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Process Post #7 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the plugin that I installed in order to understand the aspect of the visitors who visit my website. I was quite impressed with the statistics by Google Analytics. I easily observed the number of visitors every day on the dashboard of the WordPress. 

I found the interesting fact that the most top visitor number was on November 1st when I published my website address on the Instagram account. I realized that displaying the website address on my social network actually increased the number of visitors.

Although I have such a small number of followers, it definitely affected on my website by simply displaying the website address.

The Google Analytic web provides more detail information on my website.

The most audience is from Canada, but I was surprised that I even had audiences from Germany and Ukraine.

Almost 70% of visitors have accessed my website from a desktop, and the percentage of mobile visitors are 30% which is higher than my expectation. The busiest time is from 10 am to 6 pm.

I really impressed with the page views, and it was funny that I made page value which is $0.20.

Google Analytics is so detail which it tells me where the audiences are accessing my website from.

The most audiences are directly from the website address, and rest of audiences are from Instagram, posiel, and even other student’s websites who were my peer review partners.

Generally, I found that Google Analytics is extremely useful especially if I would like to know about my audience. According to the audience’s favor, I might need to fix some components on my website.



While I was painting the traditional portrait of Antoinette, I also painted three conceptual portraits of Antoinette. It was also parts of the summer Antoinette project which I spent three months to finish. The reference of portrait images are the portrait sculptures of Antoinette. I chose three plaster sculptures of Antoinette.

The surface of the plaster gives a feeling of coldness because of the absence of color. It naturally provides a monochromic sense without any photoshop effect, and it is different from a black and white photograph.

Here are the conceptual images of the painting before I start.

I used oil painting in this work, but I also added one more material, sand. I chose sand because it creates a relationship with a plaster. Although plaster and sand are different materials, I found common sense from two material, and I decided to use sand.  I painted the background with sand. To create a sandy painting, I mixed sand with gel medium. The gel medium is a clear acrylic substance that is sometimes mixed with acrylic paint to express a thickness or a different texture. The half of the canvas is painted with a red oil painting, and it provides a modernistic expression.

Unlike the traditional portrait that I painted, I covered the eyes with colors. Antoinette, a French Queen, is a symbol of extravagance who is famous for saying “If the people have no bread, let them eat cake”. The covered eyes symbolized a different perspective of the Queen. The queen looks through colored glasses. The painting talks about prejudice.

I carefully chose which color has a better harmony with the painting in terms of a color balance


The summer Antoinette project was definitely pleasing, and I thanksfully enjoyed 3 months project period. The beautiful memories remained along with the paintings.



Peer Review #3: Karl’s blog – Japanese Anime Reviews

Continuing from the second peer review, my review partner blog is Karl’s blog.

Wow. I immediately realized a critical change in the front page of the website. The header image is changed, and it is absolutely stunning.

It was a colorful and bright header image before, and as I mentioned, it was a little hard to read the name of the homepage. The changed image is a monochromic image in which the title of the website distinguishable from the header image. I definitely love the choice that he made. The header image almost inspires me to try an anime. However, one thing that I think the website needs to be fixed is the front page contents. It is an anime review website, but it shows the posiel contents on the front page in which the expected audience would not want to see. It could probably be fixed by a plugin call WP HIDE POST. Install the plugin and activate it. Then you will see Post Visibility on the bottom when you upload the post


By simply check “Hide on the front page”, it will be disappeared from the front page. In terms of the marketability, it will be much attractive anime review blog if those posiel contents disappear from the front page.

The intended audience is people who are interested in Japanese anime or people who would like to know about Japanese anime. However, just like my website, Karl’s blog is not interested in marketing. The blog does not include any advertisement and marketing sources. When I googled Japanese anime review, Karl’s blog is not showing up, and I had to type “Karl’s blog Japanese anime reviews”.

How could this website possibly do the marketing? I was thinking about to add an advertisement for an enterprise such as Amazon. I see many other websites include Amazon advertisement, and I think this website could possibly put Japanese anime product from Amazon.

Yes, Amazon has tons of Japanese anime products, so it is reasonably beneficial for both Karl’s blog and Amazon if the website includes an advertisement.

The second marketing is youtube. I researched a YouTuber who does Japanese Anime contents. One of the famous youtuber is The Anime man who has over 150k subscribers.

Since Japanese anime is extremely popular, and the anime culture is well developed, this blog has positive potential in terms of the marketability. I really enjoyed Karl’s blog how it is changing better and better, and I am excited to see more.


Karl’s blog

Suzanne Norman. 2015 “Trying not to drop breadcrumbs in Amazon’s store.”

Youtuber, The Anime man.



Process Post #7 Analytics

Yes. The Analytic such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is one of the most important valuable tools for building the audience. If I know where my audiences are coming from, I could develop the website based on the visitor’s taste. I think my website is especially dependent on the audience since it is an artist’s website. The audience has own artistic taste, and it would be beneficial to know what artistic color the audiences have.

I added my website address on my Instagram account a few weeks ago. It definitely increased the visitor numbers, and it gives me an idea that I could make some kind of connection between my website and the social network. I upload my artworks on Instagram, and I only provide small pieces of information such as the title and the date. Since most of my artworks are conceptual works, it is challenging to understand the idea behind the work. The audiences have to know an artist’s cultural background and personal interests.

The Instagram platform has a limitation on the explanation, and I think I could provide the full information through my website. Therefore, those Instagram audience who are willing to know my artwork is my expected audience.

I don’t worry about privacy. Although the website is connected to my personal social network, I do not post any personal information on my Instagram account. My Instagram account does not reflect my identity, but it only represents my artworks.

Understanding the audience, it is much clear to develop the direction of the website. It allows me to create much creative posts on my website, and the expected audience would be much pleased with the selected posts.

Mini Assignment #4 Remixing

In this assignment, I mixed sound into the scene of Interstellar. Showing the original version first, it describes the original mood of the scene. I added an audiotrack on the top of the video, and the song is “Home Alone Theme” by John Williams.  The mood of the scene dramatically changed as I mixed the audio, and at the same time, I also added a laughing effect. That totally reversed the mood of the scene. In this assignment, I did the sound effect, how important the sound is, in a film, especially, in the movie. I used Adobe Premiere program to edit the video, and I downloaded the movie scene from Youtube. I also downloaded sound files from Youtube.


Process Post #6 Changing design elements

Advice from my peer reviewer, Karl’s Blog, I decided to make some change some of the design elements of my website.

The background image

The black and white contrast background caught his attention, and that inspired me to make the background color black.

The original background was a gray color, and I decided to minimize the number of color on the front page since the concept of the website is minimalism. Here is the changed background, and it feels deeper and stable.

Social Media Icon

I also added a social media icon. I downloaded “Ultimate Social Media Icon” plugins. The first effect I attempted is to make a moving social media icon so that the icon always appears on the bottom left side of the web. However, I decided to remove the effect, since the icon was really annoying especially on the mobile version. I just decided to stabilize the icon on the bottom left side of the web. The fun thing was that there was not an official icon of Instagram that I was going to put, so I had to download the original image and change it.

At first, I thought the color of the icon is not so minimalist, and I changed to a black and white icon. However, the icon was not noticeable, and I changed it back to the original.

Process Post #5 The Audience

"I am willing to communicate with people who are interested in my artwork" is an artist’s website where the artist uploads own artwork and the description. Unlike aesthetic traditional artwork such as painting and sculpture, contemporary art is extremely personal and hard to read. People often find that contemporary art is too complicated and unreadable. Sometimes, the conceptual artwork is too philosophical in which the audience often has to study the history and the background of the artist. Unless participating an artist-talk at the gallery, the audience has a rare chance to communicate with the artist. As an artist, I sometimes willing to communicate to the public, and I decided to create the website – I call “online exhibition”- where the artist and the audience could have the artist talk twenty-four seven.

“The imagined audience is people are interested in the contemporary art”

The concept of my website is simple. I idealistic design aspect on my website is minimalism where the audience could easily understand the structure of the website. I believe that the minimalistic design would help the audience to focus more on the artwork, not interrupted by unnecessary design aspect. That is why I didn’t add more widgets or advertisements on my website. Those unneeded design elements would de-value the content of the website.

In, only one click would lead the audience to the artwork. I believe that the audience would immerse in the content much deeper than when the website suggests a massive amount of information.

Process Post #4 Design Web

The 4th process post is about the design aspect of the website that I visit often. The webpage that I will discuss about is Yes, it is the scholar programmed website of Simon Fraser University, and I chose Canvas because I really visit this website often when I submit assignments and check the schedule. And I found that it would be interesting if I make some criticize the design aspect of the university system.

Entering the, the sign in page appears, in which the website is not a publically open to everyone, but only assigned people and access the website.

As you see above, the front page is not very welcoming the guest because of the absent of interesting images and attractive texts. In terms of the design aspect, the front page seems to hide something before the certifying the user’s identification. By putting the logo of the institution on the top left side of the website, it tells about what the website is about. However, this website is totally different from other famous websites such as Those enterprise websites have to concern about all visitors because the visitors are potential customers. However, does not have to concern about the visitor. The administrator knows the visitor is going to be SFU students or professors, therefore, the website is not likely welcoming the other visitors in the front page.

  After sign in, the front page becomes “Dashboard”. On the Dashboard, all courses that a visitor takes are displayed, so the visitor can easily enter the specific course by simply clicking the course. Each course has a different color to make it easily distinguishable.

Interestingly, the menu bar is located vertically on the left side. Most websites have a menu bar on the top of the web horizontally. I found that having a horizontal menu is especially useful in this website when the visitor has to switch the page by clicking the menu.

As I click the “Courses” menu, it expands toward the right side which is much easier and comfortable to see the content.

On the right-hand side, four widgets are displayed: Coming Up, Recent Feedback,  Start a New Course and view Grades. The Coming Up widget displays upcoming assignment of the courses that the visitor is taking. The Recent Feedback widget displays the grade of a submitted assignment. Start a New Course only can access when the visitor just starts the enrollment. The View Grades displays the grades of courses that the visitor currently taking.

Unlike outstanding websites, is not focused on the design. By simplifying the design, the website displays only necessary contents to the visitor. However, I think this simplified element become an effective design as a scholar website. The simplified design helps the visitor to focus on study.