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the damned – on wattpad

Music pounded throughout the streets, coming from the nightclub. Four teens rushed through these same streets, giggling.

“Guys!” One shrieked, laughing. She pointed towards a dark building covered in graffiti, every window boarded up. “Let’s go exploring.”

The boys whopped in agreement, but one teen disagreed, falling behind. “I don’t know guys, it’s creepy in there. I don’t want to get caught.”

“Come on Jenny,” one boy nudged her shoulder with a bottle. “Have another drink, it’ll give you courage.”

She took the bottle, taking a long swig, squinting her eyes from the burn of the alcohol. “No seriously, Haley that’s dangerous if we get caught in there…”

“We won’t!” Haley laughed, drinking a darker liquid. “Derek, give her some more, she needs to start having fun!”

Jenny rolled her eyes, gazing at the other boy. He had his arms draped around Haley. “Kyle, do you want to go in there?”

Kyle shrugged, his eyes were glossy. “I don’t see why not.”

Derek pulled Jenny towards him, “come on, don’t be a wimp.” Leaning down he began to kiss her neck.

Jenny closed her eyes, sighing. “Okay, fine.”

“Yes!” Haley shouted.

“Let’s hope they have a bed in there, huh?” Derek whispered in Jenny’s ear. Goosebumps rose on her skin, she took another swig from the bottle, it burned less this time.

The group ran to the side of the building, the boys ripped at the thin wood that laid in front of a window, while the girls searched for a rock heavy enough to break the glass. The sound of the glass shattering could hardly be heard over the loud music coming from a few buildings over. One by one they climbed inside.

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been so MIA… school really kicked my butt this semester. Lately, I’ve been feeling really unmotivated and frankly, unhappy. I’m just incredibly tired and burnt out. However, I could feel myself growing frustrated with the lack of writing projects collecting virtual dust on my computer. As much as I love the mini pieces I’ve written for this blog, I want to start beginning attention back to the larger pieces I started years ago.

I’ve decided to breathe some life back into my old ‘Wattpad’ account, and I will be posting this old/new project ‘The Damned’ on it. Hopefully, I can discipline myself to update frequently.

The piece you’ve read above is a little preview of the story, and I’d love if you checked out the full version on my Wattpad account linked below! Thanks 🙂

– Maddi Wilson

Maddi Wilson’s Wattpad accountThe Damned


As a hobbyist photographer and as an international student who hails from Bangladesh (no we’re not in India. We are a completely different and independent country for any of you who are wondering) where the weather is tropical all year round, the roads congested with traffic, where time never stands still and every single moment of the day is rush hour, I often used to fall in the trap of thinking there is perhaps nothing much to photograph back home in Bangladesh, that perhaps all the beauty in the world lies in Canada. Oh how wrong I was. Back in May 2016 I had the opportunity to go back home for a couple of weeks. It was AFTER I had developed an obsession for photography so armed with my shiny DSLR I was ready to take on the streets and sceneries of Bangladesh. One of the most intriguing things I realized is that in the capital city of Dhaka where I come from, there is hardly a sight which will beg you to get photographed. No. You need to look for chances, create your own photographs in your mind and then execute them. In this article I present to you some of the pictures I captured on my trip back to Bangladesh. I hope you enjoy them!

The Method Behind The Madness – part 1

So after my previous post, I realized that instead of just writing technical jibber jabber, what would really help my audience is a part by part explanation of a photo, and I decided to choose tis photo in particular because it contains some basic techniques as well as some advanced methods which might seem difficult at first but really once I tell you how it’s done, literally anyone can take such photos! So here goes nothing.

I was walking the streets of Granville a few weeks back, minding my own business, just my camera and tripod and a remote shutter in my backpack in what had to be one of the rarest rain-less nights in recent Vancouver history when I stumbled upon this famous street and my mind instantly started forming a photograph. The setting was perfect: Old, brick buildings, long, unique streetlights, neon signs lighting up the roadside, cars wheezing by. All that was left was to execute it. One of the things I wanted to experiment with was getting light trails in my picture. In layman’s terms, a light trail is when there is a moving light source in the frame and you leave the shutter open long enough for the camera to capture the moving light as a trail, rather than stationery light. Basically think of it like this: If there are cars moving, and the car’s headlights/tail lights are on, and you leave the shutter open long enough, the final image will appear as a trail of light. The cool trail of light you see on the road in the picture above is exactly that: Lights from cars! So the first thing I knew I needed to do was leave the shutter open long enough for 2 reasons: 1. to get light trails and 2. It was night and hence dark, apart from the neon lights so I wanted to make the image a bit brighter. So I set a shutter speed of 20 seconds, which meant as soon as I pressed the shutter, it would be open for 20 seconds before capturing the image. The second thing I wanted to do was keep my image as clean as possible, which meant using the lowest possible ISO. In this image I used a long shutter speed so it allowed me to escape using an ISO of 100. So far so good. The third thing I wanted to do was since it’s a cityscape and not a portrait, I wanted the viewers to experience all the details in the image so I needed to make the image as sharp as possible, which meant using a high f-stop, so I used an f-stop of 11.0. This, combined with the 25 second shutter speed and ISO 100, gave me the image above. AND ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE WHILE TAKING LONG EXPOSURE PHOTOS: THE.CAMERA.CAN.NEVER.MOVE. It is CRUCIAL that while the shutter is open, the camera remain absolutely still otherwise the image will get blurry. VERY blurry. So that was the image, and then I took it home and did some light retouching and the above image is what I ended up with!

*I’ll leave a link here for those who are interested in getting into and understanding long exposure photography:

Monetizing my blog?

I do not think that I would monetizing my blog in the near future. I consider this blog as my hobby. Turning it into a business could stress me out when you have to be responsive to sponsors and clients advertisement request. Who would love to be controlled, but not fully controlling the personal blog!

Personally, I do not appreciate the ads column. They turn the page layout less visually-pleasant. In addition, everyone is using adsblock now. The effectiveness of the advertisement is questionable.

Even if I want to monetize my blog. I would prefer writing sponsored posts for the company and therefore would not have unpleasant advertisement column on my blog. I would also make sure my readers know that this is a sponsored post. I won’t eliminate the possibility and opportunity of monetizing my blog.

Essay #2 – Creating My Online Presence

Creating my online presence this term has been difficult but incredibly rewarding. Over the last few weeks, I’ve focused on the design of my website, as well as how I want to set it apart from every other beauty blog out there. I knew going into it that there are a thousand beauty blogs on the internet, and that the only way to succeed in such a widespread and competitive community would be to focus on being different. At the end of my quest to be different, Makeup Your Mind was born. With the creation of my blog I knew I wanted to focus on beauty and self care, because focusing on self care through beauty is a way I can set myself apart from other bloggers in this space. In creating my blog this term I spent the most time focusing on ways to build my audience, as well as looking for more ways that I can stand out in the crowded beauty space.

Building my blog has been no easy feat, and it is far from over, but I feel that I have created a platform that I can build off of in the future. In this process of building my blog, I turned to Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus article “How to Start a Successful Blog in 2017” on their blog The Minimalists. This article outlines steps that a blogger can take to make their blog more successful. I assume that many of these tips come from experience, and I turned to a few of these in the process of building my blog. The first thing I notices was a list titled “How to build a blog in 5 easy steps”. I was drawn to both “Designing your blog to get your desired look and feel” (Milburn, Nicodemus) and “Write compelling content that adds value to readers” (Milburn, Nicodemus).While I found the list a whole to be eye opening and helpful,  these points specifically reminded me to focus on the look and feel of my blog, as well as the content. As the article goes on it gives more tips on creating a successful blog, but it does not expand on its initial list, while I found this to be strange, the points on the list were still a pertinent point in the formations of my blog.

The first step I took in creating my online presence, was designing my blog. I went into the process knowing that I wanted my design to reflect the soft and welcoming theme that I wanted my posts to portray. I achieved this through soft colours and scripted fonts. However, some of the changes that I’ve made to the CSS of my blog have reverted back to default settings, and I haven’t had the time to change them back yet. This brings me to the challenges that I’ve faced in designing by blog. The design still needs work, but I feel that my content grows and matures, my design will too. The design process is impotent to me because before my audience reads anything, they will be greeted with the initial design and feel of my website, and I’m driven to make an impact with this initial view. Over the course of the term I’ve made some important changes, and I hope to make many more in the coming months.

Travis Geetz’s “Design Machines: How to Survive the Digital Apocalypse”, has shaped my view of design, and has also inspired me to be different. In this article, Gretz complains that companies that have streamlined the creation process of a website or blog have damned the internet to conformity and simplicity. He repeatedly states that we are living in a world where everything on the internet is the same, and this scares me. Though I am using a pretty standard WordPress theme to build my blog, I want to make it my own. I chose a simple theme so I can manipulate it and change it as I need to. Wanting to stand out is also motivated by my goal of building an audience, and Gretz’s article stuck with me because of this goal. I Don’t want people to come to my website and feel like they’ve seen it a thousand times. I want people to feel like they’re seeing something new, and I want them to be compelled to explore my blog. This goes back to how people view a blog before they actually read anything. Gretz’s article inspired me because I want to hook people with my unique and design, so they are excited and motivated to stay to read my posts.

Just because I’ve focused on design, doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about content. Going back to Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus’ article, Compelling content is important in creating a successful blog, and its also important in building a strong and loyal audience. Stephanie Walden further addresses building an audience in her piece “7 Tips for building a social media audience”. This article helped me look at the specifics of building a successful and loyal audience. Specifically, it outlines picking platforms. This ended up being important, because going into the process of building my online presence, I didn’t realize that success on one platform, could build success on my other online platforms. The platform that I’ve put my efforts into, apart from my blog, has ended up being Instagram. This platform suits the makeup/beauty aspects of my blog, as well as the self care aspect. This is because both of these things can be successfully portrayed through images. Focusing on Instagram as proven to be a wise choice, because it has definitely driven traffic to my blog, and it is another place for me to have a presence and an audience online. I feel that my choice to focus on Instagram will further assist my blog because of my decision to use Instagram as a way of including my audience in my blog through #selfcaresunday. By using the hashtag and tagging me in posts, I will be able to interact with my audience on Instagram and include them in my blog. To build my audience I have focused on being different and I have focused on utilizing different online platforms to build my online presence.

So Far building my blog has been a challenge, but I hope to be able to make progress with it in the future. I plan to take my online presence beyond this class, and I hope to expand my presence and my audience in the future. My goal with my blog is to make people happy, and to make people feel good, and I feel like I’m on track to accomplish both of these things. I feel by blog will add value to my readers lives, whether it be a simple foundation recommendation, or a self care tip, I hope by expanding my presence and my blog, and I hope I can help many more people in the future. 



Works Cited

Gretz, Travis. “Design Machines: How to Survive The Digital Apocalypse .”           Louder Than 10, 10 July 2015, https://louderthanten.com/coax/design-            Machines.

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  1. Please be nice in the comments, no swearing in any languages. Any comments that violate this would be removed.
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I hope you all have a nice time on the site!


Essay 2

PUB101 has been sort of a revelation for me. I came to the first class expecting to create a website and maintain it over the course of the semester but little did I realize how invested I would become in the content I put out, the design elements, etc. My website is first and foremost a photography website. While thinking about the design of the website before its inception, I knew I wanted to keep it minimalist in words because I wanted to let my photographs do the speaking.

My intended audience is geared towards those who are interested in photography, fascinated by the pictures they see online taken by some photographer or the other but never have had the courage to pick up a camera and delve into this field, be it because of all the technical aspects they hear which might scare some people off (I was put off from learning the Manual Mode on my DSLR for quite a long time!) or whether it be because they seem to think photography is too difficult. I want to instill a passion and desire in those people to pick up a camera, and I want my website to contain the most basic of jargon and information so that after reading, people become more confident and interested in buying a DSLR. I am not thinking about monetizing my site as of yet, because with a photography blog I know you have to be really good in order to produce amazing pictures which people might want to buy and I don’t have that confidence in myself as of yet, but it’s something I definitely have kept at the back of my mind, implementing a page where people can buy my photos a la Shutterstock style. As I created the website and kept updating it, a lot of new things hit me in the face, so to speak. Firstly, it’s actually quite difficult creating a fully fledged website! I mean, when I go to a website I see so many background pictures, menus, sub menus, this that but when I tried to do it for my own website I couldn’t even create a sub menu properly! So there’s a lot more in creating a website than meets the eye. But after weeks of working, practicing through trial and error and taking lots of help from Ariel, I can happily say my website is in a good place right now. It obviously needs a lot of work but it’s getting there. However once I do monetize it, I have some plans as to how I can build my audience. Firstly, I plan on making a video of myself explaining how to use the manual mode on a DSLR, something beginners have difficulty learning. Then I will make a video explaining the basics of Lightroom and how to use it, all free of cost. One of the other major things I know I need to do is to be consistent (King, Laiza: 8 Effective Ways to build a solid Online Presence). Because at the end of the day there’s nothing worse than creating a website only to update it once or twice every year. There has to be a constant stream of content be it videos, tutorials, pictures, or just personal blogs. The next thing I need to do is to strategize, have a solid plan going forward (Erickson, Kate: 7 Ways To Build Your Online Presence Now). There needs to be short and long term goals with which I need to proceed. For the short run as I stated before I will focus on improving the design of my website, learn how to edit every aspect of it inside out and in the long term I will monetize it. Networking is one of the most important aspects of building relationships with customers as well as increasing my audience. The next step I would take is to incorporate my domain name in my email address. A survey showed that 74% of consumers would trust a company-branded email address more so than a free email address (Options for creating an online presence). With something as amazing as photography, there is no shortage of content. The only thing that can hold me back is my imagination. That, and laziness.

At the end of the day I do realize that creating a website, monetizing it does not happen overnight. Your own website is like your child in many ways. You have to nurture it, look after it and only then will you be able to enjoy the benefits. I am highly passionate about photography and as each day passes, I want to showcase more and more of my work and the wonders of photography to the work and I know that my website is the first and perhaps the most important means of doing that.


King, Laiza. “8 Effective Ways To Build A Solid Online Presence: WEB 101.” The Huffington Post, TheHuffingtonPost.com, 26 Oct. 2016, www.huffingtonpost.com/laiza-king-/8-effective-ways-to-build_b_12628540.html.
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Macrobird. (2017). Options for Creating an Online Presence. [online] Available at: https://www.macrobird.com/blog/options-for-creating-an-online-presence/

Lenses are Life

So you’ve bought your first DSLR, you’ve learnt Manual Mode and have shot pictures for a few months and feel confident enough to take your photography game to the next level. What do you do? BUY A LENS! As surprising as it might sound, it does not matter what type of DSLR you use, how much it costs. What matters is 1. Your imagination and understanding of the camera, and your post processing skills and 2. LENSES. I have been using a second hand camera for a few years now, and the only thing that has changed are the lenses. You need different lenses for different situations. Like portraits? Get a portrait lens! Like landscapes? Get a telephoto or a wide or ultrawide zoom lens! What type of lens you use depends on the type of photography you wish to do. I am into landscape photography so I need a lens that captures a large viewframe so I can get the whole expanse into one shot rather than do a panaroma, which is why I use the Tokina 11-16mm. And I also like to do the occasional portrait which I am not good at so I use the Canon 50mm. Here are a few lenses that you can use for different situations to make your life easier:


*Canon 50mm f1.8 (or “nifty fifty” as it’s known)
*Canon 85mm
*Canon 50mm f1.2 (EXPENSIVE BUT WORTH IT)
*Canon 135mm


*Tokina 11-16mm
*Canon 16-35mm
*Tokina 13-18mm
*Rokinon/Samyang 6.5 fisheye lens


*Tamron 90mm f2.8
*Canon 135mm
*Tokina 200mm

These are some of the lenses I have used and tested and can vouch for their quality of picture and sharpness, as well as their durability. If you have any lenses in mind you want me to give you a review on please let me know in the comments below. Thank you and happy browsing!


Hello, hello, HELLOO!! Sorry for the 3 hellos. I’ve just realized I haven’t posted on my website in quite a while due this upcoming thing called “finals” which, frankly, I could do without. But hey. What can we do, right?

Anyways! One of the questions I almost always get from friends and family who are trying to get into photography is the dreaded MANUAL MODE. “How do I learn manual mode?”, “What is ISO?”, “What is aperture?” Whoa whoa WHOA. SLOW DOWN BUDDY. One question at a time! Long story short, if I was supposed to explain how manual mode works, it would take me 5 minutes. But mastering it, remembering to tweak all the settings according to the situation is what takes the longest to remember and figure out for the user. So here’s my short version of it:

Basically, there are 3 things you need to know when using the manual mode: ISO, APERTURE (F-STOP) and SHUTTER SPEED.

ISO: This is a range of numbers starting from 100 (sometimes 64) all the way to 24000, depending on the type of DSLR you have. Just remember that the lower the ISO, the CLEANER but DARKER the image and the more the ISO, the GRAINIER but BRIGHTER the image. So in an ideal world you would use an ISO of 100 all the time but there are situations where the scene is dark and using an ISO of 100 would make the picture dark as well. So in those case you need to use a higher ISO, whereas in a scene illuminated by natural or artificial light (flash), you should look to use an ISO of 100-250 to keep the image clean.

APERTURE (F-STOP): See all the creamy background blur pro-photographers tend to get while shooting portraits? Aperture is the reason for that. The LOWER the aperture. the BRIGHTER the picture and more BACKGROUND BLUR, and similarly the HIGHER the aperture the DARKER the picture and the whole background will be SHARPER as well. The ideal aperture to use while photographing a model or taking a portrait is f2.0, but some lenses go lower to f1.2 to give extra creamier blur. And while photographing landscapes and vast expanses you should look to use a higher f stop, say f10 or f11 to make sure the entire picture from foreground to background is in sharp focus.

SHUTTER SPEED: Well, it does what it says. Shutter speed is responsible for how fast (or slow) the shutter opens and loses once you press the shutter button. Shutter speeds range from 30 second (the slowest) all the way to 1/12000 (the fastest, depending on your DSLR). You will need to use a faster shutter speed on sunny days or when there’s lots of light present otherwise if you use a longer shutter speed and keep the shutter open for too long, lots of light will be absorbed by the lens and the picture will be just white. Similarly on a dark night you will need to use a longer shutter speed to allow the camera to absorb as much light as it can to try and illuminate the dark scene.

That was a lot of theory and might take a while to get into your head, so I am posting a few useful links to help you get started with manual mode!

CHEAT SHEET: https://digital-photography-school.com/15-best-cheat-sheets-printables-infographics-photographers/

WHAT HELPED ME IMMENSELY TO LEARN MANUAL MODE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pehFC05cohw

If you have any questions/concerns, PLEASE shoot me a comment! Thanks and happy browsing!

Community Guidelines

All right peeps, the one thing I need to get out of the way is community guidelines. While I encourage everyone and anyone to comment and to feel free to criticize/not criticize any and all content on my website, there are a certain number of guidelines people need to follow that can be found below. Thanks and happy browsing!

Who can comment?
ANYONE! Doesn’t matter if you are 2 or 25, 5 or 55. Anyone and everyone can comment on my lovely, lovely website. It’s public, so no privacy settings or anything like that. You can comment on any one f my posts by scrolling down and finding the comment box, typing your comment and pressing “submit”. That easy!

How are comments moderated?
In an ideal world, I would tell my users to self-moderate their comments. And while for the most part (99% of the time), they do moderate it themselves and then post it, there can be some people who write mean things just for the sake of it. Everytime a comment is posted, I receive a notification and then I check it to make sure it’s not too mean or a personal attack. So bottom line, after a comment has been posted I will moderate it.

What sort of comments can be removed?
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Can I delete my comment?

You can delete your comment at any time by clicking the ‘delete’ icon just below your comment.

That’s it folks! Now with the boring stuff out of the way, you can go ahead and browse my website. Just remember, no doing any of the stuff listed above. Thanks!

Process Post #9 – Transmedia: Integrating with Instagram

Integrating different kinds of media into my blog is defiantly a priority. Because of my focus on makeup, integrating quality pictures of looks and products,  is an incredibly important step that I need to focus on.  In starting to do this, I have installed a plug in that allows my Instagram feed to appear as a sidebar widget. This integrates constant images throughout my blog, even when a specific post doesn’t feature a picture.

Instagram is proving to by my main source of images in my blog. Because not all of my posts contain media, having pictures on another account to point to helps. I also turn to Instagram because it helps me advertise my blog, I can cast a wider net, and make myself easier to find through Instagram, and once people have found me there it is fairly easy for me to point them to my blog. This integration of other media into my blog has allowed me to begin to build an audience.

I also have larger plans with the integration of Instagram onto my blog as well. As I build my audience, I want to use Instagram as a way of integrating my audience into my blog, by using #selfcaresunday. By tagging me in posts, and using the hashtag, I’ll have to ability to see and repost these posts on both Instagram and my blog. I plan to feature people content, and hopefully help other people grow.

Through using Instagram as another media on my blog, I hope to feature blog content in another sphere, was also building up my audience through an image based platform, and featuring aspects of this image based platform on my blog.

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Incorporating transmedia

I am not a frequent poster on blogs and social media platforms and hence it is difficult for me to build up my social presence. After visiting Zoe’s blog, which is a great example of incorporating transmedia, I gain idea on how to raise your presence.

1. Link to my twitter account.
Your retweet signifies your active engagement on social media. Clicking a button means show your interest and concern on topics. When you have tweets of dogs on your wall, who can’t tell you are a dog lover!

2. Engage with other bloggers and influencers.
Comment on their posts! You will definitely get more visibility because of your comments. Visitors who love your comments is going to click into your profile and probably your blog!

3. Appear in various platforms
In the lecture, Lisa Manfield explained the power of reaching out on all possible platforms and gave tips on effective editorial. She showed us the fact that visual and video content attracts more readers eyeballs than texts. Make a video and picture for your posts could raise your online presence.

I am going to link my twitter with this blog! See you in Twitter!

Process Post – Wk.10: Transmedia Integration

On my blog website, I have integrated both Facebook and Instagram to the page. Koby the Beagle prior to this course already had social media pages made specific for her. I think Instagram would be a better platform to focus on because most of her content is picture + video-based. Facebook pretty much has the same content as Instagram but the reach is more than Facebook. I feel there is too much clutter in Facebook that would make your posts lost and the only way to have your posts seen is to boost them by paying Facebook. If someone comments/likes a post unrelated to what you post, then it will bump it to the top thus pushing your post down to the bottom. Koby’s page has better engagement and followers on Instagram while Facebook seems to only consist of family members and close friends. On Instagram, other people around the world follow Koby’s page whether it be dog lovers or other beagle/dog profiles created by their owners.

I will try to link the Instagram to the blog to increase the engagement on the website. I will probably use a “link in bio” type approach to bring up the number of people visiting the blog. So far the Google Analytics statistics show that there are not many people visiting the blog site. Hopefully by linking up with the hundreds of Instagram followers that Koby the Beagle currently has, it will drive up the engagement on the blog site as well.

Process Post 11-07

If I had one last hour of internet, I would download all the content I often use on when I go online. Some content I would download would be an offline version of Google Maps, some movies that I enjoy, bus schedules (even though they are quite unreliable), and perhaps download all the content I’ve posted online and then immediately erase it all for security reasons so others cannot download them.

On a side note, I recently viewed a short video on Facebook that was like a parody of The Purge. However, instead of having no laws for 24 hours, there was no internet for 24 hours. Here is the link to the video: https://www.facebook.com/Goubtube/videos/vb.1498207117066614/1431537743628174/?type=2&theater.

Peer Review

Peer Review of Rachel Fung

Rachel’s blog is very organized and focused on highlighting the Pacific Northwest. It is also clearly stated on her home page: “ALL THINGS PACIFIC NORTHWEST”. Rachel does a great job highlighting and showcasing her support for locals. Rachel not only talks about local foods but she also discusses about things to do in the Pacific Northwest such as hiking adventures.

The good news is that Rachel’s blog targets everyone and anyone who is interested in the Pacific Northwest. Locals and tourists will be able to find this blog very informative such as looking at places to go and things to eat. By reading Rachel’s blog, I discovered some new adventures that I would be interested in going, such as trying Zena’s Gluten Free Bakery.

If Rachel is interested in monetizing her website, I would say, give it a try. However, rather than using ads, she can opt for reviews. She does a great job highlighting hidden gems that she can reach out or be contacted by new startup companies to posts reviews for monetization. Rachel should also continue with her posts to build a larger content base which will lead to higher chance of monetizing her website. Rachel’s blog is designed very nicely that is why having advertisements pop up on her website is no ideal as it ruins the aesthetics of her website. Also, the audience may find advertisements on her website to be distracting and in the end, turn audiences away from her website. One must be very careful on which monetizing platform to use.

That being said, Rachel should continue with her discovery of hidden gems in the Pacific Northwest and capture more audience to her blog. I look forward to reading more blogs by Rachel and my summer adventures thanks to her.

Rachel Fung

Peer Review 3–Lifestyle

For this peer review, I am reviewing Lindsay’s blog ‘Lifestyle‘ focusing on the site’s marketability from its design and content. I would also be looking at her potential audiences and think from their perspective to see if monetizing it is a good idea. 

As I first enter the site, I can already feel that this blog is more on the personal side of Lindsay. The colour tone of the blog (black, orange, and pink) gives off a cool and laid back vibe. Looking at the menu, it is separated into ‘About’, ‘Posiel’, and ‘My Journey’. It is clear to the audiences that this blog is about Lindsay’s personal journey in her life. The blog s about her interests like drama series, books, and make-up. While I understand this blog is more of a personal record of Lindsay’s life, I think that adding the tag feature might help audiences find what they are interested in quicker. I think it might be to a bar of tags on the bottom of the page like ‘make-up’ and ‘drama’ so that the audiences can find the articles they are interested in quicker. There are 5 articles under ‘My Journey’, and they are all on different topics. It might be difficult for audiences to find the article of the topic they are most interested in because they would need to scroll down a lot and read through many titles. I think you can consider using sub-menus to separate different topics like ‘Entertainment’, ‘Make-up’, and ‘Travel’. A website is similar to a book–it should have a clear table of content for the audiences to navigate in your site. Without a clear navigation, it might put the audiences off from continuing on your site.

Content wise, I think you did a great job in creating your image. Gardner Campbell has said in his article “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” that it is important for people/students to be able to create an identity online and manage their digital life in today’s digital world. As I look more into the posts on My Journey, I think I was able to know more about her through her interests. However, one problem I find is that audiences might feel lost when they first come into the blog. Most of the articles are talking about Lindsay’s interest in a more objective view and it feels a bit distanced. As this is a personal blog, I would expect it to have more content about the author or at least more closely related. Right now, it feels that Lindsay is a bit withdrawn from this blog. I would love to see more of her interaction with the contents she has posted.

As she has explained in her process post on monetizing, she does not want to monetize this site because it is her first blog and she would like to keep it personal and not have any ads in her blog. I totally agree with her decision. However, if she ever want to start monetizing this blog, I do think it would certainly have a market. Lindsay’s interest in drama series, books, and make-ups are all purchasable products. Some of her potential audiences would be people who are interested in doing make-up, and people who are looking for different shows and books for leisure. I think she could totally make use of her multi-cultural background to introduce books from different culture to audiences. In addition to that, I think she can potentially collaborate with cosmetic brands in her make-up posts. She could also work with online shopping platforms like Amazon. In Tom Bleymaier’s article, she mentioned how a site owner was able to make revenue by just allowing a couple of Amazon ads in each of the article for the audiences. Although it takes time for the audiences to build up, it is definitely worth considering.

Overall, I think Lindsay’s blog has a very good style and content. I really hope to see this blog develop more and show who Lindsay is in the future.



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Tom Bleymaier. 2013.  On Advertising – Maria Popvova

Peer Review 3

The website I am reviewing today belongs to Guila Abad. From the title, it suggests that the website is a photography website. The home page has a pleasing look about it, with neat colors and a very pleasing-to-the-eye aesthetic. The first post that pops up is titled
“Fall Baking”, which suggests that the creator is interested in baking, and going through their other posts, the reader gets the idea that the creator is interested in travelling and has shared with us some his experiences abroad in countries such as London, Brussels, etc. The creator has clearly stated that they do not wish to monetize their website at the moment but might do so in the future, and talks a bit about how they would do so. How they wish to monetize it is stated quite clearly. The one thing that the creator hasn’t mention is what sort of audience they would cater to if they were to monetize the website. I am guessing from the articles and the theme of the website that the monetization would be intended for audiences who love to travel. The website contains good content, with the creator describing their experience of travelling to Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, London. We get an sight of where the creator lived, what they did during their stay in the city. The one thing I would do is add more photos since the title suggests that the blog is about photography. There is a link where we get to see the photos from the trip but there are only about 7 of them so I would suggest adding more, and also to categorize the gallery so that we see pictures from London under “London”, pictures from Amsterdam under the category “Amsterdam”, and so on. Apart from these, another thing I would do is perhaps change the title of the blog. Because reading through the blogs tell us that the website is catered towards travelling rather than being focused solely on photography. Because the experiences described by the creator of their trip is quite beautiful and gives us an idea of what that city is like, and the activities they did in those cities. Another thing I noticed is the lack of a home page. There’s “About”, “Blog” and “Posiel”, but the lack of a home page means we as the reader have to press back on the website until we reach the home page. All in all, the website contains a good amount of content, and from a design perspective there’s not too much to criticize apart from the lack of a homepage, the title of the website, and the lack of enough pictures. Job well done! Here is a link to the website: