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Team Selena or Team Hailey??

It seems like once every six months the social media world spirals into the chaos of the Selena Gomez-Hailey Bieber “feud” all over again. I thought we were passed this, since the two shocked the world by taking a photo together at an award show. But, it looks like the drama isn’t over.

A lot of people on social media believe the issue stems from the fact that Hailey’s husband, Justin Bieber, is still in love with his on-again-off-again ex, Selena. Fans claim this insecurity and unhappiness with her marriage has caused Hailey to throw shade.

Recently, Selena has been diagnosed with lupus, which has caused her body to change. When an article body shamed her for her weight gain, Hailey and her friends posted a cryptic TikTok that said “I’m not saying she deserved it, but God’s timing is always right.” Fans believe this was related to the Selena hate. The TikTok has since been taken down, only adding to suspicion. Hailey and friend, Kylie Jenner, also posted a mocking Instagram story about their eyebrows after Selena made a video where she messed up an eyebrow makeup look.

In my opinion, those are the only somewhat concrete instances of Hailey shading Selena, and she has lost followers as a result. But, I think some fans are blowing the drama wayyyy out of proportion. They are making Hailey out to be some villain intent on taking Selena down. People online are over-analyzing posts Hailey made years ago, and finding a way to connect them to Selena. I think they are grasping at straws. If Hailey so much as breathes wrong some fans will make a case that she’s trying to copy Selena out of envy.

Fans have also taken to analyzing Hailey’s marriage with Justin. The have posted side by side comparisons of their relationship and Justin’s past relationship with Selena, to show the difference in treatment between the two women. I think these posts are unfair. The videos shown lack context, and are purposely chosen to make Justin look like he cares more about Selena. I have also seen videos where fans claim Hailey’s family manipulated Justin into marrying her, and that all they cared about was attaching their daughter to his name and net worth. Additionally, some fans think Justin only married Hailey for American citizenship, which he would have lost royalties on his music without. Frankly, these assumptions are offside. We have no idea what goes on in their relationship. We only have a small glimpse into it, and these claims are deeply hurtful. Nobody deserves to have their intentions in a relationship criticized.

I think the contributions fans are making towards this drama are bigger than the initial issue. Social media is making a big deal out of things that may or may not be related. We can’t know for sure, and until we do, I think the hate towards Hailey and Justin has to stop.