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Peer Review #3

Self-Presentation in Social Media: Review and Research Opportunities | Review of Communication Research (

For my peer review, I was paired with Ainah. As I followed her link and landed on her website, I was pleased by all the work she has put into her website. It is well laid out, she has put a lot of effort into her website, and it is paying off because it looks impressive. I love that you have created a space to post as you please and share your love for skin-care products, makeup, and places you have explored. The content you have already created is top-notch, and I hope you follow your dreams and become one of the best content creators/content managers.

In the article “Searching for a public of their own.” Written by Danah Boyd mentions that people go out and capture what they are doing and share it online, and others can view the content they have created through the comfort of their own space. I believe you are making public where people can put their trust in you and try out skincare products you have reviewed, coffee shops you have enjoyed, and restaurants you have been to, all while trusting what you have. Even for myself, I want to purchase some of the things you have reviewed, especially the skin care products you enjoy. I am currently into skincare products and have been using “The Ordinary” and the blush you recommend by Rare Beauty #teamselena, lol!

Overall, the content you create is very pleasing, and the marketing you do for skin care is. Makeup, cafe shops, and how to care for yourself while at University are well advertised. So much so that I will take in what you are saying and try out some of the brands you like, and I also enjoyed the tips you shared because sometimes people need a reminder to care for themself. Students often focus on their classes and forget to put themselves first. This is your very own “Digital Garden” where you can let others know how you feel about products, and they can reach out and connect with you about things you have reviewed and reach out about places they have found interesting as well. Keep up the excellent work; one day, you will have everything you hope and pray for.


Boyd, Danah. 2014 “Searching for a public of their own.” It’s Complicated. pp 213-227

Basu, Tanya. September 5, 2020. “Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet” MIT Technology Review.

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Content Creators- Process prompt

I have been watching Youtube probably since I was 17, and I am now 23, and I have watched many of them for five years. I watched them become famous on Youtube; at first, they never used to have “advertisements,” and their channel took off, and they would add more advertisements to their videos. Even now, I still watch them, and they started doing paid promotions from companies. Since they are big on Youtube, they have a vast audience, and they promote a product, and in the end, they get paid by that company. The content creators I watch often ask their supporters what they want to see more of or don’t, and it has changed. They create polls on Instagram and get their supporters to head to their Instagram and vote- this is another way to get more attraction to their Instagram and gain more followers. Many Youtubers rely on how they advertise their content because it is their source of income, but it is essential not to flood your content with tons of advertisements because it can cause people to stop watching. Overall, I don’t mind when I have to watch advertisements on the channels I follow because the content of the people I follow is worth it.

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False News

Over time many people turn to social media for information about events that are happening around the world. Many people use social media to campaign for their company, use it to make money, or use it to escape reality and read about what is going on in the world. Sometimes when surfing the web and you go down a rabbit hole finding yourself being focused on a particular event that is taking place. As you come across many social media posts, news articles, and Reddit comments, you may come across some information that is not reliable. For example, while I am invested in a controversial topic, I often come across pages that people use to gain clout by spreading false information to gain more attention. I believe that helping others learn ways to recognize incorrect statement on social media can be beneficial in the long run to avoid spreading false news.

Often, people will come across an article on Facebook, read the article name, and share it without fully knowing what is said in the composition. Then, the article begins to spread like wildfire. Once someone shares that piece on their Facebook, their friends read it, and since they have a connection to you, they believe the misinformation you reposted and often believe it. To avoid this happening to you, review the source and look into other outlets to see if the information is relevant. The PEW research center concluded that roughly a third of U.S. adults get their news from Facebook (Liedke & Matsa, 2022)

Graphs showing where men, women, and teens get their information from.

Another important way to recognize false information in an article is a mental checklist of looking for crucial information on the page. Nowadays, incorrect information is widespread across all social media platforms, and it is up to everyone to identify whether or not it’s a reliable resource. There are lots of people who utilize the internet, and it is up to them to gain web literacy to where start learning how the internet works (Caulfield,2016). So far, to check if the information is valid and truthful, you must look at when it was published, who it was posted by, does the author have credentials, where this information is coming from? and what is the purpose of the information.

checklist for figuring out if the source has false information

Thirdly, another way to detect whether or not the news is true or false is to have a keen eye to spot disinformation. Often when people open their laptops, a little preview of current articles may arise from their computer, and sometimes, it may catch your eye. Then, as you’re reading the article, read it carefully and start researching the topic further. Then, if you come across more websites and the information lines up, and it has reliable authors and provides a list of where they got their information, you are on the right track to see whether or not it is true or false.

Social Media and the Interest have a lot of resources, and often people turn to them when they are researching something or just scrolling through their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. But, unfortunately, sometimes, when using these, it can take you down a rabbit hole, and you may find yourself looking into something, and in the end, it was all a lie. Therefore, it is essential to recognize whether or not the resources are reliable and to start learning the critical factors of when a website is spreading false information. Media manipulation is accurate, and in the article “Media Manipulation and Disinformation online.” Written by Alice Marwick and Rebecca Lewis mention, The extent to which the historically low levels of trust in mainstream media can be traced back to media manipulation is unclear. Still, it is worth noting that distrust of the media can become a self-perpetuating phenomenon (Marwick & Lewis, 2017). Whether or not you use the internet or social media as a source outlet, you must be confident that what you are reading is accurate, and trusting what you read is up to you.


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Intermittent Fasting

I have been intermittent fasting for the last two days to months; let me tell you, it is hard! My health has been taking a toll on me because I often find myself exhausted halfway through the day and constantly feeling sluggish, so I knew something had to change. Then, I came across Intermittent Fasting, where you must start eating at a particular time and stop eating at a specific time. So I eat my first meal at 9:00 am and stopped eating at 5:00 pm. I thought at first that this would be easy. I mean, all you have to do is stop eating after a certain period of time, right? NOT!! I struggled not to snack on anything when I ate my last meal at 5:00 pm the first night. I remember feeling so many emotions; I was irritable and couldn’t do it. I never knew it could impact me in this way. I sat in the room and felt like I wanted to cry; that’s how tough it was on me. But, with time and the right mindset, I got past my first hurdle, the first week of fasting. I allowed myself to have one cheat day, and I got too comfortable with it around week four, and I broke my fasting for five days!! I ate my favorite foods, and I let it get-go for five days, and I said to myself, “I give up,” My partner reassured me that I could do it, and in the end, I started all over again. Now that I am hitting my two-month mark, I have noticed some significant changes, I get whole way faster, and it is still hard not to snack after 5:00 pm, but it has gotten way more manageable. Overall, this is working for me. I am down seven pounds and will continue my journey till I reach my goal.

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Terrible 2’s going into Terrible 3’s

My daughter was an angel when she just turned two, but the terrible two’s started to kick in when she was around 19 months things took a turn. My daughter is now struggling to work with her emotions and displaying her motions very harshly. The tantrums! she has a meltdown almost every day, especially when it is bedtime or when she needs to get ready in the morning daycare, anything that triggers her, she screams her head off. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! I am having a hard time with this phase. I am trying to teach her to use gentle hands and use her words when she is upset because hitting and yelling get her nowhere. Now that she is turning three next month, on April 8th, and soon going on the “big kid” side at daycare, she will need to learn how to use her words and deal with the situation that may arise at daycare while playing with her friends. Also, no one tells you they refuse to eat dinner when they are around this age!! All they want is snacks and cereal.

My first baby is turning!! I can’t believe it. Isabella and I are on a learning journey together, and we will learn how to deal with emotions and grow together. I want to set a good example for my children and instill in their brains that they always have myself and their dad in their corner. In time, this phase will be behind us, and in the meantime, I want to spend every moment with them while they are still young because I will never get these moments back.

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Why Women Kill!!

Tv show called why women kill it has three pictures of women

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across someone on Tik Tok, and they were talking about this show, and I watched about three of their Tik Toks, and I was hooked! I quickly found that Prime had this series and binged watch the whole season in two days. At first, I was confused because it kept going back and forth between three different eras. My favorite period would be the 60s with Beth Ann and her husband, Rob Stanton. I love her relationship with her neighbor Sheila; those two were my favorite. I cannot believe that Beth Ann became friends with Robert’s mistress and lives a double life for awhile while being a housewife, and when her husband is at work, Beth is out roaming with the mistress. Near the end of the series, I was so upset when Robert knew what happened to his daughter but still blamed his wife for the death of their child. Along, Robert knew that his mistress left the gate open, which is why his daughter could leave their yard. With all of Robert’s lies unfolding, she knew there was only one thing to do, which was to murder her husband “by accident.”

I also enjoyed the period when it was Simone and Karl. Everybody loved Simone and Karl until they found out that Karl was gay; everybody thought they could catch a disease when being in the presence of Karl. I found it hard to watch because I can’t believe that’s how they treated Gay men back in the day. Karl had his best friend, Simone, and even though he put her in a tricky situation by coming out as gay, Simone stood by his side the whole time.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic show, and if you haven’t watched it, you should check it out.

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Peer Review #2

For this peer review, I was paired with Jack. You can access his website with this link that is provided ”” Jack has created a website where he can express his interests, such as photos of the city, nature, and some of the campus. He also posts about his interest in cooking. By the way, his cooking looks fantastic! Unfortunately, many people are in my PUB 101 class, and I haven’t been able to review this one yet. However, once I saw that I had to check his website out, I was pleased. I enjoy looking at what my classmates are doing to their websites.

Theme and Layout

As I started looking through Jack’s website, I thought he had it well organized, and all of his buttons on the top right-hand side took me to where it needed to go. However, while going through his site, I saw how his “Home” page flips through different photos that he has taken. This shows his authenticity because the pictures he provides have been taken by himself. In addition, the way he has his website is structured it is easy for others to use.


When I came across the “through my eye” page, it brought me back to one of the required readings that our Professor provided in week 5. In the article “Digital gardens let you cultivate your little bit of the internet | MIT Technology Review,” in the first paragraph, Sarah Garner expresses that her website didn’t feel like her. Garner then came up with an idea to create a page that involved what she was interested in. Jack’s “through my eye page” reflects your “Digital Garden.”

Social Media Integration

As I go through your website, adding your social media pages to your website would be beneficial. I assume you have Instagram, and if I am correct, you probably post more photos of nature, the city, and the water. I would love to see more of your work, you take amazing pictures, and others would enjoy seeing more. But, on the other hand, I could only review so much because you don’t have much posted on your website. I am sure there is a valid reason why you are behind on the assignments we are required to do, but once you are all up to date on the mini assignments, process posts, and peer reviews, your website will come to life. I believe in you; you have done a great job so far! Keep up the excellent work. PS- You should open your own restaurant and display your photography skills.

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What in the world! -Process Post

While reading an article by Bridle, James, “Something is Wrong on the Internet,” Bridle says, “I’ve also been aware for some time of the increasingly symbiotic relationship between younger children and YouTube J.Bridle (2017).” I agree that this generation of children does spend an alarming amount of time on their devices. When I was younger, things were very different compared to nowadays. Although my parents limited my screen time while I was growing up, they preferred I play outside with my friends instead of sitting in front of a TV or computer screen. However, my mom allowed screen time when I was done with my chores, cleaned my room, and completed all my homework; once it was finished, I could surf the web for two hours until I had to start getting ready for bed. My parents were mainly concerned that we would lose our childhood to a phone and laptop screen.

As I started high school, my parents allowed me to have my phone in case an emergency arose. Although there were still some rules to having a phone, she would only pay for talk and text and turned the Wi-Fi off at 9:00 PM to ensure I slept enough for school. Now that I am an adult with my children, I understand why she had those rules. Nowadays, some horrific things are on YouTube, and I monitor what my daughter watches. Before I had any children, I remember YouTube kids were in the hot seat because some harmful content was being put on a kid’s app. This YouTube video details what was being put out on YouTube kids’ (99) YouTube Kids app and disturbing content – YouTube. Now that my daughter is two years old, I heavily monitor what she watches on YouTube. Even though I was vigilant about what she watched, she sat beside my spouse one day and started crying. As she passed her iPad to me, I looked at the video she was watching, and it was about a man finding a kitten on the side of the road inside a box. He grabbed the box with the kitten and placed it in the bank of his truck. The kitten ended up falling out of the box and was looking over the tailgate to look around, and the man went over a speed bump, which caused the kitten to fall out. Right behind the truck was another car driving behind him, and the car didn’t have enough time to stop, so it ran over the kitten, and the kitten died. This is a personal example, but it relates to “Something is wrong on the internet.”

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