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Process Post #11 – Community Guidelines

I’m in the process of developing community guidelines for my blog. As I’ve created my website as a safe and happy place, I want to keep bullying and harassment to a minimum. If this requires blacklisting words, or blocking certain users, I’m prepared to do that.

However, there is a different between bullying/harassment, and a disagreement. Where I feel some sites go to far is when they silence disagreements between users, or disagreements to their own opinions. If a comment challenges, or questions the sites content, I find that these comments are deleted or shut down. This worries me because it silences a potential dialogue that could happen between a user and an author. As well, it worries me when I see every disagreement between users being moderated or stopped. When there is no bullying or harassment happening with a disagreement I don’t totally see the point in silencing it. I want my blog to be a place for dialogue, and If this dialogue includes  respectfully questioning or disagreeing with my own opinions, I welcome these disagreements and I am open to hearing other opinions.

As of now these are the only things I know I want to include in my community guideline, but I hope to come up with more things to help my community be one of happiness, and one that lacks bullying.

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Process Post #8 – The Final Hour

This week I was asked how I would spend my final hour online, and I’m honestly not sure that I have an answer for that. Much of my time spent online is involves watching Youtube, and zoning out. I don’t have very many pictures that are solely online, and the ones that are probably aren’t worth saving. Perhaps I’d spend it collecting phone numbers from people who I communicate with through various messaging apps, but if I’m being totally honest, I’d probably try to download some influential Youtube videos.

Over the years I’ve  been online, most of my time has been spent on Youtube. I love the community, and the creators. Many of these creators have made videos that have inspired and influenced me, and if I only had one hour left to use the internet (it had better be high speed), I would try to save the videos, that in many ways, have shaped me.

This week I was also asked to look at my google anylitics and talk about what was surprising, and there are only so many ways to say that there isn’t anything in my anylitics. According to google, my blog has bad no views. considering I check my own Blog almost daily not signed in as admin (so I can see exactly what my viewer sees), I’m left questioning the accuracy. however, this also tells me that I need to pay more attention to my use of social media, as well as my SEO. I’m hoping if i start pushing myself out a little bit more, I’ll start to gain some views.


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Process Post #10: Press Release

Take a drab press release and add some pizzazz. Choose a platform and create a new and improved press release. I chose Twitter as the platform for the new press release. Twitter will allow the CBC to post short yet attention-grabbing tweets, which users can respond to directly, and re-tweet. There can be multiple tweets: […]

Process Post #9: Google Analytics

I was surprised by a lot of things I found in Google Analytics. I looked at a period from February 1 up until now (March 14). Altogether, during this period, I had 43 sessions and 184 page views.


Looking first at where my users are from, unsurprisingly, the great majority are from Canada (with all coming from BC). But very surprisingly, I had 5 sessions from India (3 being new users, 2 being returning), 5 from the U.S. (spanning across California, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Texas), 3 from Russia (all from the same city but different users), 1 from Austria (but this had a bounce rate of 100% so was most likely a bot), and 1 from Portugal (most likely also a bot). In terms of language, most sessions were English but it was cool to see that I had a few in Russian, Chinese, German, and Korean, and Portuguese. In looking at my user flow, 4/5 sessions that came from the US visited my fake news essay. The Austria session also visited this post.


32 visitors of my 43 were new visitors and 11 were returning. Looking a bit deeper, it looks like users see an average of 4 pages per visit. This is fairly reassuring. To me, this indicates that people are actually somewhat interested in my content and are not simply leaving right away after clicking on my page. (My bounce rate overall was pretty low as well). This encourages me to make an effort to put more thought and dedication into my content and really make each post count. In terms of specific posts, other than the home page, many page views are looking at my process posts and about. Aside from these two things, the individual post that has the most page views is my essay on fake news (as I essentially alluded to above). I put a lot of work into that post so this is nice to see! There are also a couple of blog posts that have gained more page views than others. One I made about visiting Normandy and one that I made into more of a reflection on the current political climate are the specific ones that have more page views. It’s interesting to think why that would be. This will definitely incite me to put more effort into my blog posts, perhaps incorporating more reflection.

Most people are using Chrome to look at my blog, but some are using Safari. (One sad soul used Internet Explorer). The great majority are accessing my site from desktop, with only 5 being from mobile. I have looked at how my content appears from a mobile device and although everything looks normal, I do like the way it looks on desktop better than mobile. I just think the general layout of the site works better and appears more crisp when viewed from a desktop platform. Seeing as how most people do access my site through desktop, I think I will continue to develop my content with that in mind. However, that does not mean I will ignore that people are increasingly viewing content on mobile devices. I will definitely make sure that my blog posts function as they are supposed to on a mobile platform. It was interesting to note that out of the 5 sessions that viewed my blog on a mobile device, 2 had a bounce rate of 100%. So I am assuming 2 of those sessions were bots. (But the 3 that accessed through an iPhone seem to be legit!).


Looking at how people came to my site, 60% were direct. 10 sessions were through organic search. It’s unfortunate that Analytics doesn’t let me see what specific search terms landed people on my blog but it’s still cool to know that it happened. Finally, 7 sessions were referrals. Now this is the really interesting part. One referral came through this site. It’s some sort of weird Russian blog where this guy is accusing Google of being a lying thief. Then two referrals came from motherboard.vice.com, which is a legit site. Specifically, from this article. The article references the Russian guy that made that weird blog and says that he had been bombarding Google Analytics accounts with fake referrals. So now it makes a bit more sense. Essentially, the referrals were fake (or at least, that’s what I’m taking away from that). Looking at the behaviour flow, all visits from those referrals only visited the landing page then dropped off so it seems even more likely that they were just spammers. Such a weird thing…


Process Post #8: Monetization

Monetizing my site is something that I go back and forth on a lot. I have already expressed doubts about advertising being something that I don’t think will work for my blog. My blog is more of a reflective platform rather than promoting a service or brand so I just don’t like the idea of having ads on it. I feel as though the presence of ads would look almost out of place. I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to get Google AdSense to approve my blog anyways, so this may work out for the best. Now this leaves me with other possible options of monetization. As I learned through the guest lecture this week, there are actually quite a few ways to make money through a blog. For example, I could reach out to organizations to ask them for money in exchange for writing a review about them. However, considering my blog is about nature, that type of content doesn’t really fit. However, I did write a blog post about New Zealand so I suppose I technically could have reached out to the specific places I mentioned. Yet I doubt that would have resulted in anything. Tourist places are not places in which to make money through blogging about.

I think I would have to change up my actual content if I did try to make money through sponsored reviews. And that is not something I am willing to do. Right now, it seems as though I am heading in the direction of not monetizing my site. And I am okay with that. That was never a desire for me when I first started it and it still isn’t now. My blog is more of a place where I can reflect on things I care about and share those opinions with others.

Process Post | sunday.5th.march.2017


“Remix something”… That’s all the instructions provided… This had me stuck for a while, so I did what everyone does these days when their brains don’t provide all the answers… I went to Google. Yeah, you guessed it – that did not help. I thought about it a little more and decided, what better to remix than myself. I took the photo I have on my ‘About Me’ page, mixed it all up with Photoshop and the results were… well… a bit odd.

The original for reference (really I just put it here to prove I don’t always look like that): 


This weeks results are fairly consistent. There wasn’t any days that I spent a drastically higher amount of time on my phone. I have noticed that I have begun to be less purposeful with trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on my phone. By no means have I given up trying to reduce it – but I think about it less now than I did when I first begun tracking.

*Note: Ignore Thursday’s results. I know for a fact that the results on Thursday were faulty as I accidentally shut the app down for the majority of the day.