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The Most Binge-Worthy TV Series (on Netflix Canada + more!)

One of my favourite activities (in and out of quarantine) is finding new shows to watch! I’m the type of person who constantly needs to be watching something. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite TV series, and as always, I’m totally open to suggestions for what to watch next. Enjoy 🙂

Gilmore Girls

Maybe my all-time favourite series, Gilmore Girls has been with me since I was a kid. It’s the type of feel-good, laugh out loud show that you put on whenever you need to escape reality. Lorelai and Rory’s adorable mother-daughter relationship will have you hooked by episode one. Gilmore Girls is currently available for streaming on Netflix Canada.

Breaking Bad

If you have yet to watch Breaking Bad, DO IT. It may seem like the show has been over-hyped, but I’m telling you it is worth it. There is drama, suspense, action, and so much amazing character development throughout the series. It’s the type of show that you will want to binge watch everyday. It’s just that good. Breaking Bad is currently available for streaming on Netflix Canada.


A totally underrated series, Revenge is everything I want in a show. Families and relationships, secrecy and action, and SO MUCH DRAMA. Emily VanCamp plays Amanda Clarke, who seeks to destroy the Grayson family to avenge her father’s wrongful conviction.


Another series that did not get much hype, but is certainly binge-worthy! The two-season series is all about Maddie, a con artist who marries people and then steals their money. The series is very entertaining as it certainly has its comedic moments. Imposters is currently available for streaming on Netflix Canada.

The End of the F***ing World

SO GOOD. All about teenage angst, crime, action, and young love. The End of the F***ing World is a great series to binge during quarantine! You’re sure to fall in love with the quirky characters and get totally invested in the plot. This series is currently available for streaming on Netflix Canada.

Killing Eve

Another great crime-related show, Killing Eve is a dark and twisted story about an assassin, Villanelle, and Eve, the MI5 security officer obsessed with trying to catch her. While I will admit that the storyline started to go in a strange direction after the first series, I would recommend giving it a go!


A classic 2000’s series about teenagers in Beverly Hills and all the drama that they get into. You’re sure to get so wrapped up in the story that you won’t even realize you’re still in quarantine.

Black Mirror

If you want a show that is going to make you question everything about your life, then Black Mirror is for you. Each episode follows a completely different set of characters and storylines, which makes them like miniature movies. For the most part, the episodes revolve around technology and the dark and twisted ways that it can affect humans. Black Mirror is currently available for streaming on Netflix Canada.


I’m sure most of you have seen this one, but You is another great crime/love/drama show. Based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes, You is a psychological thriller that follows Joe Goldberg, a stalking, toxic boyfriend whose obsession with his lovers lead him to become violent and criminal. You is currently available for streaming on Netflix Canada.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye is a feel-good reality TV show that follows the Fab Five in their journey to making over the lives of deserving individuals. This show is sure to make you laugh and cry and everything in between. Queer Eye is currently available for streaming on Netflix Canada.

Currently Watching: Scandal

The current show that I am watching on Netflix is Scandal. I’m on season three so far, and it is definitely scandalous! After the first season, I was not too sure about continuing to watch, but I found that the story line really picks up during season two.

On my need-to-watch-next list:

Based on recommendations online and from friends, the shows that I am looking forward to watching next are: Russian Doll, Maniac, and Dark.

Please leave your series recommendations below, and let me know if you watch any of the shows that I suggested!

What I’ve Been Doing in Quarantine…

This has been a crazy year for everyone. I could go on about how devastating this time is and all the unfortunate consequences of COVID-19, but instead I thought I would share some of the positives that have come from my experience in quarantine.

I’ve Been Getting Crafty!

Something that I have really enjoyed doing in quarantine has been crafting! I was always crafty growing up, but as I got older and life got busier, that hobby slipped through the cracks. Some projects that I have enjoyed are doing water colour painting (super easy and fun), reverse tie-dying my clothes with bleach (click here for a tutorial), and knitting (an easy way to pass the time while watching tv)!

I’ve Started Working Out Again!

I have always loved having a workout routine, but when university classes demand a lot of my time, I found it hard to stay on track. Now that I have a lot of time on my hands, I have decided to get into working out again! On sunny days, I like going for hikes around my neighbourhood. Other days, I have been enjoying at-home workouts. I am currently on Day 19 of Chloe Ting’s 26 Day Hourglass Program (highly recommend Chloe’s videos)! Having the schedule that Chloe put together makes it super easy to follow and gives me no excuses to skip working out.

I’ve Been Journaling More!

I started a journal last year but found that I hardly ever wrote in it. During quarantine, I’ve enjoyed documenting my thoughts and doodling. It is a nice break from being online all the time and I’m excited to have it to look back on in the future. The COVID-19 crisis is such a unique time in history that it will definitely be interesting to look back on. Let me know if you guys would like a me to write a “how to start a journal/inspiration” post!

I’ve Been Reading Books!

Another hobby that I enjoy but never seemed to have the time for before quarantine. I tend to get really bad headaches when I spend too much time looking at screens, so it has been essential for me to find some off-line activities to keep me busy during the pandemic. I plan on making a post about book recommendations soon, so look out for that!

I’ve Cleaned/Re-Decorated My Room!

Some of you may be rolling your eyes at this one. Don’t worry, I’m not here to be your mother and tell you to “clean your room!” However, I have personally felt a lot more at ease when I got my bedroom set up to my liking. As you’d expect, I have been spending a lot of time in my room for the past couple months, so it is important to me that I enjoy my space. First, I painted some art pieces for my wall that make me happy when I look at them. I also got some plants that help liven up the space. De-cluttering has also been important for me, so I’ve put a lot of my non-essential items in storage to keep my room looking open and clean.

I’ve Been Trying Out New Hobbies!

This is the perfect time to try learning new things. Today, my boyfriend and I decided to start learning how to code. It has been very fun learning something new and bonding together. And who knows maybe we will be programmers by the time quarantine is over?!

I’m also planning on doing some cooking. Since many of my favourite restaurants are closed right now, I am looking forward to trying to recreate my favourite meals. I made this recipe this week and I would highly recommend for an easy dinner (5-minute Mediterranean Bowl).

I’ve Been Watching Lots of Netflix (obviously)!

Probably the most common quarantine pass time, but I had to include it. I’m working on a Netflix recommendations post, but feel free to let me know if you guys have any suggestions on what to watch!

I’m Taking Things One Day at a Time!

Everyone is coping with this situation differently, and I understand that not everyone is going to be positive during this time. But, I hope I have been able to share some ideas of what can help keep your spirits up while you’re at home.

Let me know in the comments how you guys have been dealing with quarantine!

Disclaimer : the images used in this post are not my own. They are stock images retrieved from

Motivation 101: How to Make It ‘Til you Spring Break It!

Everyone dreads the last few weeks of spring semester. Here are some survival tips that will get you to spring break – ready to chill!

Create a Schedule

Instead of daydreaming about the warm beaches that I (unfortunately!) WON’T be tanning on this spring break, I like to make a list of all the high priority tasks that I need to complete before the break.

I like to map out everything that I need to get done by creating a schedule of what I need to do every day. This way, I don’t have an excuse to get lazy or “not know what to do” because I have taken the time to plan it out.

Check out: MIDTERM SEASON: Study Tips

Find your Go-To Study Spot & Hunker Down

If you haven’t already found your favourite study space, find it! Everyone has their preference, but personally, I find I can remain the most focused when I get out of my house and study at a cafe. Try out a few different settings, and consider what works the best for you. I like studying with some background noise, but others prefer the quietness of a library.

Check back on my blog soon for a post about my favourite study spots near SFU!

Make time for self-care

Ensuring you make time for yourself as a student is the key to success, IMO anyway! Whether you take some time to go for a walk, run a bath, or put on a face mask, you will thank yourself later. Knowing that I am taking care of my mind and body always helps to ease the stress of encroaching assignment deadlines and midterms.

Check out: Practicing Self-Care as a Student & 5 Tips to Staying Healthy as a Student

Comment down below if you have any tips for me. Have a great spring break everyone 🙂

A Holiday Gift Guide for the College Student on a Budget

Now I know it is only November…but it’s never too early to get a head start on that holiday shopping list! I know we all have those people in our lives that are just way too hard to shop for, so I have compiled a fool-proof list of holiday gifts that are sure to make your loved ones smile and won’t break your bank!

For the foodie:

Homemade cookies/treats

Image result for christmas cookies
From: Home $: Priceless 🙂

For the sentimental:

A framed photo

From: Ikea $: 3.99

A Christmas ornament

Letter S Monogram Girls Name Christmas Ornament First Last Name S" Initial Holiday Present to Daughter Mom Lady Teacher Coworker Neighbor 3 inches Flat Ceramic Keepsake
From: Amazon $: 12.99

For the self-care junkie:

Bath Products

From: Lush $: 18.95

Scented Candles

 Winter 3-Wick Candle - Bath And Body Works

From: Bath and Body Works $: 24.50

Fun Face Masks

zoomed image

From: Walmart $: 3.77 each

For the Type A:

A journal/notebook

zoomed image

From: Walmart $: 6.99

A Calendar/Planner


From: Chapters $: 29.99

For the “gamer“:

A cool board game


From: Chapters $: 35.00

For the sustainer:

Reusable coffee cups/straws/tote bags

From: Amazon $: 19.99

I hope some of these suggestions help you out with your holiday shopping this year. If you have any other options for inexpensive holiday gifts that you would like to share, then please let me know 🙂

*The photos used in this post are not my own

A Playlist for the Commuter Student

This week I thought I would try something different.

I have created a playlist that of some songs I’ve been listening to on my commute to school and wanted to share. Just like my taste in music, this playlist is a little all over the place, but I think that’s what keeps things interesting.

I’ve always loved indie music that you don’t hear everywhere, so I hope that I can introduce you to some new songs and artists that you will like as well 🙂

While you can listen to this playlist anywhere you go, I have found these songs to be especially impactful when I’m on the road.

And I have to admit that this playlist is a little melancholic, but play it when you’re on your way to that early morning lecture, looking out the window of the bus as if you’re in one of those teen movies. Trust me.

If you have any song recommendations, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Week 12: Process Post

This week, I have been tasked with creating the community guidelines for this blog. Below are the new community guidelines that I have come up with.


I figured that these guidelines would work best for my blog. My number one rule is that people are respectful of one another while on my site. Not only do I not tolerate hate in my daily life, but I also do not want to be responsible for facilitating hateful discussions on my blog. I also want to make sure that comments that are posted on my site are actually relevant to the content and are free from any spam or advertisements. I also want to make it clear that I do not have an issue with my content being shared on other platforms; however, this could become an issue if I am not being recognized and credited for my work, which is indicated in rule #3. This space is also meant to be inclusive and rated G, so I do not encourage inappropriate language to be posted on my site.


I have decided to locate these guidelines under the “About” tab on my site. I figured that this would be a visible enough place for readers to access the guidelines without overwhelming them by having them thrown at them as soon as they get to the homepage.

I am hoping that with the integration of these community guidelines to my site that I can encourage readers to share insightful comments and engage in pleasant discussions while in this space.

Knowing Your Resources at School

One of the most beneficial things that you can do for yourself as a student is get to know the resources that are available to you at your school. There are likely many more than you thought and many that you will want to use.


I’m not sure what it is like at every school, but most schools have an extensive list of clubs that are available for students to join. In the case that you don’t find a club that you like, start your own club and meet new people that have similar interests to you! Being involved on campus is also impressive to future employers.

Volunteer Opportunities

Many schools are connected with outside organizations that are looking for students to volunteer for them. Eliminate the tedious task of googling volunteer opportunities online, and check out what is available for you from your school. Of course, volunteer opportunities are great for building up your resume.

Career-Building Opportunities

Speaking of resume-building opportunities, many schools offer career fairs and events in which organizations will send a representative to a booth at your campus to inform students about possible career opportunities. This is a great way for you to figure out what is available in your field, ask questions, and make important connections with future employers.

Health Resources

Check out what health resources your school offers its students. There are many different resources that can be offered including mental health counselling, doctor services, dental services, women’s centres that offer sanitary products, counselling for sexual assault survivors, and safe sex information.

Sports/School Spirit

Of course, there are often many options for athletes in university. Whether you are trying out for a team or interested in joining in on some fun intramurals, there should be an option for you. If you’re not much of a sporty person (like me), get some friends together and attend a sporting event to show your school spirit!

Social Media

Get connected with your school on social media. A lot of schools keep up with their social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to announce upcoming events or opportunities at the school. This is also a great way for you to engage online with some fellow classmates and potentially meet new friends.

If you have anything else to add to this list, let me know in the comments!

Week 11: Process Post

This week was dedicated to discussing transmedia integration and how we can incorporate it into the online presence.

I have already created an Instagram account for my website that I have been updating every so often. Below is a screenshot of the way I have set up my site. I have not yet worked at gaining more followers for my account as I wanted to wait until I had more content on my website in order to promote it further.

Instagram is the only other channel that I have been focusing on specifically for my website 1) because I am most comfortable using Instagram for promotion and personal reasons, and 2) because I feel like it is the most relevant channel to market to my audience. Being a personal kind of blogger, I have often seen other personal bloggers running an Instagram account alongside their blog content. I believe it has something to do with the visual part of IG that draws in followers. Below are some examples of IG posts that I have made. I try to shuffle between posts that update readers about my blog content & try to direct them back to my blog or engagement posts that try to encourage user comments & interactions.

Example of a content post
Example of an engagement post

On top of the Instagram that I have created for my website, I have attached my personal social media accounts onto my website (FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn). These are accounts that I use in my personal life and not necessarily just for my blog content. These social media accounts are presented to my blog readers as social media icons at the top bar of my website above my site logo.

A more recent addition to my blog is a widget that I found called, Instagram Widget by WPZOOM. This widget allows me to display my Instagram feed on the homepage of my blog, along with a “Follow” button that users can easily click to follow my account.

Overall, I think that I will keep up with the Instagram account for my blog, but I don’t think there are any other channels that I will be exploring right now. A Pinterest account may be a possible addition in the future, but I am not sure how many university students are still using Pinterest.