are too many chickpeas and it gets boring after eating 30-40% of the Pita. Also, the sauce all goes down to the bottom of the Pita, which makes part of the bread too soggy and salty. The fried eggplants are also a bit too greasy for me, I didn’t feel very comfortable eating that as a typical weight-conscious girl.

Rating: 7.5/10

Location: 4298 Main Street
Vancouver, BC. V5V 3P9

Korean-Japanese Fusion, heaven!@Green Leaf Cafe

Japanese and Korean food are my two all-time-favorite Asian cuisines. Green Leaf Cafe is a Japanese and Korean fusion restaurant serving dishes that incorporate tastes from a variety of cultures, it’s exactly my perfect choice. The restaurant itself isn’t a purely vegetarian/vegan place, but they have quite a number of vegetarian choices for vegetarian diners to choose from, you can easily have meals with tofu; veggies; or eggs here, and my dining experience there is simply fantastic.

Since it’s my first visit to the restaurant, my approach is to try some of their signature dishes (which also sound the most appealing to me); including their quality aburi-oshis and good looking omelette rice. We also had a salad-pasta, which tastes so good too. Aburi-oshi is a kind of Osaka style pressed sushi, so it’s in a rectangular shape. Our choice today is “Crispy Yam and Avocado Oshi”, the crispiness of yam and creaminess of avocado matches perfectly and the sweet soy paste on top simply tops it off. While for their signature omelette rice, the egg is so rich and soft that it coats the rice very nicely; the garlic flakes just added a bit more layer to the dish and the curry is tasty. Last but not least, the salad-pasta is definitely a surprise, the greens are very fresh and the pasta underneath is linguine and is super yummy as well, they’re using kind of a citrus sauce to mix the two things together and it’s simply refreshing.

[Yam fritter, avocado, sweet soy glaze]

[Fresh greens, oriental dressing]

[Sweet & savory dem glaze, garlic flakes, tomato, chili]

Rating: 9/10

Location: 9604 Cameron St, Burnaby, BC V3J 1M2