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Peer Review 1

At first glance the blog “An international Student’s Life in Canada” strikes me as professional and an easy to navigate blog. He clearly displays the main focuses of his website while further elaborating on them in his “About” section of the blog. In addition, he has menus which allow you to easily navigate to the section of the blog which you are interested in viewing. I’m particularly interested in how the blogger is originally from Hong Kong and whether there will be any similarities or differences from those of a Canadian. This especially ties in to his “About” page where he states that there was a culture shock when he first came to Canada and the thoughts a person may have when first coming to Canada. Some of the critics that I have for his website would be for the music portion of the blog, photography, and travel. The content there already gives us a good idea of the author of the website and the passions he has and what kind of entertainment he enjoys. Examples of this include the list of his favorite songs as well as his enjoyment for the band Cold play. I especially enjoyed how he discussed why he supported this particular band and gave us some background to them. The one critic I have for this section is that if he was going to do this on a weekly basis or as a common re occurrence. That he maybe selects a few songs each week instead of submitting a whole playlist. That way he won’t have to create a mass playlist each time and will be able to constantly have content for that page. He could even go in depth on a couple of songs or Artists and the reasons behind his enjoyment for them. As for the travel part of the blog. There isn’t anything currently there right now and I’m not sure what you’re going to add to it since it’s going to be difficult to travel to many places while taking classes at SFU. Maybe he’ll be posting stories and photos from places previously visited and explored. Either way I’m extremely excited to the see what fills this currently blank page. Finally, pertaining to the photo part of the blog. He explains his passion for photography and displays some wonderful photos of Hong Kong. I’m not sure whether these photos are his own or not. Although, if they are then I’m thoroughly impressed. I’m assuming he’s going to either post photos of his own here or perhaps photos that he enjoys and what they mean to him. Furthermore, if posting his own photography; I’m sure adding the specs of the cameras that you’re using will be of great interest to others who have a passion for photography as well. Either way, I’m looking forward to the beautiful photography that’s going to be captured on this page. Overall, I’m rather pleased with the crispness of the website and the ease of navigating its menu’s pages. I’m presuming this blogs layout isn’t completely developed yet. Although It’s currently on the right track and I look forward to seeing it’s future development and the interesting stories, photos, and music that come along with it.

Vancouver Lookout

The Vancouver Lookout takes passengers 553 feet above busy Vancouver and offers a beautiful 360 city view of both Vancouver and the mountains. There is also a wonderful restaurant at the top that offers delicious foods if you become hungry. You also don’t have to worry about stairs this time as it has a 40 second elevator that’ll take you to the top. Tickets will run at $17.50  for adults and $12.50 for students with a valid student card. There’s also interactive activities and a junior flyers activity to keep the kids busy as well when up at the top. Furthermore, there are tour guides around to help give insight about the surrounding areas and the history of the rotating tower itself.





Essay 2

Essay 2

Joseph Chan                                                                                                                4/10/18


I developed my blog to express myself through an alternative method that doesn’t require Facebook or Instagram. My focus was creating a blog oriented towards people planning to visit Vancouver or locals who are just looking for more places to explore and visit. I reinsured the fact that I’m not a very expressive person when it comes to online publishing as I’m still cautious about my personal ideas and info that I share online with the public. However, I learned a lot about monetizing a website and different ways to appeal to the public eye and the proper way to grab people’s attention.

The main appeal of my website is that it’s very easy to navigate and the options for blog categories aren’t so vast that you feel overwhelmed and loss in all the posts. The first thing you are greeted with when opening the website is my most recent blogs and the image of the topic. I believe, that having an image of the topic was essential as it helps stimulate visual cues and may raise the curiosity of people who are visiting the website for the first time (Psychology of Cyberspace – The Online Disinhibition Effect, 2018). Although, at times I felt that it was hard to differentiate my blog from others as I looked at other people’s blogs in the class and noticed that many layouts were like mine and didn’t have any significant difference (Design machines | Louder Than Ten, 2018). I believe what draws people to my blog is that it isn’t overly complicated to navigate and it only takes a few seconds to find the post you’re looking for.

I believe that my blog has done a complete 180 turn from what I had originally envisioned and what it has become now. At the beginning my blog was lacking heavily in design and I was never able to sort my posts into their rightful pages until now. I also changed the theme of my website from “Twenty-Seven” to “Bulk”. I believed that this was a huge turning point as it allowed me to have better control over my website and change features such as the background image. I also went further in depth into my intro page by adding a photo of myself to give viewers an idea of what kind of person I am as well as the location of Vancouver in google maps. My blog has progressed rapidly from being a second-hand twitter website to one that reports on views, restaurants, and music in Vancouver.

My google analytic numbers showed that my website wasn’t encountering enough traffic to even consider monetizing it. I essentially confirmed what I already thought the results would show which is most the visits to my blog where from me, the Professor/TA, and students being forced to peer review my page. I believe that one of the main causes of this is that there already exists so many blogs like mine in Vancouver, which are already established such as “The Daily Hive Vancouver”. Furthermore, I believe that drawing in a new audience requires constant advertisement through platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Something I don’t believe many of friends would interested in as they are already focused with their own school work and hobby’s. I feel that it’s very easy to lose an audience’s attention, especially if you don’t keep to a constant upload schedule (Forbes Welcome, 2018).  In addition, I have not received any comments on my website which I believe is due to the low traffic that I’m experiencing.

I don’t believe that I will continue to blog as It has nothing to do with my major or future job goal which is policing. However, I found that I learned a lot about website designing and addressing current trends and capturing an audience. I believe that these features will help me in the future as I have considered opening a business that has sales in security technology which will most likely required a well-designed website.

I’ve certainly become more alert about my online presence now and I think that I will be moving further away from having one. The reason for this is that I’ve discovered how open and easily accessible information is on the internet. What can sometimes appear to be private and secure information that only a select group of people you want to have access too can soon be spread across the internet (Gunter, 2009,/Qian, 2007) While I’m not shy of meeting new people and telling them information about me. It certainly frightens me how companies such as Facebook can get away with gathering tons of information from your phone and keep it without your consent. I’m especially cautious about the media that I share on Instagram as I’ve had to delete pictures from there that I don’t think future employers would find appropriate when looking for a prospective candidate. I’m moving further away from having an online presence to get to know myself better while attempting to keep my private information from being available on the internet.

When looking at the progression of my website I’ve noticed a steadier increase to a more detailed and public oriented presentation of the website with blogs written more like a review page then a blog. At the beginning, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted my blog too be and I would treat it almost like twitter and write random comments such as “Where has Fleetwood Mac been my whole life and why has my mom been hiding it from me?” However, as time progressed I realized that no one would want to read posts like this, especially when websites like twitter already existed (Bai, 2008). When I realized this I almost immediately switched towards writing my posts more like a yelp review to give viewers suggestions on the topic and give my own opinion on the subject itself.

I learned a lot about website design and the effort it takes to keep a blog constantly running and up to date. However, I don’t see it as the outlet for me as I don’t feel quite comfortable with sharing private information. Nor do I have an interest with writing my interests on reviews on it when websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram already exist.




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Music Playlist 4

The Weekend-My Dear Melancholy

The Weekend releases a new heartbreak album firing shots at both Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid. It shows still very strong Weekend notes and tones but sounds much sadder this time and the darkness really shines through in the lyrics.

Rudimental-These Days

A great new upbeat song with lucrative drops and catchy hooks. It makes great use of the Mackelmore feature

Cardi B-Invasion of Privacy

Cardi B goes in on this one not being afraid to demonstrate her sexuality at all. While at the same time showing her sensitive side and warning men what will happen if they try to play her.

Taylor Swift-Reputation

Taylor Swift comes back as a new Taylor making references to her past self while also showing love for her new found boyfriend in the song “Delicate”. It may take some time to get used to it at first but give it some time and I’m sure you’ll grow to love it.


Burgoo is a lovely mid-sized bistro located on Main Street in Vancouver. They do not have their own parking lot but there is plenty of street parking located around the restaurant. Specializing in comfort food, Burgoo may be one of the best places in Vancouver to stop by on a cold rainy day. I strongly recommend the mac and cheese which is combined with delicious earth mushrooms. Meanwhile they offer an excellent cocktail selection that is sure to blow you away. I found the servers to be really friendly and the crowd is usually looking to get away from the rain commonly found in Vancouver throughout the year. Overall, a great spot to warm up and catch up with friends that you haven’t seen in a while


The name is both apt and ironic, as the clientele is overwhelmingly gringo, but the food does hold its own as it’s reasonably authentic. All the tacos I tried were satisfying and delicious, and you can mix and match to your heart’s content among the varieties they offer. They also have a modest craft beer selection.
Love Mexican food and they really delivered a fun version of that. The drinks were original fun to try and usually I will only get beer, so they really impressed me. The food was great, good prices on everything, everything you want in a restaurant. Still thinking about the burrito I got here, really really good.
Overall, an interesting, off-the-beaten-track venue for an inexpensive bite and drink in an interesting location.

Process Post 12

I don’t really that there should be too many guidelines for my website other then no racial comments and no submission of anything involving 18+ (Pornography). The main reason for this is I believe that freedom of speech is an important part of being able to discuss and have conversation online. Meanwhile, I don’t believe that anyone should be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or race. I feel that at times people can become too sensitive from comments on the internet when they should instead just ignore the person who is probably a troll looking for retaliation. However, if I did have these issues I would give that person a stern warning saying that kind of behavior is intolerable and another offense will result in banning from the website. I also plan on adding the community guidelines to somewhere on my page where it is easily accessible and view able. Current places that I’m considering is the info page or a link leading to it from a tab on the right side of the home page. I want my guideline to be very liberal in terms of auguring your points although I don’t want there to be any constant bullying on my blog as I feel that it would badly portray what my blog is about.

Spanish Banks

Spanish Bank’s located near University of British Columbia provides great views of the city as well as the North Shore. Besides being one of the largest beaches in Vancouver with logs to provide seating and large parks being near by. There’s also 8 volleyball courts, picnic tables, washrooms, and a concession stand if you find yourself hungry/thirsty. Not only can you catch a glorious view of the sun going down behind the mountains at nighttime. There is also tons of space for activities such as ultimate, volleyball, or football. The tide can also go as far out as a half a mile so you walk far out into the ocean if you wish. In addition, there is a dog park nearby if you have one that needs some space to run or you want to go dog watching yourself.