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Ch 7: Close-up

Trying something different here.. and I felt like I should post after taking these pictures of myself (no narcissism intended)! I went shopping this week and found myself looking for things I never really looked for before–clothing with print on them! For those of you that know already, you don’t really see me wearing any loud print or the like since.. well it’s hard to find ones that I really like. Luckily I found two tops this time around that changed my mind

Button-up: H&M

Sweater: H&M

I usually also do shopping online, so this “in-store-browsing” hasn’t been such a concept in my life for many years. I always find myself sitting at home, looking at many different pieces at once, and waiting for the shipment to arrive. There’s nothing like receiving that package you’ve been waiting for, right? I mean, you usually cherish whatever you bought way more.

But nonetheless, I found myself thoroughly surprised dropping by the other week with a friend. In the midst of stress from schoolwork, we decided to take a shopping break. Retail therapy.. is so real. Anyways, found this awesome button-up and sweater with prints I actually really like!

The button-up was something I did not think I would end up liking. However, when I put it on, I instantly fell in love with it! Similar to the graphics I like to see online of unique prints (though I don’t wear any), I thought hey this is actually something really unique yet still minimal enough for my liking. It’s also very different, and I have never found any print on anything else quite like it. I opted to buy an XL, since I wanted it oversized to wear almost like a jacket at times. The material was also nicely structured–it wasn’t those flimsy ones you know that would be bad after one wash.

I love marble print. I’m sure a lot of people nowadays too, but it was hard to always find that on a well put together top. This sweater is just that! Not only is the material again very different and non-flimsy, its texture adds to the uniqueness of the design. This sweater also came in a black monotone, though I opted for the white since I felt that I didn’t really have any white sweaters, and this was white enough for me. I get scared having too white of tops since I’m such a messy eater..

’till next time, homies!