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We’ve found THE jacket- The Aritzia TNA Super Puff

TNA’s Super Puff has taken over North America for the past few winters, in which every woman (and recently, man) is donning the puffer jacket once it hits below 10 degrees celsius. Especially in large cities across Canada like Vancouver and Toronto; this is a part of the “basic b*tch” uniform. But, the Super Puff became the puffer jacket of the season for good reason. So, there’s no need to be ashamed of being basic when you’re wearing the TNA Super Puff since it matches everything 🙂

Image retrieved from Kendall Jenner’s instagram

The jacket gained a lot of popularity in 2018 when Kendall Jenner became an Aritzia Partner and posted Instagram photos in the iconic red Super Puff. Her post currently sits at over 3 million likes. A number of memes were created around the jacket, which also led to its extreme hype. Laughs surely came about when Aritzia released the “Mega Puff Meme” as a result of a photoshopped version of the same photo of Kendall Jenner in the Super Puff except extremely oversized.

I’ve followed the Super Puff trend for the past few winters, so it’s always exciting to anticipate what kind of special campaign or updated version of the jacket they bring out every winter.


Screenshot retrieved from the Aritzia website

The jacket comes in a number of styles – original, short, mid, long, vest, and their men’s line! Aritzia has definitely chased the Super Puff hype by coming out with a number of “Super” products alongside their original jackets including gloves, totes, and lil’ pupper jackets to match! This year, they extended their product range by coming out with new materials and new styles like the long vest and an extended men’s line.

The sizes range from 3XS to 1X, but I’ve found that they run extremely large. I normally wear an XS/S and have found that I’m able to fit into a 2XS or even a 3XS. If you get your regular size, it will be extremely oversized, but if that’s your style, go for it!

For the original matte version, the down feathers inside the jacket tend to come out throughout usage. But, other materials like the soft-shine or high-shine don’t have this problem. Also, they deflate with time. For example, if you usually wear a backpack to school, the backside of the jacket ends up being a bit flatter than the rest.

From a few reviews I’ve watched on YouTube, and even a few friends, they’ve said that this keeps them warmer than other high-end jackets like popular Canada Goose jackets. The inner-sleeve with the thumbhole is really handy at keeping the warmth inside. Usually, my hands get extremely cold, so the fleecy pockets are a must-have. The cinch at the bottom of the jacket also keeps it extra toasty.

There’s no fear behind washing it, as it can be thrown into the washer! 🙂

As stated earlier, they come out with new materials and colours every single year, and this year they have over 65 colours! So, whether you’re into neutrals or wild colours, there’s one out there for you. I personally like the look of the bright colours contrasted against the black accents on the zipper and inner sleeves, but some of their newer versions have the same coloured zippers and inner sleeves if the contrast isn’t your cup of tea!

There’s just so much to say about this jacket that if I kept going on I could make a whole essay about it. But, for now, I’ll shut up about it. Here’s the link to their guide about the jacket. Just go out and buy one or at least try one on and tell me what you guys think!

6 Athleisure Outfits – Style Steal: Madison Beer Edition

Did someone say athleisure? Yeah, pretty much everyone during quarantine has said athleisure. What is athleisure (and how many more times can I say it before it starts sounding weird)? Athleisure is clothing that can be worn to the gym, but, can also be worn out and about while running errands. Although this was not previously considered fashionable, it has become increasingly trendy. This style consists of sports bras, hoodies, leggings, yoga pants, running shorts, sweatpants, and sneakers.

As quarantine has progressed, people have been thirsting after comfortable clothing as they work from home. Comfy sweatpants and sweatshirts initially sold out in many stores. And quite honestly, I’m not mad at all since this is what I wear on a daily basis. Someone that I consider a style icon for athleisure is Madison Beer. Although it can look basic at times, she makes sporty-casual look effortless. She definitely gives off the model-off-duty style that I strive for. Here are 6 ways that I styled athleisure according to Madison Beer.

Oversized Crewnecks

Gildan G180 Men’s Heavy Blend Fleece Crew Sweatshirt in Carolina Blue (M)
TNA TNACozy Atmosphere Hi-Rise 7/8 Leggings in Black (XS)
Nike Air Force 1 Mid in White (4.5Y)
TOBI Ready Set Go Fanny Pack Belt (O/S)

We’re starting off pretty basic with this first outfit. I initially thought crewnecks were pretty bland until I realized that if you pair them with the right accessories, they can be stylish. It’s a good clothing piece to choose when you want to keep warm but stay comfy. I like to pair them with a fanny pack to give myself some shape in the oversized crewneck. This shade of blue is also one of my favourite colours and seems to be featured on a lot of clothing pieces lately. Additionally, you can never go wrong with some leggings.

Biker Shorts

Sunday Best Roxboro Camisole in White (XS)
TNA TNALife Atmosphere Hi-Rise 7″ Short in Black (XS)
Nike Air Force 1 Mid in White (4.5Y)
TOBI Ready Set Go Fanny Pack Belt (O/S)
Ray-Ban Clubmaster Flash Lenses in Tortoise Silver Flash

Biker shorts have been essential for the past few summers. I bought my first pair pre-quarantine and have been wearing them a ton. This particular pair from Aritzia has garnered a lot of hype because they’re decently priced and great quality. Squat-proof + they definitely suck you in and keep you looking snatched. Aritzia carries so many colours, so it’s super tempting to buy more! Very comparable to Lululemon.

Matching Sweatsuits

Gildan G180 Men’s Heavy Blend Fleece Crew Sweatshirt in Sport Grey (L)
Adidas Originals Vocal Pant in Grey (XS)
Nike Air Force 1 Mid in White (4.5Y)

Madison Beer is almost always caught by paparazzi donning matching sweatshirts and sweatpants. This particular yellow moment is a vibe that only a few can rock. I have yet to buy a matching sweatsuit, so, unfortunately, my crewneck and joggers don’t match – but hopefully, this gets the idea across. If I were to choose, I would prefer a baggier jogger to fit the comfy vibe.

Small Top w/ Baggy Pants

Sunday Best Roxboro Camisole in White (XS)
Hollister Ultra High-Rise Dad Joggers in Grey (S)
Nike Air Force 1 Mid in White (4.5Y)
TOBI Ready Set Go Fanny Pack Belt (OS)

I feel obligated to rave about these joggers. I bought them right when quarantine started and I wear them almost every single day. Super soft and look cute when you lounge or go out. Madison is iconic for wearing the small straight-neck bra-tops with baggy pants that show off the abs. The exposed skin on the upper half of her body effectively juxtaposes the bagginess of the jogger, making the outfit *chef’s kiss*. It’s pretty basic, but, it definitely looks comfortable for running errands, working at home, or going on quarantine walks around the neighbourhood. 10/10 would wear.

Additional: Draped Over The Shoulder

Gildan G180 Men’s Heavy Blend Fleece Crew Sweatshirt in Sport Grey (L)
Babaton Sculpt Knit Tank in White (XS)
Adidas Originals Vocal Pant in Grey (XS)
Nike Air Force 1 Mid in White (4.5Y)

Draping sweaters or sweatshirts over the shoulder has grown in popularity recently. Instead of being covered in a sweater, this technique keeps you cool while also showing off your top underneath. If it gets chilly, you can always throw the sweater on. Staying trendy, while also being practical – sounds good to me! This particular sweatsuit that Madison wore is tie-dye which makes it extra trendy. Surprisingly, this isn’t the only matching tie-dye sweatsuit that she owns. Go cop some tie-dye athleisure!

Comfy in jeans? Is that an oxymoron?

Gildan G180 Men’s Heavy Blend Fleece Crew Sweatshirt in Sport Grey (L)
Topshop Mid Blue Ripped Mom Jeans (26)
Nike Air Force 1 Mid in White (4.5Y)

Still staying athletic with the crewneck, but with some jeans! Baggy jeans are currently popular as they’re more comfortable than skinny jeans and they mesh well with the laid-back 90s vibe that’s circulating. Since I am petite, I think it’s quite difficult for me to rock this trend, so I don’t currently own the baggy ‘dad’ jeans that everyone owns. The oversized top + baggy jeans combo is definitely out of my comfort zone, as I feel like it makes me look even shorter than I actually am, but Madison clearly rocks it. Nevertheless, it’s fun to see taller people rock this trend, as the comfort level is 100/10 compared to skinny jeans. This pairing can be worn to the mall or to go out and eat with friends!

(All pictures of Madison Beer came from Pinterest)

Out of the 6 outfits, which look was your favourite? Leave it in the comments below!