Welcome to PUB101 #posiel

“Selfie” Artist: Rodney Mercer

This site hosts Simon Fraser University’s Publishing 101: The Publication of Self in Everyday Life.

Beginning with the oft-repeated slogan, “everyone is a publisher,” this course explores how this plays out in the real world today. What do we mean by publishing? How can everyone potentially be considered a publisher without devaluing the traditions that have given publishing its lasting value? The course explores the global, digital, networked spaces we now inhabit, and questions the possibilities for engagement in networked publics. What are the economic, political, social agendas that shape this interaction? How are authority, currency, and reach achieved and managed? These are questions common to both individuals and organizations; we proceed from the former to the latter.

PUB101 takes a radically student-centered approach, in which you develop your own online self over the course of the term. You start with registering your own domain, setting up hosting an online presence, and then, week by week, developing your own ‘publication of self’ along a variety of axes as the term progresses. Fast moving development in publishing tools and technology provide a multitude of platforms, formats, and media to build out your personal cyberinfrastructures.

Each week you’ll report on and share feedback with your peers in the tutorial sessions. At the end of the term, what you’ve created is entirely yours. You know your ‘self’ best and in this course you are only limited by your creativity.

Follow this course in various online spaces via hashtag #posiel.