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Small Seattle Haul — Shoes and Makeup

During the Easter long weekend, I went to Seattle and did some shopping. I want to share some things that I got from the Seattle Premium Outlet, Walmart and Fred Meyers.

Nike Free RN Flynits [Black]. I stumble upon these at the Nike Outlet at the Seattle Premium Outlet and saw that these were only $30 dollars! I’ve been wanting to get these exact shoes for awhile now but I haven’t been able to find them on sale back home. So I was super excited when I found these in my size.

Goodie Hairbrush. This is kind of random but I’ve been needing a new hairbrush for awhile now because all the plastic tips on the bristles on my old brush have all fallen off. I decided to buy this Goodie brush from Walmart and I like that it’s a large paddle.

Finally, from Fred Meyers, I bought some stuff from Wet n’ Wild that I haven’t been able to get back in Vancouver. I also really wanted to get the Milani Make It Last Setting Spray but unfortunately, it was sold out.

Wet n’ Wild Powder in Warm Light.

Wet n’ Wild Pressed Powder [821E Warm Light]. I’ve been wanting to try this powder because KathleenLights have said that this was really similar to one of the MAC powders. Luckily, the Wet n’ Wild section was all on sale and Warm Light seems like it would be a good match for my skin tone. I haven’t been wearing makeup that much lately but I’m really excited to try this.

Swatches comparing Wet n’ Wild lipsticks Never Nude and Bare It All.

Wet n’ Wild MegaLast Lip Color [983B Never Nude]. I love these Wet n’ Wild lipsticks and I’ve never seen this shade before. Maybe it’s new? It looked like it would be a pretty peachy nude which is my favourite type of colours. I went home and compared it to my Bare It All lipstick and Never Nude seems to be slightly lighter and peachier.

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My Easter Long Weekend

A couple of my friends and I went to Bellingham for the Easter long weekend. We stayed at a cabin near Lake Whatcom and spent a relaxing weekend there.

We spent most of our time relaxing in the log cabin we were staying at and played some video games. We get kind of competitive at Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

If we weren’t hanging out inside our cabin, we were by the beautiful Lake Whatcom which we had access to right outside our cabin. Luckily, it didn’t rain too much and we were able to do activities such as building a campfire and canoeing.

I think this was my first time canoeing and to be honest, I’m not all that great at it. Maybe with a bit more practice in the summer, I’ll improve. Basically, I caused me and my canoe partner to just go in circles instead of going straight. Eventually, my canoe partner told me to stop paddling and just let him do the work (which I did not complain about, haha).

The guys were obsessed with building campfires so we spent quite some time sitting by a fire having a few drinks, roasting marshmallows, and making smores.

Lastly, we dedicated one day to driving out to Seattle and doing some shopping and exploring. We stopped by the Seattle Premium Outlet and found some great deals. Then we went to have lunch at Un Bien which had great sandwiches. The sandwiches were a bit pricey but they had a lot of meat in it so I think it was worth the price. After lunch, we did a little bit of exploring in the streets of Seattle before driving to have dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. It was my first time eating there and I really liked their food. We had their tiramisu cheesecake for dessert and it was delicious; Not overly sweet. My other friends had the key lime cheesecake which I tried and found to be a little too sour for me.

Overall, it was a great weekend for me and I was glad to have had this adventure with some of my closest friends.

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How to: Bargaining- the basics

This is a how-to, for a beginner, for a beginner. Yes, I’m lacking in experience, but I am also lacking in bravado. Again one would probably be wondering how lack of experience and lack of bravado is at all a good thing. Well, it isn’t really, however it is useful in attempting to relate this post to other similar to me. No experience scared to ask for a lower price.

Note: in reference to a bargaining I am not talking about Western-style shops. Please don’t go into Garage and start low balling the cashier on a $20 tank top. Most, okay, all my bargaining experience is from countries in South East Asia. 

This is my usual go-to strategy

  1. Once you see something you like, pay very little attention to it. Once the sale person knows you want something they’ll budge very little on starting price. I find it best to act fairly indifferent towards the desired object. Once you know what you want and are looking at other things in the store.
  2. Start thinking about how much you’d pay, then mentally convert that into the country’s currency. If you don’t have an already basic currency conversion knowledge for the country you’re in then, well, you should. You really should. 
  3. If anyone asks if they can help you I go with the usual “just looking” This again shows lack of interest and also gives you so more time. Or you could ask pricing for other things in the store
  4. Finally, when you mentally have everything together point to what you want and begin the negotiation process by asking “how much”. It is always best to look a little surprised when they say the first number, and pretend that it was so high you are willing to walk away


Note: If you really want something and you most likely won’t be able to get it anywhere else, just get it. Even if the price is a bit higher than you wanted.

Note #2: Do not, I repeat do not, get caught up in I-will-not-pay-that-much mode. Like if the pants are, let’s say 100 Thai Baht ($4) and you want to pay 80 Baht ($3.30). It is a 70 cents difference, if you want it, just get it.



Learn to Lie #9: Retail Experience

If you’ve worked in retail before or know the ins and outs of shopping, then you must know that everything has been fabricated to make you believe this or that.

All advertisements have been carefully crafted and honed by marketing experts in order to attract your attention to sell you something, whether it’s the latest trend in jeans or the best tasting juice in the market. Companies want you to buy their product, and in order for them to do this, they need to lie to you.

Have you ever seen a fast food commercial that showed you the most perfect, juicy, delicious, voluptuous, colourful hamburger in existence? Did you crave that burger later on when you were out hungry? Did you go to that fast food joint and buy that burger only to find that it wasn’t anything like it looked in the commercials, instead it was a sad, greasy lump of meat and bread?

Take this infomercial for the FABU-FIT-ME for example:

There’s nothing remotely true about this infomercial, in fact it’s not a real product you can buy.

This is what I’m talking about when I say companies lie to you. It’s nothing new, and you’ve probably %100 knew about it before I even began to think about including it as a learn to lie post, but I’m here to make you aware of what you’re already experiencing in your life.

In retail, they do the same thing:

When you walk into a store, browsing for an update in your shirt collection, a sales person comes up to you and asks if you need any help.

You’re in the midst of feeling the material of a shirt that caught your eye but weren’t too committed to, she takes note of this and then says the following:

“I love that shirt! I bought one just the other day and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday since! I even bought one in another colour! I feel like it’s one of those items that will never go out of style, you know?”

You probably get this all the time if you go shopping often. Sales associates pump out the bullshit at any opportunity they get. I work in retail and I know for a fact I do this.

I get a lot of customers asking if I’ve tried a product or if I know if this is good. If I know it’s an absolute shitty product, I will tell them the truth to spare them the hardship of wasting the money they could’ve spent on something better. However, I’m only human and I don’t try every product in the store and so I can only guess at how great something is judging by the price and the brand.

I will straight up tell my customers that the product they’re holding is a very popular product and is wonderful and it has never been brought back for a refund.

If you want to start learning to lie, retail is a great way to start.

Even if you don’t want to work in retail, being an aware customer is also a good way to start. Simply by asking “where can I find jackets?” when you’re not really looking for jackets at all.

The lesson here is lying happens everywhere, people lie to you to get you to spend money. And if you don’t start lying back, you’ll inevitably end up in this endless cycle of buying into the lies these big corporations are feeding you.