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#inthemoodformusing: sunsets

I always wonder if I’ll ever come to believe that I deserve to be happy. I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of times I’ve been told the words I and love and you consecutively, but I’m still counting on the day when I finally believe that I deserve to be loved. Happiness is a fight that I don’t always pick. I’ve only ever known how to be hard on myself.

– excerpt from my journal, 150817


tu sais… quand on est tellement triste on aime les couchers de soleil

Process Post 12

I don’t really that there should be too many guidelines for my website other then no racial comments and no submission of anything involving 18+ (Pornography). The main reason for this is I believe that freedom of speech is an important part of being able to discuss and have conversation online. Meanwhile, I don’t believe that anyone should be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or race. I feel that at times people can become too sensitive from comments on the internet when they should instead just ignore the person who is probably a troll looking for retaliation. However, if I did have these issues I would give that person a stern warning saying that kind of behavior is intolerable and another offense will result in banning from the website. I also plan on adding the community guidelines to somewhere on my page where it is easily accessible and view able. Current places that I’m considering is the info page or a link leading to it from a tab on the right side of the home page. I want my guideline to be very liberal in terms of auguring your points although I don’t want there to be any constant bullying on my blog as I feel that it would badly portray what my blog is about.

Process Post #12

Future Community Guidelines

Be nice!

Which probably does not exactly cover everything, but as of right now I don’t particularly care. Spam is being filtered out so it’s all good. Realistically what type of comment could people actually make on a website with an about page containing two angelic kitties, a post about my beyond (literally) last place ribbon, and some artsy stuff.

Did you get something crappy to say in general? Tweet it. Something crappy to say about me?

Bring. It. On.


…and be prepared to win. 


If it’s super crappy and super offensive then I might be forced to remove, but I’d rather not. So try to be respectful. AKA: Be nice!

Peer Review 3: Rina Shimohashi

This week I had the honour of reviewing Rina’s website on her marketability.

When I first log into her website, I see her interactive banner. At first there is a beautiful picture of her  and then it transitions on to a sky with shooting stars. The quote “Life is the climb but the view is great” is the tagline of the banner. As a viewer of her blog, I believe that all of these signifiers allude to her positive and creative personality. Her personality is her brand and she does an amazing job at marketing herself through her banner alone.

I continue to scroll down to the bottom and I see her menu and the categories. I recommend that she get rid of it because I was confused with the purpose of it. Her menu was also in her header, which I believe is easier for navigational purposes. I also believe replacing this with a timeline of recent posts because the home page should give the reader an idea of the content that is available on the website. I am not going to lie, as a reader, if I do not see the content on the main page, I am usually turned away.


Continuing to scroll down her website, there is an empty gallery. If she isn’t going to use the feature she should nix it, albeit, it does present an opportunity to display some of her pictures. From a branding perspective, the best way the presents oneself is through visuals so that the viewer can get an idea of who they are and what they are trying to represent.


Continuing to scroll down to the bottom of her page, I see her bio, contact information and a contact section. I just noticed that the scrolling goes along with her header. I do love this feature but I believe it is too much scrolling. I would rather just go to the header and click where I want to go. I love the fact that she has displayed her contact information down below because as a viewer, I see it as her inviting me to engage with her and from a marketing standpoint, accessibility to the content creator is key.

As a whole, I am quite impressed with Rina’s website, it has an amazing flow and her content aligns well with her identity. It is a lot more interactive in the sense that there are moving displays and her content “glides” along the main page. I believe that all the recommendations I gave her aligned with my preferences as a user. I look forward to see how she uses my feedback and implement it onto her blog.




Spanish Banks

Spanish Bank’s located near University of British Columbia provides great views of the city as well as the North Shore. Besides being one of the largest beaches in Vancouver with logs to provide seating and large parks being near by. There’s also 8 volleyball courts, picnic tables, washrooms, and a concession stand if you find yourself hungry/thirsty. Not only can you catch a glorious view of the sun going down behind the mountains at nighttime. There is also tons of space for activities such as ultimate, volleyball, or football. The tide can also go as far out as a half a mile so you walk far out into the ocean if you wish. In addition, there is a dog park nearby if you have one that needs some space to run or you want to go dog watching yourself.

Process Post 10

This week I really liked the article about Pokémon. I had never really reflected on how transmedia worked, but the articles this week helped my thinking. I don’t really believe that YouTubers are ruining the publishing industry; they are just taking advantage of another medium.

Spreading your work out is important, especially when you’re catering to a wide audience. Videos, images, articles, and interactive elements work together to help you in the long run. The Pokémon article made me realize this. The card game, TV shows, books, movies, and video games all contribute to Pokémon‘s continued success. There is a love for Pokémon that carries on as a person grows up; this was intentional.

For my own blog, I use photos, words, and some small “videos” AKA gifs to make my website seem more alive. I don’t think I’d ever be able to videos by myself, but if I were to get a large group together, it might be fun to make a timelapse video of a yarn bomb.

Some interactive elements I’d like to pursue are quizzes and scavenger hunts. I downloaded a quiz plugin and I hope to make a “What Kind of Yarn Bomber Are You?” quiz before my time in this class is up. I also want to make a series of scavenger hunts around SFU campuses. I would put up yarn bombs and get people to find them, take photos of them, and then send them to me for a prize. I don’t even know if scavenger hunts appeal to people any more, but I’ve heard they can be effective.

Either way, I’m a strong believer in transmedia. And I know some people are angry about YouTubers making books, but I think it’s a good idea. For many people, books are a way to collect their best works and give fans something physical to hold onto. This reminds me of the “Humans of New York” photographer who eventually put his best photos together into a book.

Maybe one day I’ll write a book. I think it might be fun.

Not For You – Jerome Taylor



NOT FOR YOU  is a high-end men’s streetwear clothing brand which is inspired by love, music, and real events. All the clothing is made specifically in Wellington, New Zealand and each piece is significant. 

Jerome’s Vision

When Jerome created  this collection, he wanted to represent homelessness and the complexity of poverty. This particular piece was styled to represent the true meaning behind homelessness and what individuals in these situations find themselves facing. If you take a closer look at this piece, you can recognize a story being told. To begin with, when analyzing the front of the jacket, the words ROUGH NIGHT are displayed. This is because all it takes is one rough night to end up finding yourself in a difficult situation, in this case, battling for survival.  The story progresses with time; you can envision ones life spiraling down into losing their homes, their cars, and their families, all until you become completely invisible to the world.  This is represented on the back of this piece when it demands the following: “LOOK AT ME.” 


Fortunately,  this week I had the opportunity to walk for Jerome Taylor @ Vancouver Fashion Week Season 18.  My experience, beginning with meeting Jerome, to wearing his clothes on the runway was incredible.



When I first tried on my outfit for the show, I remembered feeling empowered and notorious. I personally love wearing layers with my everyday outfits, but what Jerome did with his collection was unique. Each individual layer had it’s own meaning, and as a collective, it illustrated homelessness and personality.

Walking down that runway wearing that outfit, I felt untouchable. Before our show we had a rehearsal and Jerome explained to us what his vision was when creating this collection. He said, “I want you guys to feel like your absolute best when walking down the runway. I don’t want you feeling dead, but rather you feel like the best version of yourself.” While rehearsing, I didn’t feel like a model, I felt as if I was a king in my own world;  I didn’t  give a fuck about what anyone thought of me. 

Contact Information
Jerome Taylor
Not For You Clothing



Process Post Week 6 – Storytelling

Brand storytelling describes a brand’s vision as a cohesive and persisting narrative. It goes to describe what kind of background the brand has, and what their values are. The key point in storytelling,  is how you get your message across. This as I understand it to be, can mean just about anything from promotional videos, advertisement marketing campaigns, or a spokesperson who represents the brand as a whole. If we look at the Old Spice commercials with Terry Crews, we can see him as the face of Old Spice. Someone who, when you first think of the brand, will immediately think of when trying to relate to the associated brand. Given how bombastic they had Terry Crews portray his character, it served to leave a very strong impression on the viewers.

This can extend to slogans as well, such as McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It”, was a brand message to promote to their consumers that at the end of the day, their goal was to make their consumer happy, that they were worth it. In an oversaturated market of competition, having distinguishing features or these brand stories to tell, set the brands apart from the rest of the competition (whether in a good way or a bad one). The end goal, is ultimately to create more traction for the brand, so that more consumers become more engaged and become more loyal consumers. In part, the consumers who buy into the brand become part of the brand story, and continue to perpetuate it when the situation calls.

Process Post Week 5 – Audience, Metrics, Analytics

My mission statement can be narrowed down to four words: Game design as Education. A way for me to connect with my audience of gamers (and those interested in games) by analyzing relatable scenarios and otherwise ignored design aspects in games. The topic of games is broad, making it rather difficult to just narrow down on just “design” as a concept. Rather, design becomes the underlying theme of the blog and its content, while the topics addressed in the blog broaches the many different aspects of games, like sound effects, art, voicework, level creation, music, gameplay, narrative, I could go on.

There’s no specific way I can use the knowledge of who my audience, metrics, and analytics are at the moment, as I don’t have enough of each category to make informed decisions. So the goal for right now is to focus on expanding my field of reach, and see if I can tap into the audience I’ve envisioned myself to have.

Process Post 6

Along with trying to resolve the issue I have been experiencing with trying to share my link, I have also been playing around with idea of redesigning my blog. I want to turn this into something bigger, and I think if I am going to do that then I need to step up my game a little bit here. I’ve been looking around at some of the more well known and successful blogs that I follow and have been checking out what they are doing thats different from what I currently have. First of all, they have interesting and consistent content which I’ll admit I need to work on. Second, they all have themes that create a cohesive, attractive look for their blogs while also remaining busy and accommodating everything they want to share (such as their Instagram, various different sections, etc). Someone whose blog I would love to replicate (to a certain degree of course) is Aspyn Ovard. 


I love the overall appearance of her blog, its aesthetically pleasing while also incorporating everything she wants to share with the world into one, common place. She doesn’t have a set topic or idea which she consistently writes on, she creates content from a variety of different topics and each of which fit perfectly together in the set up she has created.

This is something that is definitely still a work in progress and will most likely take me quite a while to accomplish, but I thought I would share this idea and the source of my inspiration for now. Thanks for reading.

A Peer Review of Remy June

Hello friends,

I am peer reviewing once again. This time, I am assessing Remy June‘s lifestyle blog and considering how well her content and design will resonate with her target audience. I hope my perspective is able to inspire further growth and improvement.

Target Audience

Remy describes herself in her about page. She is an eighteen year old Publishing student from Vancouver, interested in music, travelling and “all things lifestyle.” Through her content and design choices, I can see that she is appealing to those who are similar to her.


When navigating Remy’s website, you can find post categories that reflect her interests: music, travel and lifestyle. Remy accommodates to online reading tendencies by creating short posts, typically in a listicle format. My favourite post of hers was “A Day In Seattle.” It told a story, offered recommendations, and included beautiful images from her day. I assume her audience would mainly be from Vancouver, and Seattle is a very accessible travel destination for people from Vancouver. This post is perfect for her audience.

Images from "A Day In Seattle."

I consider this entire website to be a lifestyle blog, but one of Remy’s categories is “lifestyle,” and I do not think this title is specific enough. Remy’s about page mainly describes herself. This is certainly important, since this is a lifestyle, but I think she could be more specific about what content one could expect from her blog. Remy should also assess which of her posts receive the most engagement, and accommodate her audience by creating similar content.


Remy and I are both using Edge by Theme Freesia. Needless to say, I like her choice in theme, but it is especially neat to see how we have both customized the same theme. Remy’s aesthetic is very crisp and clean. Mauve Page discussed the importance of using of consistent colours, fonts and photography styles in design. Remy consistently uses classic fonts, and it seems she always uses stock photos as her feature photos. Through this, she has crafted an aesthetic by doing so. However, I think she could consider colour more. Her header photo looks beautifully simplistic. By adjusting the colour of her links to match the plant in her header photo, there would be more consistency on Remy’s page, and her links would stand out more. The category feature image links really elevate the look of her site. They match her crisp, clean aesthetic.  However, some might consider the closely situated navigation bar and category feature images redundant.

Remy's category feature photo links.


Kaptelinin emphasizes the importance of affordances that allow a user to seamlessly navigate through an interface, and I think Remy could consider using more hyperlinks in her posts. For example, Remy creates playlists in her music posts, and these playlists are just written in text. I would recommend sharing a Spotify playlist, uploading audio files, or at least linking to somewhere the songs are available online.

Social Media Integration

Remy’s social links are showcased in the top right corner of her website. She uses Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I enjoy how she showcases her life, personality and sense of style through these channels. I feel like I know her better after looking over them, and her audience would surely feel the same. Her socials are a little difficult to find at first. If she added social widgets to her sidebar, her channels would stand out more. I would especially love to see Remy’s Instagram feed showcased in her sidebar, as her page is so stunning! She has a pretty impressive amount of followers already, so Instagram seems like the perfect place to promote her website.

@remybrayshaw on Instagram.


Overall, I believe Remy’s blog could appeal to an audience that is similar to her. Her content and design choices seem to reflect her authentic self. However, I think she could try to assess what could make her unique from other lifestyle blogs, and consider if it is possible for her to target a slightly more specific audience. Be sure to Remy June visit


There is No Place Like Home

On Monday March 12th at 12:20, I experienced the worst moment of my life.

I, Navreet Dhaliwal, got into a car accident. There is a deep amount of irony embedded into this situation, so let me break it down for you. I began the search for a new car in February and came across a beautiful Honda Civic in March. I bought (my parents helped) the car and it was probably one of the most thrilling and enthralling moments of my life. Thrilling because I have the worst luck with public transit and having a car meant a decrease of those incidents. Enthralling because insurance is expensive and my privileged butt hated the fact that a majority of income was going towards my car and not food anymore.

It is natural for anyone to name their car and the process was quite long. I watched a series of movies from Funny Girl, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Gone With the Wind, Citizen Kane etc. I get all of my inspiration from classic movies and I really love old names (Gwendolyn is a favourite). I was watching Wizard of Oz and everything suddenly became clear, Dorothy was to be the name of my first car. “It is always best to start from the beginning. All you have to do is follow the yellow brick road.” Dorothy (the car) was to do just that, the yellow brick road was the right way to go.

Now for the actual story of how the accident happened. I was on my way to school to meet a group for a project. I was in the left lane and the light had turned yellow. Traffic was clear on all sides, albeit, there was a car coming from far away and I assume they were going to stop because the light had pretty much already turned red. I was in the middle of making a left and the car that was coming towards me had the intent of running a red while cars in the other lane had already stopped me. The driver obviously did not stop at the red but instead ran right into me. The hit was the SUV was so severe that it drove my car into a pole. After the airbags hit me in the face, I was beginning to process what happened, I needed to get out of my car but my front door would not open and my exhaust was starting to smell really funny. I felt like I was going to die within those moments because I felt that my car would blow up because of the impact. People started to scurry to my car and this lovely women named Helena was the one who got me out of my car and I was in one piece. 911 was called and a claim was filed.

The physical injuries that I sustained after the accident are not serious, a few large bruises, a sprained ankle, whiplash and soreness all over. I am grateful that I did not die because if you saw the condition of my car, you’d think how did I make it out alive.

I have to find the best in this situation otherwise, I will be bedridden with depression for a very long time. I had my car for a week before it got totalled, so there is some laughter in that. The true irony lies behind the name of the car, her name was Dorothy and she got hit at a yellow light. The yellow path ultimately was not the right way to go BECAUSE I GOT HIT ON A YELLOW. I and my friends have laughed at the irony of the situation for the past week and it keeps getting funnier as time goes on.

One of my most favourite people in the world said to me “Time heals these things” and I could not disagree anymore. Sure it is a bummer that I lost my car within the first week I got it but the important thing is that I am alive and my support system around me has been so great. My best friend waited 6 hours with me in the hospital, the boy that I am pretty much giddy over cracked jokes till the day was over to get my mind off the accident, my parents have been the sweetest people in the world because not once did they get mad at the fact that the car was gone. All of the people in my life are wonderful and I could not have been strong as I am without them.

Dorothy you were short-lived and the week I drove you around, life became easy. Albeit, it wasn’t meant to be and there is no place like home like an auto-body shop

Commes Des Garcon- Playlist #2

“People in your life are like season, and everything happens for a reason”

This week’s vibe will give you the kick start you need to get your week rolling. I have a busy week ahead of me and after creating this playlist, I’m excited to get started. This week will be a busy week for me because I will be modeling in Vancouver Fashion Week Season 18, which begins in literally less then 2 hours from now! There are over 80 international designers who will be flying in and showcasing their vision throughout the week. With that being said, I cannot wait to see what the designers will be bringing in this season, and hopefully get the opportunity to walk for some of these amazing designers. Also, during this week, my partner and I have landed our first of many clients; we will be digitally marketing for their company.

This has been something we have been working on for the past few months and finally, after a lot of hard work and patience, we are launching. Along with all the business stuff, I need to try my best in keeping up with my school work. I find that doing it can be a bore, but what I have learned is that having good work ethics for school will portray even better work ethics when you begin your own company one day. Nobody is going to force you to do something you do not like, but if you keep an open mind, you will be surprised how things fall into place.

This week I want people to try something new daily, and begin creating a plan to follow for the week. Creating a weekly plan is something I have started to do, and I personally love it! I feel like it keeps me more focused and consistent since I am an extremely forgetful person. In addition, I have reminders that  notify me every 30 mins before my next task. I have started using  Google Calendar as my go to app for these daily reminders and organizing my weekly schedule, and I highly recommend it! First, I would start by planning out one single day, and then follow with the rest; each day should have it’s full potential used. I promise you will feel so accomplished when you realize how many things you completed in one day. With such a realization, it will push you to strive even further in the upcoming days and weeks.

Process Post #6

Collaboration. This is something I’ve never really thought would happen so soon in the process of building this blog. This week I was given the opportunity to pair up with another student of influencer to share our themes and cross-promote each other’s content through creating something that lies in between both of us. I had to chance to work with Helen Tan who focuses her blog on the topic of finance and striving for a stable future, in terms of money of course. Living in Vancouver, it seems to be that many people are actually struggling to live on a paycheque to paycheque lifestyle, but many people like me still continue to purchase new clothes, restaurant food, and beauty products even when they’re not essential products! It’s so relatable. I definitely felt that collaborating my lifestyle blog with Helen’s finance blog gave me some inspiration to maybe consider making a blog post on affordable makeup, or best makeup to buy on Amazon.ca.

Through this method of collaborating with other bloggers, traffic among each of our blogs can increase and it also gives our supporters a chance to find further inspiration by exploring different themes. Although I first perceived Helen’s blog to be settled in a very professional and serious manner (because it’s on finance), it’s actually a very flexible and interesting theme to mix content with. Everything, well the majority of things relate back to money essentially and I feel that Helen’s blog provides great advice and inspiring conversations on finance. As her current education level is similar to mine, her content is relatable and very authentic and interesting to read through.

If you’re looking for a real money talk, not by some CEO or the present, but by a college girl who can take a more comfortable approach in discussing on anything (disregarding your background), I think you should invest in what matters with Helen

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