Spring 2019 – Outline changes Feb 26 – April 3

All assignments are still due and are still due at the same deadlines.
Continue with the listed readings unless otherwise directed.
Week Seven – Feb 26: Social Media: Expanding or Narrowing our View Steve Pratt will still be coming to talk about podcasts, voice, smart speakers and AI. The lecture description as written on posiel.com will vary in that when Steve is finished, I will talk a bit about publics (the public, a public, your public), audience and how you establish your own communities. We will start the conversation about monetization. We will be moving the core of this scheduled lecture (democratization and digital media, false news, and echo chambers) to Week 12 – March 26th.
Week Eight – March 5: Content and Copyright
We will be continuing our conversation on monetization that started on Feb 26th. Our speaker for that day will be Trevor Battye of Clevers Media. The slated speaker, Jon Festinger, has had to cancel.
Week Nine – March 12: Marketing, Monetization, Audience, and Analytics
This will have the same guest speaker, but will emphasize your analytics and marketing goals. 
Week Ten/Eleven – March 19: The Global Picture and part two – Multiple Channels, Multiple Media
We will only have one speaker on that day, and I think it best for you to have Darren Barefoot who will talk about Multiple Media and Multiple Channels. Please do review Mary Meeker’s slides anyway. In addition to the link on posiel, you can also find summaries by other companies elsewhere on the web. If nothing else, this is the biggest piece of information you should take away.
Week Twelve – March 26: Moderating Your Commentariat and Navigating the Social Waters
This stays the same, with the addition of the content from Week Seven (see above).
Week Thirteen – April 2: The Online Self Redux + Potluck
This stays the same. I really encourage you to consider showcasing your work. Also, please bring forward any ideas you would like to discuss, including case studies or events that you have come across online over the semester.