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Leo-Lights the FIRE

Speaking of Leos- the first thing that I had to say is they are NEVER in cold or calm mode.  Accidentally, I have four close Leo friends in my life.  I will say that they are one of those who are always passionate and cheerful, and they can be anxious but will never be super depressed.  Leos are born to be leaders- because they are dramatic, creative and dominant.  What Leos live for is they want to be the centre of the universe and they hate being ignored.  If a Leo child fell down, what he or she would do is getting up as soon as possible and look around to see if anyone witness his or her “failure”.  – Because Leos never want others to see their weakness and they value PRIDE as the reason of their existence. Leos like to be admired and be the “king of the jungle” and they can be a bit arrogant sometimes.  Though they are still great friends to be around with because they are the leaders who can unite different groups of people.  Also, Leos seem to born with enthusiasm that will make people around them to feel energetic and happy.


Aries – Sunlight in the Fall

Have you ever met someone who was super sociable, outgoing, and never tired of hanging out with friends?  If you did, that friend was probably an Aries!  (those who born from March 20th to April 19th)

In my life, I have a very good friend named Eunice who is an Aries.  We are best friends since Grade 4 and she is the one who never stays quiet in our group of friends.  The terms “mysterious” and “unpredictable” will never be used to describe her because she has a hot-temper that she has to release out her emotions.  Eunice is the one who always makes silly mistakes because of her carelessness but she is the one who always says sorry right after her “mistakes”.  Though sometimes I get really mad by her lack of consideration- for example, she called me 4 am in the morning to ask about what she should eat for lunch without noticing we live in different parts of the world) ..I still cant get mad after she say sorry with her sincere tone and stupid sweet voice.  In my eyes, Aries friends are kids who make cute mistakes that you cant blame them because they are always naïve and warm.  Aries friends are those who will get you hot coffee in the winter and ice cream in the summer, though they may spoil coffee in your white shirt accidentally.

As an extroverted fire sign, Aries can be extremely generous but frustrating, but their warmth is irresistible. Like my best friend Eunice who always make me feel warm, if you have an Aries friend, I  believe that she/he  may be the sunlight in the Fall too!


Libra: peacekeepers?

Speaking of zodiac sign-libra, I feel that I have so much anger towards libra people but I cant let them out.  I swear to god, libra people are those who can trigger your temper because of little stupid things they do but their peaceful traits will hold you back from throwing tantrums.  Libra is also referred as the sign of fairness and justice, which implies that they like to stay in the middle ground and avoid conflicts.  Libra astrology traits also include leadership, initiative and balance and libra people like to scale and weigh everything evenly.  For example, my bro, who was born on Oct 8th, always splits house works into equal amounts for us… I know it sounds a bit crazy, he is that kind of man who will say “I will do the dishes from Monday to Wednesday, you should do the dishes from Thursday to Saturday, and we take turns for Sunday.”  To be honest, living with libra is a bit annoying because of their persistence of “balance” on everything.

Though having a libra brother is a bit annoying sometimes, but libras also have outstanding positive traits that you want to have them around.  Libras are noted for their social skills due to their charming, communicative natures.  Libra friends are those who will make everyone comfortable.  If you have a libra friend at any gathering,  he/ she will never make the conversation awkward.

If you are planning a house party soon, you may want to consider brining libra.  Time to look for friends who were born from (September 23rd to October 23rd)


Batman- The Scorpio Superhero

Scorpio – sensitive people with strong determination 

Speaking of Scorpio, I found it interesting that there are lots of Scorpio in my life.  The one who I know the most is my father.  Like how others describe Scorpio, he is passionate, intelligent, possessive and mysterious.  My father is one of the most persistent persons I’ve met in life and he could knock the door for hundred times to achieve his goals.  Though I admire him as a responsible man who takes care of his families nicely, I sometimes feel that he is a little kid who wants to hide things.  Like the Batman character from DC comics who tries to manage the sorrows deep inside, my father tries to mange his sadness without telling others.  I think Batman is a valid representation of Scorpio, who has sensitive kind heart and likes to live underground with darkness.

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