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Product Review: First Aid Beauty Coconut Primer

Product Review

The Product: First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

Rating: 4.3

Skin Type: Dry as the Sahara Desert

Primer is one of the essentials in the world of makeup. It protects your skin, provides a base for your foundation, and assists with keeping your makeup in place for the duration of the day. There are tons of primers out there too, so finding the right one can be really challenging. It’s not always the primer you’re first handed, or the one matching your foundations brand, or the bestseller. But when you find it, the right primer can revolutionize your makeup routine.

I initially used the same primer until the day it expired. It worked pretty well for me, but I was also too afraid to deviate from what was working. But then it finally expired. I could tell because my skin went ballistic and it smelled real funny. Off to Sephora! I explained my skin type, past debacles, and fears to the ever patient Sephora sales person and she whisked me out of color and over to skin care. Behold: we had arrived at First Aid Beauty, my trusty skin care brand. After a full run down of pros and cons, a swatch, and a few comparisons, I decided to jump in with the new First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer.

Having such dry skin, a moisturizing primer seems to be a logical plan. But I had had an unfortunate run in with a moisturizing primer which had led to greasy foundation and a less then matte finish to say the least. So I was apprehensive. My old primer was not moisturizing, which displeased my skin greatly, but did result in bulletproof foundation.

The first time I put the FAB Coconut Primer on I was immediately pleased. The smell was delightful and it was soothing to my skin. In the past, applying my primer had meant gearing up for a dried out face. But just applying the primer, I noticed an almost instant change in my skin. The tone evened out, my skin became a bit more glowy, and the redness calmed down. While this was a good start though, the real test was yet to come.

After letting it set, I began applying my foundation. Joy and celebration! My beloved foundation was applying evenly, blending smoothly, and still looked how I excepted. I love my foundation so this was an exciting moment for me. As the rest of my routine progressed everything went off without a hitch. The finished product was definitely up to snuff. There was a visible difference between the finish of my old and new primers, but sticking it out seemed like a good option, for the sake of my skin.

Over the course of the day, my makeup stayed in place quite well. As is to be expected, my eyeliner smudged under my eyes a bit but I don’t fault my primer for that. Where we receive the small deduction here is my face did get a bit shiny. This has never been a problem for me before. However, this is probably because I have been constantly drying my skin out with products which are not suited to it. Would it be more ideal if I could avoid getting shiny AND stay moisturized? Of course. But I’m taking this as a win for now.

This product review comes on the heels of purchasing the product so I will come back farther down the line with an update for you. As of now, I’m quite happy. My skin is doing markedly better then usual, my makeup still looks as kickass as ever, and I smell nice to boot. Have you ever tried this primer? What did you think? Give it a try if you haven’t! I’m certainly enjoying it!

Leave a comment below!

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

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Process Post 4

A blog is nothing without its audience. I spend my time creating makeup looks, taking pictures, and typing out my thoughts on it all to create content for other people to enjoy and learn from. The beauty of an audience for Beauty As Art is my content will grow and change as I do. My makeup style and looks never remain the same. I rarely wear the same look more then once, meaning I have a nearly endless supply of content brewing in my own imagination. As I age, my style will continue evolving as I do. The best part about this is I will be able to carry an audience with me into the future. As we all grow together they can continue consuming my content because it will be forever changing. The fluid nature of this content will also help my audience grow over time because new styles, products, inspirations, and so on will attract new people.

When I picture my audience as of now, I mainly imagine people who want to change their relationship with makeup for the better, want inspiration for new looks, information on different products, or maybe even learn some new techniques. Makeup isn’t limited to any one type of person. Not by gender, age, race, or anything else. While currently my type of makeup may be suited for people in my age range, I think anyone can take inspiration from the looks and adapt them to be uniquely their own. I don’t want to cultivate an audience who feels I am telling them what they are and are not allowed to do. I hope to provide a little inspiration and information for them to work with. This is a place of creativity for anyone to venture into who is willing. The information is not limited to any one group.

I’ve just been being me as best as I can through this semi frantic typing on my computer. Whoever wishes to enter is welcome. I am as true to myself as possible in my writing. I’ve tried to design a blog which is blatantly honest from the moment you open it about what you’re getting yourself into. Both in my design and writing I’ve tried to say: this is me. Because that is the true heart of Beauty As Art.

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

Peer Review: Motorcycles and Stuff

Motorcycles and Stuff

Blog Link:


If you’re new to the world of motorcycles and hoping to become more knowledgeable about bikes, gear, and riding, you should take a look at Motorcycles and Stuff. This blog has been put together by a fellow publishing student. Upon arrival to the blog, it’s hard to miss what it’s about. Motorcycles are without a doubt the center of everything. The brightness of the green of the title has definitely helped with the readability of on the front page. However, on the sidebar, the bright yellow writing over the collage of motorcycle photos is challenging to read. The bright yellow also clashes with the orangey gold title bars on the side. Matching the two yellows could help with continuity and readability.

The menu is organized well. It makes navigating to the different types of posts easy and the lettering stands out well against the background. As the blog continues to grow however, these sections will become more cluttered. It may be worth adding drop down sections to the menu with subsections to assist with organization. Organizing these subsections through different categories makes the process pretty simple. The font of the menu is consistent with the blog posts content, however it seems a little out of place when looking at it with just the title and sidebar. It may be worth examining some new fonts to help with the appearance of the front page.

From what I’ve observed, it appears as if each blog post appears on the front page with an excerpt as they are published. When you scroll down the front page you can see every post which has been put out. This is a little overwhelming. It’s also hard to tell as a potential consumer of motorcycle oriented content what is specifically motorcycle oriented and what is posiel oriented. Siphoning posiel content away from the home page will help declutter the front, make a viewers first impression more brand focused, and separate posiel and branded content.

When reading through the About section of this blog, the author has done a fantastic job setting up what this blog will be about. It seems like the perfect place for a newcomer to the world of motorcycles to get a foothold. Connecting to the author is slightly challenging though. The small personal details given are enough to make you intrigued by the author, but the author declines to even give a name. The opinion pieces are harder to feel connected to without a sense of who is behind the computer.

Overall, Motorcycles and Stuff is setting an excellent foundation for being a focused blog, centered around the world of motorcycles. It’s well suited to motorcycle newbies and makes the intentions of the pieces clear. I look forward to reading more from this blog and to see how it continues developing.

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

How I Deal With Makeup When Running Late

Successful Transit Makeup

I am chronically late. And I am not a morning person. AND I will always chose 10 more minutes of sleep over doing my makeup. But then I will still try to get on a face of makeup knowing full well I am going to make myself late. This semester I have been making a real push to address my chronic lateness because you know, school is important. However, having the expectation of getting up everyday without fail to throw my face together is unrealistic. Don’t get my wrong, there is many a morning I will choose to just not with the makeup and charge into the day barefaced and proud. But sometimes I want to wear my makeup! But I also want sleep! What is one to do?

I have an answer: transit. Figuring out I can do my makeup on the bus and skytrain was a borderline terrible realization because my brain has translated it as: I can now sleep in because we have the skytrain. I can promise you there are several bus drivers and daily commuters who know my makeup routine by now. Over the last month I have learned, through a dangerous game of trial and error (or trial by fire as there is zero margin for error on the skytrain), what the perfect makeup routine is when I am doing my makeup on transit.

First and foremost: the key to transit makeup being successfully completed is getting my foundation on before I leave the house. Blending foundation takes a long time to do and I have to apply it to the back of my hand and I use a liquid foundation which is messy. Basically it is not wise to attempt foundation on the transit system and it is also not an efficient use of my limited time. So primer, foundation, and translucent powder are typically all applied before I leave the house. If I have the time I’ll make a run at my eyeshadow primer too so it will have more time to set. Another key to transit makeup is not having to run to catch the bus. Sweat is not an awesome addition to your face part way through a makeup routine.

The first leg of my transit is a bus ride and it’s not the best leg of the trip for makeup application. The drivers are typically running a minute or two behind schedule and it is all downhill, making it unsteady to say the least. My eyebrows though, are one of the lower maintenance pieces of my routine and, lucky for me, don’t require too much precision. This means brows are a perfect first leg step to accomplish. Once I’ve safely made it to the skytrain, the real work begins.

I chill out on the millennial line for quite a while when transitting to my downtown classes (which is also when my transit makeup routines tend to occur). The best news about the millennial line: the track is smooth and the trains tend to remain at consistent speeds. The bulk of my makeup application tends to occur while on the millennial line: the millions of layers of eyeshadow, the eyeliners, and mascara. Those three items are an absolute must on the millennial line. If I don’t get my eyeliner done before the switch to the expo line I could be in serious trouble. If I’m lucky I will also be able to get my face done but that is entirely dependent on the eye look I’ve gone for.

The expo line is not great for makeup time. It is much more crowded and the ride is far from smooth. The train cars tend to jerk around a bit and are rarely consistent with speed. Applying my face makeup can be fine on the expo line though. Ideally, contour should be done on the millennial line because it requires a bit of precision, but bronzer, highlight, and blush are totally doable on the expo line if needed. Lip primer is also easy to apply on the expo line because there is no pigmentation in the primer, so it’s basically impossible to mess it up. When applying lipstick I try to apply while stopped at one of the stations, to avoid uneven lip lines or you know… looking like wannabe clown.

With any luck I will be done as I role into waterfront station! There has definitely been a time or two I’ve been applying lipstick while walking through a crosswalk, or have missed steps to save time, but I am definitely getting the hang of it! In the past I’ve always had to choose between sleep/being on time and doing my makeup because I either needed to drive (and no I do not do makeup and drive at the same time) or I was living on campus. Now though, I seem to have found a happy medium on days when I really need an extra half hour of snoozing my alarm. I know I can’t be the only one who’s ever faced this sort of struggle. If anyone else has time saving suggestions, feel free to comment them below!

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

Process Post 3

I don’t think I ever considered how much work goes into making a website look professional. I sort of assumed the default settings were it! But having taken some time to examine a few sites which are successful, it’s clear how content is not the only aspect drawing the audience in. The design elements we’re working on is not necessarily my forte. I am very content focused. When thinking up my concept for my blog the main thing on my mind was the content I would be putting out; what sort of posts, how to make it consistent, how to make it unique from the other beauty blogs around, how to stay true to myself, etc. I gave zero thought to the actual design of the blog itself.

However, learning more about the amount of effort creators put in when designing a blog which is unique and professional has helped me begin brainstorming changes I hope to start implementing in order to help my blog develop into its own unique experience. There are two main changes I hope to make for the homepage moving into the coming week. One is to start adding photos to my header which will randomize each time you visit the site. My hope is these photos will correspond with different looks found throughout the site, so there will be more photos as more content appears revolving specifically around the Beauty As Art brand. The other is the font for the text under the main header. I am still undecided about what I will be changing it too but I’m not happy with it yet. As far as blog posts themselves go, I am happy with design thus far. My main critique revolves around the actual format of the content. I would like to implement better indentation and spacing to assist with readability, especially when listing products and application techniques. Though these changes are small, I think making them will benefit the design of my blog in a noticeable way.

Design is not my forte though. I am more content oriented overall. I would welcome any feedback into how to continue developing the design of my blog so it can better feature the content I am trying to create.

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

Process Post 2

Beauty As Art is live! So far we’ve had very few bumps in the road. The biggest problem so far was getting the right theme. The first one I chose was aesthetically pleasing, however when trying to use it I encountered many coding errors. Blog posts were appearing in full where they were not meant to, photos on the homepage were aligning incorrectly, and so on. After consulting with my TA, we decided the best course of action was to simply pick a new theme. After sorting through what seemed like one hundred themes, I finally landed on a new one and I like it even better then my original. Now that we’ve solved the theme struggle, I’ve been able to properly format it to my liking. The upper section of the homepage is a photo with the title and motto of the blog. I wanted it to be obvious what viewers were getting into. I chose a close up, striking image because it fits with them brand I am creating around my online self and my style. Below you will find the most recent few blog posts to go up, with the exception of process posts. Process posts go straight into their own area but can be easily accessed through the menu. Speaking of which, the menu can be found in the upper left of the homepage. Posiel work is split between the process posts tab and the reflections tab. The reflections are often reflections on something from class, integrated into the concept of the blog. The makeup tab drops down. Currently, it only drops down to looks, but I am planning to incorporate product reviews, makeup look of the week, technique posts, and maybe more! Then there is obviously the about page and the home page tabs. Overall, the layout is quite simple. All posts appear in most recently posted order so it’s easy for readers to keep up to date with the latest posts. I’ve linked my public beauty instagram to this blog and attached a direct link to the menu as well. With the blog and instagram being mutually linked on either side, it will help draw in readers/followers. The two platforms work extremely well together for this type of blog because shared photos of the looks are the best way to attract readers to the blog to learn about it. I’m excited about the way the blog is shaping up and am interested to see how it continues evolving!

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

Peer Review

Peer Review: Dickwitz Does Canada by Debbie Dickwiz

Blog link:


On the blog Dickwitz Does Canada, author Debbie Dickwitz has created a format which immediately draws your attention to the writing being presented. The centerpiece of the blog are the reflection pieces surrounding the topic being presented. So, instead of pulling away focus with flashy photos and graphics or a distracting blog theme, there is a consistently simplistic layout being presented. The color scheme is black and white, and the homepage is not overly crowded or cluttered. The viewer is presented with a small snippet of a post to peak their interest which links directly to the post. I found this helped immediately engage me with the content of the blog instead of letting me get distracted by other elements. The menu is also set up well to help someone from the class find the information specific to Publishing 101. However, the menu the viewer sees immediately to the right does not direct the reader to the author’s other content. It may be worth considering adding another tab just so it’s a bit more obvious where the other posts will be sorted. Overall, this is a lovely set up for the goal of the blog. It’s simple and clean, and manages to direct the reader to the content immediately.

The content itself is also engaging for the reader because Debbie is creating a strong sense of who is speaking through this blog. The About page provides an excellent overview of what topics the blog will cover, as well as integrating a bit about the experience Debbie is drawing on. The first post seen on the homepage of the blog is the strongest example of the online self you can see. In a Post titled Heart of a Wanderlust, Debbie reflects on the idea of home and speaks about personal experiences which have impacted the way she sees the world around us. The eloquent storytelling presents a captivating voice for readers to remember. The memorable voice as well as the engaging stories Debbie brings forth are wonderful, and will likely keep readers coming back for more. For a blog with a concept like this to be successful, readers really need to be able to feel like they know the person on the other side of the screen. They want to know and understand where the perspectives they’re reading about are coming from. Based on what I’ve read, Debbie is laying a fantastic foundation for building a strong blog surrounding these issues. The way the online self is being presented gives credibility to the opinions being presented and the blog itself is designed well. I look forward to reading more of Debbie’s writing.

Yours Truly,

Meera C.


Somedays you wake up feeling ready to take on the world. You feel invincible. On those days I go for dramatic color. I experiment with the rules surrounding which colors should and shouldn’t go together. Sometimes it goes awry, but other days it comes off well. This look reflects feeling like I can fight any dragon or climb any mountain. It is loud and proud. Unapologetically bold. The product of trusting my gut. I didn’t have to look to anyone else for the inspiration to create this look. No one had to tell me it was okay. I just took a brush to the colors and let myself create it.

I often look to other beauty bloggers or youtubers for inspiration when getting bored of my everyday looks. I rarely take the initiative to just do it myself because I’m afraid of what my face will look like at the end. However, over the last two years, I’ve learned so much about how to apply makeup well and what just really doesn’t work. Until recently I haven’t had the faith in myself to trust the combination of my creativity and skills. But this is a look I am exceptionally proud of.

Of course, as always there is room for improvement. Namely, I would have liked to deepen the outer v of the eyes a bit to create more depth. Additionally I would have liked to leave a bit more room for vermeer to shine on the inner third of the lid. And my lips could have been a bit more clean. But those small critics won’t stop me from posting this look with pride. I’ll do this look again someday and attempt these changes. I will royally mess up many a makeup look. I’m not perfect. But who cares?

To learn more about how I created this look you can see a list of products and read a bit about the process below:

The Products

-The Base:

Primer: Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer in Redness Correcting

Applied with my hands

Foundation: Estée Launder Stay-in-Place Makeup in 1C1 Cool Bone

Applied with my Sigma F88 Flat Angled Kabuki Brush

Powder: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder in Color 1 Translucent

Applied with a Makeup Forever 130 Large Powder Brush

-The Eyes and Brows

Primer: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original with some loose powder to set (from the base)

Applied with Fingers

Eyebrows: Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in Color 03 Medium

Applied with Product Applicator

Eyeshadows (in the order applied): Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette

-Warm Taupe in the Crease

Applied with Sephora Collection Pro Blending Brush #27

-Red Ochre in the Outer V

Applied with Zoeva 231 Luxe Petite Crease Brush

Blended with Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush

-Venetian Red across the Outer Third of the Lid

Applied with Zoeva 225 Luxe Eye Blender

-Love Letter across the Middle Third of the Lid

Applied with Zoeva 225 Luxe Eye Blender

Blended with Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush

-Vermeer across the Inner Third of the Lid

Applied with Zoeva 232 Luxe Classic Shader

-Tempera in the Inner Corner and to Highlight the Brow Bone

Applied with Sigma E25 Blending Brush

Upper Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper

Applied with Product Applicator

Lower Eyeliner: Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon Eyeliner in Blacquer 42

Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in Black

Applied with Product Applicator

-The Face

Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour Kit in Light/Medium


Applied with Zoeva 127 Sheer Cheek Brush


Applied with Sephora Collection Pro Contour Brush #79


Applied with Sigma F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter Brush

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette

-Blush: Unleashed

Applied with Sigma F50 Duo Fibre Brush

-The Lips

Primer: Bite Beauty Line and Define Primer

Applied with Product Applicator

Lipstick: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Dagger

Applied with Product Applicator


A Bit About The Process

Before I apply any of these products to my face I always go through my morning skincare routine. Let’s be honest, makeup isn’t the best for your skin, so taking care of it before and after application is extremely important. I usually give my moisturizer at least 30 minutes to set into my skin before beginning makeup application because my foundation doesn’t sit as well if applied straight after moisturizer. Primer is an essential step to long lasting makeup looks and, as an added benefit, protects your skin from your foundation. Again, I tend to let my primer settle before slathering my foundation on. Next I use an angled brush to apply my foundation all over my face, also fading it down my neck. Then, using my giant, fluffy powder brush, I apply my loose translucent powder. I find my foundation does enough for coverage, so I don’t need any further pigmentation with my powder. It’s there to set the foundation, keep my makeup from getting shiny throughout the day, and create a powder base for applying my powder face products later down the line.

Next come the eyes and eyebrow portion. I do this step before completing the face because in my experience, it’s easy to correct any errors or wipe away fallout if it’s just the base, but can be much more challenging to rectify when blush, bronzer, highlight, and contour come into play. First I apply my eyeshadow primer, and top it with a touch of translucent powder to set, so it can set while I do my brows. My father gifted me with his bushy brows, so while I have to wax them every two weeks, they are quite easy to do. I just brush some colored brow gel through them like mascara and I’m done!

Then comes one of favorite bits: the eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is where I get to have the most fun with colors and experimentation. For this look I took warm taupe from the modern renaissance palette through my crease, accounting for the asymmetrical nature of my eyes of course. Then I applied red ochre to my outer v. Working shadows into my outer v took me a long time to learn, but if you start with a small amount of product and build it you will be much more successful with it. Also remember to use a light hand and to feather your strokes so it blends easier. Then I used a sigma brush to blend warm taupe and red ochre together a bit more seamlessly. Changing brushes, I then sweep venetian red across the outer third of my eyelid, and blended the shadows again. I repeat this process with love letter on the middle third. Using a shader brush, I pack vermeer into the inner third of my lid, adding some light to the look. To finish off the shadow, I highlight the brow bone and inner corner of my eye with tempera.

With the shadow complete, it’s time to apply liner. For my upper lid I almost exclusively use liquid liner because of the crisp application and appearance. With this look I also utilized the oh so magical winged liner. To perfect this look, I draw the wing on first. Following my lower lash line, I draw the bottom line outwards to my desired length. Then, I reverse the liner pen and draw on the upper line towards my eye. If all has gone smoothly I color in the wing and line the rest of the eye. It’s important to match the thickness of the line to the thickness of the wing and to make sure they are connected. This is the most successful method I have found for mastering the art of winged liner. Once my liquid liner eyeliner is done, I take my eyeliner pencil and line my waterline. Some people say you shouldn’t do this because it closes off your eye shape, but it looks great on me so I do it anyway. Last but not least, is mascara. I coat both my upper and lower lashes because nothing ties the eyes together quite like mascara.

Now onto the face! At this point I sort of resemble the moon as the foundation has wiped out all color from my face. First thing is first: contour. The world may be obsessed with highlight right now but I will never lose my love for contour. I use a slightly fluffy, angled brush to apply my contour because my contour tends to be pretty subtle in the daytime. I apply contour just under my cheekbones, to the outside edges of my forehead, and under my jaw. Next is bronzer. I am a fan of bronzer! I think it adds nice color to the face. I bronze my forehead, the outer half of my cheekbones, very lightly along my jawline, my chin, and to my nose. As with eyeshadow, a good rule of thumb is too apply a little and build it up so you don’t look like to you have a bad fake tan. Then comes highlight. I haven’t quite climbed abroad the ‘shiny unicorn’ highlight train yet, however I am a fan of a nice matte highlight. I think it can add more dimension to your features which is always fun. I tend to take my highlight shade across the top of my cheekbones around my temples, and a bit above my brows. To complete the face, it is time for blush. I use my sigma duo fibre brush to apply my blush because I’ve found the best method for applying blush to be stippling. Basically instead of brushing the product across your skin in a sweeping motion, you dab it on like you’re using a beauty blender. So I lightly swirl my brush in the blush then pay it onto my cheeks for a seamless finish.

Last but certainly not least, is the lips. Part of my skincare routine involves putting on lip balm which by now has entirely sunk in. So first I apply my lip primer all over my lips and let it set. Then comes the lipstick! I’m lucky because my lips have a nice full shape, so I don’t over line my lips. First I apply to my lower lip, following the lip line and coloring in the whole lip. When doing the upper lip, I start by drawing a small X from either side of my cupids bow, so I know how high to make both sides. Then I draw on either side of the lipstick and color in. If all has gone well I have two sides of my lips which match!

And thats how I created this look! If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them below! I’ll see you with another look next week!

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

Process Post One

Beginning the journey into setting up a professional blog has been quite captivating. For me, the set up has been entirely trial and error. I’ve been poking around with different tabs and clicking buttons to see what will happen. The image in my head for Beauty As Art was something clean and crisp. My intention was to keep the color scheme neutral so whatever photos were posted revolving around makeup looks would stand out. My hope was to present a simplistic design, so when examining the theme options, the Fash Blog option stood out. The black and white color scheme, the clean font style, and a layout which would feature images with recent blog posts appealed to me. Having a blog centered around color and creativity, I wanted everything surrounding it to be more professional so it would tie together nicely.

The layout and style of the blog keep in line with the ideas put forth in my vision board because the clean, simplistic style creates a space for the creativity of my artwork (my makeup) to be the central focus. Everything is organized and nicely presented. Instead of pulling focus with the design of the blog, I’m creating a space which supports the art I’m broadcasting instead. So far, I’m pleased with my choices for Beauty As Art. Over time we’ll see if my opinions shift. But as of now I’m proud of what has been created.

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

A Vision For Beauty As Art

When imagining my blog I knew it was going to be centered around makeup. Over the years, my passion for makeup has grown and execution has improved exponentially. Sharing this passion seemed like a fabulous idea! But I didn’t know how to infuse myself into it; how to ensure it wouldn’t be a typical makeup blog. I wanted it to reflect my relationship with makeup. So I started brainstorming the words I associate with sitting down in front of the mirror when I know I’m going to get to do my makeup.

Self Expression: first and foremost, makeup is a form of self expression in my life. Different looks I create change the way people perceive me as well as the way I carry and present myself. I can create a look that says I am bold, or I am assertive, or I am calm, or I am mature, or I am happy, or I am angry. I can be closed off or welcoming. You would be shocked how my makeup changes how people interact with me. It’s a great way to express myself without words because sometimes words aren’t what you need.

Beauty: when I put the final touch on my face there is an inevitable surge of pride. Because there is beauty in what has been created. Not because it is more beautiful then my bare face, but the face I have put together with my makeup is beautiful in its own right. They do not have to be in competition. Feeling pride in my face with makeup on does not take away from the beauty of my face without. Beauty is just evident in both.

Confidence: after applying a flawless face, I strut around with a slightly overinflated ego because I know how fantastic it looks. I feel confidence in both my skills and in my appearance for the day. It is empowering to not feel like I have to wear makeup to fit a standard, but to wear it for myself. Anyone who says I am insecure because I smear makeup onto my face is making quite a few assumptions without taking the time to know me. I am a  confident woman. I march around with makeup on and I march around without it.

Art: for me, makeup is another form of art. I have never had a knack for visual arts. When appraising my drawing skills (and my handwriting), my kindergarten teacher patted my mom on the arm and told her there is just no hope for some kids. I’ve accepted it. But I am excellent at makeup, both for my face and for others. I constantly break the ‘rules’ of makeup to find a new look. Sometimes it works, sometimes the lesson is rules are there for a reason. But I love creating art and my face is my canvas.

Passion: discovering new products and creating new looks gets me so excited I hardly know what to do with myself. I can lose myself entirely while creating a new makeup look for myself. Talking to others around me and teaching them brings me absolute joy. I am passionate about doing makeup, about the artwork I create. It’s a passion I want to share.

Love: makeup is also a form of self love and self care for me. When I’m feeling down, or bored, or irritated or don’t want to leave the house, I can always boost my spirits by focusing some time and attention on some ‘Me Time.’ The time I put into my makeup lifts my spirits, without fail.

Strength: makeup seems to be a somewhat controversial topic for people. For women I know, some look down up those of us who choose to indulge in makeup. Words like ‘insecure’ and ‘vapid’ and ‘materialistic’ and ‘shallow’ are often associated with people who take the time and energy to apply makeup. However, I am a strong woman who wears makeup. It is for me. No one else owns what I choose to do with my own face. It is a form of self love, passion, creativity, and joy in my life. And no one gets to take those things away from me.

Makeup is part of who I am. I am excited to share it with you through Beauty As Art. This is the home of self expression, creativity, rule breaking, and excitement. Not every look will pan out. Not every look will speak to you. Not every look becomes part of my daily life. I don’t love every product you’ll see here. But it will be a wonderful journey never the less.

Yours Truly,

Meera C.