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Process Post

Is monetization right for your site?

I’ve been struggling with the decision is monetization is right for my site. My blog doesn’t receive thousands of views monthly, I think it would difficult to start leaning in that direction until I figure out what the purpose of my blog will be. Many websites say that it is difficult to monetize any sites will less than a thousand views. Comparing my blogs to other blogs that have been around for years isn’t going to be an accurate comparison. After looking into this more I am leaning towards not monetizing my blog. I think I’d like to keep my blog going for the content and enjoyment of others, in hopes it will inspire them- rather than profiting off of my posts.

Process Post

In class we got to review a website and find what errors could be changed. I enjoyed that exercise so I decided to review one. I decided to review Revolve. Revolve is an online clothing brand that sells reasonably priced and expensive clothing items. For the most part the prices range from, $130-300. The website itself fully functions but for the price of the items the website is comparable to Forever 21′s website which prices rang from $20-50. The look of the website is messy, theres no real theme to back up their clothing quality. They show 4-5 photos per row, I think there should be less photos on the screen. They have now branched out to a store, however their website doesn’t speak highly of the store. If I were the stubble upon the website revolve without seeing the store I would assume it would be a department store which tends to decrease the value of paying full price of an article of clothing

Process Post

In class, we looked at commercials that seemed off topic from the product the company was trying to sell. One of the commercials we viewed was ” Presents choice”. I believe the brand Presents choice was trying to associate their brand’s name with Family and company. There was a lot of debate in the classroom if the commercials were relevant or hard to follow. I thought they were a little off topic but definitely got people talking, which is what an advertisement should do. Budweiser is another brand that tends to pull the heartstrings of the viewers so it becomes memorable and will advertise their brand name by word of mouth.

Peer Review

This week I got the privilege to peer review Remy June’s website. My first thoughts when viewing her site is that it is very well organized. The white background with black font makes her website look very clean- adding the previews of the photos on her site add some colour which makes clicking and reading her post very desirable. 

I personally love to travel and many of her posts are very informative, as she looks at the positives and highlights of every place she travels makes me want to visit places like Washington, DC, which I’ve never gotten the chance to see. 

My favourite post she has is “London on a budget” London is a very expensive city to travel to so I think that many people who haven’t been (especially students) would love to read her article and find what she did and how her time was there. 

If I were to stumble upon her website I would be very intrigued to look at all of her posts because the photos she used are very athletically pleasing-  especially the donut photo form her Oregon article. That article was fun, informative, and looked at the positives of living in Vancouver. 

Overall I think this website would be very popular because of how relatable it is. I can’t think of one thing I would change about the appearance, her writing, or the concept.

Process Post

Last week in class we were assigned a cafe/ coffee house. My group was assigned Tim Hortons. Even though my favourite coffee spot is Starbucks, I do find Time Hortons gives off that cozy, family feeling. Which is why all of the advertisement photos we chose went hand in hand with that theme. Starting from the community coming together to play a Canadian loved sport, or a snowy day- warm by the fire place. It’s interesting to think about what you associate a brand with just from the name or time and place you use it. For example Starbucks reminds me more of summer than it does of winter; not because I only drink it in the summer but because they advertise their cold drinks more than they do their warm. Brands speak to people of all ages- Starbucks however is either associated with young teens, or business men. Time Hortons is associated with Soccer/ Hockey moms, and a nice evening with you family.

Peer Review 2

I was given the opportunity to review Miley’s website. My first impression of Miley’s website is that it is clean and well organized. The photo on the front page is a nice touch, the background of the photo reminds me of a warm summer day; it bring a happy feeling when coming onto the site. As you scroll down you see a bunch of food photos which shows us what her website is about. I do like the gallery aspect of it, which is something id like to add to my website as well.  Miley’s about me page is very informative about who’s posting each review. The posts are long and detailed , my favourite post is “what to eat in LA” for starters the food looks amazing. I thought how she gave some background information about where the food came from was a nice touch, rather than just giving an opinion and ending the post.

However if I could change anything about the website it would be the lack of information about what her blog is about on the first page. Another suggestion id make would be to add negative food reviews if thats how miley wants her blog to be. Other than that I think miley’s done a great job setting and organizing her blog. 

Youtube Video

My video is now up on youtube! Throughout the video I ask a few of my friends questions to see what it is about fashion that some people love or the part that some people hate. I hope you enjoy!

Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden a fictional character played by both Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Character Tyler Durden is from the movie fight club which was released in 1999 still hold a prominent role today. Not only is there a song about him ( ) but his prominent red leather jacket from the movie still lives on. Coloured leather had its time back in the day, but it looks like they’re making a come back…again. Gigi Hadid, Yolanda Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Zayn Malik… are all seen sporting this look.

Not only did Tyler Durden wear his red leather jacket but he also loved his red glasses, and I’m sure you could guess… they too have made a comeback, which is shown in the photo below.

James Dean

James Dean an actor born and raised in Indiana. James dean was teen- heart throb best known from a famous film called “A rebel without a cause” filmed back in 1955. In the film he starred as rebel teenager Jim Stark. James Dean later died in a car accident in 1955 but has been remembered as the first actor to have two posthumous acting nominations. Although he is remembered for his great accomplishments one of the biggest things that have lived on throughout James Deans life is his style.

A movie Called “Cruise” released in 2018, starring Spencer Boldman, Emily Ratajkowski and more. This movie takes place in the 80’s. However I’m not here to do a movie review; I want to focus on the clothing. Spencer Boldman (playing Gio Fortunato) dresses a lot like James Dean. How does James Dean dress? Well, his outfits aren’t anything out of the ordinary he wears white shirts, leather or jean jacket, tight fitting bootlegged jeans, and a pair of combat boots. The way the description sounds I’m sure you’re picture John Travolta from Grease. However James was the trend setter, he’s the one who made the style was it is today.

Process Post

For week eights activity I had to do some research about a brands that we interact with. I chose to do some research about Fashion Nova and to my surprise found out some dirt. There was a few controversies to do with clothing or posts from Fashion Nova in the past but nothing compares to the new accusations being made against Kim Kardashians relations to Fashion Nova. People have been accusing Kim Kardashian for leaking designs to the website to get more publicity. After Kim Kardashian caught wind of this “rumour” she is now threatening to sue Fashion Nova for $10Million dollars. Some brand might stay quite and hope this issue goes away. But not Fashion Nova, this brand has been replying and stirring the pot because to them there is no such thing as bad publicity. There name is now associated with Kim Kardashian and is probably getting them more website clicks and sales than ever.

Process Post

I found myself sitting at home watching movies until I finally came across The Matrix on Netflix. Looking at their outfits really inspired me, and made me realize that todays fashion is very similar to the 90’s movie. Even though I didn’t plan on finding inspiration for my blog post from the movie, I think it would be a good way to start finding more inspiration from classic movies that will always remain relevant.

The Matrix

The Matrix first came out in year 1999, directed by Lana Wachowski but more importantly Kym Barrett the costume designer. In the movie The Matrix the cast wears latex, black trench coats, slick hair (tight buns), and tiny glasses which look so sleek. This movie came out in the 90’s which is when everything was bleak and monochromatic. Fall of 1999 Dior came out with a haute couture season which was inspired by The Matrix. Up next is Vera Wang, Fall in the year 2000 she came out with a primarily black fall collection with many pieces that payed tribute to characters Morpheus’ uniform from the movie.

The glasses… teeny-tiny, 90’s inspired sun-glasses can be seen being supported by Kanye West. Kim Kardashian came out and said that Kanye can’t stress this enough ” NO MORE BIG GLASSES”.

Stars today are still seen rocking this 90’s look. Skinny glasses which can be found at Balenciaga. Floor-length trench coats from Vetements, during this same season Balmain and Alexander McQueen all rocked the all leather look. Fall 2018 Alexander Wang has now presented his own take with business chic meets The Matrix collection.

Process Post

This week I’ve been working on my video for my blog, I want my video to be like a documentary that looks at the what the average person’s views on styles and trends that circle around again and again. I’m still in the process of making my video exactly how I want it which has been very difficult. I had some technical difficulties uploading the footage but I’ve been working on it everyday so eventually ill get the hang of it. I think visuals are the best way to express my kind of content, giving my inside on trends while making the video visually appealing to catch the audiences attention. I will keep you guys updated on my process as I more further along.

Baggy or Oversize?

Baggy or Oversized? Many think the two are the same. However they are very different. Baggy shirts or oversize jeans has been introduced by brands like Yeezy and Off-white. They’re being advertised by A list Celebrities like The Kardashians and The Hadid sisters.

Now to get into the difference, so when I’m talking baggy jeans I am not talking about jeans that you would see in the 2000 on wannabe rappers like the photo on the left. But shown on Bella Hadid in the photo on the right.

Oversized is usually worn as hoodies or jackets on both men and women. Oversized might look baggy however the whole article of clothing is a couple sizes up than you’re actually getting. Some examples of looks you can put together with oversized outerwear are shown below on model Hailey Baldwin.

Now again… Baggy or Oversize? Oversize had a good run and is still semi relevant in todays trends. But Oversize has made an even bigger come back and is worn on a lot not only males but females too. Tight jeans are still in but essentially the looser your jeans are the “cooler” you’ll look!

Peer Review #1

This week I got the pleasure of reviewing Jades website. While looking through the website I found many things that I loved and that inspired me to make changes to my very own. Starting with the overall look of the website- the pictures of herself at the top of the home page made her website look very personal as if this was her own personal diary. Scrolling through the photos I realized they are links to her Instagram account which I thought was very neat and a great way to gain a larger audience. Looking down and noticing the handful of quotes swipe across the page is a fun and interactive touch for the viewers.

Now getting started on her posts- for starters Jade has a lot of content and everything she posts is very personable and makes her very relatable. She ties her life in which songs, as well as adding the link to the songs to let the viewers listen so maybe they could come up with something to relatable to the song as well. One of my favourite posts was the “If I were a boy”, she added some humour to a “serious” song talking about some of the things boys do that girls wish they wouldn’t. Another which I found great is the “To my future husband” she wrote a beautiful piece about all the things she hopes her future husband is accomplishing right now. This piece was vulnerable in a sense, some people may be nervous or hesitant to put it out there. However I think it makes Jades website very down to earth and like I said very relatable.

Although I wouldn’t change anything with the website the only thing I would add is an about me page, something that I can read so I can learn even more about the blogger like what her goal are, what message does she want to share…etc. Having said that, I think Jade is off to a wonderful start with her website and should defiantly keep doing what she’s doing. Thanks for reading, Sonia xo

Progress Report

The importance of visual- continuity.

Great brands often raise the bar and continue to change and evolve. As the brands change the audience change with them; for better or for the worse. Branding is all about communication, being able to put something out into the world and get a response from the audience that you’re able to reach out too. Even brands that don’t market a name out into the world are still a brand and reach out to specific crowds that will continue to support the brand because they enjoy what they are distributing into the world. As much as change is relevant, brands need to have a consistency to continue to keep their audience intrigued in what new content will be shared.

I would personally like to reach out to a younger crowd between the ages 19-26 who are intrigued in the up coming styles. I chose the colour red to represent courage and power, because I feel as if everyone should feel confident in what they wear everyday. My logo isn’t fully complete because I want my logo to mirror what I choose to put out in the world. Once I fully know who I want to reach out to, and what I want my website to say it will be much easier to decide one a face for my brand.