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A Single Girls Valentine’s Day

Generally, I’m not a massive fan of Valentine’s day, but this year I decided to do things a little differently.
In years past I’ve spent my single Valentine’s days lonely and envious of those with people to spend the day with. I also went through a phase of referring to the pseudo -holiday as a “capitalist driven scam meant to trick people into spending money on fake evidence of their ‘love'”. I went through a cynical phase, can you tell?
Lately though, I’ve started to see that Valentine’s day is, in fact a day of celebrating love. whether its celebrating the love in a relationship, or celebrating self love. 

The Look:

Even though I’m spending this Valentine’s day in my pjs watching rom-coms, I decided to do a pretty-in-pink look to celebrate the holiday!
For my base, my face, my eyebrows, and my mascara,  I used pretty much all the same products as in my Casual Christmas Look.
Except the highlighter, In this look I used the 
PHYSICIANS FORMULA Butter Highlighter  in Pearl and I am 100% obsessed with it.

My Eyes-
To achieve this pretty pink look I used the 
ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette
I started by fluffing Buon Fresco into my crease with a fluffy brush, followed by a slight dusting of Love Letter  lower in the crease and slightly onto my lid. I took a second to blend those two together, and then I placed Venetian Red on my outer corner with a tapered brush. I blended this slightly into the outer part of the crease, but I kept it mostly focused on the outer corner of the eye. After getting all of my mattes placed, I used the URBAN DECAY Al Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to foil Vermeer , and I placed that on the inner two thirds of my lid, blending the edges slightly. To finish off the look, I used a thin angled brush to create a winged eyeliner effect with Cyprus Umber.  

My Lips-
On my lips I’m wearing the 
HUDA BEAUTY Liquid Matte Lipstick in Crush
I love this formula and I absolutely love this colour, Its a good everyday colour. If I were to do this look again though, I’d use a lip colour thats a little less peachy, and a little more pink.

If you want to see me doing this look, check out my video on Instagram! @jordananne76

Some Tips For Loving Yourself This Valentine’s Day:

When you’re single, Valentine’s day can be a day filled with sadness and jealousy, when it should be a day filled with celebrating self love. So here are a few tips for how you can show yourself a little self love this Valentine’s day.

Take Yourself Out-
If you don’t want to spend this Valentine’s day on your couch, then don’t be afraid to ask yourself on a date!Personally, I love going to movies alone, and I love sitting on a coffee shop patio drinking a SOLO espresso. So I can throughly recommend putting on your favourite outfit,  taking yourself out to your favourite place, and savouring the simplicity, and the silence, of doing something you love, alone. There is no one else to contend with,  and nobody else to wait for, everything is on your time line. Doing things alone also provides much needed time with yourself to nurture the most important relationship in your life.

Treat Yourself To a Little Luxury –
I don’t always make time for the more luxurious things in life, but when you’re nurturing self love, treating yourself is especially important. whether its doing your nails, or getting your hair done, a little luxury can go a long way. A couple specific luxurious things I can recommend for this valentines day are actually things I’ve already mentioned in a couple of my Self Care Sunday posts. Have a bath, or do a face mask. Around Valentine’s day, LUSH comes out with a Unicorn Horn bubble bar and I love nothing more than sliding into a steaming hot bubble bath surrounded by this sparkling scent. I also love getting out of the bath glittery and smelling good. The face mask I’d recommend for this day of luxury are really any of the LUSH Jelly Face Masks specifically, FOMO or Bunny Moon. I love these masks for a little more luxury, because they’re thick and creamy, and I love that I have to mush them up in my hands before I can put them on my face. I also notice immediate results every time I use these masks, and that always makes me feel good.
Luxury is anything that makes you feel luxurious, so really just do something you love, that makes you feel good.

And finally,
Spend Sometime Loving Yourself-
I know a lot of this has been about self love and loving yourself through actions, but today, there should be time for some mindful self love. Look in the mirror and pick out every single thing you love about yourself, or focus on all the things you love while you meditate, whatever being mindful means to you really. No matter what you do, it is important to make time to be mindful in your self love, because it really forces you to sit with it, feel it, and internalize it. 

Even If you’re alone this valentines day, take some time to love yourself. Because In the words of my hero RuPaul,
“If you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else”
Amen to that. 


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Pretty In Pink

Pretty in pink makeup selfieSome days, I want to be soft. Instead of going bold and edgy, I want to go more subtle. Like I always say, when putting on a makeup look, it always makes a statement. Going soft is a much less frequent occurrence in my life. I don’t usually go for a look which projects the image of softness because what I’ve noticed is it makes me feel vulnerable. When applying this type of look, I typically find myself in a friendly mood. Subtle looks are more inviting. They don’t serve to challenge people. They’re easy and welcoming.

To take a look into the soft sphere there are a few immediate stylistic changes I make. For one, I steer away from intense, dark colors. Instead, I trend towards warmer colors like dusty pinks and soft browns. Nude lipsticks also decrease the level of drama. I also tend to veer away from dark, sharp contours. Some shadow and shape is still important to the face, but I don’t want the contour to overtake the look. The most noticeable change to my typical look is my eyeliner: instead of a thick sharp liner, I simply line my eye instead. These changes create a drastically different feel to my makeup look then what many people expect to see from me on a daily basis.

So much of what I do stays similar throughout the process, it’s just less. I contour my eyes and face with softer browns, I use less bronzer, less blush. I use less eyeliner, less bold colors, a less matte finish. The result is a warm, welcoming makeup look. This one in particular revolved around a soft pink eye look. Choosing the right type of pink was key to keeping this look soft. I could do everything else exactly the same, but with different shadow decisions, the look would send an entirely different message. Dusty rose is a wonderful shadow palette to work with. The soothing variety of pink is more welcoming as opposed to the abrasive nature of bright pinks. It also brings out the blue in my eyes, which I find to be quite fabulous. The edges are also more blended then usual to ensure a softer look. Shimmery shades can also have a softening effect. Not glitter mind you, however a soft shimmer is somewhat whimsical in feel and can add to a more kind appearance.

The look on my face tends to follow the same steps as usual, I just try to go for less and apply with a delicate touch. You can always layer more product on as needed but removing it is challenging. After still applying my foundation and powders and the works, contouring is the first step in creating a face with some dimension again. Remembering to go lighter is the key to keeping with the theme of the look. But it’s not always the shade which needs to be lightened, it’s just how you apply. Feathering it on creates a softer shadow which you can always deepen as needed. The same goes for bronzer. Over bronzing can ruin a look because it can draw too much attention. A very light blush can be applied to give some color to your cheeks as well. The final touch for the face is highlight. No soft look would be complete without highlight. Not wanting to stray from my ways, I still utilize my lovely matte highlighting shades. However, I tend to go for a brighter one to brighten the face. There is something angelic about the outcome which perfectly suits the look. And of course, no look would be complete without lipstick. A nice nude lip pulls it all together without overwhelming the face but still finalizes the face.

Sometimes it’s okay to be soft.

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

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