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Playoff Hopes Fade Away For Many in Week 6

College football would not be college football if it wasn’t for its massive upsets and this weekend did not disappoint. #5 LSU, #7 Oklahoma, #8 Auburn, #13 Kentucky and  #14 Stanford, all had major loses while also shattering the hopes of any of them making the playoffs. Most notably Oklahoma’s loss to Texas was a big one as there had been a lot of questions surrounding the Texas program and many were asking if Texas was “back.” Well we can now say that after beating Oklahoma 48-45 in the Red River Showdown, Texas close to being a top tier program in the nation again. In the game, Oklahoma’s defence looked terrible while their offence tried to keep them in the game, but as usual another upset was complete with Texas kicker Cameron Dicker making a last second field goal.

Another major upset was #5 LSU losing to unranked Florida. LSU’s season was looking good so far after big wins against Miami and Auburn. Even though they have an insanely tough path to the playoffs, having to play #1 Alabama and #2 Georgia in the near future, if they do win those two games they are basically guaranteed to make it. However, with this loss to Florida their chances plummet to almost zero and all they can hope for is just putting up a fight against the top two programs in the nation.

With being halfway through the season now, here are my predictions for who will make it into the college football playoff. The four teams will be #1 Alabama, #2 Ohio State, #3 Clemson and #4 Notre Dame. Alabama is leaps and bounds ahead of every single team in the country and will definitely make it in 100%. Ohio State has a fairly straight forward schedule with their only real big match up left being against their arch rivals #12 Michigan. If they win out, they should be in as they will have some big name defeats on their resume. Clemson looks to make it back to the playoff for a 4th year in a row and now look to healthy freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence to take them there. They’ve had a pretty simple schedule this year and their only big opponent left is #20 NC State in week 8. If they win the rest of their games they should be in the playoff, but you never know what the committee will do on decision day. Finally, Notre Dame is looking extremely good right now and they have the resume to get them to the playoff. Big wins over Virginia Tech, Michigan and Stanford, will be critical in proving why a non conference team should be allowed in the final 4. Two teams that could easily be dark horses in the mix are Georgia and West Virginia which are both undefeated. They story is win and they should be in. This year will be a real difficult year for the committee to decide who makes it to the playoff as there are many one and zero loss teams on the hunt. Hopefully there will be more big upsets as that would make life so much easier in deciding.


Peter Parker Guest Stars on “This Week in College Football”

Hey whats up guys its Peter Parker here, and I’m super honoured to be writing on Dylan’s College Football Blog. Now personally I don’t play football but I secretly watch my best friend every week from the best seat in the stadium. I am so excited college football season is back and Empire State Universities team this year looks amazing. Captain Eugene “Flash” Thompson, who is also my best friend, leads the team as the new quarterback on campus. He got the name “Flash” in highschool when he broke the school record for fastest on field speed recorded. That was truly an amazing game. I can still remember to this day the crowd of two thousand high school students in awe as Flash burst down the field. Flash gained many full ride scholarships out of high school from universities all across the country but funny enough he decided to stay in his hometown and play for ESU which was also where I was going to attend.


Week 4 has just concluded and true to prediction ESU are off to a strong start of 4-0 and are ranked #1 in the nation. Flash is just tearing up the competition and so far has 15 touchdown passes and 9 touchdown runs. I am probably the luckiest person watching the game as I’m able to get the one of a kind view from the top of the scoreboard standing high above the field. This weeks game was as usual not a difficult task for Flash as he did the unthinkable like he always does while bringing home the win for ESU.


As much as I love watching the game, my favourite part of Saturdays is the pregame tailgate parties. All of the students and fans gathered around their cars and tents eating good food and overall having an amazing time getting ready for an even better game which is sure of a win. Me and my college buds always have a bbq set up with hamburgers and hotdogs ready for anyone who walks by and wants one. The most difficult part of the tailgate is coming up with an excuse of why I can’t go see the game with them as I can’t reveal that I’m Spiderman and tell them I watch the game from on top of the scoreboard. I usually just make up some excuse I have to go help back at home and dip out. College gameday is always a blast and spending it with friends and good food is probably the best part. GO ESU GO!!!

Peter Parker

IMAGE: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/marveldatabase/images/2/29/Empire_State_University_from_Starbrand_%26_Nightmask_Vol_1_2_001.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160602011857



One of the articles I read this week was, “Why I Am Not a Maker,” by Debbie Chachra. It was a good article but the part that stood out to me the most was the part about coding. This was relevant to me as I’m right now studying Computing Science at SFU and eventually my dream is to become a video game programmer. What stood out to me was the strong bias towards coders and how she basically knocked them down to and says its, “nearly the easiest possible way to “make” things.” My response is, just because it is done on a computer and you can’t physically feel the code doesn’t mean it is easy and anyone can do it. What’s the point of me going to university to study to be a programmer if it is supposedly so “easy.” I actually think that making physical objects such as tables and chairs for example are a lot easier to make as you don’t need an extreme amount of training and background. I’ve made many things in my high school shop class and I don’t have a big carpentry background but I was easily able to make a fairly decent side table with only a little bit of instruction. On face value looking at an app you might think it is super easy to make, however the backend is extremely complicated and takes a long time to make and perfect. Yes making the computer put out “hello world” is nice and you technically made something but doesn’t mean it is easy. The one thing I learned from this article which probably most people won’t take away from this article, is don’t judge something that you might not know all the facts about. Overall, I was very surprised about the strong negative bias towards programing and how it is the easiest way in the world to create something.


ARTICLE: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2015/01/why-i-am-not-a-maker/384767/

IMAGE: https://tophat.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/BLOG_code.jpg


Progress on my website is right now going a little bit slower than I expected it to go. I have a good understanding of what I want the website to look like but I am running in to the problem right now of either not knowing how to do it or it is not even possible. So far this week I have linked my Instagram to the website and you can get to it by clicking the Instagram icon in the top center under “A WordPress Site.” Also if you click on the 3 lines on the right side you will now be shown archives and the top 5 teams in the recent AP polls. I want this to change soon as I don’t want the viewer to have to press the 3 lines and I just want it to be there on the side of the page. One finally, thing I want to add is a scroll wheel with all the top 25 games. I want this website to be a one stop shop for anyone’s College Football needs. I added featured images to most of my posts and so far I’m liking how they look and draw a reader’s eye to a post. Recently I have also been working on a few designs of how I want my website to look like.

In the first design, I want to include the current top 25 ranked teams from the AP poll. In the top right I will have all the top 25 teams’ games which you will be able to scroll through. Other than that I want to keep this first design fairly simple so it doesn’t overwhelm the viewer.

In the second design, I wanted to include some color in the design. It has a map of America and has all the division 1 teams in America with their logo where their campus is located. The next weeks games are at the top of the screen above the menu bar and you can click through them. Standing are now included in the menu bar. I wanted to only have posts on the front page as that is the main and most important part of the whole website.

The third design, will have a sort of night theme and I hope to have all the text in white and the backgrounds be black. Most of the apps I use if I can use night theme I do and it is just another option for people to possible chose when using my website. The website will be very basic and to get to the posts you will have to click the headers on the top left or right.The home page will have a dominant photo depending on what is going on in college football. It could be either an outstanding player or a team that completed a major upset. Overall the main point of this theme is to have it be night mode.

The fourth and final theme will be a more media based theme with a slightly less focus on the blog posts. I want there to be more videos stats and an overall greater focus on college football and all that comes with it. I put the schedule at the bottom of the page so it draws viewers eyes all the way down to the bottom of the page and they have to see everything. If you want to go to a place where the main focus is the blog posts there will be a tab at the top to take you there. This theme is focused on more information on college football through the uses of videos, stats and player profiles.