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The website I chose to look at was ESPN’s NCAA Football website. I chose this website because it is like mine as we both talk about college football. I think what works for the website is the balance. They have a large article that takes up ⅔ of the page, but they also have a “top headlines,” on the other ⅓ to balance it out. Adding a big picture and bold font titles really helps to draw in a viewer to an article. I also think it is good how they use multiple rows at the top of the site to show upcoming games, other links to differents sports and more info about college football. This helps take the eyes of the viewer from the top with the upcoming games to the bottom where the big picture is. One thing that could be a concern is the amount of information that is shown to the viewer as they might be overwhelmed and not know what to look at first. Overall, this website is a favourite of mine and it always helps that it is easy to get to where I want to go.

This week for my website I made a few upgrades to it. First, I removed the “HOME” tag from the menu bar at the top as it was pointless and if you want to get the homepage you can just click the website name at the top. I also removed my POSIEL posts from the home page. When you come to my website you should not be seeing my course posts as they have nothing to do with college football and no one cares about them. I added the plugin “WP Hide Post” to get this done and so far it looks like it is working. Finally, I took away, “A WordPress Website” that was under the title of my website and switched it to, “Who will make the playoffs?” We don’t really need everyone knowing it is a WordPress website so it’s better that is just removed. What I’ve seen from trying to change my website up is that I am very constricted by my theme and there is not much flexibility on what I can customize. With this I might change my theme, but I don’t know if it would help at all or make much of a difference.