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On Top of The World

This weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to have a “staycation”. We ended up spending most of the weekend sleeping or watching TV, but we also got a chance to see the movie Love, Simon and go to the Sea to Sky Gondola.

Although I have been back in Vancouver for about 8 months now, I haven’t had the chance to go do a lot of the tourist activities. But since my boyfriend works at a tourist attraction, he was able to get us into the Sea to Sky Gondola for free.

The trip was nothing short of magical. We got lucky, as it was gorgeous and sunny on our trip up north. I had not been on the Sea to Sky highway in about 10 years, so it was extremely special for me. The view was breathtaking. The ride up the mountain was also absolutely gorgeous. It felt almost as though I was flying.

When we got to the top, we made sure to take lots of pictures. Unfortunately, I woke up that day with a shoulder injury, so I am wearing a sling in the pictures. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying myself. I can’t explain how special it was to experience something so beautiful with someone I love. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


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