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It’s hard to believe that this semester is already over, looking back it all seems like everything happened so fast. As 201 is wrapping up, I find myself reflecting on this blog and the state its in. I think overall I’m glad that I was able to make a return to it. When I left it last year it felt a bit unfinished to me, as if there was more I wanted to do. While at the time I didn’t have a lot of motivation to continue working on it, I’m glad I got the opportunity to this past semester. I got to take a lot of interesting photos that I was able to reflect on, and being in lecture provided me with a lot of valuable information should I ever decide to pick this back up. However I don’t see myself putting in too much work going forward. Maybe the occasional post every now and then, but I feel satisfied with what I’ve put up on the site.

As a small anecdote, this picture was perhaps the first one I took that really got me interested in photography as a hobby. I waited maybe 15 minutes taking photo after photo, not being satisfied until everything was lined up perfectly. It is also perhaps one of my favourite photos I’ve taken to date.


This week in class we’ve been talking about the final presentations. It’s weird to think that the semester is almost over, but its a good feeling. Even though I’m not presenting in front of the panel, I still myself getting anxious as we near the end of the course.

Peer Review: Jozef Starosta

For this third peer review, I was asked to write about Jozef Starosta’s blog Slovak Diaspora. From what I can gather, this site is meant to be a place for people living in the Slovak diaspora to gather, and and feel closer to each other. This site also seems to be a place where people can purchase eBooks written in Slovak. However that seems to be where any attempt to monetize the site ends. Clicking on the eDocument tab brings me to a very brief summery about what the vision is for his site and eDocument store, but there is no indication of any online store that’s actually been implemented. There is evidence of eDocuments on the site, but I had to scroll near the bottom of the page to find the links to them. I would suggest moving that sidebar to the top of the page, if it’s such an important aspect of the site. I also found the eDocuments themselves to be quite confusing. Of the two links I could find, one takes me to a picture of the cover and a brief summery of the book while the other two links take me to lengthy essays. This confused me, as I’m not sure if the whole purpose of the eDocument Store is actually meant to be more of an archive.

The demographic for this site is very clear, but I’m afraid it might be a little restricting. Most of the posts on the site is written in Slovak, but I’m imagining someone of Slovak decent who was raised in the diaspora never being taught Slovak coming across this site only to find almost all of it written in a language. Unfortunately my knowledge of the Slovak diaspora is limited so I’m not sure if thats an actual concern or not, but It was something I thought about while browsing. If I was in the demographic for this site, I would feel a strong call to action, but I find it difficult to find such a thing.

This site has addressed comments made in the previous peer review. Veronica Aarstad noted that links to social media were not connected to Jozef’s accounts. This issue seems to have been resolved, as the only social media link I could find lead to Jozef’s personal Facebook account.

Overall I would say that Slovak Diaspora has some work to do in order to establish a clear business plan. Implementing an eDocument store is a good idea, but it needs to be worked on more in order to be successful. This site does look very promising though, and I’m interested to see how it will grow

On a somewhat unrelated point, I was unable to find any content relating to PUB 201 on this site, which makes me curious about how I will be receiving Jozef’s review of my site.


We’ve been talking a lot about monetization this week in class, and its been making me curious about what this site would look like if I did decide to start monetizing. Placing ads on this site is something I’ve already ruled out. I think they would be very imposing, and this being such a personal site, ads would make this place feel less genuine to me. Trevor Battye came into lecture this week and provided some very useful advice on how to get started with monetization, and how to begin doing sponsored content. Of all the monetization strategies that we’ve covered, sponsored content seems the most fitting for my brand. I think it would help establish my brand as reputable, while also being able to expand my network and get in contact with some local camera stores.


After getting some feedback from my peers, I decided it was time I started integrating social media into my blog. I figured Instagram makes the most sense. Both this blog and Instagram are very visually oriented, and it gives me a bit of room to branch out into something different if I wanted. That being said, this is still my private Instagram account, and I want to keep it that way to an extent. Having this blog and my Instagram remain somewhat separated in terms of my professional and personal lives is important to me, as both give off thier own tone and I would feel weird posting very professional stuff to my Instagram and vice versa.

That being said, I do hope that by linking my Instagram I’ll gain a bit more of an audience, and it allows me to be a bit more personal with this blog.

Peer review: lauren Borean

For this peer review, I was assigned to look at at Lauren Borean’s blog. Upon first glance, this blog has a heavily focus on fashion, specifically thrifting, with some minor lifestyle aspects. The main emphasis of this blog however seems to be her Instagram store.

Both her Instagram and main blog have a consistent visual design, and that helps unify the two within her overall brand. She also links to her personal Instagram account, which I found interesting. I think it would make more sense to focus more on one account, and drive your audience there. She could create one main Instagram account that features both her store, and personal posts. Alternatively, she could adjust her blog in a way that allows for online shopping. Across all pages, there is a cart icon that goes unused. Her site has the capabilities to become an online store, and I think if she utilized that feature it would allow her to have her Instagram to have a more personal and lifestyle theming. Another minor thing I picked up on was that when hovering over the pictures on her blog that are from Instagram, a tiny Pinterest icon appears. Clicking on the picture still sends me to Instagram, but I just found that a bit confusing. She also includes a footer at the bottom of each page that links to both her instagrams, her Pinterest, and an email link. This footer appears on every page, including the about page where she puts additional link. While this is a tad repetitive, I like the footer and I think it does more good for the site than bad.

In the previous peer review for this site, written by Sharlyn Monillas of sharmonil.com, the point of how Lauren’s blog is distinct from other fashion/lifestyle blogs is brought up. I have difficulty setting it apart from other similar blogs, particularly in the visual aspect. Using white space is a great way to make your site eye catching, but its also very overused, especially in similar blogs that Ive seen. Similar to the last peer review, I would recommend narrowing in on a particular aspect of the site and making that the main focus.

Overall, I like the site. She makes great use of her social media, and links back to it frequently. Her content, while a bit sparse, is written very well. Its obvious that a lot of quality goes in to making her content, and it shows throughout the entire site. I see room for improvement, but with time and effort I can envision this turning into a very effective blog. Check out her blog, and her Instagram store!

(Not gonna lie I’m liking the look of that yellow utility jacket)

Process Post #10 – What now?

So this course is officially done, where do I go now? I want to keep by brand alive, because I love doing it. I want to try to keep up with a regular posting sheduel, but I’m entering my last year of my degree, and I’m also working full time. So I’m not sure I can commit to posting regular posts right now. However, I do want to grow my blog, and continue to grow my audience. So I’m going to do my best to make time to post. I want to grow my audience, and I really do want to reach people. My blog may, over time, turn into a working portfolio. Because I do all my own design work for my blog, it is a great way to show people what I can do right now.

My audience will continue to grow on Instagram though. My Instagram has begun to grow quite quickly, and I really do I want to keep this up, because it is a way to keep my brand growing. I try to post a few times a week, and I post everything from uplifting quotes, product reviews, and the classic makeup pictures.

I love the JordanAnne brand that I’ve built. I love that I’ve created a place online that combines two of my defining traits, makeup and self care. I’ve learned so much about self care during my mental health journey, and I want to share. Though my blog is something that I’m going to need to make time for, I still don’t see it as work. I see it representing my passions and my writing, and it also gives mean excuse to be creative with makeup and care. I’m excited to see where I can take my brand, thank you for the opportunity to develop myself and my brand.   

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Process Post #9 – Presentation Prep

Ah my pitch presentation. Am I scared? Yup. But I am getting ready to dive head first into it? Hell yeah. I am a pretty confident presenter, and as I’ve said before there is very little that throws me off, except a joke that doesn’t land. So all things considered I’m not too nervous about my actual presenting skills. I mean, I know my brand, and I know what I want people to know about it. What I’m nervous about is conveying all this information properly. I want people to know what my blog is all about, and I don’t want to mess up their perception because I don’t present it well. I know I can present confidently and eloquently, but If I’m not presenting the right information, or all the information, then what’s the point in presenting well?

To make sure I portray all the correct information in my allotted time, and to make sure I make an impact, I’ve been working on a few supplemental things.

Brand Guide –

The first piece of supplemental material I want to introduce to the panel, is my brand guide. In this guide, is my logo front and center, as well as swatches of my colour scheme and other images I use throughout my blog. I also want to include my main call to action, which is my call to use #selfcaresunday on Instagram for a chance to be featured on my blog, as well as my infographic. My infographic does a great job of pretty concisely going over what my blog is, and who is behind it. I want the panel to be able to look at my brand book while I’m presenting, and essentially see my blog at a glance.   

Demo –

One of my big points on my blog is Self Care, and how Self Care is for everybody. So for my Demo, I’m going to illustrate this by applying a face mask to my lovely volunteer, Trever. I hope this demo makes me memorable, and illustrates self care.  

PowerPoint –

My PowerPoint is really just full of images to help illustrate my points, and also allow my audience to see my blog, and see what I’m talking about.


I’m hopping my presentation goes well, but I know I’m confident and prepared. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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Process Post #8 – Infographics and Visual Marketing

Because my blog focusses so heavily on makeup and what it looks like, visual marketing is kind of a big part of my overall marketing scheme. Many of my posts include pictures of the makeup look I’m referring to, or they at least include images of the products. These images visually help to intrigue my audience, and they also allow my audience to visually see what I’m talking about. I also use the featured image of many of the posts to provide continuity in a series, like with Let’s Talk, and Self Care Sunday, or I used this featured image to gain interest and give a snapshot of what the post will be about.

Along with the need to market my makeup and my opinions regarding it, visual is also important to me because I want people to be able to look at my logo and immediately know who it belongs to, and what it stands for. I have a very distinct colour scheme that I like to stick too, and this colour scheme is very well displayed in my various logos, and all around my site.

My main logo is something that I’ve worked on for a long time to perfect, and its something that I’ve put a lot of time into designing. I’m proud of this logo, and I am very happy to have it as a main part of my blog. I use this logo mostly in my header, but I also use it within posts to signify my favorite things, or I use it to highlight important things within posts. I want to use my logo as a successful form of visual marketing, I want to use it as something that people will associate with me and my brand.

Using the colour scheme and the general theme of my blog, I’ve created an infographic that pretty concisely shows off my brand. I’m not sure where I’m going to put it on my website yet, but I know I want to put it somewhere visible and eye catching.   

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Peer Review #2 – Carly’s Creative Camera’s

Carly Camera is a beautifully curated  photography based blog that also outlines the extensive creative process behind photography.  Carly has done a wonderful job of  designing a blog that show cases her photography, as well as everything that goes into each and every one of her photos. Carly’s blog proves that there is so much more  that goes into photography than just a simple point and shoot, and her brand defiantly reflects this.  


Upon first entering her blog, Carly’s audience is greeted with a beautifully simple home page .

This homepage does an excellent job of brining people into her blog because it clearly has content “above the fold”, meaning the viewer can start to see things before scrolling down. I especially appreciate that her video shows up in her side bar without needing to scroll down.  

Her home page also introduces her audience to her brand logo at the top of her blog. This is one of the first things I saw, and I really enjoyed this. The colours of her blog make sense, and are pleasing to the eye. Carly has used the design tip of having one accent colour among mostly neutral shades, and it was incredibly smart for her to make her accent something as memorable and uplifting as orange.   

This brand logo however, appears to be the second iteration of her brand logo. Looking at Jankay Lee’s peer review of Carly’s blog, I was able to see the first version of her brand logo.

I can say that I really liked the first iteration of her logo, but I definitely see why she rebranded her logo. The new Image she is using for her brand identifier definitely tells her audience that her brand is about photography.   I do wish however, that this image was a larger and more prominent part of her blog, because it is such a creative and well defined image.


Personally, I love Carly’s content. Her photos are beautiful, but she also to not just be a photographer. Carly is also an incredibly talented and creative person, and her blog depicts this. I’m not a photographer, and I found it very easy to read and understand her photos. I was even able to put her post about editing photos to some use, and I tried to edit a photo or two using her tips and some of her suggested apps. 

Beyond my personal feelings however, Carly’s content does an awesome job of pulling in her viewer. Because her content goes beyond photography, and bleeds into the world of creative design as well; She has expanded her audience from those looking to simply consume photography, and she has provided a space for photographers who are looking for tips and tricks as well.Her content is unique, consistent, and she definitely remains “on brand” in her content. She has clearly worked to further develop her brand with her content. 

Carly’s blog is one that benefits from social media use, and she definitely uses this to her advantage with her use of Pintrest, VSCO, and Instagram.  

Overall, I found Carly’s blog to be easy to navigate and easy to comprehend. I loved her design and her continuous colour scheme, and I can clearly see her brand in her content. The only thing I’d change is I would change her links so they open in separate windows, this way her viewers don’t have to be constantly hitting the back button, and can instead just toggle between tabs. 

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Process Post #6 – Strong Brand Narratives

To me, U by Kotex has an incredibly strong and impactful brand narrative. I spend a lot of time on the internet both creating and consuming content, and in consuming content, I’ve noticed  an increase in impactful advertisements from U by Kotex. The company has chosen the take the term “she must be on her period” and turn it on its head.

The companies advertisements are striking because they begin to remove both the stigma around periods, as well as the taboos surrounding the subject. As a woman, I have 100% had people define me by my period, so I definitely appreciate a brand that is willing to both talk about it, and make it seem kind of badass.  My personal favourite advertisement consists of two women in the midst of a dance battle, and writing on the screen says “One of them has her period. Who is it? Who cares.” The advertisement insinuates that one woman is more “aggressive” because of her period, but then takes that expectation, and totally changes it. This series of advertisements is extremely effective because it makes the audience recognize the stereotypes surrounding periods. All of this companies advertisements seem to take the stereotypes of women on their periods, force people to see them, and then change this thought process. 

U by Kotex sells Women’s sanitary products, so it makes sense that they would tackle these issues, they are supporting the people who purchase their products, and they are also inspiring people to purchase their products. Their advertising is extremely effective in convincing women that this is a company that supports women and our needs. 

Personally, I don’t love the products that U by Kotex sells just because of preference, but I love their packaging, and I really do enjoy seeing their advertisements, because weather I’m buying their products or not, the company is drawing attention to the pointless taboos surrounding periods, and they’re making a difference.   


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Process Post # 7 – What Is Going On With My Posting Schedule and Am I Entrepreneur?

Okay, so first and for most I want to talk about my posting schedule. I am completely overwhelmed with school and work, and unfortunately that means that my posting is falling behind. My Wednesday posts are a little more labour intensive than Self Care Sunday posts, and I am working on a few doing research and things, but I’m finding it hard to polish actual posts that I’m proud of. I feel like my writing is lacking, and I also am not confident in my writing ability. It is discouraging to think that I’m putting all this effort into posts that nobody is reading. I understand that I am building a brand and it will take time to develop and gain traction, but with school and life bogging me down, it can be hard to see a point in posting. However, I do still have a passion for what I’m posting about, so I want to push through this rough patch, and get back to educating the world about self care, and how beauty can play a big part in it.

Because of this feeling around posting, I’ve started shifting my attentions to Instagram. This platform is a good way to quickly grow an audience, and shift their attention to my blog. I don’t have a ridged schedule on Instagram, but I try to post something every day. I’m gaining followers and traction on this platform, and I hope I can begin to build an audience for my blog through Instagram.

All of this begs the question “Am I an entrepreneur?” Honestly, I’m not sure if you could classify me as a entrepreneur. I’m still trying to figure out where I am in this journey, and where I want to go. I see big things in the future, and I’m hoping I can stick to Instagram, and grow an audience for my blog. Hopefully with a little more of an audience I will begin to really understand my journey, and figure out if I’m an entrepreneur.   

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Process Post #5 – Building My Brand Story

My brand story is something I want to build along with my brand itself. When people look at my brand story, I want them to see my positive, spunky, and punny side.

Right now, by brand story is displayed to my audience through certain pages on my blog like my “About Me” and “My Vision”. It is also being displayed through my brand video that I created. I also feel like my story can be seen in my posts, through my personality and style. Thus far, I have worked on my brand itself, more than I have worked on a brand story, and to be totally honest, I’m not sure I knew the different until recently. At the end of the day,  I want my brand story to be just as prevalent in my  blog as my brand itself is. 

To get to the point of having an incredibly integrated brand story, I first want to start with another brand video. I like the video I have, but I’d like to couple it with a video where my audience gets to hear my voice and see my face in an animated way. I found the Dollar Shave Club video inspiring, because it was funny and eye catching, but it also genuinely went with what their brand is. I want to create a video that shows my personality, and gives my audience a better idea of who the girl behind the blog is.  I’d love to be able to let my audience in on who I am, and why I’m doing this. 

So what is the story behind my brand?
Right now, my story is centred around making people happy, and making information accessible. My number 1 goal is 100% happiness, and I do this blog to make me happy, and to make those that chose to read it happy. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m enjoying writing it, but I also want to gain a little bit more of a following so I can reach as many people as possible. I also want to gain more of a following so people have access to product reviews and product suggestions on the fly. These are things that I really want to get across as being part of my story. 

My first step the enhancing and more throughly integrating my brand story is in another video, but I’m also looking for other ways to integrate my brand story into my brand. 

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Process Post #4- Getting To Know My Audience

My goal for the coming weeks is to get to know my audience, and find ways to figure out what my audience wants to see on my blog. I want to be able to give my audience what they want to see, and considering my audience is anybody who wants to be here, I have to cater to quite a wide range of people.
I post something beauty related on Wednesdays, and  a Self Care Sunday every Sunday. I do this because it allows my audience the two different sides of my blog. However, if my audience wanted something different on Wednesday’s, or they wanted me to change up Self Care Sunday, I’d want to know that so I could make those changes.
To begin gaining this information I’ve downloaded a quiz/survey plugin. I hope to use this to create a survey or two to help me get general information from my audience; Information like more posts, less posts, more reviews, more looks, or more self care. I’d be willing to implement changes that a lot of my audience has expressed wanting. I think using a survey would be the most effective way to get a general consensus on what my audience wants to see.
I hope to interact with my audience more on social media as well, on a more personal basis. Right now, on all of my Self Care Sunday posts, I have a call to action for people to use #selfcaresunday and to tag me for a chance to be featured on my #selfcaresunday page, but I haven’t, as of now, gotten anybody to use this. Over the next few weeks, I hope to be able to find ways to actually interact with my audience in a meaningful way.

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