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Week 11 Process Post: Website Review

For this week’s class, we were given an interesting and fun group activity where we were to critique a website on a art gallery based in Vancouver called Canwest Art Gallery, which is a good example as to why it’s important to make sure your website runs smoothly on all devices and platforms. One of the main concerns that was addressed by the class was that it took way too long to navigate through the website and load a page. A second general consensus was that some of their links weren’t working such as seeing who their art partners were. Lastly, it was brought up that their art pieces were ridiculously priced at an average of $900.

What came to mind was that if a company is expecting to sell an art piece valued at $900, at least have your entire website runs properly with no issues and looks presentable so that your potential customer can trust that they can make a big investment online without hesitation. It was eye opening to me as it goes to show that it is easily to tell the quality of one’s work by the amount of effort they put into maintaining their website to the best it can be.

Portfolio Entry #11

I’ve known Sherman for quite a while now to the point where I don’t even remember whether I met him as member of Club 16 or an employee. But I can definitely say he’s one of the most down to earth people I know at the gym which is always a nice trait to see from people. He’s always open to learning and trying out new things when it comes to effective exercises or anything fitness related that may be beneficial for him as well. We always have a small chat whenever we bump into each other at the gym and I had a chance to ask him a few questions to see what he’s been up to in terms of his fitness goals. Here’s what he had to say:

What is your current occupation?

A bartender

How often do you train per week?

Usually three times a week

What are your current fitness goals?

Nothing specific, I just want to stay in shape.

What would you say is your style of training?

Mainly bodybuilding

How has fitness impacted your life?

Fitness has given me more energy, self-confidence, and definitely more discipline on myself

What would you say your favourite exercise is?

Dumbbell bench press

If people wanted to get to know more about you, where can they find you?

They can find me at Club 16.

Portfolio Entry #10

I met Yancey last year in 2018 when I was still working as a customer service representative at Club 16. Me and another member named Rod would do these challenges every week, with holding a plank for as long as possible being one of them. One day we invited Yancey over to come take part of the challenge and he was up for it. Fast forward to a couple months later, I had left Club 16 for about 6 months and came back as a returning member at the beginning of this year. I had the opportunity to chat with Yancey and see what he’s been up to. Here’s what he had to say with the questions I had lined up for him:

What is your occupation?

I’m a business consultant

How often do you train per week?

Right now, I’m usually getting to the gym about 4 times a week.

What are your current fitness goals?

Building strength and improving flexibility

What is your style of training?

I would say it’s mostly weightlifting, I would usually do a 2 muscle split sort of training each day.

How has fitness impacted your life?

Fitness has changed my mental outlook. I feel more balanced and definitely helps me sleep easier as well.

If you had to choose one exercise that is your favourite, which would it be?

Lat pulldown

And lastly, if people wanted to know more about you, where can they find you?

On Facebook

Portfolio Entry #9

I had the chance to catch up with J.C. to see how his progress towards his goals have been coming along since the last time we spoke, and as he is quite versatile in his training in terms of incorporating different styles of lifts, I was curious to hear what he had to say:

Since the last time we’ve spoke, how have your goals been coming along?

It’s been going quite well so far, I noticed that my work capacity has increased in terms of being able to get more sets and repetitions in with heavier weights.

What does your general training split look like per week?

Generally on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays I do a full body routine where I train just about every muscle group in one session. Every other day I focus on my weaknesses and do corrective exercises that help even out imbalances and rehabilitation.

Do you currently take any supplements to help your performance in the gym?

Currently, I am taking pre-workout and whey protein.

Have you experienced any obstacles that may have slowed you down in being able to achieve your goals that you have set?

A major one for me is overworking my legs, which can result in knee pain and minor tendinitis. Being tired during workouts can be tough as well when trying to complete exercises.

And lastly, if someone wanted to get started on their own fitness goals, but didn’t know how to or where to start, what advice would you give them?

Just follow your gut and don’t worry about what others think. Truth is no one is really watching what you’re doing as they’re busy with their own workout.

Week 10 Process Post: Monetizing

With only about 2 weeks remaining in terms of classes, it’s surprising to see how fast this semester has flew by. I do feel that I have been in a bit of a slump in terms of keeping up to date with my blog. Most of it has to do with due dates of papers and essays flying at me week after week to the point where I didn’t really have time to tend to my site. But with the semester coming close to an end, I can say that I can try and catch up as best as I can in terms of posting up content that I originally had intended to.

When it comes to monetizing, I’ve come to realize that the direction this blog was going in was never for any sort of currency. Therefore, I’ve chosen not to monetize this website. Why? well when I first started this website last semester in PUB 101, it was initially intended to be a journal for myself when it came to my fitness progress, as well as a guidebook of some sort for others to read and take something away from. Fast forward to this semester, Eat, Train, Sleep, Repeat. has become less about me, nutrition, supplementation, and more about others and sharing their stories. As this will probably be the end of my website after this semester is completed, the potential to make some source of income was never really of any interest to me as I probably wouldn’t have the time to attend to my website regularly.

Portfolio Entry #8

I have decided to put a pause on new entries for my portfolio and instead, will be going back to some of the people that I have already spoken to and follow up with them and get an update as to where they’re currently at. I was able to speak to Miguel last week to see whats been up with him and here’s what he had to say.

Since the last time we’ve spoke, how have your goals been coming along?

I’ve been able to build a good amount of strength since then. But in terms of my diet, it has still been a bit of a challenge for me. It’s pretty difficult to discipline myself to choose healthier options and is something I’m still working on.

What does your general training split look like per week?

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, I usually do a full body training routine. Every other day I would focus primarily on single muscle groups.

Do you currently take any supplements to help your performance in the gym?

Yes, just pre-workout and protein.

Have you experienced any obstacles that may have slowed you down in being able to achieve your goals that you have set?

The main obstacle that I face at the moment would have to be my form. At the moment, I’m trying to improve my form to prevent any injuries opposed to increasing the weight in my workouts.

If someone wanted to get started on their own fitness goals, but didn’t know how or where to start, what advice would you give them?

I say just go in to the gym and do it and try to get past the self-consciousness.

Peer Review #3: Danny’s Music Blog

For this week’s peer review, I will be reviewing Danny’s Music Blog.

Initial Thoughts:

By scrolling through his blog on the home page, I was able to tell through a quick glance that the concept or theme of his website revolved around music. From a branding perspective, Danny’s website somewhat does present a brand that represents him, which does come in correlation with being able to strategize some sort of business avenue for his brand. What I mean by this is that because there are many blogs and websites that talk about music already, it raises the question as to how is Danny’s website different from all the other ones? or how can Danny make his brand unique and stand out in front of others?

One suggestion that was made in his site’s second peer review was to make his blog more personalized, which I think is a great way to be able to address the general challenge of being able to differentiate your own work from others and make it stand out to the point where your consumers will keep wanting to see more. Although Danny has already addressed the suggestion from the second peer review to elaborate more on why he chose music or why music is important to him in his “About” page on one of his process posts, I do think that the entire post would be more appropriate and suits his about page perfectly.

I really like the idea of his weekly playlists that he shares every week and how he gives a description of how the music in the specific playlists reflects his mood. I think it would be cool if something similar was done in his “Quick Reviews” posts by providing his personal thoughts on each album he talks about, and perhaps a reason why a particular song from an album may be his favourite.

Lastly, a minor change that could be made is to hide your PUB 201 work from your homepage, that way your PUB 201 posts don’t overrun your main blog posts. A simple plugin I would suggest using that can do that for you is called “WP Hide Post.”

As someone who enjoys music himself and can’t go anywhere without it, I really look forward to seeing what else Danny has in store for his blog. Want to check out his blog yourself? click here!

Week 8 Process Post: Brand Backlashing

This week in class, we were given a group activity where we were to look at different case studies regarding brands who have experienced backlash on social media for some of the ways they market their products. Some examples of backlash that have been on the news include: Gucci’s black face sweater, Katy Perry’s blackface shoes, and H&M’s monkey sweatshirt.

For the group I was in, the case study we were given was Forever 21. They were given backlash after sharing a photo on twitter of a white model wearing a sweater saying “Wakanda Forever.” What was interesting and amusing to see from some of the backlash was that some people weren’t offended by the fact that a white male model was wearing the sweater, but more so at the fact that Forever 21 couldn’t choose a better colour scheme for the sweater which made it look hideous.

Peer Review #2: Kristina Gorobets “speculating about creativity and life”

For this peer review, I will be taking a look at Kristina’s “speculating about creativity and life.”

At first glance, I was pleased with the simplicity of the theme of the website and how easy it was to navigate through on mobile. I wasn’t able to access the first peer review on Kristina’s blog due to the link of her first assigned peer review partner’s blog not working, so I’m not sure what they originally suggested to Kristina in terms of improvements that could be made. Therefore I’ll be giving my own thoughts as to what can be improved on.

As the concept of her blog revolves mainly around visual design and art, one minor thing I would suggest to make your posts more vibrant is to add some colour in your text opposed to keeping it at a default colour for every post. I know some colours may be hard to read, so perhaps something like blue, purple or green will work.

I would suggest to also keep content that pertains to her blog and keep all other content such as the PUB 201 assignments hidden on the front page of her blog. One plugin I personally use is “WP Hide Post,” which is a pretty simple tool to hide the posts you don’t want to be shown on your front page through the click of a button. As for the “ABOUT” page, I do think the recent posts and categories widgets on the right hand side takes a bit of the attention away from your actual about section, and would be better to leave it completely out.

Lastly, I see that Kristina has different categories or themes for each of her posts such as “editor’s pick,” “for fun,” “stories,” etc., maybe something you can do with these is to add these categories into your “Blog” menu. That way your audience will be able to get a feel of the different kind of artwork that you’re presenting through a dropdown menu.

Telling by her Instagram that is linked to her blog which can also be perceived as a portfolio, I can confidently say that Kristina has a talent for art and that it is something that she is passionate about. I look forward to seeing what else she has to share in terms of her work.

Want to see Kristina’s blog for yourself? click here!