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ESSAY #2 How I curated a new product and online presence

The online image can be interpreted as how others interact and perceive the value you provide for them. It is a summation of the content that you post online, and the persona that you express across various platforms. This essay will explore my experience in how I have created relevant content for my audience pertaining to an online media persona that I have developed through my studies in Publishing101.

Before entering Publishing101, my main social media pages were Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Across these platforms, I shared content I created (mostly personal media), without considering the impacts or optics on my audiences. I entered Publishing101 with the intentions to gain more engagements on my social media accounts to promote my choreography. However, I discovered instead, a new persona, an online image brand that I now enjoy developing.

I started off Publishing101 slow but steadily. I submitted both required course contents and personal branding content on the blog. I established that my main driver of audience interest was to instigate conversation from the stories I tell. I wanted to share something that people can talk about and relate to. Thus, I concluded that my audience was of a person who enjoys storytelling and online literature. This started my initial blog post on “How to get curved by Twitter girls.” Since this post was new and interesting, my friends discovered this post through social media and commented and direct messaged me their thoughts. The engagement did not last long however. I had less people read about “Part 2” of the story and it made me consider what other possible ways were there to engage a larger audience.

My blog revolves around storytelling, so it is a reasonable to assume that it is a form of literature. I needed to understand how the business of literature manifests online, so I can better perceive my audience needs and create content accordingly. Richard Nash defines that content “is the swirl and gurgle of idea and style in the expression of stories and concepts—the conversation, polemic, narrative force that goes on within and between texts, within and between people as they write, revise, discover, and respond to those texts.” (Nash, 2013) This extrapolates the idea that content can be a combination of different media forms. With the Publishing101 “Remix” project underway, I seized the opportunity to combine the two things that I love, Call of Duty and storytelling. These two mediums are two opposite platforms with their own unique points of interest. Call of Duty is videogame from a first-person shooter perspective that does not claim any narrative objective. Whereas, the stories that I tell, narrates and depicts social instances of my past. By combining these two, I created a product that was effectively engaging and surprisingly interesting. My first remixed video, “how I got a $500 Noise Complaint Ticket,” was the beta test for my new product. I shared the video on all my social media sites and the engagement and responses were just as high, or higher than my first original story post. This indicated that I was heading in the correct direction. Furthermore, Google analytics portrayed my audience demographic to be of those within North America mostly, which allowed me to gain insight on the culture type of who my audience was.

On the next video, I applied the feedback and adjusted my game volume, narration approach, and tone style to satisfy my audience needs. However, I also wanted to extend the capacity of this new product I developed. I began a new YouTube channel and Instagram handle specifically dedicated towards this content. I wanted to “develop [my] brand, curate an audience, and create content that is successfully geared towards [a] demographic” (Lindsay, 2014). The title of the channel on both platforms is called “Storytime with Kevin.” I specifically chose YouTube and Instagram because of their own unique value propositions.

YouTube lets their consumers “indulge in YouTube binges” (Lindsay, 2014) which means that consumers can watch as many videos without breaks or interruptions. I wanted that possibility for my channel because this will give the public the opportunity and choice of how much of my content they wish to receive. They are given the deciding power on whether it is one video that satisfies their curiosity or four or more videos.

Instagram on the other hand, caters to the millennial or generation Y demographic. “Generation Y is the first generation that has been growing up with internet and for them, mobile phones and social media highly involved in their normal social life” ( Johansson & Wallsbeck, 2014) So this demographic pertains and responds to “Innovation, autonomy, collaboration, flexibility…” (Daskal, 2016) Instagram being one of the top social media platforms to employ these values, I wanted my content shared and targeted to these individuals. Instagram accounts “bring their unique identities and values to life through captivating imagery and a focus on their respective communities,” ( Johansson & Wallsbeck, 2014) which is why starting an account can better allow me to drive up engagement and mark up impressions.

Having established both accounts, I now have a handful of followers on Instagram with a growing number of views. I currently do not have any comments on my blog, but I do have some on the new Instagram page. In the future, I intend to record and document my publishing process and share my thoughts and opinions on the blog. However, I truly believe pushing content through social media is a much more effective means of reaching people.

This newly curated product is something I enjoy doing and I am extremely grateful for Publishing101 for aiding me in its discovery. My online presence will polish and develop as I grow and understand more about myself, so the content value that I produce will indefinitely transpire to become something remarkable in the future.



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Process Post #11: Community Guidelines

Community guidelines for the comment section will be listed below.

There is no toleration for the following:

  1. Malicious Speech/Harassment
  2. Gendered insults of any kind in comments
  3. Promoting products or services
  4. Sharing illegal content
  5. Promotion or Glorification of Self-Harm.
  6. Deceptive or Fraudulent Links.
  7. Confusion or Impersonation
  8. Spam
  9. Personal attacks or threats on community members
  10. Defamation of othersAll users who do not abide by these rules will be blocked.

Process Post #10: Google Analytics

Google analytics is an excellent tool to determine where the demographic of your audience is coming from. In the overview section under the audience tab, it gives you values on the number of sessions, users, page views, and bounce rate. This data can be useful to determine what type of materials your audience enjoys reading, and then you can later use this information to prioritize or make changes accordingly.

Knowing how visitors locate your website is essential to marketing and branching out your site. You can push views or impressions through social media sources or for paid advertisement, but when you can use google analytics to clearly see which impression stream is greatest, you can cater more input towards that marketing stream.

My site primarily receives its audience through my social media. I would post my “story” blog posts onto my Facebook page and have people see my content through that. Google analytics tell me both how many people come from Facebook and how much they actually read. Upon knowing which media stream generates the most views, you can further begin generating ideas on how to grow your platform.

For example, if Instagram is a providing a large portion of engagements, perhaps, mobile marketing is the direction to proceed. Then you can look into alternatives such as snapchat or Instagram sponsorships to fully utilize google analytics capabilities.

Google analytics is an excellent tool for new blogs and it is a ideal for recognizing your website’s growth and engagements.

Process post #6: Media Story

Man she did not have it. I’m terrible at video games but I also love telling stories. This is my second attempt at posting something like this. I had feedback from my first one such as, game volume being too loud, or it was difficult to follow the story line. Hopefully, this video here has demonstrated some improvement by applying what I learned from my audience.

Process post #5: incorporating more transmedia integration

My plan for incorporating more trans media integration into my online publication is to utilize my social media accounts that can reach out to a larger audience. I have three main sources of extending content out to an audience which is Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Among these three, twitter is the weakest audience engagement tool that I have because I do not have a large following or fan base. I have “engagements” and “impression” from twitter analytics, however this is not a stable channel that can re-direct people to my blog.

Facebook on the other hand allows me to reach a larger audience because I already have a large friends base who may be interested in what I have to write or share. Primarily, I share entertainment videos or photos, but I still get a large portion of notifications, comments and engagements when I post my opinions. On Facebook I have created videos and posts that have reached thousands of users, and if I can redirect traffic to my blog I can have much more people engaged with my articles and stories. Although this may appear exciting the views are from random users who may or may not just be scrolling past. So when determining who my audience is, Instagram is my best option.

I have Instagram as my strongest cross media channel because this is where I am most active and interactive with users. I share weekly photos or videos that reach hundreds to thousands of people and this can be easily redirected to my blog by allowing people to follow a link. I find Instagram as the best way to reach out to users because more people are engaged with Instagram rather than with Facebook. The people who follow me on Instagram already have a preference to like what I post, which does not require me to choose who my audience is anymore. On there, my audience is already determined, thus driving more interest and engagement to my posts.

Peer Review #3: Sanasatosh

Hi Sana,

I really enjoy the theme style that you have chosen for your blog. The navigation menu is clear and accessible which highlights how you want your readers to be comfortable when they approach your site. I like how the home page is simple and short. Readers are not bombarded with information and there is a good use of white space (or in this case black space) between your content sections.

The slide deck on your front page is a powerful feature on your website. It slides through images and content which allows the reader a glimpse of what they are about to read. To improve this feature, perhaps have an option somewhere on the slide deck that lets readers quickly select which slide deck they may want to go to. Some readers process information faster than others, and this option will allow the faster readers to quickly find what they are interested in, rather than to wait for the next slide to see if they like it.

Upon scrolling down your site, I noticed there is a gap of awkward space that is not visually occupied by something.

Perhaps it is something to do with the theme or coding. However, if you could reduce this white space so that more of the content below can be brought up, your blog would come across as much more concise, and it may capture audience attention more effectively.

I like the widget that you used which separates your posts, tags, and comments. The icons that represents those respective categories is effective in capturing readers attention and invites us to click on it. It creates a feeling of curiosity that drives readers to find out more about whats behind them. The word bank under the tags section is a unique way to view keywords so readers can understand the overall picture of your website as a whole. I have not came across many blogs who use this feature, so kudos to you for implementing it.

Your social media links and contact icons are effectively positioned throughout your site. I think it provides a sense of sincerity and candidness for allowing readers to reach you so effectively. I am a little unsure of what the purpose of the search bar is. I feel that your blog may not require search engines because users do not search for information posts off of personal blogs. I would suggest to potentially include a calendar of events you may be attending or another widget that can capture more of who you are as an author.

Overall, there is plenty of good content, and visuals that accompany it. I enjoyed reading through your blog and  learning about your travel adventures. I am excited to see how you improve your website and take it to the next level.

Visit Sana’s Site here: