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10pm on the Dot!

Dogs are smart. Dogs are loyal. There is no doubt about it. Pippen has this one very special ‘trick’ that he does that I cannot get enough of. So as many of you may have already know from reading my blog posts, I, along with my cousins take Pippen for his walk later at night.

Well…after a few weeks of doing this, Pippen picked up on it and he started scratching on/slamming open my bedroom door right at 10pm! When I say 10pm, I mean ON THE DOT! This happened quite a lot back in the day, when we would always leave at 10pm.

Recently however, my homework has kind of pushed the walk even later, around 11pm. The flexibility of walk times has kicked him off of this habit but I will say, me even quietly saying, “Lets go” will cause him to run to my room. It’s adorable.