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A Rough Semester…

Currently, I am a month away from being done with my first year of university. Looking back, there have been a lot of ups and downs. But for this post, I am going to focus on the past semester, because it has been anything but easy.

During winter break, I went through a tough time. Not only was I adjusting to being back home in Washington, but I was also dealing with a breakup. I felt sad and alone, even though I was often surrounded by family. Things got worse when essentially all of the friends I had made at university decided to break things off with me. I couldn’t believe that in one month, I had lost so many people.

Luckily for me, I was around family during this time, so I didn’t go completely insane. But eventually, it came time for me to go back to Vancouver. Unfortunately for me, I got a major tooth ache a couple days before I was supposed to travel home. The day I spent traveling home from Vancouver was filled with pain and puking (from all the medication I had been taking for the pain). However, I was happy to finally be back in my dorm.

For the next two weeks, I was extremely lonely. I ended up taking a two week break from social media, and so I spent my time working on homework, watching Netflix, and face timing my mum. Slowly, things got better. I started to reach out to new people and make new friends, and I began to get over the breakups I went through with my boyfriend and my friends.

The next month was pretty great. I spent time with new people, visited my sister in Pennsylvania, turned 18, went to San Francisco and spent time with family. However, I didn’t escape unscathed — during the month of February, I got sick twice. Once with mild bronchitis, and once with strep throat. After all the stress of winter break and January, my immune system shut down.

Despite all the havoc of the past semester, I choose to keep a positive outlook. Now, as we near the end of March, I am doing much better. I have a wonderful new boyfriend, and some great friends. Even if things didn’t go well for the majority of the semester, that doesn’t mean they will continue to go badly. I still have three years left of university (at least), and I plan to make them as memorable and happy as possible — and I am looking forward to seeing what my second year of university has in store for me.

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