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My Vision Board + Process

For a lifestyle blog, I really aimed to develop a theme/palette that represents who I am.
Being a crafty individual, I decided to go back to my childhood roots and take out my scissors. I can’t remember the last time I created a vision board or collage, but I had fun with this. I really only had two magazines to work from, but IKEA magazines really did it for me. Besides the journalling images (thanks Google), I found that IKEA really speaks to my overall aesthetics. In fact, I get a little giddy whenever the new IKEA catalogue comes in the mail.

I always love to “embrace the white space”. A minimalist, I strive to stay simple while showing some natural/earthy and light tones: pastel pinks, blues and green tones from nature. I want my platform to be a space that inspires, is easy and enjoyable to read.

I’ve always wanted to have a platform to write about my passions and my hobbies in hopes to inspire my fellow friends and peers. Oh, and I love coffee. No — I’m not an addict… I can survive a day without coffee; I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee which is why I drink it. The energy boost is just a plus.
I’ve recently developed an interest in modern calligraphy probably because I love writing. And I don’t mean writing essays, I mean the action of writing. I love writing neatly and being structured, which leads me to my hobby of note-taking (wait, is that even considered a hobby?) and journalling.
I love to create, and I love to share what I create. And most of all, I love to help people. So that is what I hope to bring to this blog: a space for me to share inspiration, tips and advice on living a fulfilling and influential life.

One Shot of Lola

A week ago I had the pleasure of participating in my first ever one shot! Basically a one shot is shorter then a campaign which can takes months and instead a one day quest where you create a character from scratch and use them once. For my one shot I created my gorgeous Gnome Warlock, and I named her Lola, she was an entertainer gnome who loved to act. She also had a magic power where she could use intimidation and scare off any enemy that came towards her. She was fun, daring and adorable. With only a height of 3’3″, Lola was a little fury. During our one day quest she found these magical slippers which allowed her to walk on walls or even upside down. For her stature these slippers were a blessing, it also made it easier for her to get on top of the largest companion of the group named Chewy. Chewy was a large giant that was a member of our team and not the brightest but definitely the strongest. Towards the end of our quest we fought this powerful underworld leader, we ended up wearing him down and Lola had the pleasure of killing him with a divine smite. It hit the powerful evil lord and cleared his head off swiftly. It was a pleasure to play Lola and as you can see from the picture of above she was a joy to have around and loved her beer. I hope to play another one shot soon but for now all I can do is reminisce the little fighter I played, she was definitely a winner.

A Brief Mystical Update

Within 2 weeks, I have now participated in two separate dungeons and dragons sessions. As a full time student at school this time of game play has been quite heavy and a tad disruptive to my academic life. However what feeds my desire to play is the 8 hours of enjoyment and intrigue that each session brings into my stressed life. I do not think it is the particular days that I play that disrupt my academic life but the amount of preparation it takes in order to be ready to play for that particular day. As a full time student I am currently taking 4 courses plus a club that is very professional and very much treated as another class. So that leaves me with 4.5 classes and time to prepare for these game sessions and also set time aside for friends and my S/O. At the moment, I am feeling very overwhelmed with everything but the games do provide a moment of bliss and relief in a very much stressed atmosphere I have confined myself to.

Dice To Call My Own

So About a week ago, I got my very own first pair of dice! Now for those of you who are not affiliated with the nature of the dice, I shall elaborate a little. So my set comes with 5 dice, each dice has its own name and its own purpose for the game. For the purposes I need them for, I have a D4, D6, D8, D12, and a D20. Now, when I first heard of such names I was ultimately confused but as I began to ask questions I had an epiphany. So the “D” in front of the number means dice… bet none of ya’ll ever thought of that (HA) and the number is the amount of sides it has. Therefore ladies and gents the “D6” is what we commonly know as the regular dice we play most games with such as monopoly. Anyways, being introduced to this realm of Dungeons and Dragons has shed light on fancy names for dice. I have grown quite intrigued with dice and I now wish to increase my collection and become a massive collector addict. Its not everyday someone wishes to be an addict but when your dice are an emerald green with gold numbers, you’ll totally understand where I am getting at. Another thing I must note about dice is you better hope and pray to God your dice like you. I didn’t know what this meant until I rolled mine for the first time and they gave me a 1. I began to grow weary on the idea that my dice although beautiful would not give me the best results to kick ass in the campaign I was starting in. However, I learned not to fret for if you handle your dice more frequently they do grow on you. I had my first session already and all I can say is that they did me well.