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An Unexpected Pic at Surrey Lake

During the summer Leeza and I were bored one day and wanted to do something fun. We didn’t have a ton of time and wanted to go on a quick adventure. A quick google search and I discovered that there is a lake in Surrey called Surrey Lake. Having never been there before, we thought we would give it a try.

It was also at this point during the summer when the smoke from all of the forest fires was lingering and hiding the skies. I ended up bringing my camera because you never know and when I was getting shots like the one above I was kinda disappointed because behind the trees it looked so blank.

But it was this point that I had an idea. The blank sky created by the lingering smoke would make it very easy to edit the photo and swap in a more exciting background. This ended up being the start of a theme on my Instagram where I would swap in backgrounds to create composite photos.

The photo on the left is the original (obviously) and the photo on the right is the composite. The composite is actually comprised of three different layers. I took the mountains from my friend Braedins photo from Chilliwack Lake. I also took the stars from one of Braedins pictures, I can’t remember which one though. It really changed the feeling, dynamic, and mood of the picture. Looking at this composite, I see a lot of flaws and now having a couple under my belt I would know how to mend them. It is interesting to look back at it and reflect on this experience, you just never know what an impromtu adventure will bring you.

That composite ended up being the most liked photo on my Instagram feed to date which is also pretty cool.