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Toronto, Ontario

Summer 2017, I met up with my best friend in Toronto. We went to this Thai restaurant called PAI. When we first went in through those door, there were steps to go downstairs. It was a busy restaurant with people waiting inside and outside. The lighting was a bit dim so be careful of your steps. Don’t “judge a book by its cover”, the food was delicious!

We ordered the Khao Soi (top left), Kung tawt sa-moon prai (Garlic Shrimp) (top right), and Chef Nuit Pad Thai (bottom right). The food was amazing. The curry from the Khao Soi went so well with rice too.

When you order your food you get to pick the spicy level. We didn’t know what to expect, we either order mild or medium but I think we could’ve definitely went a lot higher because I couldn’t taste the spicy level. But keep in mind, I enjoy eating spicy food. When I go to Toronto again, I will definitely make a trip to PAI again. There were still a lot of things on the menu I would like to try.

ADDRESS: 18 Duncan St, Toronto, ON M5H 3G8
PHONE: +1 416-901-4724
WEBSITE: http://www.paitoronto.com/


During the summer of 2015, I travelled throughout Japan with my best friend. The last stop was Okinawa and we found this lovely breakfast location, C&C BREAKFAST. 

The food was delicious and it was so satisfying to have a nice breakfast. My favourite was definitely the fruit special pancake that we ordered. If you ever travel to Okinawa give this place a try. Don’t worry about not speaking Japanese, their menus have English and pictures to help you decide what you would like to eat. I would definitely visit again when I travel to Okinawa.

ADDRESS: Japan, 〒900-0014 Okinawa Prefecture, Naha, Matsuo, 2−9−6 タカミネビル
PHONE: +81 98-927-9295
WEBSITE: http://www.ccbokinawa.com/

empty streets

It’s hard maintaining an aesthetic/theme on Instagram – we all know it. A common misconception is that all it takes is some good photo editing. But before the editing process even begins, we have to start at the beginning: composing the shot. 

That in itself is a huge discussion, but let’s just cover one for today. “Where do you shoot?”. It’s a common question (seriously, I get a ton of Insta DM’s asking this). To set up the perfect shot, you need to start with figuring out a background/setting for your perfect Insta snap.

Here are my go-to destinations to shoot that #OOTD:

  1. Empty city streets. If it were an ideal world, I would have an abundance of these at my disposal, but let’s face it – Vancouver doesn’t really have this option available the way that the streets of Europe does (and frankly, I only get to visit there every now and then).
  2. Before or after hours in parking lots. This one is hilarious and such a shocker to a lot of people, but in regards to shooting in the Greater Vancouver Area, my definite go to is an empty parking lot. There are so many parking lots give off that industrial vibe that fits well with my aesthetic and they’re almost always complimented with nice plain walls. Do go before/after work hours or what not though because you probably want to pass on the random cars and drivers walking to and from their vehicles.
  3. Large blank walls. When I’m out of luck with the first two, this is my fail safe. They’re perfect for filler photos that just help space out the “busyness” of your feed to calm it down a bit, and they blend well in almost any Insta grid. For myself, I pick walls that are neutral toned with the occasional pop of a desaturated blue or green – but just pick walls that work with your colour scheme.

Where do you like to shoot?

jumpsuit: bershka | jacket: zara | sandals: steve madden
location: paris, france

Barcelona, Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Whenever I ask someone about the places that they would like to visit in Europe, Barcelona is usually the first of the second answer. Luckily, I had the chance to explore this beautiful and unique city.

Me and my friends, we have found the place to stay from AirBnb. We stayed at a beautiful old-fashioned Spanish style apartment which was near La Rambla, which is the largest main street in  Barcelona.

There are tons of things to see and to do in Barcelona, so I would suggest you to have at least 5 days in Barcelona in order to fully explore it. One of my favourite spots in Barcelona was Parc Guell. It is a public park located on Carmel Hill. This park has been designed by the famous architect Gaudi, who is considered to be the architect of the whole city due to his unique style. Although Park Guell is far away from the city center, it is very easy to go to the park by public transportation means. So, I would recommend you to buy a pass to use in Barcelona as it is a big city and the attractions are in different locations.

And of course, one of the main attraction is Sagrada Familia! It is a large Roman Catholic Church designed by Gaudi. The church is very unique and impressive due to Gaudi’s talent and the materials and light techniques that he has used. You have to get in line in order to get a ticket to get inside. In order to avoid the wait list, you can buy your ticket online one day advance, and you can wait much less to get inside. I would definitely suggest you to get inside as Sagrada Familia is a magnificent architectural masterpiece.

Barcelona is a city with a lot to offer, and it has many beautiful places besides the main attractions. That’s why you should explore the city by walking, especially the gothic quartier. When you wonder around the city, you’ll have the chance to explore many beautiful narrow streets and european style architectural pieces.

When it comes to food, there are tons of options in Barcelona. Since we were staying right next to La Rambla, we were having our dinners on one of the restaurants at La Rambla. Personally, I adore spanish food, especially paella!! Paella is a traditional spanish dish made by rice and classic sea food. You should definitely try that! Also, we have explored a public market called Mercado de la Bouqueria.





That is a huge market full of delicious food options. And prices are much cheaper compared to the restaurants. They have fresh juices, fruits, many kinds of street food and classic spanish dishes.

You should not leave Barcelona without enjoying the beautiful beaches! In Barcelona, beaches are the areas where people come together, have some drinks and food and hang around by the nice view. The main beach is called Barceloneta. You can always go there either to sunbathe, have some picnic or just hang out with your friends. I did not have the chance to swim at the beach because the ocean was still very cold. But you can give it a try if you like!


  It is the end of a very long winter. It is the time of year where we begin to see the sky stretch out its light for just a few moments longer: where we can be caught in twilight because the sun wants to see our faces sweetly smile before it welcomes the moonlight’s watch. It is the part of a season where we are allowed to dream just a little bit longer, cry a little bit softer, and...

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Traveling to: ENGLAND


High Season: July – August & December
Best Weather: April – September


0 – 10% Waitstaff
Bartenders: Round up £
Taxi Drivers: None
£1 Parties per bag
Tour Guides: None


— Palace of Westminster
— Tower of London
— Stonehenge
— Windsor Castle
— Buckingham Palace
— London National Gallery
— St. Paul’s Cathedral
— London’s High Street
— Shakespeare’s Home
— Guy Fawkes Night
— Tintagel Castle & Stairs


— Keep your knife in your right hand & fork on your left. Don’t switch.
— Keep hands above the table even when not using cutlery.
— When finished, lay fork(tines up) & knife diagonal across the plate, handles to the bottom right.


— Fish & Chips
— Muchy Peas
— Meat Pies
— Beef Wellington
— Full English Breakfast
— Yorkshire Pudding
— Scones & Clotted Creme
— Local Beer


— Awesome (ace)
— Bathroom (toilet/loo)
— Elevator (lift)
— Flashlight (torch)
— Unsteady (wonky)
— Nonsense (tosh)
— Exhausted (knackered)
— Loud mouth (gobby)
— Ruin (muck up)


— Pack rain gear no matter when you visit.
— Most pubs don’t take cards. Be sure to bring cash with you.
— A light handshake is an appropriate gesture in most circumstances.
— At the pub, individuals take turns buying rounds of drinks for their group.
— Don’t cut in any line. Brits take “queueing up” very seriously.
— Politeness is highly valued. Offer plenty of please, thank you and pardon me.

Traveling to: GREECE


Best Weather: April – June & September
Avoid: July – August Crowds & October Storms


5 – 10% Waitstaff
Round up Bartenders
Round up Taxi Drivers
€1 Parties per bag
€5/day Tour Guides


— Go to the Full Moon Festival
— See the Acropolis and visit the museum in Athens
— Trek through the Samariá Gorge in Crete
— Explore the Blue Caves in Zákynthos
— Visit the Palace of Grand Master of the Knights in Rhodes


— Voutoumi (Antipaxos)
— Megalos Simos (Elafonisos Island)
— Porto Limnionas (Ionian Islands)
— Sarakiniko Beach (Milos Island)
— Agrari Beach (Mykonos)


— It is common to sample foods from others’ plates, but always ask first.
— Keep your knife in your right hand and fork in your left. Don’t switch.
— When finished, cross you life & fork on your plate, tines down.


— Dolmades (Grape leaves stuffed with rice and fresh herbs)
— Avgolemono (Egg & lemon soup)
— Moussaka (Layered eggplant, minced meat, tomato and onion topped with béchamel sauce)
— Souvlaki (Grilled meat or veggies on a skewer or pita)
— Spanakopita (Spinach pie)
— Kourabiedes (Almond sugar cookies)
— Galaktoboureko (Custard wrapped in filo pastry with lemon syrup)
— Ouzo Liquor


— Hello (YAH-soo)
— Goodbye (AHN-dee-oh)
— Please (pah-rah-kah-LOH)
— Thank you (ef-hah-rees-TOH)
— You’re welcome (pah-rah-kah-LOH)
— Pardon me (see-GHNO-mee)
— English? (ang-glee-KAH)?
— Cheers! (yamas)!
— Yes (neh)
— No (OH-hee)


— Wine is often drunk at lunch and dinner.
— It is considered culturally impolite to simply nod. Say “yes,” instead.
— Acquaintances shake hands, friends and family embrace and kiss both cheeks (starting with the right)
— Greeks are very affectionate and open. It is not uncommon to be asked many personal questions.
— Haggling is expected at outdoor markets, but only say prices you are willing to pay.