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The In Between

What do you do when you can’t decide between going bold and going soft? Somedays I sit down in front of my makeup collection and I am unsure of exactly what I want. I’m not looking to go with a subtle look, but I also don’t really want to be totally in your face. I want to be the in between. I want to find the delicate balance between calm and loud. Now maybe at first glance you can’t see the balance to which I am referring. A dark blue lip after all, is a pretty loud statement. But when pairing it with a slightly warmer toned eye and face makeup which isn’t overly dramatic, it is not quite the slap in the face some of my looks can create.

I’ve always been instructed not to pair warm and cool toned makeup together in the same look. Believe me, I understand why. They aren’t designed to marry together smoothly. Typically the tones grate on one another and create a harsh look which is not quite right when you look at it. But if you do it just right, sometimes it can work out quite elegantly. The warmer tones in the look are cooled by the cool tones and vice versa.

Take this look for example. The eye look is made up of oranges and golds from my Anastasiia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. The overall effect is rather sunset like in nature. I intentionally did not go overboard with the pigmentation though, not wanting to overweight the warmth of the look. The face was done with the more neutral colors in my collection. Yes, my contour was still a dark shadow meant to create definition on my face. But I kept the shade as neutral as possible instead of choosing a warmer or cooler one. The same goes for my choice of bronzer. Bronzer by nature will always run warmer because, as the name implies, the whole point is to bronze up the look like a tan. But there is still a wide variety of shade options in the realm of bronzers. I found one which wouldn’t be overly warm in nature and went with that. The same process held true for my highlight as well.

The lip is what took this look from subtle to an in between. It is a cool toned shade and it’s quite aggressive upon first glance. But when pairing it with a look like this, it falls into place shockingly well. The tone warms up a little, and it elevates the look out of a purely subtle realm. It also adds an element of surprise to the look. I never like to do the same thing twice. I enjoy surprising people, both with who I am and with my makeup. This is an expression of complexity, of experimentation, of challenging the norms. Not every challenge has to be aggressive. Some rules you can break by pairing together tones which aren’t supposed to work together. I like to challenge people and the norms they ascribe to me. This look is just another way of doing so.

How do you challenge the norms people place on you? Leave a comment below!

Yours Truly,

Meera C.


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A First Impression Is A Chance For A Challenge

Bold orange lookIf you want to get someones attention, slap some intense color on there and you’re bound to succeed. One way or another, you’ll be noticed. Oranges are some of my favorite shades to work with because my eye color always pops when I throw orange on my lid. Most people want to make a good first impression no matter the situation. I’ve realized that is not my goal. Like I’ve said before, I challenge people. I utilize all methods at my disposal to test people and see if they have what it takes to stick with me in the long run. I guess makeup is part of that for me now. Going bold with my makeup on a first impression challenges many people. It’s like wearing armor. Are you the sort of person who will see through it? Or will you make assumptions about me?

To create a look like this I have to have a full coverage foundation to start with. For a bold look to come across correctly the intensity has to be consistent across the board. I’ve never felt good about bold eye looks when wearing a light coverage foundation because the rest of the look won’t have the same intensity. Contour won’t be as strong, highlight is more dull, and there is a lack of cohesiveness to the face. So, to create the perfect base for this bold look, I employ my best primer, full coverage, and translucent powder. Then, as per usual, I have to do up my brows with my tinted brow gel. I’m considering making the switch to a brow pencil here soon just to play with shape and fullness, but as of now I’m sticking with my gel.

Now, for some color. Eyes are the best way to get a bold flair introduced to your look. For this look, I grabbed my modern renaissance paletteBold orange look looking down to play with. To be honest I didn’t entirely have a plan this go around. But I knew I wanted to use the orange. It was just calling to me. So I started with some dark brown up through my crease and my outer corner to create some definition. I took the brown shade in pretty far to give myself some room for experimentation then grabbed the orange with a flat shader brush. I took the orange over almost all of my lid, leaving only the inner quarter of my eye exposed. I also packed on more then one layer of orange to ensure the color payoff was intense. Then I decided to try a new technique which I know everyone else has been using: the foil.

I snagged some of my friends setting spray, which I typically do not use, and sprayed a detailing brush with it lightly. Then I picked up a shimmery gold shade and took it into my inner corner and up through the inner quarter of my eye. It definitely was effective in increasing the intensity of the color payoff with the shimmer. Something felt like it was missing though. There just wasn’t enough dimension to make me happy. So I took some black from another palette into my outer V and that tied it together. All that was left was highlighting the brow bone.

I go through my typical face routine. A nice, classy contour paired with bronzer, blush, and a matte highlight. The final touch of the look is the lips. The most important part of making the lips last is using my lip primer. When using a liquid lip in winter, you have to keep your lips moisturized under a liquid formula. So I use my primer then throw on my tarte liquid lip.

And that’s how I put together this bold look! How do you make a first impression? Comment below!

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

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Pretty In Pink

Pretty in pink makeup selfieSome days, I want to be soft. Instead of going bold and edgy, I want to go more subtle. Like I always say, when putting on a makeup look, it always makes a statement. Going soft is a much less frequent occurrence in my life. I don’t usually go for a look which projects the image of softness because what I’ve noticed is it makes me feel vulnerable. When applying this type of look, I typically find myself in a friendly mood. Subtle looks are more inviting. They don’t serve to challenge people. They’re easy and welcoming.

To take a look into the soft sphere there are a few immediate stylistic changes I make. For one, I steer away from intense, dark colors. Instead, I trend towards warmer colors like dusty pinks and soft browns. Nude lipsticks also decrease the level of drama. I also tend to veer away from dark, sharp contours. Some shadow and shape is still important to the face, but I don’t want the contour to overtake the look. The most noticeable change to my typical look is my eyeliner: instead of a thick sharp liner, I simply line my eye instead. These changes create a drastically different feel to my makeup look then what many people expect to see from me on a daily basis.

So much of what I do stays similar throughout the process, it’s just less. I contour my eyes and face with softer browns, I use less bronzer, less blush. I use less eyeliner, less bold colors, a less matte finish. The result is a warm, welcoming makeup look. This one in particular revolved around a soft pink eye look. Choosing the right type of pink was key to keeping this look soft. I could do everything else exactly the same, but with different shadow decisions, the look would send an entirely different message. Dusty rose is a wonderful shadow palette to work with. The soothing variety of pink is more welcoming as opposed to the abrasive nature of bright pinks. It also brings out the blue in my eyes, which I find to be quite fabulous. The edges are also more blended then usual to ensure a softer look. Shimmery shades can also have a softening effect. Not glitter mind you, however a soft shimmer is somewhat whimsical in feel and can add to a more kind appearance.

The look on my face tends to follow the same steps as usual, I just try to go for less and apply with a delicate touch. You can always layer more product on as needed but removing it is challenging. After still applying my foundation and powders and the works, contouring is the first step in creating a face with some dimension again. Remembering to go lighter is the key to keeping with the theme of the look. But it’s not always the shade which needs to be lightened, it’s just how you apply. Feathering it on creates a softer shadow which you can always deepen as needed. The same goes for bronzer. Over bronzing can ruin a look because it can draw too much attention. A very light blush can be applied to give some color to your cheeks as well. The final touch for the face is highlight. No soft look would be complete without highlight. Not wanting to stray from my ways, I still utilize my lovely matte highlighting shades. However, I tend to go for a brighter one to brighten the face. There is something angelic about the outcome which perfectly suits the look. And of course, no look would be complete without lipstick. A nice nude lip pulls it all together without overwhelming the face but still finalizes the face.

Sometimes it’s okay to be soft.

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

The post Pretty In Pink appeared first on Beauty As Art.