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No Farmers, No Food

This photo was taken in front of the Indian consulate located in Vancouver. Hundreds of protestors had gathered there in hopes to amplify the voices of farmers and show solidarity.

The largest protest in human history is happening right now in India and people’s livelihoods are in danger. This past September three new agriculture laws were passed undemocratically during a pandemic. These laws will deregulate farming and open it up to exploitation by large corporations. Hundreds of thousands of farmers have been peacefully protesting for almost three months on the roads of Delhi now and have been met with numerous forms of police brutality including the use of tear gas, water cannons, and batons. In addition, 250 million people went on strike all across India in hopes the Indian government would repeal the three bills but instead the government violated multiple human rights.

Here are some human rights violations the Indian government has committed:

  • The Indian government is censoring farmers’ protest-related posts on social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook in an attempt to silence voices so the international world doesn’t find out about the human rights violations they have been committing.
  • Peaceful protesters are being attacked with tear gas, batons, and water canons.
  • The Indian government has cut off the internet connection at all protest sites. In an effort to create a social media blackout and stop the communication between protesters and the international community.
  • The Indian government has stopped fresh water and food supply to reach protest sites in an attempt to starve protesters.
  • The Indian police have abducted and unlawfully arrested innocent protesters and journalists. The unlawfully arrested citizens have been faced with torture and abuse in jail.
  • There have been reports of 100+ missing protestors and some have been seen getting abducted by the police.
  • There have been thousands of victims of police brutality by badgeless officers and state-sponsored goons.
  • The Indian media has been creating false propaganda to instill hatred in the uneducated citizens of India against farmers.
  • The Indian government is paying mobs to attack innocent people at protest sites while the police stand and watch the violence take place.
  • Thousands of protesters have been injured by police and hundreds have lost their lives living in the harsh conditions/protest sites.

Imagine the largest protest in human history happening in Canada and our prime minister not showing any sign of remorse or concern. That is the reality for the citizens of India. Hundreds of thousands of protestors have been outside Delhi for 84 days and he has not met them once. Instead, he has had the police attack and arrests them.

If you have ever been to India, have Indian friends, eat Indian food, do yoga, use turmeric, etc this is specifically an ask of you to please share and educate yourself. Please don’t turn a blind eye to injustice! Every like, share, comment, and conversation will help save lives. The Indian government does not care about its farmers but it definitely cares about its international reputation. So, please use your social media platforms to amplify the voices of farmers. All they want is for the three bills to be repealed which were passed undemocratically with no representation of those who will be exploited by them.

February: Black History Month

For decades, black people have faced racism, police brutality, discrimination and have been treated as second-class citizens in their own countries. Solely because some individuals believe that a person’s skin color determines superiority. This photo was taken at a black lives matter protest held in Vancouver this past summer. When the livelihoods of people are at risk, I knew a pandemic couldn’t hold me back from showing my support and solidarity to the black community.

The energy and power at the protest could not be described but only felt. The frustration and anger were clearly visible within the crowd. I truly believe that the black lives movement shifted society and so many had to learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to feel the pain of the unheard voices.

It is time for society to realize that an individual skin color mustn’t make them inferior to others. Racism doesn’t just show up on its own, it is taught. It blows my mind and breaks my heart that people still don’t get it. It is important to remember that our individual actions directly impact our communities as a whole. So, it is everybody’s responsibility to educate themselves and others on human rights issues.

“Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because you aren’t affected personally.” The first step in eliminating racial discrimination is to recognize and understand your own privilege. With that being said, please take out some time this month to celebrate, amplify and support black lives!