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The evolution of the Birkin

Jane Birken was an English actress, singer, songwriter and model. Jane Birkin was on a plane when she spilled straw out of her bag infant of Jean- Louis Dumas, a chief executive at Hermes. Jean-Louis was inspired to create a bag suitable for women that can hold her books… He teamed up with Jan and four years later the Birkin bag was created and named after Jane Birkin. Its prices range from US$11,900 to $300,000. Costs escalate according to the type of leather and if exotic skins were used. Hermes stores are allowed to turn buyers away from purchasing Birkin bag in order to keep their bags limited. A list celebrities like Victoria beckham owns over 100 of the classic Birkin bags, because it is a style that will never leave. 

Process Post

In class we got to review a website and find what errors could be changed. I enjoyed that exercise so I decided to review one. I decided to review Revolve. Revolve is an online clothing brand that sells reasonably priced and expensive clothing items. For the most part the prices range from, $130-300. The website itself fully functions but for the price of the items the website is comparable to Forever 21′s website which prices rang from $20-50. The look of the website is messy, theres no real theme to back up their clothing quality. They show 4-5 photos per row, I think there should be less photos on the screen. They have now branched out to a store, however their website doesn’t speak highly of the store. If I were the stubble upon the website revolve without seeing the store I would assume it would be a department store which tends to decrease the value of paying full price of an article of clothing


Chanel, a classic brand that has been around since 1909.People who are unfamiliar with luxury brand often times know about Chanel. The revolutionary Coco Chanel designed her first bad ( The Classic Flap Bag) in 1929. The early styles of the bags featured a flap but it wasn’t until 1955 that the should bag was produced. To this day this bag is considered the most important accessory in history. There are two types of Chanel flap bags, the original which is what Coco Chanel wore had the square buckle. All of the  details in this bag is personalized for her. The Burgundy inside, the pouch in the back of her purse and the Mademoiselle Lock gets its name from the fact that Coco Chanel never married. When this bag first surfaced it was then made acceptable and desirable for women to carry a bag on their shoulders 


Lace, used on lingerie and wedding dresses- it can make an outfit 10x more expensive or look 10x cheaper. However Lace has been around for decades. When I think of Lace I think of Madonna, 1984 album “Like a Virgin”. It didn’t stop there, Lace lingerie body suits are in style now more than they ever were. Not only are Victorias Secrete and La Senza selling these items as clothing but Hollywood Boutique, Forever 21, & online stores like Oh Polly.

Madonna wore Lace a little revealing… she’d wear bodysuits without anything to cover her nipples. Last year we went though a phase where bra’s were to be worn underneath bodysuits and now we are on a free the nip movement (which can either be taken as a joke or seriously). Madonna started this movement back when she sported lace and mesh shirts- we are simply copying her.

People may think we have ruined fashion- ” that everyone dresses in little amounts of clothing”… In the photo above it isn’t very obvious which girl is wearing less clothing. Madonna (on the left) may be in a high neck top, but her whole body can been seen through it. The model on the right may be in a low neck top, however her nipples are fully covered. It depends how you want to present yourself, but in my opinion both styles are considered fashion.