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Minami | Japanese Restaurant

Today, I wanted to introduce one of my favorite Japanese restaurant in town, Minami. They are very famous for their oshi sushi – also they are a sister company with Miku (another beautiful restaurant located at Waterfront, downtown). Minami is located in Yaletown, which is full of famous and delicious restaurant. I love Yaletown because […]

Hot Pot Should Come with a Waiver

*feature photo is not my own. Our table was an absolute disaster of sauce and epic destruction, and the photos I did take caused me great shame.

Rain drop, drop top, cookin’ up RAW CHICKEN IN THE HOT POT POT.

I’m a lucky lady. Despite stating the contrary on a daily basis, I am. OK, so maybe I have normal day-to-day tribulations that make many people close to me utter, “that would only happen to you…’.
Just last week, I went on a hike, and right as I walked under a tree… it decided to drop a load of snow directly onto my head and neck. No one else. Just me.
Two weeks ago, my dog selected me for night time cuddles. Yay! She threw up in my bed at 3 in the morning.
One month ago, I lit a candle in my room. My mom negligently tossed my fleece pullover onto it while returning it to my room, sending it up in flames.

OK, maybe the last one isn’t ‘bad luck’, but rather a chat I need to be having with my mom about not putting clothing articles on an open flame.

Lauren, what does this have to do with hot pot?

Oh, I’m so glad you asked! I’m a lucky lady – my family is fantastic… and smart: they know I’m a lot kinder when fed, and we semi-regularly go out as a unit for what we like to call ‘International Food Night’. In the past, we’ve explored Thai, Malaysian, Himalayan, Indian, and so on. This week, we settled on Hot Pot!

Upon arriving, we were shown to our table and hastily given a giant page with a bunch of noodle, veg, meat, and soup options with boxes beside the seemingly-hundreds of items. Kind-of like the pages to receive at an ‘all you can eat’ restaurant, except just one page for the whole table. It took us 45 minutes to finally figure out what to do and what to select, and decisions were only made out of sheer hunger, stress, and anxiety over having absolutely no idea what we were doing. With a few recommendations from a server (that finally came over after us trying to wave someone down), we settled on getting 2 large pots, split into 4 types of soup broth, with mushrooms, leafy veg, spicy beef, chicken, scallops, and prawns.

I do not recommend doing it this way if you are a first-timer. 

If you don’t know what hot pot is, basically you have a conduction burner or 2 in front of you, you choose a bunch of stuff, some broth, and you cook the food yourself (right in front of you, at your table) in the pots of bubbling broth.

Everything started to arrive at the table, and panic ensued. This place was not noob-friendly, and being a bunch of noobs, we started to fight over how we should do it. My dad tried to convince us that you are meant to take a singular piece of meat (or veg) into some chopsticks and submerge it in the broth, holding onto the meat with your chopsticks the whole time its cooking. For about 7 minutes, we all sat there like idiots, spending 3 minutes on drowning each bite in broth.

Finally, we all decided that you’re supposed to dump all the meat into the broth, let it cook, and spoon it into your bowls. But for how long??? I let the chicken cook in the broth, took a piece out, checked it and noticed it was pink in the middle so I put it back in and grabbed that same piece of chicken after a couple more minutes and ate it. Everything from here on out was kind of a guess and check experience. At one point I took a scallop out, and convinced it was cooked through I took a bite…. discovering it was indeed NOT COOKED.

People were staring.

We finished our food and all decided that that was an experience, if anything. We also all decided that we were dumb.
As if we needed any confirmation on our collective stupidity, my sister looked up and noticed there were video instructions looping on a big screen right in front of us. The whole time. Instructions. 

Looking around, our table was in complete carnage. Sauce and green onions and broth was spilled everywhere, the entire family sweating up a storm because we foursome reason thought that “Extra Spicy Thai Red Chili” broth was a good idea.

The long and the short of it: hot pot is not for the faint of heart, and it should come with a waiver. Oh, and read the video  instructions – I am still certain I ate raw chicken! It was fun, and I’m sure delicious if you knew what you were doing, so if you go, bring someone that knows what they’re doing… because the staff is not interested in helping.



Hello again!

I apologize for not posting in… *gulp*… weeks. It was reading break, and this time around I actually had a lot of reading. That being said, I’m here now. Nobody panic.

Disclaimer: this is a long one. Be forewarned!

Last week was also Valentines Day. To be honest, I’m not one for the holiday. I think (know?) it was created by Hallmark in cahoots with Hershey’s to sell cards and kisses. So, I stuck it to the man and refused to go out on Valentines Day! ….we went out on the 13th instead. That’ll show ’em.

All kidding aside, I do like to go out once in a while for a nice dinner. After a little research we settled on Nightingale – a new, modern concept ‘Canadian cuisine’ restaurant that focusses on share plates and ‘social dishes’. The man behind it all is David Hawksworth, a critically acclaimed chef that first opened the very successful Hawksworth’s restaurant. Let’s just say, Hawksworth’s was out of our price range, and even if we could afford it, we wouldn’t have the clothes (or class) for it.

Nightingale was one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to.

My boyfriend and I made last minute reservations for 6:30 on February the 13th. We were told over the phone that they did have one table available, but asked if it was okay that it was a table in the lounge, where we would sit side-by-side and watch the action in the kitchen. We’re not picky so of course we said yes!

Our seats, in front of the action.

To say the decor is ‘cool’ would be an understatement. You walk in through double doors to be greeted by a friendly, casually-dressed host team. The dining room had tall ceilings, and a bar stretched from floor to ceiling – and I love a good bar. I can’t comment much more on the decor because it wouldn’t do it justice!

A terribly blurry photo of the terribly cool bar and high ceilings!

We were lead upstairs to our seats. It was better than we expected, actually, considering the ‘warning’ we were given on the phone. We sat in a booth seat sunken into the wall. It was more private than the average table, and it was right in front of the open-concept kitchen, like they said. It was also very hot, which was the only trade-off.

We were quickly greeted by not 1 server, but 2 servers and the expeditor (all at separate times, of course) who seemed to know what he was doing well enough to perhaps be someone that works in the kitchen as well? I can’t attest to this but we definitely felt looked after. The server advised us to order at least 3-4 plates to share amongst ourselves to get the full experience. We ordered some cocktails – which were delicious, might I add – and 3 items from the menu to start.

The Bramble
33 Acres Brewing – ‘Darkness’ Schwarzbier











First to come to the table was the Butternut squash tortelloni with sage brown butter, pumpkin seed, and goat gouda.
This is one of the best things I’ve eaten in a while. (For $17 for 6 tortellonis, it better be good.) The sauce was salty, but the creaminess of the pasta filling cut it for a perfect marriage of carby goodness.

Butternut squash tortelloni, sage brown butter, pumpkin seed, goat gouda.

Next we had the Roasted cauliflower with sunflower seeds and green harissa. Not sure what Harissa is but it was pretty damn good, whatever it was. I understand why they said to share because both these dishes were very rich while being a bit ‘one note’, so I think I would have been disappointed if I got this to myself and was the only thing I had. That being said, I definitely recommend this as part of the vegetable section, if you’re the type of person that conforms to eating vegetables. We were between this and the grilled broccolini, and thanks to our seats we were able to see the grilled broccolini go out and knew we made the right choice. (It was a pile of green).

Roasted cauliflower, sunflower seed, green harissa.

Last for dinner we got a pizza, upon the servers recommendation. It felt kind of strange to order a pizza when going out for a nice dinner but we took the advice and didn’t regret it! We opted for the Pork ‘nduja sausage, kale, roasted eggplant, fior di latte pizza whilst simultaneously avoiding having to attempt to pronounce ‘nduja. I let my boyfriend take the lead on that one. It was a proper Neapolitan style crust, which I can definitely appreciate. For $17, it was pretty standard. I think next time I wouldn’t get a pizza – it was delicious, but we saw a plethora of amazing options than were more unique, IMHO.

Pork ‘nduja sausage, kale, roasted eggplant, fior di latte.

By this point, we were completely stuffed. So we ordered dessert, because that’s the kind of people that we are.

You know when you eat something and and start laughing because that’s how good it is? The Salted caramel pot de creme did that for me. If you go here…. get this. ‘Nuff said.

Salted caramel pot de crème, whipped crème fraîche, butterscotch, vanilla breton.

Here’s a photo of something we saw and didn’t order but deserves to be seen because IT’S ON FIRE.

A flaming steak of sorts. I don’t get out much.

It’s done! We did it! If you made it this far, kudos. Reward yourself for reading my ramble by going to this restaurant, you deserve it!

TLDR: We went to Nightingale for not-not-Valentine’s day and it was good and the ambiance was cool and the servers were great and the food was delicious and I saw fire.



Nightingale by David Hawksworth is located at 1017 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

Peer Review #2

Another peer review! This time around, it’s for Kim Kind of Cooks.

First impression: love the layout. It’s clean and simple, and I’m a slut for a good cooking blog (am I allowed to say that here? Let’s see how this goes). The blog itself reminds me that I haven’t actually added anything to my ‘home cooking’ page of my blog, which sparks an epiphany that I spend way too much money going out to eat… any who. Back to Kim Kind of Cooks – which, by the way, is a great blog name!

The About section is quirky, real, and honest. It is concise and explains a little bit of the why of the blog, as well as the what and the how. Kim has done an awesome job and I don’t think this page needs any tweaking! Also, love the bitmoji. It’s cute and relevant.

The three-photo layout is, IMHO, perfect for a recipe blog, as it shows more options at first glance! As we saw in tutorial, it’s also great that the photos and links to pages are hanging, or ‘half-showing’, which encourages the reader to keep scrolling. The pages make sense. I like that; the hanging menu for PUB 101, for example, categorizes it into sub headings of different assignments, which is awesome for navigation. On the topic of navigation, however, it’s unfortunate there is no ‘home’ button or icon to get back to the main page, considering how much I like it! Once you’ve clicked on a menu item, the only way to get back to the home page seems to be retyping in the url. Usability is great aside from this (and that’s saying something; just look at my Photoshop, AKA the Bane of My Existence post)
The Instagram feed on the sidebar looks great but there’s no clear link to the Instagram page itself. Sidebar makes recipe finding easy.

Grammar is great. No typos I could find except the recipe for Comfort Chili reads ‘Comfort Chill.’ Honestly, who doesn’t need a little comfort chill in their life though. I can’t wait to finally comfort chill after this week of exams.

The process posts I think are great and show knowledge of the readings and insight into class. Now that I look at this blog I actually think that I’ve been doing the process posts wrong…  Oops? I’ve still got time…

The recipes double up on ‘lunch’ and ‘dinner,’ but that is likely because there have only been 6 weeks, therefor 6 recipe posts and you don’t want a page to look naked! I feel this is already intended to be tweaked as more recipes get added, but I felt it was worth mentioning. What’s awesome though is the in-text links to the original recipes. Win.

Final note:loooooove baking with sour cream in it, so thank you for bringing your Sour Cream Banana Bread recipe into my life. Maybe I’ll finally have something to add to my ‘You Cooked?!” tab?

Quests & Queers

In Vancouver, LGBTQIA2+ or an ally, and looking for somewhere to go to play games in a safe and fun encouraging environment? Have I got the place for you!

Once a month at both the Storm Crow Tavern on Commercial and Storm Crow Alehouse on Broadway, I host Quests & Queers! Q&Q is a gaymer (meant as an all inclusive word) night for people who might want to just be around other queer people, who might want to meet more people outside of the typical events, or feel a bit awks about going out on other nights.

Come have some drinks (I love rolling for shots), eat some food (I happen to know the chic pea fries are great), play some board games, meet or bring friends! I’m there to make you feel welcome and as included as you wish to be. If you have
a group I can help you learn some games, if you are flying solo I can set you up with some players.


The next few dates for the both venues have been set!

Alehouse – Tuesdays

  • January 23
  • February 20
  • March 20
  • April 24

Tavern – Mondays

  • February 5
  • March 5
  • April 9

Sign up to get my bi-weekly Newsletter (scroll down on the website menu) that will send reminders about the next event regardless where it is (along with the other nifty stuff I am doing like new blog posts or roleplaying games), or you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Cant wait to see you there!

Happy Gayming

Muslim teen and transit hero discuss SkyTrain safety with Vancouver Mayor

On December 15th, Noor Fadel and Jake Taylor visited city hall to meet with Mayor Robertson to speak about effective ways to increase protection on public transportation.

Noor and Jake retold their story. Noor explained that the attacker approached her with an aggressive tone, loudly threatening and cursing at her. The verbal attacks soon escalated into physical assault.

Upon witnessing the attacker strike Noor, Jake disclosed that he sprang into action fending off the attacker with a shove along with a strong warning to “get the F out of here.”

Only one citizen protected Noor despite the train containing several passengers who passively observed the event unfold.

Noor and Jake stated that none of the passengers present have come forward as witnesses yet. After hearing their story Mayor Robertson suggested the formation of an awareness campaign.

Noor and Jake agreed on the importance of education about preventing assaults by taking action. They stressed the need for protecting the victim in several ways.

The two explained that passengers should take advantage of SkyTrain safety methods by pressing the yellow strip, or pushing the speaker button to speak to security.

They recommended on lookers call the police and film the incident to provide evidence. The pair then proposed installing CCTV’s in the trains to quell the voices that claim an incident as false because of insufficient evidence.

Mayor Robertson proposed the idea of the pair creating a documentary about the incident to shed light on preventing a bystander effect. Noor and Jake responded positively to the suggestion stating that speaking out about their story may better inform the public to take a stand together and help keep the community safe.

Click on the audio link below to listen to an interview with Noor Fadel:

Richmond, British Columbia

It’s winter and ’tis the season for hotpot! Honestly, to me, hotpot is all seasons, yes even in the summer~ (please remember there is air conditioners). The other day my sister and I went to a newly opened hotpot place in Richmond called: DolarShop. I believe is a chain store from China.

*Please note: there is a huge line wait and it is not AYCE (all you can eat) hotpot*

The benefit of this hotpot place is that you order your own soup base so it eliminates the difficulty of everyone sharing one pot (such as food allergies or people not eating certain things). They have many soup bases and I order the tomato one. *Also to note* that there is an additional $2.99 for condiments and fresh fruit which would be the sauce section, little appetizers like kimchi and peanuts, and they were serving watermelon at the time. It is unlimited.

Overall, the food was delicious (I don’t know how hotpot can go wrong unless their food was not fresh). Service was good but be prepared to be spoken in Chinese as long as you look Asian/Chinese. The down side was definitely the wait time. I would suggest going in earlier to put your name down as they take your phone number down. When it is almost your time to be seated they will give you a call. The design of DolarShop is very clean, modern, and bright which makes me feel more comfortable eating there because I can see what I’m eating.

ADDRESS: 720-5300 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6X 2C7
PHONE: 604-370-7077
WEBSITE: http://www.dolarshop.com/en/Global.htm

Family Day In Vancouver

Spending time with family is important. Unfortunately I don’t always get to spend the amount of time I want to with them. Especially when they live 4 hours away. I know that isn’t a crazy amount, but it still slows the amount we get to see each other.

When my family visited us we decided to spend some time in the city exploring what Vancouver has to offer. there are lots of great sights around, but that wasn’t my main focus.

I love capturing moments and people. Pictures of buildings and landscapes are cool, but I prefer taking photos of humans because they remind me of moments more. We could all take a picture of the olympic torch (of course I took one too) and they are all the same. Sure they are creative in their own ways and are from different angles, but the personality of the torch remains. When I take pictures of humans I get to capture so much more than the way they look that day.

I love documenting moments and having them forever. It is very dad of me, but I just think it is so cool when someone can dive into their archives and pull out images or videos from milestones or significant times in their life. Casey Neistat does a really great job of this when he makes videos and that is where I got my inspiration from.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed seeing a few pictures from our time in Vancouver and getting to hear me ramble about why I take the pictures I do.



Vancouver, British Columbia

Summer 2017, back in Vancouver, I had the pleasure of spending my belated birthday dinner with my friends at Botanist. The restaurant took over the location where ORU used to be, at Fairmont Pacific Rim. When you first enter the restaurant it’s very nature-like. The colour scheme used is very soft, gentle, and natural. The cocktail drinks were delicious and most importantly free bread with whipped butter. The bread was delicious and they refilled it!

For appetizers, we ordered the scallops and the octopus. The scallops were delicious, cooked perfectly and the sauce matched nicely. However, the charred octopus was a little disappointing, a little difficult to chew and the sauce did not work for us.

The mains were excellent, we ordered different items and we all loved it. I ordered the roasted rib-eye, medium rare, it was cooked beautifully and so tender. This restaurant is a little on the pricey end but the food is definitely worth it. A good treat… once in a while.

ADDRESS: 1038 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B9
PHONE: 604-695-5500
WEBSITE: https://www.botanistrestaurant.com/menu/

Sweater Weather

Despite the beautiful weather we have been having lately (with the exception of a few downpours), the weather always deceives me as I step outside and feel that cold, crisp air against my face.

It’s time to pull out the sweaters and blanket scarves because the Vancouver fall/winter season is just beginning. To be honest, I’ve always preferred cozy sweaters and trendy coats over the rompers and off-the-shoulder tops. Below you can see my collection of sweaters in my closet, mostly ranging of neutral tones with rosy pinks in the mix. Majority of my sweaters are purchased from Forever 21 or Garage and surprisingly, Forever 21 sweaters have really held up for me considering their reputation for cheap clothing with mediocre quality. Recently, Garage has re-branded themselves and carry more of a “Brandy Melville” feel to their clothes, meaning that their fabrics are super soft.

Wearing a lot of neutrals make it so much more easier to put a whole outfit together because you don’ t have to worry about colour clashing outfits! You can always add a splash of colour through accessories such as a hat, a beanie or a scarf. It’s the easiest way out of having lots of clothes in your closet: neutrals are your way to go.

If any of you know me in-person, you probably know I love my Topshop long coats. In fact, I’ve made my annual Topshop coat purchase the past few years. It all started with my camel coat that I stumbled across in my local Topshop store and I fell in love with it. It was exactly the colour I was looking for and because Topshop carries petite-sized clothing, for once, the coat didn’t look too long for my 5’0 figure. It hit me at a perfect length without making me look like I was drowning in the thick coat.

Last year, I felt like I needed another one in grey and it became another staple piece in my closet. I found myself excited to wear these coats every year as the weather started dropping, and recently, I made my third Topshop coat purchase: ya gotta top it off with black! I’ve always had difficulties finding these coats without being too long or “oversized” on me but these coats fit me like a glove! The best part is that they are not too pricey (CAD $120) compared to other similar coats on the market and the quality is exceptional. Also, if you’re a student you get a small discount enough to compensate for the taxes!

I wore my black coat with my favourite charcoal marl sweater from Forever 21. To brighten up the tones, the slipped on a light wash knee-slit jeans from Topshop. Their Leigh jeans are my absolute favourite: I have abandoned my old jeans and completely converted to Topshop jeans because they are jeans that are closest to feeling like I am wearing leggings! Definitely worth the investment (which is pricier than other jeans but for the fit and feel? WORTH.) and I have never turned back to wearing any other brand of jeans.

I am planning to write about my closet essentials: Fall/Winter Edition so look out for that soon!


Back to School, Back to Basics


It’s that time of the year, when all students bid farewell to the hot weather, tan lines and start the dreadful transition to a new school year, term papers and Vancouver’s bipolar weather.

I’m still in denial that school has already kick-started, but the progression to cozy sweaters, blanket scarves and hot chocolate has me quite excited. Recently, I paid a visit to a newly opened cafe in Burnaby, La forêt — a convenient 5 minute drive from where I live. It is undeniably the most aesthetic cafe in this area: every corner you look is definitely an instagram-worthy shot. The best part? Originally a warehouse, it is extremely spacious with a high ceiling, tons of natural light coming in and accented with greenery to provide for the best instagram shot. If you haven’t gotten the point yet: this is the new go-to space to meet all your instagram needs.
It was a beautiful day and I was treasuring the warm, sunny weather that I will soon miss so dearly.

Since it was still pleasantly warm that day, I pulled out one of my favourite finds from H&M — a black chiffon sleeveless shirt. I actually purchased this from the kids section and definitely has a unique style to it: it has a slightly cropped base layer with loose chiffon that splits at the back. It’s one of those pieces that can be easily paired and makes your outfit more interesting without even trying! For comfort, I paired a pair of light beige dexter pants from Aritizia that I found brand new (with tags!) at a consignment store for a fraction of the retail cost of $145. Being petite at 5’0, finding pants that fit my height is always very difficult, but luckily these ankle grazers fit me so well! Despite the hefty cost, the quality and fit of these pants make it worth it. My go to shoes when it’s not pouring rain outside are my Adidas Stan Smiths that I bought online for only $65 (compared to retail $110), they can be worn with anything really. I’ve managed to keep them decently white the past year I’ve owned these; hopefully that doesn’t change any time soon. Adding to simple pieces, I have been eyeing a gold crescent moon necklace from Topshop but was reluctant to purchase because of the price, but was able to stumble across a similar one Forever 21 that costed half the price!




Off the Grid Waffle Bar

I’ve never been big on waffles but after trying Off the Grid Waffles in East Vancouver….oh boy has that changed! Decidant…moist… & oh so chocolaty *mmm mmm mmm* They offer an array of options: from a savory pizza waffle ($8) to a sweet Strawberry Nutella waffle ($7) (which you can also get in waffle cups! $6) […]

A Story Through Images – Brock Boeser’s Canuck Debut

What a weekend for Brock Boeser.

The Canucks 1st round pick in 2015,  23rd overall, has had Canucks fans excited for the past few seasons while he’s been keeping North Dakota hockey fans on their feet, posting a 1.27  PPG, the best since Zach Parise played for the university in 2004.

After being eliminated from contention for the Frozen Four, Boeser decided to end his college career on Saturday morning, and join the Canucks for their game that same day.  The wait was over, and Boeser was finally a Canuck. Considering he played the night before, Boeser had an impressive NHL debut, scoring the game-winning goal and showing instant chemistry with future Canucks captain Bo Horvat.

Make no mistake, those Boeser is a big part the future of the franchise, and if this weekend was any indication,  he’s gonna be a good one.


Note: This graphic was created to tell the story of Brock Boeser, from his draft day to his first game (and goal) with the Canucks.

Miku Restaurant

Soba Peperoncino | 19.5

Scallop, shrimp, squid, chili-garlic soy, sweet paper, shiitake mushroom, baby bok chop, jalapeño, crunchy tempura bits.

King Roll | 16

Prawn tempura, crab, tobiko, cucumber, sweet chili aioli.

Red Wave Roll | 17.5

Crab, avocado, wrapped in red tuna, misatake sauce.


Salmon Oshi Sushi | 17

Pressed BC wild sockeye salmon, jalapeño, Miku sauce.






Yoga-San | 14

Absolute mandarin, apricot purée, lemon juice, lone tree cider.






Taste: 5/5
Presentation: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Atmosphere & Environment: 4.5/5
Valet Option: No
Parking: Downtown street parking

Would I go again? A big fat YES. Miku is by far one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver.

Reservations: Strongly recommended. It can get REALLY busy on weekend evenings. It’s easier to find a table during weekday lunches but don’t count on it. This place gets busy, very fast.

Monday: 11:30 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday: 11:30 AM – 10 PM
Wednesday: 11:30 AM – 10 PM
Thursday: 11:30 AM – 10 PM
Friday: 11:30 AM – 11 PM
Saturday: 11:30 AM – 11 P
Sunday: 11:30 AM – 10 PM

Website: https://mikurestaurant.com
Location: 200 Granville St #70, Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4
Phone Number: 604 568-3900

Executive Chef: Kazuhiro Hayashi
Chef du Cuisine: Yoshitaka Miyamoto
Sous Chef: Shingo Fujiwara

Process Post: Revamping my image.

Since reading my 2nd peer review, a lot has changed in my life in relevance to adulting. I lost my glasses which is -1 adult point, but also found a place to live and move out to, which is +4. I got a minor raise at work for my social media use which is +2, but I haven’t been feeling very creative about it which is maybe a -0.5. A lot of changes are about to happen but one thing that has been supremely constant this whole semester, is that I haven’t had any relationship progress. I went on two dates with this guy I’d been seeing before I went travelling in 2016, and the first date was to check in and see where we were at. The second, was me trying to give him a hint that maybe this wasn’t for us. He’s in India right now and hasn’t texted me since that second date so I’m thinking he got the message.

In the mean time, I’m still where I’ve been since I started this whole thing. Serving at the pub, trying to do school work and blowing through a season of the West Wing every week and a half. And pining over my ex. Sort of.

They say never shit where you eat, but apparently I .love shit, because every relationship I’ve ever had has been with someone I’ve worked with. That’s three relationships, and three jobs. The first time he moved away. The second time he quit before we broke up. Now I’m not so lucky. My ex has worked for the group that owns our pub for five years. He’s got a hundred connections in the industry. I’ve worked here for just over a year and although I am moving up and getting my networking done, he’s a million steps ahead. Chances of him quitting any time soon are not likely. So I see him almost everyday, and it’s fine. We get along swimmingly, which is exactly the problem. The reason we broke up isn’t because we didn’t get along. It’s because we weren’t getting it on. Enough for him, in any case. When it first ended I did my whole play the victim thing, “Oh, how could we break up over such a dumb reason”. But the truth is, I hadn’t been feeling too attracted to him towards the end of it and had considered breaking up at times as well. But we were so in sync that I didn’t really want to try.

We’ve hooked up a handful of times since that initial breakup and now it’s been almost 7 months since our last one, but I still stay over at his house from time to time just to crash if I’m working late so I don’t have to take a $60 cab over the Alex Fraser back to where I live. In a month this won’t be an issue anymore because I’ll have moved closer to work than where even he lives, so no more “oh I missed the last train, mind if I crash?” excuses for me. I’m not in love with him. But I feel a lot of affection towards him still and I like being around him. When you work with someone like that, who you think also feels the same way but isn’t going to do anything about it, how are you supposed to move on? There are days when I think about quitting but for the most part I like my job and it’s perk and the $250 tip nights. Recently we had lunch and he talked to me about maybe moving to Toronto to work at the group’s expansion of pubs out there. I told him I didn’t think he should do it for a number of reasons, his schooling, his family, and how he’s told me numerous times he doesn’t want to work in the industry forever. But if he did move, wouldn’t it be easier? Of course I would miss him, but if he left then I wouldn’t have to see him all the time. I wouldn’t feel like I’m constantly torn between wanting to be with him and wanting to laugh this whole thing off. We only dated for six months, and they were great, but six months in is pretty early to not want to be having sex with your partner anymore. Isn’t it?

Regardless, it’s an issue I’m dealing with. Sometimes I tell myself I don’t care but the reality is that I get jealous so easily I can barely function and I need/want his attention all the time. Which I feel like is the equivalent of -100 adult points. So what I’m changing about my blog, for this process post, is it’s image. This isn’t a dating blog. It’s a personal blog. Despite my insistence that that personal blogs are crazy boring, I’ve already turned this into one and so by changing the design, the feel, and a little bit of my life anyway, I’ll steer it towards what it’s been all along. A blog about not-romancing. A blog about me.

Photo of the Week: The Rooftop Adventure

The photo of the week is a picture I have taken on a rooftop in Vancouver in the summer of 2016. A friend of mine by the name of Jasmine found a neat building and secretly climbed to the top. She contacted me exclaiming that I must see the breath taking view. I protested at first, as it was an apartment building and it would be considered trespassing if we entered. I am a stickler to the rules so I wasn’t too happy about breaking them. Jasmine finally convinced me to go as we planned to celebrate the end of the summer semester with an adventure day. First we met up at the King George sky train station and began the route.  We made our way down town and eventually reached the building. Entry into the vicinity required an electronic key card. We hung around the building, standing close but not too close. As we waited we planned our fake story to not appear suspicious. Soon enough a young blonde woman approached the building, we sprang our plan into action.

“So when is your mom coming back home Marah?” asked Jasmine speaking at an octave higher than usual.

“Oh not till 5pm. Lets wait for her inside.” I fibbed.

The woman scanned her card and we followed close behind her. She was kind enough to give us a smile and let us in without a word. We followed her to the elevator and waited with an elderly couple. After a minute of awkward silence the elevator arrived and we hurriedly boarded. In order to access the elevator the woman tapped her key card on the scanner before clicking the number of her floor. The young woman got off around the 20th floor but luckily the elderly couple remained.

“What floor are you getting off at?” asked the old man with a slight smile.

“oh she forgot her key card and her mom is not home, so we’re just going to take the stairway to her place” Jasmine flashed a toothed grin.

The old woman eye’d us suspiciously and I averted my eyes in response. I was so nervous I was sure they could feel me sweating in the elevator. The elderly couple must have been wealthy because they got off on the highest floor. I silently thanked the couple for saving us from climbing 40 flights of stairs. We let the couple exit first and waited till they had disappeared before bolting to the staircase. We went up 4 flights of stairs before reaching the door to the rooftop.

“Watch this” said Jasmine as she reached into her pocket pulling out a credit card. She leaned against the door and slid the card in the crack between the door and the wall. She wriggled the card until it swipped, jamming itself in between the lock. She pushed the door with her shoulder and a cold gust of wind blew through.

“We’re in” Jasmine cheered.

I stepped outside as she wedged a piece of concrete in between the door to not get locked outside. There were two floors to the roof top, in order to get to the highest one we have to climb a tall ladder. As I climbed the rusty ladder going higher and higher, anxiousness burned inside of me. I had never illegally entered a building nor had I gone up so high before.  As we reached our final destination, I was thankful that I had made the decision to explore. The view was phenomenal. It would have been difficult to leave without snapping a photo of the dazzling city. As we took pictures Jasmine began to hear footsteps. Being solely focused on the fascinating metropolis, I paid no attention to the danger. Jasmine suddenly yanked my shirt from the back making me topple into the concrete before shoving my head down.

“What? Why did you do that?” I snapped.

“Security” she whispered nodding her head towards the lower level.

I peeked over the ledge and peered down catching a glimpse of a middle aged balding man slowly making a round across the rooftop. I gasped and quickly ducked down.

“We’re so going to get caught. Security must have been watching the cameras. This is criminal activity. We’re going to get arrested. Good bye college life. Good bye job opportunities. Good bye future.” I panicked.

“Shut up” Jasmine grunted.

We silently waited until the sound of the footsteps disappeared. We snapped another quick photo and made our way down. The concrete slab that was used to keep the door open remained untouched. This perplexed me, I wondered where the security guard had gone. We hurriedly exited the building before the lurking security guard returned.

Through this exhilarating adventure I was able to capture this photo. I believe this photograph represents Vancouver well. A clear blue sky specked with fluffy white clouds in contrast to the urban infrastructure.