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10pm on the Dot!

Dogs are smart. Dogs are loyal. There is no doubt about it. Pippen has this one very special ‘trick’ that he does that I cannot get enough of. So as many of you may have already know from reading my blog posts, I, along with my cousins take Pippen for his walk later at night.

Well…after a few weeks of doing this, Pippen picked up on it and he started scratching on/slamming open my bedroom door right at 10pm! When I say 10pm, I mean ON THE DOT! This happened quite a lot back in the day, when we would always leave at 10pm.

Recently however, my homework has kind of pushed the walk even later, around 11pm. The flexibility of walk times has kicked him off of this habit but I will say, me even quietly saying, “Lets go” will cause him to run to my room. It’s adorable.

Surveilling the Dog

Over the summer, my brother got engaged and we had a half-week-long celebration at our house. Months before, I was warned by mom that men from the local Gurdwara would be staying at our house for 3 days. Because of this, I had to give up my room and Pippen had to go stay at my cousin’s house, which is just down the block. I was happy to tag along because I was kicked out of my room and any new experience with Pippen is worth it for me.

Sleeping over at my cousin’s house was an amazing experience because I got to see Pippen feel out a new experience. It was hilarious, waking up at 4am to Pippen digging through the rug.

I made sure to set up my iPad so that it would automatically answer calls, so that I could FaceTime him from my iPhone. When me and my cousins would head over to my house, leaving Pippen home alone, I would simply call it and see what he was doing. Most times, he would be right there in front of the camera, napping. There was the odd instance where I would be shouting Pippen at my phone screen and people would be staring.

Overall, the week went by pretty fast because I didn’t have to worry about Pippen’s safety or security and he got to have his first sleepover too!

Pippen’s Cousins

I am so thankful for my two cousins, Karan and Raj, because they do so much for pippin. They go on every late night walk with me, it is not for my personal safety (well, I don’t think it is) but for Pippen’s joy. Anytime we have had to go to the vet, they have offered to come with or even to drive us there, which makes my life so much easier. Both of my brothers are really busy with school and work, which usually leaves me with most of the responsibilities like grooming, walking, and vet visits. Anytime I am angry over how much work I do for Pippen and the lack of responsibilities that they do, I cannot even be upset with them because Pippen is a blessing and I really do not want to come off as ungrateful.