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Aztec Indian Healing Clay and Lush Mask of Magnaminty- Do They Really Work?

Think your skin could benefit from a little TLC? Want to unwind and pamper yourself for a night? This sounds like a cheesy paid advertisement, but I promise it isn’t. If you’re like me, you likely answered yes to at least one (or maybe both!) of these questions. Whatever the case may be, here are two face masks that I’ve tried and would recommend to anyone looking to try a new skin care product: the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. These masks are both cost-friendly and effective – the perfect combination. Here’s an overview of how I like to use the masks, as well as the pros and cons of each.

-Leaves skin smooth and clean
-Prevents break-outs
-Improves skin texture

-Can be harsh if you have sensitive skin
-Hard to wash off
-Dries out skin (be sure to follow with a moisturizer!)
-Can plug pipes

Step 1: Cleanse skin with your favourite cleanser/face wash.
Step 2: Using a bowl and plastic spoon, mix 1-2 tsp of the clay with equal parts apple cider vinegar (I recommend Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar). The container recommends using 1 tablespoon, but I find that this is almost always too much for me. You can substitute the ACV with water or mix the ACV with water to get the desired consistency. However, I find that using ACV on its own has the best results.
Step 3: Leave on for 10-15 minutes for sensitive skin, or 15-25 otherwise. Your skin will probably tingle or itch but don’t be alarmed because this is normal and a sign that the mask is working.
Step 4: Wash the mask off. This can get pretty messy. I’ve read that bentonite clay can clog pipes (although I can’t speak from my own experience with this) so you may want to use a warm wash cloth instead of rinsing the mask down the sink. It might also help to pick most of the dried pieces off and then wash the rest off with water. Your skin will most likely be red in some spots at this point but this is normal and will go away in 10-15 minutes.
Step 5: Moisturize with your favourite moisturizer.
Step 6: Revel in the feeling of your soft and glowing skin, you beautiful human.

-Leaves skin feeling clean
-Easy to use/wash off
-Improves skin texture
-Smells great

-Aduki beans aren’t ground well, which makes it difficult to apply the mask
-Can be irritating if you have sensitive skin

Step 1: Cleanse skin with your favourite cleanser/face wash.
Step 2: Smooth mask over your skin.
Step 3: Leave on for 15 minutes.
Step 4: Rinse off with warm water.
Step 5: Moisturize with your favourite moisturizer.

Have you tried either of these masks before? What are some of your favourite skin care products? Leave a comment below!

Eternal Abundance: Van Hot Chocolate Fest

This year marks the 8th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival in Vancouver, as well as my first year attending! Deciding on a café was a difficult task because there are 35 locations participating and 75 flavours to choose from. I’m by no means a hot chocolate connoisseur, but I know that I love caramel. So naturally, when I saw “caramel” on the list, I was sold. I went to Eternal Abundance Organic Market & Café on Commercial Drive to try out the “Turtle Hot Chocolate” which is both organic and vegan. It was a caramel hot chocolate with coconut whip, caramel drizzle, and pecan. It also came with a turtle chocolate on the side.

The hot chocolate was rich and creamy, and the coconut whip and crushed pieces of pecan on top were a nice touch. However, it had a dark chocolate flavour to it that I wasn’t a huge fan of. The caramel flavour was subtle and not very noticeable. I would recommend this hot chocolate if you’re a fan of dark chocolate and coconut. If you’re looking for something with a more distinct caramel flavour, then I would probably pass on this one. The festival runs from January 20th– February 14th (dates vary by location) which means there are two days left if you’re interested in checking out! Did you try any flavours this year? Comment below if you have any experiences or recommendations to share!

– J

Winter Skin Favourites

The winter is a sad season, less sun, more rain, and way more cold. Personally, I like to combat the winter blues with a little bit of retail therapy. Since the weather here in Vancouver gets pretty cold, my skin tends to dry out. Therefore I buy more skin products to test out. I usually …

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Sexy Back (RICCI Remix) | Review

I recently played a Throwback 2000s show at Republic Nightclub here in Vancouver. I took to Youtube in search of remixes for a shortlist on crowd pleasers including Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera, and of course: Justin Timberlake. Seeing as RICCI is one of my favorite Brazilian Bass artists, you can imagine my excitement finding out he’d remixed JT’s mega-hit Sexy Back.

Brazilian Bass at its Finest

Brazilian Bass only entered my radar recently as I misnomered RICCI and Alok as G-house. While I could (and will eventually) go on a whole rant about house sub-genre boundaries, let me just say that whatever I should classify this remix as, it nails the dark, minimalist elements of modern confessions style house music.

The Good

The highly saturated and reverberated top percussion keep your head bobbing, even during the breaks. The atmospheric FX of sirens adds to the dark mood established by the long 808 shots, and the bass pluck tease in the first break does a perfect job of planting the seed for the drop.

What I love so much about this track is the marriage of the drop vocal and bass pluck rhythm. Syncing the pluck to the vocal phrasing and hard cutting the levels in the second half creates beautiful rest space that adds to the intensity and anticipation of the next kick. The additive synths to much to accentuate particular notes without distracting from the driving pluck. The fills and open off-beat hats are not overdone, a common mistake in the genre.

The Bad

I have only two criticisms of RICCI’s remix. First, more variety and creativity with the vocal would have taking the drops to another level. While RICCI does some interesting gating in the second half of the drop to build tension, the second drop would have benefited from more of this creative manipulation seeing as we’ve already heard the drop once before. My second and final criticism is of the builds: they left me wanting more. While Brazillian Bass and G-house cannot engage in the kind of self-indulging builds of electro-house due to their minimal drops, RICCI’s remix would have benefited from an extra percussive build-up/riser.


While I’m a little late to the party on this remix, its become a must-play in my sets. It achieves what I tried to in my track Drank, and I’ve started using it as a reference for my new G-house projects. RICCI struck gold here.



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meilleurs mots

A peer review of Kelly Wong’s blog

Right off the bat, just based on the google sheet description, I’m excited to take a look at Kelly’s blog, Meilleurs Mots. Meaning best words, I’m imagining her blog to be filled with writing and thoughts. Furthermore, the google sheets description says it will be a design and layout blog, and based on our quick view over her business model canvas in class last week, I’m excited to see how she has translated it into a website. 

As soon as her website loads, you are greeted with this landing page. I am one to appreciate minimalism and whitespace, but at the same time I can’t help but wonder if it’s a little too simplistic. As I mentioned before, the google sheets says the name of her blog is Meilleurs Mots, and the URL does indeed match that. However, I must note that the title of her website upon landing on it says “koncept + ko”. At this point, I am uncertain of what that means as I cannot seem to find an explanation of the chosen website title. Furthermore, I believe that’s what the logo in the top left hand corner of the website says.

In regards to the logo, I must admit that I can’t read it. I understand my eyesight is not always ideal, but the chosen cursive font and size makes it difficult to read no matter how hard you squint. Until I looked at the website title on my internet browser, I honestly had no idea what it said. A large part of logos is recognition of brand image, and so I would suggest changing it to something more legible to make it easy for viewers and readers to recognize right away.

The blog theme without a doubt is very clean cut, very representative of what I think Kelly’s brand and professional self is trying to portray. I think she has chosen the perfect feed to represent her brand image. The background is a solid white, with nothing else on the page but her words in a sans-serif black font. As Kelly’s blog is focused on design and layout, I think it would be important to showcase her work on the landing page, rather than just the words “I am… Design”. Visuals and graphics tend to keep a reader interested, and would lead them to want to scroll through the rest of the website more. I believe the theme Kelly chose has a lot of potential, and I would even suggest looking through the demo page of the theme to get a better idea of what is possible within the framework of the chosen theme.

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, we find little boxes of blog posts. I can tell that Kelly is still working on the blog content of her website, as I would expect since we are still very early on in the semester. Now that her website is live though, it would be a good idea to take down the default “Hello world!” blog post example, only a minor detail.

Still on this section of the website, I click around on the social media icons at the bottom. Kelly has done a great job integrating these already, as they will be an important part of her professsional online self and in branding as well. However, when I click through on them, they just lead to the default website, meaning she has yet to link them to any accounts. I’m excited to see what they will hold once her accounts are connected, as I believe they will be a very good extension for her brand.

Next I go to her menu bar to see what other sections she has on her blog. I find About, Progress, Publication and Contact tabs available. All of these seem like great sections, and will fit with the overall professional theme of design and layout that Kelly is aiming for. As you can see above though, all of these pages are still empty. A rule of thumb for websites is to never have “dead ends” or links, thus I would suggest filling these pages with information as soon as possible. That could even start with just a simple “under construction, please check back soon”.

Out of all the available tabs, I would have liked to see something on the About page especially. Asides from the brief information provided on the google sheet, there is nothing on her website that really tells me what her professional self and brand is about.

As Kelly’s blog is still new and in progress, there isn’t much content to read through yet so I haven’t quite grasped who Kelly or her brand is, but I am excited to see how she will develop this throughout the semester. Based off of what I’ve seen so far on the website, and on her business model canvas, I believe she’s well on her way to establishing her professional self and her brand. All in all, I’m exciting to see where this will take her and will have to check back later to see where it goes!

Images from Kelly Wong

Between the Stripes — A Review

Jenny Chan’s blog, “Between the Stripes”, is a beautifully simplistic space to explore new worlds of music while being within the comforts of home. Especially at a time of the year where I would be sitting inside, by a window, while the weather can do whatever it pleases outside. The design reflects this, as if the sun or the natural light was peering through the window trying to see what I was doing.


Exploring the site itself, I first notice there is a strange “social media & sharing icons” link that brings me to a page for plugins with WordPress; I’m not sure if you can get rid of that or not, it’s at the bottom of the page, so it’s not the biggest deal if you can’t. However, it looks a little off just because it isn’t aligned right with the blurb above it that reads “BETWEEN THE STRIPES Powered by WordPress and FancyThemes”.

Like I mentioned before, I love the colors, not sure if you could add a bit more shadow around the title and play around with that a bit more? As for the menus and categories, I also think the Home About and Captures sections would benefit from and stand out a bit more if it was placed on the black stripe, but if that was the point to be in between the lines, I would add shadow to that as well.  As for the content, I love how you incorporated all the different senses in the “About” section. Keep up the Captures page!

Your “Recent Posts” section keeps repeating every time you post “song of the day” so maybe change that somehow, or number the title in each one? As well, as a reader who may want to comment, it was hard to understand that the“post comment” button was there because it is highlighted black, so it was a little confusing until I hovered over it to make a comment. I would change that so it’s not highlighted black. The mobile version of your website looks very nice as well.

I’m loving the social media outreach on the site; it makes it very interactive and builds more dimension to the simplicity of the site. My one suggestion would be to use specific social media pages as the blog, instead of your own personal Instagram, or your own personal Instagram. With a Between the Stripes Instagram, you could post your song of the day, maybe a blurb with it. You can also purchase InstaReport to keep statistics on that as well! I know some music-based social medias post parts of songs and perhaps you could do the same on behalf of the page. My confusion with Pinterest leads me to ask if there is a specific page on Pinterest you’d like us to look at that is relevant to your blog? Because there are many boards related to your Pinterest. Maybe make sure it just links to a specific board or perhaps a completely different Between the Stripes Pinterest account instead of your whole Pinterest profile. Otherwise, I have definitely been inspired by the social media interactivity and aspire to reflect that in my website as well!

If anyone is feeling adventurous and has a craving for new music, definitely check out Jenny’s blog here: http://triangularzebras.com

Aliexpress Minnie Mouse S7 Phone Case ✧ {Review}


Back in January, I finally said good-bye ? to my precious Samsung 5 phone. It had served me well since 2015. I did however, had the option of choosing between the iPhone SE in Rose Gold ♥ or Samsung S7, since my old phone contract had ended. 

To be honest, the materialistic and girly side of me wanted to select the iPhone since…well, it was in a nice pink-color ( ु•⌄• ). The sales associate, however, encouraged me to play with the iPhone first to see how I liked it, as I had previously owned Samsung products for the past 5 years. 

Despite the pretty color of the iPhone, I stayed true to Samsung, as I’m use to the functions and I like how I don’t need to go through iTunes to add music. Plus, I do have a Samsung camera that primarily works and connects with my phone. 

Because I bought a new phone, the first thing I had to research on was finding a case that was cute enough for me to buy and use. For me, there are a few sites that I like to look up cute phone cases to get, they are primarily, Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress.

Depending on the price and shipping fee, the most reliable source from the 3 sites listed above is Amazon. The price is decent for phone cases and there is either no shipping fee or it’s a small amount. However, in this case ? I bought my Minnie Mouse case from Aliexpress from this seller.

There are pros and cons for this site. I have been a customer for about a year now, and the average wait time to receive your product is approximately 1 month. However, the upside to that, is that there are no shipping fees and the prices are very low. Though, be cautious because sometimes you won’t even receive your items ?

The case is so cute on my phone.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised that I received my case in about 2 weeks. This made me extremely happy, seeing how I only spent $2.40 on it, with no shipping fees ໒( )७ The case itself, is clear color and made of a flexible and bendable plastic, making it hard to break should you drop your phone.

Bad lighting ?, but matching cases!!!

Of course, if you want to be a sap, like me (ง ´͈౪`͈)ว…there’s the option of buying matching cases, so you can get both Minnie and Mickey Mouse for your significant other. Overall, I’m glad I bought this phone case, since it’s cute, inexpensive and there was no shipping fees.