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Ch. 6: Wallflower

How’s it going everyone?! Let’s get back to some elevated, classic, minimal clothing. All types of feels with this all black ensemble.

Top: Drole de Monsieur

Pants: Lad Musicion

Bag: Cote&Ciel

Shoes: Converse

I mean, I feel I don’t have too much this time to say about this outfit! Mostly because, well, it’s the least amount of clothing I’ve been “wearing” (or presenting), but let’s not think that there was some effort into this!

The sweater is from a French brand and online retailer. Cool story, the creator of the brand was a huge fashion influencer that was actually someone I looked to for inspiration when I started getting more interested in defining my style. He’s probably the closest person I try to dress like, and someone that a lot of my friends know as well. I’m assuming he was able to build himself up so well that, well, he gets to launch his own brand that is currently very successful! The sweater is a nice hoodie with a minimal slogan, saying “Not From Paris.” It’s simple, eyecatching, and what I ultimately look for if there’s any wording on my clothing. It’s also right in the front middle, which is nice! As well, it’s a more elongated sweater with no kangaroo pocket to add to it’s minimal design. The quality of this hoodie, as well, is so great. Super structured and soft; you can immediately feel the quality of the fabrics and the unique detailing portrayed through this basic black hoodie. This is one of my only two black hoodies currently, because this is just what i was looking for!

The pants have been seen before–from a cool store in Japan that does very eccentric clothing, but enough to suit my minimal needs! Classic Converse sneakers to top it all off, of course. This was a nice day out in LA, so of course, gotta have my bag to keep all my goods together!

Hope I was able to show some inspiration for all of you! I mean, you probably are starting to see now what I wear and what I would wear after a couple of posts.

’till next time, homies!

Ch. 5: Perplexed

“You look like you’re in a Japanese design studio,” quoted by my friend taking the shots. I never really done shots inside a house, because I was too picky in how loud and unappealing it looked. But, since our airbnb was super cool and refreshing, we decided to take some shots inside!

Jacket: Oak+Fort

Top: Oak+Fort

Bottoms: Alexander McQueen

Shoes: Vans

I think the images do a lot of the talking this time, so I’ll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible–I’ll try to say what I need to say, and nothing more!

For the jacket and top, I actually found both of these at the Oak+Fort sample sale. Yes, I know my closet is heavily based from this brand already, but often times it’s because they have exactly what I’m looking for. Want to save money? Try to get pickier and be very critical of what you want. This also makes you adore the stuff you buy, and value it way more. I’m not the person to have things in my closer where it is only worn once, and that’s how it should be! The top is unique in that I was looking for a simple white shirt with a three-quarter zipper detailing, and not to mention the price on this things was a huge score ($12!). The jacket is a black bomber, but what is not thoroughly seen is the detailing involved in it. This is actually a go-to jacket for me when I’m on the run–it’s light weight, comfy, and is stylish. It’s a black bomber, but it has a nice matte coating on it which gives it an edgier look!

The bottoms are.. yes.. an investment piece. They’re wide legged cropped pants! What I truly like about them is the unique fabric on them, and as well as it is actually super wide. I’ve tried on at least 30 different wide legged black pants so far in this lifetime, and I will say, most of them were no’s for the fact that they weren’t wide enough. These also had a unique double-pleat! Because I usually tuck my shirts in, now, the detailing of a pleat is important to me. It gives off more value, at least to me it does. To think that someone took the extra time to put a pleat in a pant already makes me feel more and more important. I’m easily moved, that’s for sure.

It’s the little things, people say. And each of these pieces I’m wearing has a “little something” that makes it different from very similar items or what other people are wearing. If you find joy in these little details, it’ll make it valuable. Trust me.

’till next time, homies!

Ch. 4: Supple

Back with one of my fave shoots ever from LA!

Somehow, the lighting was perfect at this random staircase location in the heart of DTLA. After this short shoot, I found that lighting makes such a difference. Just to let you guys know, I don’t do any professional photography. But, it honestly goes to show how important it is to have proper lighting for your photos, because editing can only do so much. I edit all my photos, though. But with the right lighting, it produces exactly what I want.

Top: Nike Tech Fleece

Pants: Lad Musician

Shoes: Converse

I actually picked up this top from a store in Downtown Vancouver called Front + Company. They’re half consignment and half branded, so it was neat to see all the choices. All the consignment clothing were priced reasonably well; I got this sweater way more than half off and it was almost completely new. At first, I was hesitant to get it because it was actually an XXL. Usually I buy most of my clothes in size large anyway, but this one was a little scary. Luckily I got to try and on and fell in love with how it fell on my torso! Also, there’s a kangaroo pocket that isn’t boxy. It’s too perfect! I would have bought this probably at original price at Nike anyway..

My pants were kind of luck finding in the streets of Japan when I visited there in December. The pants were pricey.. but they were something that my friends also agreed that “I had to get it.” They were these obnoxiously large black jeans, where you would think someone size XXXL would wear. Oh man, I’ve been searching for these forever! The only problem is it’s a little big on the waist and I chose the smallest size.. maybe losing 5-6lbs when I was in Korea has some downsides, haha.

Shoes are nothing new. I’ll do my best to switch it up next time, but these are truly my go-to’s since it literally matches all so well and is a cool take on a classic!

I’ll keep it short this time. Focus on the photos!

’till next time, Homies!