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LiJiang – heaven

Li Jiang is by far my favourite place that I’ve visited. People who went there might say it’s isolated, distanced from modern society; however, to me it’s a heaven on earth where you can escape from all the pressure and responsibilities from the modern society. It’s different.

My mom and I flew there and landed during night time. The airport is far away from this ancient town. We went on a truck and was driven to the entrance of this magical town. At the entrance, all the cars were forbidden to enter and there are no buildings that are more than 2 floors high. The town was so quiet yet lively. There was no streetlights but lights from households alone the streets but surprisingly it wasn’t dark.

Lijiang was famous for having abundant amount of minor ethnicities and early  morning we can see people casually dressed in their own traditional clothing and began their busy day.


Hotels in Li Jiang from Trip Advisor 

Places we went:

  1. Lijiang are famous for their incredibly protected environment (probably the cleanest city in China) so most of the time we were just walking around the town and went on horse rides.
  2. Boat ride experience: you are sitting in a boat while shopping for food and gifts from other boats. ( Cautious: I went boating with my mom when it was raining, the boat was made with metal so it got really slippery and my mom fell on her butt. Later in the day, she wasn’t able to sit on chairs so we were asking around for cushions)
  3. Hiking with oxygen bottles. Lijiang has a lot of high altitude mountains and wetland parks. A lot of people tend to react to change in high altitude since there’s tend to be lack of oxygen so be aware of your own health before going.
  4. Visit temples – My mom and I took a tour bus with a group of young couples and went to visit this famous temple and stayed over night at a hot spring hotel. Tips: always go with a group of friends who are experienced in different areas. I got sick during the trip due to high altitude. However, within the group there was a doctor and was able to tell my mom how to make me feel better.