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Week 6: Process Post

This week I received feedback on my blog from the peer review that was both complimentary and constructive. I had made changes to the theme I was using a couple of weeks ago and I discovered that all the CSS work I had done was completely overridden back to the original theme. I had lost all the code I changed. Thus, I began to work through my CSS again: this time I made sure to copy and paste all the CSS into a separate text file in the case that it may get overridden again. I’m not sure what and when my changes had been overridden, but I’m guessing it was when I updated my WordPress before the peer reviewing happened.

Besides that, my peer reviewer didn’t have any major issues, but suggested I make the titles of my entries larger so it visually catches the reader’s attention while helping keep each entry distinct from one another. I was quite happy with what I had, but I decided to make the font size larger and slightly heavier. I also made my header image smaller because it was appearing too large and took up too much of the screen. Overall, I am happy with the ample whitespace and light accents.

Week 5: Process Post

Thus far, I have been imagining my blog to be catered towards creative teens and young adults who are looking for a platform for personal inspiration and motivation. Because I tend to be a more introverted and reserved individual, I really enjoy having a digital space for me to express myself and for people to get to know who I am. Catering to this audience I have in mind, I have created my blog to convey simplicity through a minimalist design — to be organized with the least distractions possible.

My hope is that visitors will see the world in another perspective through the online space I have created and through my personal thoughts and experiences, will find relevance in their own lives. As Warner states,

To address a public we don’t go around saying the same thing to all these people. We say it in a venue of indefinite address, and hope that people will find themselves in it. (Warner, pg. 418)


Week 4: Design Decisions

We are all familiar with Buzzfeed, the social news and entertainment site that drives students into a seemingly unending procrastination train. Plastered all over our Facebook newsfeeds, Buzzfeed produces over 700 pieces of content every day with an average of 7 billion views a month. With the impressive amount of traffic it’s quite crucial for Buzzfeed to maintain a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing online presence.
Upon first glance, the home page (shown above) is crammed with bright, colourful photographs. It screams “Read me!!!!”: from the small carousel under the navigation menu to larger images in the main feed section to the blocks of images in the right side bar, Buzzfeed clearly wants the reader to indulge themselves into their endless collection of articles. Where do I start first?

Are those buttons? Are they just decorations? What is “LOL”? “WTF”??
If you’re not a millennial, or someone who is up with the lingo these days, how is one supposed to know what these acronyms stand for? Are they clickable buttons or just static icons? What does the red one with the arrow pointing up mean? These aspects of the site doesn’t seem to speak the user’s language, but luckily the feedback of them (when I hover over them, they have a ‘bounce’ effect) tells me that it is in fact clickable, taking you into a different feed. Out of curiosity, I wondered how this effect would translate into the mobile version when a user can’t have the same hover interaction. To my surprise, they aren’t even present in the mobile site. Completely gone. Vanished.

An aspect that I see is done quite well is the navigation/menu bar. With a good amount of contrasting colours on a white slate, the bold and bright colours of the type is representative of Buzzfeed’s branding that is fun and exciting. Clean, legible type and a concise system of labelling gives the user at least some hopes of navigating through heaps of content and images.


This week, I dove into the CSS of the WordPress theme I am using to start to personalize my aesthetics into the theme. I am aiming to incorporate some of the natural & earthy tones as light accents and tinker around with the letter-spacing and padding of the elements. I’ve come up with a list of topics to write about so I am hoping to set a schedule to be more consistent with the frequency of posts.