Venice Beach, Los Angeles

I went to L.A. this past week for a little vacation, and it was a really refreshing experience. As someone who eventually wants to work in the film industry being able to walk around the epicenter of movie making was very inspiring. L.A. is also a very photogenic city. From the beach to the mountains I really had a blast finding good things to take pictures of.


A fountain in Downtown Vancouver

When I was cropping this photo, I accidentally tapped the rotate 90° button. After reverting it back to normal, I wondered what this picture would look like upside down. It struck me, and ended up staring at it for a few minutes. It was an interesting perspective, and something that would be difficult to replicate without a camera. Is this meant to be some kinda commentary on how photography distorts our vision, or something to that extent? Nope. Just an interesting anecdote I thought I’d share.


My living room couch

I’m usually a fan of outdoor pictures, as I’m sure you have gathered. But I’m often reminded of kinds of pictures that can be taken inside. Nice, cozy pictures that make you feel warm and sentimental. Taking photos indoors also often makes for an environment where I have more control over lighting, placement, etc. Maybe I’ll try to do more of this.

Third Try at Discovering Joffre Lakes

Joffre Lakes is one of those hikes that I have seen a lot of pictures from and have had a lot of friends do, but I never got to experience myself. Sort of.

If you aren’t aware, Joffre Lakes comprises of 3 lakes. the first lake is 2 minutes from the parking lot and is pretty cool. The second lake is a couple hour hike from the parking lot and features beautiful colours, an epic mountain view, and that stupid log that you see everyone standing on for pictures. The third lake is 20 minutes past the second lake and is similar to the second lake, but closer to the glacier.

I have been to the first lake a couple times, but have never been able to make the full hike to the second lake. the first time I tried we didn’t have enough time to do the hike before having to be back as a group and the second time we got to the trailhead and a terrible thunder storm broke out so we headed back to the car. When the opportunity presented itself to do the Joffre hike another time, on a day with time to spare and good weather I couldn’t pass it up.

The hike was more challenging than I anticipated. The trail pretty much is straight up for the majority of the time and that sucks. Since tearing my ACL a couple months ago I have been pretty inactive, the reality of that hit me pretty hard during this hike. Finally getting to the second lake made it all worth it though.

It was a pretty busy day up there, I was very surprised at the amount of people there. Pictured above is the infamous log that everyone walks out on to take pictures. There was probably a 45 minute wait to go out there so we just decided to skip it and take pictures in between people leaving/entering the log. We also were there around 3:30pm where the light isn’t great. Sunset would be the best time to be up here taking pictures for light and the crowds would be lesser for sure.

The above image on the right I created in photoshop as a composite. My friend Matt is always down for a rope swing even if the lake is freezing. I told him I would get a cool pic of him doing it and turned my camera to burst mode where I could capture all the motion at once. I used a YouTube tutorial to figure out how to combine them into one image and voila.

Overall, I would recommend the hike. However, I would suggest not doing it on a day/time when lots of people will be there. Sunset time would be the best time to get there for if you are wanting some cool photos.

I also just thought this picture was funny and epic at the same time.



How I edit my Instagram Photos


Once in awhile, I’ll get questions about how I maintain my ‘Instagram theme’ and how I edit my photos. I have to admit: it does take some time and effort but I like to try and maintain a certain branding style to my instagram feed. Yes, I strive to live the #aesthetic life — it’s a part of who I am.

This may not work for everyone and people have different preferences and different tastes, so adjust accordingly to your liking! To keep a theme, I find that editing the same way (using the same filter) helps to keep all your photos consistent.
For reference, I work from an iPhone 7. In my photos, I tend to stick to bright whites, decently contrasted, soft shadows and less saturated photos. It works best when there’s natural lighting going on. Overcast days are the best days for outdoor photos. Bright sunlight creates darker and harsher shadows that takeaway from the photo and is also a cause of over-exposure.

First, I use the Photos in-app editor (found on all iOS devices) and put on the “Fade” filter. I’ll always have to adjust the brilliance, shadows, brightness, contrast, highlights and saturation until I’m more satisfied with it. If there’s any unnecessary distractions along the edge of the photo, I’ll just crop it out here.

Next, I’ll go into my app: Facetune. I really only use it for whitening light backgrounds that aren’t completely white and to de-saturate certain areas. I’ll bring that photo into the app and use their “whiten” tool to go over certain areas that are still too saturated.

After I’ve saved that photo, I bring it into UNUM, a very helpful app that organizes and helps me plan how a photo will look in my feed. Some may think it’s excessive, but I find that it is so useful to ensuring that your photos are cohesive with one another before you post it! Once I’ve planted my photo in there, I adjust it accordingly, using the UNUM in-app editor. And that’s about it!


Picnic at Chilliwack Lake

There was only a few more weeks of summer left. Shoot.

Leeza and I were realizing that the our opportunities for summer adventures were coming to an end. I was going to school in the fall and she was going to be starting a new job opportunity. We had to act fast. We both love getting out and adventuring so we decided on Saturday that we would drive out to Chilliwack Lake and take the canoe.

It was decided that I would get the canoe ready and Leeza would pack up our lunch (she is the picky eater so it only makes sense). We met up and took to the road. Unfortunately I didn’t capture any moments until we were out on the water because my camera was zipped up in our waterproof backpack, but we enjoyed a nice paddle along the lake and stopped halfway across the lake on a nice rock.

I saw some pictures recently that were framing their subjects in an interesting way, so I tried it out and I really liked it. Using the trees branches and foliage as a blurry foreground added some cool moody depth to the photo. And don’t worry, Leeza was just cold so she was wearing my plaid, she had shorts on weirdo.

I was trying out some different angles when Leeza noticed something. I actually captured the moment by accident (the picture on the right above). There was a huge pile of white bird feathers just behind where we were sitting and eating where a bird either was killed or got into a scuffle. Don’t worry I won’t show you the picture, but there wasn’t anything gross about it (there was no blood or anything) it was just weird.

After we ate and chilled out a bit, we decided to head back on to the lake and paddle across it so we could check out the other side of the lake.

I really wanted this picture of her wearing the life jacket because I thought it would be funny. You always see the canoe shots of a girl on a lake and she is NEVER wearing a life jacket.

Of course I told her to take the life jacket off too ?

After snapping a couple more cool pics of us paddling, we started paddling across the lake. This was a big mistake….

There are some hefty afternoon winds on the lake and we got caught up in them. To make a long and stressful story short; what took us 30 min to get to where we were took us an hour and a half to paddle back. It was stressful and it definitely tested our strength physically and mentally. There were times when I was quite scared but I couldn’t let Leeza know, she was scared enough. I had to keep fighting and I don’t think I stopped paddling for an hour straight.

Eventually, we made it back to shore, packed up, loaded the boat, and headed back home. It was an adventurous day for sure and good story to tell.



Crescent Beach Date Photoshoot

We are so lucky to live where we do. I know it’s cliche and annoying, but it is so true.

Recently, I was asked if I could create a small collection of photos featuring a pair of yoga pants. I won’t name the company because after the shoot there were complications with timelines and such which caused the partnership to end. However, I still got to dabble in the world of photography even if only for a minute. Plus, it was a good excuse to take my girlfriend to the beach and double it as a date.

It was a busy Friday night at Crescent Beach which is located just outside of White Rock. We like to go to Crescent over White Rock because it is less touristy and has free parking (who doesn’t hate paying for parking). We pulled into the parking lot just as the sun was setting and about to put on a beautiful display for us. I don’t know much about shooting great photos but if I know one thing it’s that sunset is the best time to shoot.

We quickly got to work and by work I mean me taking photos of Leeza as I raced against the sun disappearing behind the horizon. There were actually a few other people taking portraits that night and they sort of looked like they knew what they were doing. Lucky for me, this wasn’t Leeza’s first shoot. She walked around the rocks, along the sand, and I gave some ideas as well of what I thought would look cool.

There is this thing that I learned from a friend one time where you can take your phone screen and place it in front of your camera lens laying flat. While you adjust where the reflection hits your lens you can create this really interesting effect that mirrors part of the image. I’ll show you an example below.

You can see on the left is where I used the phone screen mirror trick. You would never get that clear of a reflection from the gentle crashing waves like on the right. It is one of those simple tricks that anyone can do (unless your phone screen is cracked) and adds a cool effect without having to edit it in post.

As the sun was saying its final goodbyes across the horizon I snapped this last pic and got that really cool sun flare coming through. It was late summer at this point so sunset came and went so fast. I was surprised at how little time I had. When you are taking photos and need the sunset it isn’t this nice little activity to enjoy with your arm around someone, it is a frantic activity that really tests your skill because you are racing the sun.

After we finished up, we took in the ocean air, walked out to the pier, and just spent some time taking in the beauty of the ocean. Overall, it was a fun night and one that I hope only builds me up as a photographer and continues to grow my skills.



Meet Corrina

Corrina is a Interactive Arts and Technology & Business student at SFU. She has 2 main personas: an obsessive foodie that is always down for adventures or a zombie that is scrambling for and suffocating from deadlines and school work. She also has passion for aesthetically-pleasing packaging and products, which then leads to her shopping a lot. If you enter Corrina’s room, you’ll probably spend hours marvelling and picking up her ever-growing collection of things and such. Her favourite drink is the classic milk tea boba. Good taste, Corrina.” 

What’s one of your greatest struggles right now?
Self-identity. I’m still in university and as an artist and content creator, finding your style is really hard because I’m currently trying out a lot of styles and techniques to see what my work means. It scares me because each work I create kind of represents who I am because I look back at my work and ask, Is this me? Is this who I want to present to others?

Tell me about a memory you had in high school.
In grade 10, my friends and I were threw a surprise birthday party for my friend at his house. I had to bake a cake and sneak it into his house. Thankfully, his brother snuck us all in. That was really fun because all of us felt genuine care about the birthday boy. We all got involved in this surprise birthday party project and it felt very accomplishing.

What was a hopeful moment in your life?
Last semester, before I came to SFU. I was studying at KPU and didn’t like what I was studying. So, after I got accepted to transfer to SFU, I was really happy and excited because I was going to do what I want and like. I felt like it things were gonna get better from there on.

What was one memorable moment, from all things good, bad, and in between, that you would never forget?
Grade 12 was a year I wouldn’t forget. My 2 best friends and I were editors for yearbook. That was really fun because it was just friends getting together and making a book. Although it was stressful now and then, that year made me realize my passion for art.

What’s one current goal you’re working on right now?
One big goal I’m still working on is being comfortable in my own skin. That’s something that I still struggle with. And learn to not care about what people think and not giving a shit about what others say about me.

What’s something you’re really proud of?
I’m very appreciative of the people around me, especially friendships that I have developed and gained throughout the years. I love how my relationships with my good friends are really close and how I’ve learned to love and care for them. 

Meet Jeanelle

Jeanelle is a third-year university student, studying education. You can find her at Urban Outfitters or spending time with people she cares about. One thing that motivates her is trying to be happy at the end of the day. Her favourite drink is Pure Leaf raspberry flavoured tea. Long ago, she was deathly afraid of animals due to an incident with a dog. Fast-forward to 2017, she recently adopted a cat- Ben. Ben is a soft grey and white cat and decorated with pastel pink accents. But that’s enough about Ben, today’s about Jeanelle. 


What is your greatest struggle right now?
I would say it’s my time management. There’s so many adult responsibilities and it’s hard to manage all that. I think another one would be my motivation because there’s so many things things to, but also I lack motivation to do them because I dread to do them, like adult responsibilities. There’s so many bills to pay, and people to call or e-mail. All those things take so much time to do. Like even making it to class or work on time. For someone in high school, it would be super easy, but for someone out of high school, it’s a lot harder.

What is one random location that brings back memories.
We used to hang out a lot at one of my friend’s house all the time in high school. Specifically, I love his living room because I love the feeling of it. It’s so homey and feels lived in. Although he argues that he doesn’t like it because it’s camped and messy, I don’t mind because it’s like a place where you can unwind and relax. A place with no judgement and everyone can be at ease.

Describe one of your most hopeful moment in your life.
Before I got hired at Urban Outfitters, I’ve only had experience in cleaning and fast food. I was really surprised to be even hired at a retail store because they hired me that I’m a hard worker. I enjoy working there because I didn’t like the fact that fast food defined me. I got to express myself with my own style in a retail store, compared to a fast food place. There were also a chance for me to grow in areas that interests me like management, merchandising, or even corporate. It was a hopeful time because if I believed in something or worked for something really hard, then it could happen.

Describe a memory, a time you will never forget.
Senior year in high school during theatre, we developed a lot relationships between our classmates. We see them a lot so we were able to become good friends. I was able to be creative because I learned the process of directing and writing scripts for plays. It was really challenging because I learned a lot about myself and theatre. I remember being really proud because in the end, we got to see the work I’ve put into the plays, which came to life. It was cool to see my name in the handbook.

Another one was when after we graduated. We had a pool party and it was really memorable because there were so much warmth in the get-together. It was just full of love. Everybody was just happy to be there. We had food and we were swimming and socializing, and even doing homework. It was a time where nobody had a worry on their mind. It was so peaceful to just unwind and not care about anything temporarily.


Design Flaws

I have been stalling on writing this blog post because I know I have much more to do. Although I like the general look of my blog, I’m not sure that it has enough visual interest to draw people in. I’ve tried introducing headers and backgrounds, I’ve tried replacing my blog’s title with a title header image, I’ve tried virtually everything I can think of that my theme allows. It seems that I may have to explore my options of switching themes and see where that takes me.

What I find most difficult about my theme is the fact that the features I find most appealing about it are only seen with high quality photography and lots of posts. Since I’ve made the decision to hide my PUB 101 posts from the main page, I am lacking in my front page content. I’ve considered a few options, and before I switch themes I intend on playing around with creating a static front page filled with pictures of my travels, my high school career, and essentially my life. I hope that this will bring both visual interest and a visual connection to my life.

In order to fulfill the above suggestion, I have tried creating a page to feature my images, but the image slider requires multiple images to work. Next I tried a gallery post, but then of course the slider requires multiple posts to work. I’ll be playing around more to get the visual I would like. I’m in the process of writing my second blog post which (albeit a little late) should add more personal connection as it will feature personal photos and stories from my past.

Although this process post isn’t much of a reflection, it has birthed many ideas and I look forward to trying more!