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Chapter One (pt 2) – Mother Earth

Dear Diary,

Nov 29th, 2100


It snowed about 3 inches this morning, but all of it melted this afternoon. I remember reading about how the streets of Vancouver used to be completely covered in white snow. I envy my parents who had the privilege of experiencing such a gorgeous view or nature. Nowadays, the summers and winters are humid. The foggy sky and muddy air.

Sometimes I wonder whether it would be too depressing to see how humans destroyed the planet? At least, I was not responsible for the generation that made global warming irreversible.

But would it be worth the while to have seen the earth at a better state? It’s like the saying:

“tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

So, is it too late for me to love my planet in its tainted state?


P.s. forgive my parent’s mother nature

Essay 2

My blog was made for a number of reasons. For my main objective, I was interested in experimenting with different digital media’s-Twitter, Instagram and Facebook-to create new infrastructures that would lead to my blog. Most importantly, I had a fascination with the comment section. Through dialogue, I wanted to build a relationship between my readers and myself. I was interested in this relationship because it could improve my audiences understanding the writer(myself). However, I am having trouble popularizing my blog and therefore a lack of people comment on my posts. Initially, I tried to take initiatives and have friends comment on my posts, but it took a lot of my time and their time to read my posts and create them. I am currently trying to create more posts that are shorter, easier to read and humorous.

In terms of creating a better comment section, I have been interested in adding an online chat in the future. In the article, How Facebook Messenger clawed it’s way to 1 billion users, stated that Facebook messenger was created as a means to increase the productivity of online chatting. One feature that I am interested in is creating an easier way for viewers and myself to interact. Hypothetically, if I were to increase my number of followers in the future, it would not be realistic to engage in conversation with every single respondent. I began to ideate ideas on how I could make communication more productive, similar to the external Facebook Messenger app. What made Facebook messenger so successful was that “people can instantly communicate with each other without anything but a name and internet access(source).” Although I do not have the competency or money to administrate my own communication app, I can utilize instagram, twitter and facebook to act as my messenger app.

To use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook effectively, I need to first establish the conditions of my external “communication apps (CA)”. Here are the guidelines for BookRiots commentary section:

Being able to monitor the comments will be an integral component in my interventions with my public audience. To limit the number of offensive comment, I will delete any rude or insulting comments based on my standards. In terms of freedom, the public is not free to insult others as my blog is personal and subjective. I aim for followers who understand the basis of my blog, a digital platform for creating content based on my own experiences.

An issue that I stumbled upon due to the asynchronicity of the conversations, through my media platforms, is the inability to respond quickly to my audience. Asynchronicity is a communication that is an email and message board (source). Asynchronicity is problematic because its people does not communicate face to face with long durations of pauses. Emails or message boards tend to take long segmented pauses in between replies. Ideally, I would love to reply constantly with my followers, but as my crowd grows a longer gap for me to respond will increase. As a result, a disengagement with my audience is prone to happen and I may lose the audience that I desire-A supportive community that empowers each other. Although these consequences are possible, I am still interested in will continue to grow my audience. Ideally, I will be able to grow an audience with similar beliefs as myself and naturally form a supportive community without my constant interventions.

Before I can grow my audience, I have been trying to create an aesthetic for my blog that is calming and minimalistic. These aesthetical choice are decisions that I’ve chosen, hoping to attract people who are seeking content to read that is relatable. I want to create a feel-good space that looks trustable and vulnerable. I used imagery of myself segmented parts of my face and hands to depict vulnerability. At first, it seemed strange and uncomfortable to see a disfigurement of the body.

 Original header image

 New header image

I changed the header because I felt the original image did not depict my own self properly. I did not want my audience to view my blog as someone who is insecure, but as an individual who was faced with insecurities and found confidence through experiences of being a victim of harassment and depression. My new header is an image of my own art that depicts a person as a weapon. Not a weapon for harm, but an individual who can protect him/herself from a toxic world.

In conclusion, my newest feature on my blog is the story section. I wanted to use this section to speak to my audience without needing to reply to them. By creating a story, I am able to narrate my life in the form of an online book. I am planning to post a short new chapter every week that works practically with my own work schedule. I do not have a set day that I will keep posting consecutively, but I may change that as my weeks become more free or vice versa.

Chapter One (Fire and Water)

Dear Diary,

I’m in sixth grade and I am still being bullied by the same four boys in my class. My friends saw the harassment today, standing idly by as one of the bullies’ violently thrust me towards the ground. So I wonder.

Are they my friends if they are too afraid to stand up for me?

Or am I a nuisance to them for being an easy target?

I am afraid to go back to school tomorrow now. The pain of seeing them and avoiding them is unbearable. I know that pain does not last, but for me, the memories do not fade. The imagery of their faces is engraved into my brain. Their vicious smiles of horror that pierce through my heart before they tackle me towards the cement. Although my knees have bled dozens of times and my hands are scarred from gravel, I can’t fight back.

I have two fists, but still, they are worthless without bravery. And if I had bravery, is it justifiable to act violently towards those who persecute me? I never understood the saying fight fire with fire. We do not fight fire with fire, but with water. Yet, water can become a violent typhoon with greater potentials to destroy everything in its path. So am I fire or am I water or am I a forest prone to stay silent and still and wait to be consumed by a wildfire or crushed by a typhoon?

Week 12 Community

Community is fundamental for a healthy relation between an audience and myself. How I want a healthy community to function within my blog is to engage with others who are supportive and display an explicit interest in the topics I discuss. How I want to monitor the comments is to disallow public comments to publicize their thoughts without my approval. I do not want to dictate the comments, but my comments are a reflection of what I believe is personally moral in reflection of myself. Pure-hate comments such as public shaming and violence will be disapproved, but any opposing ideas will be allowed, mainly to minimize the filtering of public voices.

What I want to benefit from my audience is the growing interactivity between Public – Public and Public – Publisher. As a result, I aim to create an online support group that entrusts me to allow commentary that my audience also would approve. However, I will state, in a post, how I will monitor comments that I will not tolerate and those that I encourage.

Week 9

Based on the status of my Google Analytics, I do not have much online traffic. I have recently been trying to increase the social networks through Instagram and Twitter. however, my Tumblr account is newly made and content is just being made in relation to my blog. My Instagram has attracted some viewers to visit my blog, but my analytics have shown that they left fairly quickly. I think the main reason is that my Instagram is art based and my blog is comedic.

I think that I need to create a page about art on my blog so that traffic can transverse more smoothly, rather than a hard turn between my blog and Instagram.

Also, I am interested in posting more on Twitter and trying to reach out to a broader audience by commenting on other Twitter posts that’s related to my directed audience.



Problem 6 (Pencil’s)

My Palms stick tightly against the table

As I jot down notes, my fingers become unstable

Unable to grasp onto my pencil

I wish that someone could event a better writing utensil

In one split second, my hand drops from top to bottom

Holding on for dear life, not to miss the professor’s doctrine

I move back up to find that I had ripped my surface

My paper all damp, I withdraw my pencil from its service

and bring out a pen that would skid past more effortless

But, once again, my fingers drop from the top to bottom



Week 10 (Integration of Transmedia)

Make a plan for incorporating more transmedia integration into your online publication. What channels will you focus on? Why?

This week, I have included Twitter as my second social media platform to broaden my audience. I want to focus on the integration of Instagram and Twitter into my blog. Like most people, we have many personalities that are expressed on different occasions. I want to use each platform to correspond to each of my different personas. For example, I express a more humorous persona on this blog, but my Instagram is designed to be about my art.

My audience goal: Used to create a safe environment for people to discuss and support others who struggle with insecurities. Also to attract an audience who enjoys humor and mindless reading

Instagram audience: Mainly for attracting an audience interested in conceptual art

Twitter: Redirect my blog followers to an alternate persona that includes rants and personal thoughts

Problem 5 (Cold hands)

Wind is my worst enemy. For someone with hyperhidrosis, walking outside on a windy day will feel like coming out of a hot shower on a cold day. I don’t know exactly what makes it feel so cold, but I think it’s the water evaporating off the body that somehow feels cold.

“Being wet makes this worse. Both because the wind agitates the water and brings cold water back in contact with your skin, and because it increases the rate of evaporation. Evaporation takes energy from the surroundings (your skin) when it occurs and makes you colder. This is the same way that sweating works (see Perspiration).”

The reason I bring this up is that it’s almost winter. I can wear mittens, but when they soak through, it feels like my mittens could freeze through. I’ve tried putting plastic gloves under the gloves or mitten, but honestly its just nasty. It works but it feels gross. I think the magic solution was putting on plastic gloves over the mittens. I know… you’ll look stupid… well tough love because I’d rather be warm than cold. But if you want to look normal, you could put another mitten on, but I don’t think you’ll be able to move your fingers through three layers. Good luck!

My Last Hour Online

Hi friends,

My palms are getting sweaty just thinking about a scenario, I thought was pretty interesting.

The world has decided to shut down the internet. What would you do with your last hour online?

  1. Google how to survive before 1983?
  2. Look for some good recipes
  3. Go on Facebook and write down the important birthdays of friends who would never forgive me if I forgot it
  4. Google good restaurants around the area.
  5. Download any important documents I uploaded onto my Google Drive.

Honestly, I think I could survive without the internet. All my friends know this about me, but I am incredibly technology disabled. I didn’t use the internet until grade 8, which was 8 years ago. My first fascination with Google was Neopets, a popular game during the time. More importantly, I think the most revolutionary and timeless website that helped make my life easier, in general, was I remember before my introduction to, I would get headaches flipping back and forth to find a single word. I can’t imagine what it’d be like reading an academic article before the internet.


I.e. Bless the internet.