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The Poop I Have to Deal With

Pippen’s late-night walks have been going great. Me and my cousins have been going everyday for the most part, which is great because anytime I see Pippen not doing anything, I feel terrible because if I was in his position, I would not want to be left to do nothing.

He deserves to interact with his surroundings, I should not be a barrier to him, I should be his biggest supporter and tallest platform. My brothers haven’t been walking Pippen since the beginning of fall, due to school and work. I find their reasons to be the highest level of BS because I myself am in the same predicament. I would rather not fight with them, but my issue is that they are not putting in as much work or even any work for that matter. I just want them to put the work in, to take Pippen out to the backyard or to just engage with him in general on an hourly basis like myself.