Week Three – The Online Self

Week 3: The Online Self (January 22)

Due:  Mini Assignment #1

Who are you? How would we know? What is your “voice”? Do you recognize it? Would others recognize it? What does the “publication of self” mean?

When we put things out into the world, when we write in public, who is it for? Are you a different “self” in different contexts, environments, platforms?


Tutorial: Publishing online – basic tools and models. We will look at reading online, writing for an online audience and begin to consider which social media platforms you will be working with.

For next week:

  • You have now read, and we have discussed in class, John Suler’s The Online Disinhibition Effect. (Links to an external site.) Consider your own online behaviours and whether any of Suler’s six types of behaviour represents your own. You don’t need to go into great detail, this is more of a reflective exercise in which you have an opportunity to look not just at the behaviour of others, but your own online life as well.
  • Complete the reading How I Got My Attention Back by Craig Mod. Look closely at his conclusions about being offline and online. Does any of his experiences resonate with you? Could you be offline for a month (if your situation in life allowed it without harming you)? Include your thoughts in this week’s process post.
  • Process Post Prompt: Map out your website, visualizing which components should be placed where. Where will your PUB101 content live? This can be a diagram, a map, an infographic. Instagram it. Install at least one online social media platform, and begin to look at which others work best for your online presence.
  • Mini Assignment #2: Pick a marvel (or DC) superhero to embody in a “guest post” for your blog.