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Peer Review 2

This time I am going to review Cherie Lau beauty blog. It is a beauty blog that introduces different make-up and cosmetic product to the reader.

The first impression the design gave it to me is clean and organized. Everything is well constructed and arranged, posts are well categorized, and placements are well designed. The blog primarily uses white and black colour with orange when you hover on some links. It is a good match with the theme of the blog which is make-up and cosmetic. The colour scheme works well to match up the topic. Besides, It has a classic blog style structure which is the menu bar on the top, latest posts are on the 2/3 of the left side, and the blogger details is on the 1/3 right side. This is a common layout of blog design, and it never went wrong. It has high usability, and everything is placed in a visible area. The overall blog design gives me a comfy and casual atmosphere, and it attracts me to look deeply in the blog. 

The majority of the blog use sans-serif font as the content font and serif font as the title. It is a good sense of font use since the serif font can bring up the elegant feeling to the reader and the sans-serif font is relatively easy for the reader to read. The chose of font works well when I scroll the homepage, however, when I click into the post, I found one major issue. The font is too small to read; the size is around 9-10. It is too small for the reader to read the content. Besides, the colour of the font also could be darker, since the background is bright, the grey colour font couldn’t stand out from the background. The content still readable, but these changes can make it more reader-friendly.

The first thing I notice when I get into the blog is the logo. It is a fancy and elegant script font which really matches the theme of the blog. It makes the blog became luxury and young. However, I can not read the words in the first place, and it took me a few minutes to interpret what the word is. It is a good idea to make an iconic logo to promote the blog, but it is worthless if the reader cannot understand the logo. I suggest the blogger should spend some time to improve the logo. 

Cherie Lau is a clean and simple blog that easy to use. I like the idea of the blog including theme, layout, and structure. Overall, it is a nicely decorated blog. Clear design direction can be seen in the design. There is only some minor problem needs to get fix, other than that, this is a beautiful blog. 

Week 5: Split Routine- Chest Day

  • Incline bench press 3 sets 10 reps
  • Flat bench press 3 sets 10 reps
  • Flat dumbbell fry 3 sets 10 reps
  • Dips 3 sets 10 reps
  • Straight-arm dumbbell pull-over 3 sets 10 reps

Alternate barbell and dumbbell

60 sec rest between sets.

Chest Monday, this is a funny term in bodybuilding communities. The reason we call Chest Monday because a professional bodybuilder routine usually starts on Monday, and chest is always the first muscle part of working on. It has no scientific background to support chest should do on Monday or Chest should always put to the beginning, but this is a bodybuilding tradition, and it has been created a norm for a while.

In the Chest training, I would like to divide the chest into three parts, upper, middle, and lower. The separation of training able to provide an all-round and even training on every single piece of the chest. From the training list, you can see the training programme from the upper chest to lower chest. It is because the upper chest is relatively bigger than the lower chest. The principle of training is work from bigger muscle to smaller muscle since the bigger muscle will cost more energy than the smaller one. Proper distribution of your energy is essential in training. 

Process Post Prompt: DriveTribe Website Design Elements

DriveTribe is a famous automotive community platform; it is a relatively new came out website which is launched on November 28, 2016. From the home page design, you can see a simple logo along with a menu bar. It has a clean structure of pages an categories. Since this is an automotive based website, media-rich is one of their features. An asymmetric media layout implied the sequence of featuring article and guide readers attention.

Below the featuring section, as you scroll down the website, you will find the latest comment on your left and the top post is on your right. They spend 1/3 of the page for comment section and the 2/3 for the Top post. It is an asymmetric design as well, the weight seems heavier on the right due to the picture feed, but the bold font on the right balance out the design. It is a user-friendly feature that helps the reader able to scan through everything they want to see. 

Once you click into the article, it has a clear design structure. A bolded title, images, and clean font. One interesting feature in the article section is the use of white space. To keep the webpage design clean and maintain the simplicity of the website, the designer use white space to reduce the weight so as to make the site more simple and direct. The use of white space not only make the site cleaner but also reduce unnecessary distraction. It is good for the reader to concentrate on what are they reading.  

Week 4- Six Fundamental Movement Patterns Part 2

After the first three Fundamental Movement Patterns (FMP), your body should build up the foundation of the lower body. The lower body is playing an important role in exercise; it helps us to stabilize our movement, increase our stability and agility. So, let’s move on to the rest of the FMP which is concentrate on our upper body. Those three exercises including Push (Push-up), Pull, and rotation.


  • Pushing patterns can be in multiple plans of movement. Push over-head, push-up, bench press, or dips are options for Push exercise.
  • Keep your entire spine in line
  • Push the floor or object away, exhale on the way up. Exhale through pursed lips to maintain tension on the body.

2. Pull

  • Pushing patterns can also be in multiple plans of movement. Lat pull down, pull up, seated row or upright row are options for pull exercise.
  • Keep the head and neck in line with the rest of the spine.
  • Exhale through pursed lips maintain tension on the body.

3. Rotation

  • The rotation exercises are mainly focus on internal and external oblique muscles that are primarily respond to rotation movement.
  • Lunge with medical ball rotation, cable rotation (High to low chop rotation) or resistance bands rotation are options for rotation exercise.
  • When training rotation, the subject should stand sideway for rotation patterns.
  • Pull the load down across your body, maintaining hinge and good posture. 
  • Keep the head in line with the spine. 
  • Inhale during preparation, hold your breath at the beginning and exhale throughout the movement .

These six Fundamental Movement Patterns (FMP) provides excellent preparation to your body, and it can increase your body strength and muscles tolerance. Remember, these patterns are always useful even though you are a professional athlete. These are the foundation of our body and helps us to develop a well-structured of our body. Although I provide details and recommendation in training, it is necessary that to practice over and over again to build up your body mass and muscle fibre. Remember, Practice make perfect. 


Leyland, T. (2017). Exercise Programming Science and Practice. Burnaby, British Columbia: Simon Fraser University.

What would you do with your last hour of internet?

I never thought about one day we would lose the internet. It is so unreal to think about we will lose internet, like forever. The Internet has become our necessity; it is part of our lifestyle. We need it to work, entertain, communicate, etc. The internet has a significant contribution to the contemporary world. But what if this is the last hour of the internet? What would I do? I have no clue.

Should I download all the films and show I haven’t watched yet? Or should I download something important, like maps or books? I don’t know. If it’s the last hour of internet, I probably do what I usually do. Perhaps I will Facetime, my family while I am watching youtube, playing a game, or doing homework. I am not going to do anything special, it is what it is, no matter how much I do, how many videos, files I download, it still comes to an end. That is impossible to download everything online, right? So, why would I stress myself to do anything? To be honest, I might just lay back and enjoy myself. Hey, this is not the end of the world! 

First Peer Review #1

In my first peer review, I am going to review the blog “Taking Life By The Love Handles.” It is a food blog with a poetic name which is created by Jenny, Jenny Zhou.

The first impression the blog gave to me is clean and organized. A simple food picture at the top of the page along with the blog name and menu, it is a direct and convenient design for readers. Below the header media, you can see a pink background with an article list on the left side; it lists out the latest blog she had been posted with page selection attach at the bottom. On the left side, you can see the category list and the tag list. It is relatively easy for people to find what they are looking for and easy to get access to it. Once you click on the post, you can see the black colour text with the sans-serif font. The sans-serif font perfectly matches the theme of the blog which is simple and clear. I found one interesting feature on her weekly blog which is the food rating. It is exciting and informative, and it provides an evaluation for people to refer before they try the food. It is a good idea.

While I was scrolling through the pages, I checked out the About and Contact page. It provides some basic information about Jenny, a description and contact. It is common on every blog. However, when I keep checking the blog, I realized something is missing on the blog. 

The blog is overall overly simple. The design is too plain after surfing in a period. Having a simple concept with the basic design is good. But when I was surfing the blog, it feels like I am watching the same page over and over again. No differences and surprises, every page look just the same.  Some weekly blogs do contain some pictures inside. However, it doesn’t help the blog design. Also, the category needs to improve as well; it is quite inconvenient if I want to use the category function, I have to go back to the home page.

I will suggest the blog need more pictures, or, use a bigger picture. The heading media picture I can only see a peek of the cake. I want to enjoy a whole cake instead of the strawberry on top. Besides, the usability also needs to improve. Try to play around the menu bar function to find out some other exciting features; it can make the site much more fun. Overall, the design concept is good, try to play with some more colours instead of monochrome tone, I am sure it will be surprised.

Week 3- Six Fundamental Movement Pattern Part 1

Fundamental Movement Patterns (FMP) are patterns of movement that serves as a foundation for strength training. These movement patterns are essential for people who are working on resistant training and strength training. The FMP helps people to build up their foundation of training patterns and builds up the muscle that will be using in training. To build up the FMP, do not try to put weight on training in the first place. Please be aware of the competence in these movement patterns; you should make sure the movement is tight and stable. It is crucial for you before you put weight into your training section.

  1. Squat 
  • Take a comfortable stance that is wide enough for you to squat down between your legs. Feet can be turned out anywhere between 20-45 degree. 
  • Inhale and hold your body tight. Push your hips back and drop down. Notice that your weight distribution should be at the back of your feet which mean you should be able to squat still without any rolling.
  • Go as low as you can, maintaining a straight and stable spine. 
  • Exhale while on the way back up.

2. Deadlift 

  • The stance can vary, with the hands grasping the bar inside or outside the knees.
  • Toes can be turned out and facing ahead.
  • Keep your back straight; the back angle is critical in this exercise. ( I do not encourage people to put weight in this exercise until they are familiar with the movement pattern.) 
  •  Keep pressure across the entire surface of the feet.
  •  Push the floor away to stand, exhale through pursed lips once weight has moved off the floor. 
  • Extend the knees, maintaining the hip angle until the bar has passed the knees.
  • On the way down, flex at the hip and allow the bar to pass the knee before finishing the required knee flexion.  

3. Lunge

  • Stance tall with your feet together and step forward or backwards so that both knees form 90 degree angles with your front hip.
  • If you workout with dumbbells, I will recommend stepping backward to stay yourself in balance. 
  • Inhale, hold your breath and descend slowly. Exhale while pushing back up to standing. 

Practice the first three FMP in the gym, find a spacious area to exercise. These three exercises mainly focus on the lower part of the body, mostly on your legs, lower back, and hip. Start your workout today, and we will discuss the upper body FMP next week.


Mini Assignment #2




Sorry, Hulk, I thought you are too busy at beating other superheroes, I do remember you, bro. That’s why I invited you to be our guest on our blog today. Can you tell us about how you usually train and keep your body in shape? 


Hang on, Hang on, Hulk, we can’t just smash things to workout.


Please, Hulk, please to smashing my floor and tear down my walls, I am still paying rent for that. 


Alright, alright, Thank you so much for you to come today. I think we are done at the moment…….Please, stop smashing the floor…..


Oh, he is gone….through the roof I should pick an outdoor to do the interview next time…

Week 3:Process Post Prompt

This is the map of my website; I will divide my page into three primary categories: Weekly Blog, PUB 101, and About me. This is the first categories you can find in the menu bar which is located at the top right corner. 

In order to be more specific on each topic and post, I separate weekly blog into two trails, Concept and Exercise. In the Concept page, I will post workout/gym related concepts that people should be aware of, and in Exercise, the page will be me personal exercise tutorials. 

In PUB 101 category, I divided it into three groups: Mini Assignment, Process Post, and Peer View. The separation of categories will make the viewer easier to find the specific they want to see and easy to access to those materials. 

Although I want to insert Instagram feed on the page, I believe its required premium package to put the widget on, and I currently don’t have the feature. I will try to figure it out or post some pictures on the blog.