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Process Post #2


For this week, I mainly focused on how my blog looks visually.
After hearing Mauve’s lecture this week, I started to think about how my blog actually looks like, if it’s very appealing to my audience or not.
First of all, I want to change the background of my blog. I’m not sure if I l want to change the whole color or if I want to have a background with a pattern, or certain image. I do like how my blog has a lot of white space and that’s what I aimed for at first. However, looking at other people’s blogs, I think adding a color is a nice representation of the blog and who I really am. A color can add various meanings to the blog and I think it could add a special charcteristic to it.

To change the background color or even the font that I use for my blog, I realized I need to make a child theme, so when there are updates, the changes doesn’t go away. I’ve tried and researching on how to make a child theme, but I personally think it’s extremely difficult and hard to understand, so I need to do a bit more research before I actually do anything, just in case 🙂 As I mentioned, I am thinking of changing the font that I use for my blog. Perhaps, changing the font for my title and adding a color to it, so it stands out a bit more. During tutorial this week, I realized that I really want to come up with a proper ‘title’ for my website. As of now, it’s just my name, which also makes sense because I am branding myself but I think perhaps a catchy, creative title can help to further brand myself and stand out from the crowd! So my goal is to come up with a title, make a child theme so I can make few changes for my blog. Also, a logo is something that I need to work on. It’s definitely not easy to make a logo that’s well presented and I think it will be easier for me to create one once I figure out the title for my blog, so I’m thinking to save that for later (hopefully soon though).

One positive thing this week is that I managed to have my Instagram account showing on the sidebar of my blog. I found a plugin that allowed me to do this and I am very happy about it! I’m thinking to push the Instagram even further up because it’s located in the middle of my sidebar and I want it to have it shown a bit more.

Overall,  I realize that I still have A LOT to work on to fix and update my blog. Right now, I’m on the defense of sticking to what I really want my blog to look like (very minimalistic, simple design) or being more bold which can stand out and perhaps it’s what my audience wants more. I learned that colors, fonts and the little things can play a massive role to attract consumers, so I wish to make small changes step by step! I’m excited for what my blog is going to look like in the future 🙂

Cicaplast Baume B5: La Roche-Posay

Hi everybody!

Today, I’m back with a review of a cream that I’ve been enjoying for the past few months. It is the Cicaplast Baume B5 from La Roche-Posay. This is a multipurpose soothing balm for dry, irritated skin. Although it’s labeled as a “balm”, the texture is like a thick cream rather than a typical balm that we are used to. It helps to nourish the skin and sooth skin with the help of ingredients such as Panthenol, Madecassoside, Shea Butter, Zinc, Glycerin and much more.

I think 2017 was the year of Cica-Creams, especially in the K-Beauty industry. I’m sure skincare addicts already know about this product because it is very famous and well known for its healing purposes. More people are interested in product ingredients (which is great!) and creams that include cica, madecassoside, panthenol are being loved.  Its anti-bactieral purpose is great for troubled, irritated, acne skin as well, which made me buy the product. I use it primarily during my night time skincare routine because it’s a great product for the skin to be absorbing overnight, helping its healing process. I don’t use it in the morning before my makeup because it can be a bit too heavy at times for an oily skin gal.

Did I see results?

Yes! I’m happy to say that I did see a result with using this product everyday for over few months. It’s definitely not a dramatic result or overnight result that you can spot but I did see that my skin became a lot smoother in terms of texture and it really helped to heal my skin. The days where I was having a bad skin day, this cream has helped me to calm my troubled skin at the end of the day and nourish it. It’s super moisturizing and I would doubtlessly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a new cica-cream! You can purchase it online or I bought mine at a local Shoppers Drugmart 🙂 I’m almost done with this tube and although I don’t think I will be repurchasing it right away because I already have another cicacream to try out; I definitely will buy this again in the future!

You can buy the product at or go shopping at your local drug mart!

Are there any other Cica-creams that you guys tried out? Or want me to try out?
Let me know and I would love to check it out!


Hi everyone! Long time no see 🙂

It’s been awhile since I posted a foodie post. Today, I wanted to talk about Raisu. I’m sure foodie lovers out there already know this place or heard about it. Raisu is a Japanese cuisine in Kitsilano, Vancouver. It’s located in the famous, W 4th avenue, where numerous famous restaurants are located at. Raisu is also part of one of the most famous Japanese restaurant group in Vancouver. This restaurant group contains Raisu, Kingyo, Rajio and Suika. All of these restaurants are very famous and known for delicious food in town! They are all worth checking into.

I visited with my family and my boyfriend for our early end of year dinner. This was my first time visiting the restaurant so I was very excited because I had few friends who recommended this place. Raisu is also very famous for their Sho Ka Do Bento, which is limited 15 serving per meal and Deluxe Seafood Bowl. We knew they had very few limited servings, so we made our reservation at 5pm, when they open for dinner time. Because we were dyeing to try them out, we had to make sure we were there when they first open for dinner.

This restaurant had a very nice Japanese vibe to the place and made it seem like an actual authentic restaurant located in Japan. The staff were friendly and the atmosphere itself was very nice as well. It can be a bit noisy at times because they usually greet customers very loudly in Japanese. Although it didn’t bother me, my dad was not a fan of this because he enjoys a quite place when eating. Also, not to mention the food takes quite a bit of time to be served and it is mentioned on the menu as well. I guess preparing for the food takes , but we definitely waited about 30 minutes for our food to be served. Here are some pictures of our food.

Overall, the food was very good but I was a bit disappointed with their famous, Sho Ka Do Bento (second picture). It was delicious but it wasn’t anything special nor did it wow me. I’m not quite sure why it has limited servings but it wasn’t a dish that wanted to eat again for my next visit. However, Deluxe Seafood Bowl (first picture) was very good! The seafood was very fresh and definitely had that authentic Japanese dish flavored to it. Both dishes were displayed beautifully and it was definitely Instagram worthy for all the Instagram addicts out there 😉 We also tried the Tonkatsu Teishoku, which was amazing with their sauce and Grilled Duck Marinated Sweet Soy, which I didn’t try because I don’t eat duck but heard it was amazing from my family. I was happy with the food and the service they provided. I definitely want to visit again in the future and would surely recommend to Japanese cuisine lovers out there!

Let me know if there’s any other restaurants that you guys want me to check out! I would love to hear. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram because I update where I visit.
Thanks for reading today’s post 🙂

Process Post #1

Hello! Long time no see.

This is my first process post of the semester. It’s been a while that I wrote one of these process post but feels good to be back.

Regarding last week and this week: I’ve left my blog hanging ever since I finished PUB 101 last year and forgot about it. Actually, I always did have a small spot in my head for my blog but I guess I was too busy and got carried away with life. However, taking PUB 201 has got me back in track of blogging my life and I’m very excited about it. Since it’s been a while that I’ve been blogging, there are definitely few things that I have forgotten regarding about how to function and manage this blog. Therefore, last week and this week I had to play around with my blog, update few things and edit couple mistakes that I saw. At this point, I’m happy with updating few things here and there, but I definitely wish to improve the look of my blog. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do it or what I want to improve on specifically but I’m sure it’ll come to me as I work on my blog with time.

For this class, I’ve decided to continue working on this blog  because I wanted more experience and wish I could build and grow this blog. Since this is my personal lifestyle blog, I will be branding myself. This means that my brand is personal branding of myself. My blog is a lifestyle blog where I talk about beauty products and makeup that can help achieve one’s self esteem. I will also be talking about different restaurants, diverse places to visit around Vancouver. Therefore my audience are young adults, age around 18~25 or even higher. I would say female are more interested in my blog because I talk a lot about beauty and not even that, girls usually like to search and find new things, places to visit around the city we live in. Regarding my tribe, I have a lot of friends, coworkers, church friends who are interested in makeup, looking at food posts and much more. Since my blog is a bit broad, I think it will be much easier for people to approach and get a glimpse if they like it or not.

The Business Model Canvas is something very new that I was introduced to today. All the different terms that are used in the business model was new to me so I struggled at first. I had to research a bit online to what this model was and how it worked. Now I have a better understanding of what the model is, I can definitely see that it is a nice guideline for my brand. I still haven’t finished completing the business model but I will work on it for this week. Working on this business model canvas really helped me think deeply into my brand and how I want my brand to be. It also helped me think about monetizing my brand because that was one thing that we didn’t get to touch on a lot in PUB 101. I would like to say that during PUB 101, that was my first phase to blogging and now, I’m on my second phase.

What’s in my Pouch?

Hello beautiful!

Today, I’m here to share with you guys what I carry around my makeup pouch everyday 🙂 Whether I go to school, work, or to just hang out, I always have my makeup with me, so I can touch up. Depending on the day and the bag I carry, I leave some products out and only carry a few. Now, let’s get started to dig in my makeup bag!

This is the makeup pouch I’ve been carrying around lately. Ted Baker is one of my favourite brand because I just love the classic style they always have. I’ve receive this as a birthday present from my friend recently and I love it!

These are the products that I usually carry around to touch up my makeup during the day. Nothing too crazy but just enough to fix my makeup on the go!

These 3 face products are a must have for me. Being a girl with oily skin is not easy. I always have to blot and fix my makeup because it always want to melt off.

  • Mac Cosmetics, Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC25
  • Etude House, AC Cleanup Mild BB Cushion in Natural Beige
  • Gatsby, Oil Clear Sheet

I’m a lip product junkie, so I have so many lip products that I carry around. It always changes depending on what I’m wearing that day, but I’ve been carrying these products because they are so easy to apply on the go!

  • Lancome, L’absolu Rouge in 290 Poeme
  • YSL, Rouge Pur Couture in 204
  • Sephora, Goji Lip Balm

Miscellaneous Products:

  • ON: The Body x Kakao Friends Hand cream
  • Elizabeth and James Nirvana Roller ball Perfume
  • Eye drops (I wear contacts everyday and my eyes are super sensitive + dry)
  • Hair tie (Always need an extra hair tie in case anything happens)


These are all the products that I carry around in my makeup pouch. Like I said, it depends on the day but these are the products that I enjoy to touch up my makeup. I usually never touch up my eye makeup but my skin and lip are the two that I constantly check.

Did you guys enjoy looking into my makeup pouch? Comment below and tell me which products that you guys carry around everyday! I would love to hear 🙂

Always, thank you for reading!

Process Post #11: Moderating your Commentariat

Community Guidelines:

  • No swearing, insulting others, including the blogger and other site users
  • Absolutely no racial, gender biased comments
  • Posting unnecessary and irrelevant questions that can harm others are NOT needed
  • Be friendly to others and think before you say something

These are couple community guidelines that I came up with for my blog. I want my blog to be a place where anyone could come in and enjoy the content that I create. Blogs shouldn’t be a place where people form arguments and be mean to others, so I thought these guidelines are appropriate for my blog and to the users!

A way to implement these guidelines are posting it into a section where people could easily look at it. Guidelines are there to follow and it should be easy to find and remind the users. Perhaps, a pop up message when people first visit the blog can be a very effective way to implement the message to the users.


Throughout the semester, I’ve struggled but tried my best to track my water consumption. I can definitely say that it’s not easy to track every single detail everyday. I had my ups and downs tracking my water consumption for the past few months. There are days that I paid more attention to track my water consumption and there were days that I completely forgot to track it. I realized that I should really try to drink more water daily and try to motivated. It was a tough challenge for me but at the end, I can say that compared to beginning of the semester and now, I do drink more water than previously. I think it’s because I’m constantly thinking that I have to track my consumption, I end up drinking more water than I normally do. It definitely was a tough one to track but it was well worth it to try throughout the semester!

Essay #2

Throughout this semester, I’ve learned and gained much knowledge of being an online publisher. Creating an online presence and expanding it to an online publisher is definitely not an easy job because you need an online community formed to interact and communicate with. Knowing your public and audience is crucial to maintain the blog because it can really help to enhance bringing more visitors to the blog and creating a bigger community.

Firstly, I have created my blog using WordPress as we were directed to do so in our class. I struggled a lot at first because this was my first time creating a blog or even playing around WordPress. I used social media a lot and created an online presence through the platforms multiple times, but creating a personal blog was a very different experience. It was definitely more personal and unique as Chittenden (2010) mentions that: “Blogs, which resemble online diaries, represent a popular space for teenagers to write about their experiences and instantly publish their thoughts to the web with minimal technical understanding”. My blog is a lifestyle blog, where I talk about the things I love- mainly beauty and food. I also had a section of ‘lifestyle’ where I posted different events and places to visit around Vancouver. This blog was definitely a personal blog because I wanted to share mainly my life, what I enjoy and where life takes me at.

Before I mention anything, it’s important to understand what a public is. “A public is a space of discourse organized by nothing other than discourse itself” (Warner, 2002, pg. 413). At first, the public that I imagined for my blog was strictly to young females, aged around 18-25, who lives in Vancouver. Since females typically enjoy more beauty products and adventuring for food in the cities, I thought that my audience will be mainly female. I thought that male would not enjoy my content as much because the content itself was not very appealing and also the visualization of my blog was more girly and feminine like. I’ve chose a very girly theme, which was the Olsen Light theme that I ultimately used for my blog. I personally really like a lot of white space because it gives a simple and minimalistic look to the blog. Also, the usage of white space allows my content to pop and easily catch the reader’s eyes. My main page does not display the recent posts because I thought that it made the front page look a bit messy, therefore I put a main home page picture, which was a decoration with flowers at first. However, as I developed my blog according to my audience, I ultimately changed my main picture to a city landscape image because it could target to everyone, not limiting to a specific audience.

Furthermore, with the help of Google Analytics, I’ve got to identify who my real audience was for my blog and I was very surprised with the results. It was very interesting to see that a lot of male were visiting my blog and reading my content. The content that male visitors enjoyed is food posts and lifestyle posts. As I mentioned, there are more girls that enjoy the beauty posts but to see that more male were coming to visit the blog, I naturally geared towards creating more content on food because it opens to a bigger audience. Initially, I wanted to focus my blog on beauty because I’ve always been passionate about makeup but I’ve reached to a point where I had to think about balancing what I wanted to share the most and what my audience wants. As I assumed, most of my visitors were located in the Vancouver area since my blog incorporated a lot with where I lived. To add on, I was surprised with the amount of people that were returning visitors. This proved me that putting efforts to engage with my audience does really pay off and creating content based on their interest is a significant factor to bring them back. I did not gather much comment on my site because it’s surely challenging for the audience to start commenting at first since my blog is fairly new. I definitely hope that more audience will engage and comment on my posts as it will help me to create content and give me inspirations.

Since the beginning of the term, I’ve learned tremendously about publication and how to develop my online presence. As having a lifestyle blog, I definitely think that having a distinct and unique online presence is essential and promoting myself is a crucial factor to be successful. As we can see from the media in our society today: “Promoting and branding the self has also become normalized, accepted phenomenon in ordinary people’s lives” (Van Dijck, 2013, pg. 203). I definitely have more respect to the famous bloggers in the media because with my short experience, I can doubtlessly state that a lot of time and effort goes into blogging and to maintain it. I think that creating a distinct online presence is a very important aspect when thinking about being an online publisher. There are many diverse factors to look at such as audience, visual, layout, content and much more to create a blog that will catch people’s attention. After this course is over, I do wish to continue with my blog because I think that I can really benefit from this experience and learning that will eventually help me in the future. PUB 101 has absolutely given me hands on, applicable skills that I can further use and I know that it will be extremely helpful. I’ve learned immensely about the publishing industry and what publishing is all about. I’m excited to learn and study more about Publishing as I continue doing my minor at SFU!



  • Van Dijck, J. (2013). ‘You have one identity’: performing the self on Facebook and LinkedIn, Media, Culture & Society, 35 (2).
  • Warner, M. (2002). Publics and Counterpublics, Quarterly Journal of Speech, 88 (4).
  • Chittenden, T. (2010). Digital dressing up: modelling female teen identity in the discursive space of the fashion blogosphere, Journal of Youth Studies, 13 (4).

Yew Seafood + Bar

Hello again to all the foodies! Welcome back 🙂

Couple days ago, it was my 21st birthday and I wanted to share with you guys the birthday dinner I had!

This was my first time at the Yew seafood + bar restaurant and I was very excited to go! For any special occasions, I often go find a new seafood restaurant in Vancouver because seafood is my ultimate favourite. You can never go wrong! Yew seafood is located inside the Four Seasons Hotel, that is also connected to the Pacific Centre. Because it’s a restaurant in a high class hotel, I had high hopes for it and I can definitely say that it met up to my expectations! At first, I was very surprised with the interior and the aesthetic of the restaurant. It had a very high ceiling, extremely interesting interior inside but very luxurious. I also loved that it was an open kitchen, so you could see the chefs cooking the food and the kitchen’s environment as well. The service was also outstanding as my waiter was very kind and helpful to decide on our menus.

Here are some pictures of the inside of the restaurant:



We decided to order Tuna tartar as an appetizer to start with. I’m usually not a huge tuna person but I wanted to give it a shot and it was well worth a shot! The tuna was amazing with the sauce they had as it melted right as I put it in my mouth.


Main Dish

I ordered the Seafood pasta because you can never go wrong with seafood or pasta! I was pleasantly surprised with how well they cooked the seafood. It wasn’t over cooked or under cooked at all. It was simply great! The sauce was a lobster based bisque sauce, which was very rich and creamy.

My boyfriend ordered the Seafood Platter. The seafood platter included prawns, scallops, salmon and something. Not to mention, their plating was phenomenal. Very eye catching and well presented.


After all, I was very happy with the food at the Yew’s and I would definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for a meal to treat yourself! The restaurant, the food and the service is great and it’s definitely one of the most luxurious places I’ve been. Especially for any special occasions, it would be a great place to go!

Process Post #10: Multiple Channels, Multiple Media

In Class Exercise:

TransCanada- Receives Presidential Permit for Keystone

Which platform would you use and Why would you use it?

My partner and I decided that we would create a campaign and post it on Facebook for this project because Facebook would be the most efficient way to provide information, focusing on the concept of promoting benefits and pros of this project. Also, promoting this campaign in the perspective of the citizens of United States & Canada, not just focusing on the business’ model and benefits. However, it’s important to provide information that attracts the stakeholders because essentially, it’s goal is engage key stakeholders and neighbors throughout the communities to obtain permits and approvals. Another social media platform we decided to use is Youtube.  A video campaign will be a very efficient way to promote this campaign because by providing with visuals and information about this project, it can catch people’s attention, providing images with future benefits that they could gain from this keystone pipeline project.

Providing images such as a map, where the pipeline will take in place and who will it affect will be very informative and information to the citizens. Perhaps images of the pipeline and details of the benefits the project could give are an essential factor to be an effective campaign. Also, sharing the video from Youtube to Facebook will be another great way to promote the campaign to a larger audience! Choosing the right platform to promote something, whether that’s a campaign, a product, a person or anything is a very important factor.

Process Post #9: Editing & Genres

For this week’s process post, we were told to create a story out of media only, absolutely no text to create it.

Since my blog is a lifestyle blog which the audience can see a glimpse of my life, I decided to create the story from my daily life.



It’s been a while that I changed things up on my blog, so I’ve decided to change my front page picture. I’ve been very inspired of travelling as I have been planning my upcoming holidays during the summer! So, I decided to bring out one of my favourite pictures that I took in Japan when I went last year. I think the picture gives my blog a more cheerful and colourful look to my blog! I also downloaded the Jackpack plugin because it was recommended by a fellow classmate in our tutorial. She said it was a lot simple and easier than Google Analytics, so I decided to give it a try and see what it brings me. Also, I have installed the Hide Post plugin as well because I wanted to see how my front page would look with my recent posts. I wanted to hide all of my posiel posts on my front page because I didn’t want to confuse my audience with my school work that I was doing. However, when I put my latest posts on my front page, I rather thought it looked a bit messy and not organized. I didn’t really like the idea of how all of the posts showed up on the front page as it showed the whole blog post, not shortening them. I thought it was too much than I enjoyed and decided to stick with a static front page welcome sign for now. I think it looks a lot simpler and goes with what I want my blog to look like. I may change more things in the future as I play with more of the plugins and widgets on my blog, however I am pretty content with how my blog looks like right now!