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El Arco

In April 2015, I went to Los Cabos, Mexico with my mom and sister. It was fabulously hot and I spent most of my time in various bodies of water. One day, we went into Cabo San Lucas (we were only about a 45 minute bus ride away from the city) and took a boat ride to see the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas, known locally as El Arco or Lover’s Arch. It’s a distinctive rock formation that has tons of limestones that all jut out at various angles as well as a prominent arch formed on one end. It’s really cool to see in person. Our boat cruise went all the way around it and we even got the pleasure of seeing some seals!

The famous El Arco
This was on the other side of the arch. Notice the beautiful blue water!
Some seals just minding their own business.
This guy couldn’t care less that we all watching him. He had found a great spot to lay and be damned if some tourists were going to come disturb him.

It was never fully explained to me why the arch is called Lover’s Arch. We weren’t allowed to actually stop and get off the boat – the water was too rough close to the rocks. So I don’t think that people really step foot on the arch. Maybe it’s just one of those names that no one knows why it’s named that. Or maybe it was made up to get tourists to come and visit. Regardless, it was a really awesome experience getting to taking a boat ride around the beautiful rock formations just off the Baja California Peninsula. They are there as a result of weathering and erosion and one day, they may erode completely (this reminds me of Malta’s famous Azure Window which just collapsed). It’s a good reminder to enjoy Earth’s beautiful treasures while we can!