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My Imagined Readers

I dedicate this blog to readers who love film. I would share the film that I recently watched and comment on the quality of the film.

I do not think my readers are imagined. They actually exist. There are many Facebook, Instagram pages online and they usually have thousands of follower. I think my readers exit. The problem is how to draw them to read my blog. I probably have to create more content and connect with other bloggers on film! In doing so, I am joining the blogging family!

Monetizing my blog?

I do not think that I would monetizing my blog in the near future. I consider this blog as my hobby. Turning it into a business could stress me out when you have to be responsive to sponsors and clients advertisement request. Who would love to be controlled, but not fully controlling the personal blog!

Personally, I do not appreciate the ads column. They turn the page layout less visually-pleasant. In addition, everyone is using adsblock now. The effectiveness of the advertisement is questionable.

Even if I want to monetize my blog. I would prefer writing sponsored posts for the company and therefore would not have unpleasant advertisement column on my blog. I would also make sure my readers know that this is a sponsored post. I won’t eliminate the possibility and opportunity of monetizing my blog.

Sharing parts of myself through the blogging journey

This journey is about self-expression, publicizing yourself. It has been a difficult journey for me. I realized the difficulty of self-expression and acquiring a different voice online when you have you can be identified by the reader. If I retained anonymous, the journey could be less stress. I truly admire those who can achieve

I truly appreciate those who can achieve self-promotion and self-expression in the digital, mentioned in van Dijck’s article. Using Facebook and LinkedIn as examples, van Dijck suggests the function of social media for connectivity and narrating a persona, be it professional or playful implies the existence of an online identity, which could be different from the private self and the ‘true’ self. In the blogging process, I experienced difficulty in self-promotion and self-expression. I think the reason is, I let myself out on the internet without being anonymous. 

It is tricky. On one hand, you want people to know your name so that you are recognized for your work. On the other hand, you fear how people see the ‘you’ you portrayed. Originally, I intended to blog about my personal journey in Vancouver, letting the readers know the pieces of my adventures. However, I found that it is difficult to share my personal life online. I am not comfortable enough to share my personal life with my imagined readers, who in some sense, are really strangers (back to week one)! What if they use my photos and use my identity for a scam? (My roomate became a victim of a scam which involves stealing identity recently.)When people misuse the social media, that is when problems emerge. This is why online scam, fake news, fake identity emerge. Where is trust? When people only think about their self-interest? I can hardly engage with a stranger, unlike James Hamblin. While I can see the strangers on the street, the hidden viewers are more alienate to me 

I am not ready to open up myself without anonymity and engage with ‘strangers’. This is why I have been struggling to post posts about my personal life throughout the semester. I, with my picture in my right-hand column, can be recognized and judged based on my posts. I have no room to hide! What if they use my photos and use my identity for a scam? (My housemate became a victim of a scam which involves stealing of identity recently.) Therefore, Suler’s view on the fact that anonymity and invisibility encourage users to express themselves is real. I could feel less stressed if I had hidden my name. My readers can focus on the content, but not on me. They can hence give a fair review of my work while I can distance from the threats of exposing too much.

This is also why I have shifted to write more about film, which seems more objective and informative than personal. I love film and I know people love films. The director of the film takes up a role similar to a blogger– being a storyteller through pictures and sound. This blog is a platform for me to tell my story. It doesn’t have to be me, but only part of the ‘true’ self shines. I can sense the agency of a writer, to narrate in your own style, as long as they are ‘true’ to yourself.

My imagined readers are now those who have seen the same film as me and are looking for casual discussion on the film. I infused my emotion and watching experience in the reviews and in doing so, I let my readers sense my personality, let them know that I am an emotional and real human being. This is a middle ground –to expose myself to a comfortable extent.

This is just a beginning I would like to continue blogging. Yet, I definitely have to tune my writing direction and find a balance between personal and impersonal, private and public. Writing on the film is what I feel like I can continue to develop and I enjoy sharing films I like and gain insights from them. I should consider including more images and videos on my blog. In addition, I have to create more content.

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I’m not sure that I will develop and implement community guidelines for my website. For large and popular sites that have a lot of traffic consisting of strangers interacting with one another, I think that having clear guidelines is a fantastic idea — particularly with the trend of trolling on the internet. That being said, […]


Being a 90’s kid who lived and breathed Pokemon for the better part of their childhood, it was rather mind-blowing to read into the depths of the Pokemon franchise as transmedia storytelling. Transmedia storytelling is ” a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of […]


Not going to lie, I completely forgot that I had Google Analytics installed! Waiting for the data to load, I was kind of nervous… How many people had visited my site? Had anybody at all? If people had, who were they? What did they think of my content? Alas… I had zero hits aside from […]

Community Guidelines

This community guideline applies to every visitor on this site and also my social media sites. Violator would first receive a warning. If behaviour is not changed, violator would be reported and possibly blocked.

  1. Please be nice in the comments, no swearing in any languages. Any comments that violate this would be removed.
  2. Please do not download the photos and videos used in this blog.
  3. Feel free to share the contents, but remember to tag my tumblr or instagram.
  4. If you wish to translate the content, please send me a message for approval first. Please also link back to my post in the translation.
  5. If you have any suggestions in contents, please feel free to direct message me.

I hope you all have a nice time on the site!


My Experience as an Online Publisher, More or Less

I have always want to create a blog, for my writings, drawings, music, and everything I love and am passionate about. I never seem to be able to keep up and continue what I have started previously. As I brainstorm about the site in September, I want it to be about something that I am currently most passionate about so that it would be a motivation for me to continue.

My site is mainly about Korean language and K-pop, as these two are my current greatest passion. I have always liked learning about different cultures, and I believe that there’s nothing better than learning a culture through its language. Also, Korean culture has been rapidly expanding to countries outside of Asia in recent years, especially through K-pop. I thought it would be nice to write about the K-pop groups that I like and know well on my site as a way to promote the pop culture. It is also a good way for myself to express my passion in a way that I can’t really do in real life.

In John Suler’s The Online Disinhibition Effect, he talks about how the anonymity and invisibility of media users affect the behaviour of themselves. I think these two disinhibition matches with my reasons to post online most. I only started engaging in Korean and K-pop culture about 5 years ago, and there isn’t many people around me who share the passion. There are instances when I want to express how much this passion means to me, but only to be returned with ignorance and disinterest. It has caused me to have second thoughts before talking about it in real life in front of people. As I post online on my site, I am one step removed from the possible audiences of my blog. The audiences do not know me in real life, meaning that I don’t have to worry about how they see me as they read the posts. Also, it also gives them a choice of selection; they can simply leave the site if they are not interested. It gives me the choice of sharing this passion with people of similar interests.

The audiences I originally target are people who are interested in K-pop and Korean culture. I have not started promoting my site on any social media, so the views of the site are still pretty low. There has been audiences from different parts of the world according to Google Analytics, but the return rate has been low. I think it is because of the small amount of content that causes this, and also my irregular updates. I want to introduce the culture in a relaxed and fun way so that people wouldn’t be overwhelmed, which is why I decided to write about K-pop. I also try to keep the language I use in the posts relaxed and fun while being informative. By using appropriate photos and videos, it would possibly increase the audiences interest in the topic and posts they are reading.

Mike Allton, a content marketing practitioner, has written a post on benefits of using images in blogs. He mentions that images encourage social media sharing, creating emotional connection, and making the blog more memorable. I strongly believe in this because I have experienced the same effect. Most of the blogs I do follow are strong on the visual aspect, and I would visit the blogs solely for the images even if there is no updates. My blog is still a little bit weak on the variety of images. Also, the theme of my blog does not allow me to include images in the excepts of the posts, making it less attractive to audiences.

As I mentioned above, I have not expanded my blog to other mainstream social media. One of the reasons is because I want to separate my personal social media accounts from this blog, and I have yet to create social media accounts for my online self. In Mary Meeker’s report on internet trends, global internet user has grown from around 15% in 2010 to almost 30% in 2016. There’s also a huge increase in mobile phone usage from 0.4 hour per day to 3.1 hour per day. Nowadays, many people choose to access social media and other information through their smart phones. I think that it is important for me to further expand my online personality into other social media if I are to continue developing and elaborate my online presence.

Looking forward, I want to continue blogging and developing my online self. My first goal would be to develop a schedule for regular postings. This is one of the biggest flaw of my blog right now. To do so, I think I should have a number of posts contents ready to be post regularly so that even when I am too busy to write new posts, I can still post something. The other thing I want to do is to create other social media accounts and link it to the blog, so that I would have a more elaborated and wholesome online presence. This would be a bit more difficult to achieve because of the amount of work it involves, but I would like to try. I once thought that publishing online is not a difficult thing. But after actually trying my hands at it, I realise how complicated it could be if I do it seriously.


Mary Meeker. 2017. “2017 Internet Trends Report.” http://www.kpcb.com/internet-trends

Suler, John. 2004. “The Online Disinhibition Effect.” Available from: Cyberpsychology & behavior 7.3 (2004): 321-326. http://truecenterpublishing.com/psycyber/disinhibit.html

Mike Allton. 2013. “10 Benefits of Using Images in Blogs.” https://www.thesocialmediahat.com/article/10-benefits-using-images-blogs


[IT AIN’T ABOUT THE MONEY MONEY MONEY…] I definitely, definitely do not want to monetize my site. With its main/future purpose of being my professional portfolio, I feel that it would be quite the opposite if I hosted ads. In all of the portfolio websites that I’ve visited, I don’t recall ever seeing one with […]

Community Guidelines

Of course, I want my blog to be an ideal online space where it is a welcoming and inclusive community. Comments and questions related to my travels posts are more than welcomed but this world is not perfect and we can’t have everything we want. If it is irrelevant but is non-offensive to anyone, then that is okay. As of now, my blog allows anyone to leave a reply, but it ultimately has to be approved by the admin, which is me, before they are visible to the public and on the posts. Spams that just plug in advertisements are automatically filtered to the spam folder. Filtering spams actually make a huge difference because they are usually long posts that are not related to the commented post. If I’m reading someone else’s blog and see a bunch of spam comments on the posts, I’ll probably have a negative impression on the blog as a whole. I kind of question its legitimacy and discredit the blogger’s effort because it’s easy to associate spams with viruses and that combination itself just has a negative connotation. To prevent that happening on my blog and to my readers, spams will remain invisible and stay in the shadows of my blog. For actual comments regarding my posts, I have control over approving them to be visible or not. Obviously, for those that are not harmful and genuine, I will approve them. Even if comments are constructive criticism, I won’t purposely keep them hidden.

Perhaps a guideline to breakdown the inappropriate behaviours that I feel should be controlled is more useful:

  • Advertisements and promotional content
  • Sexist and racist comments
  • Insults towards the creator or other users

I feel like if I have a huge following in the future, I’ll just let the comment section be public and comments also don’t have to be approved by me. If I have loyal readers that genuinely care for my well-being, they will come together to defend me when a hate comment is posted. The public knows best so it’s best to let them decide and create the guidelines to judge if I really deserve those kind of comments. But, I think it’s safe to say that no one deserves hate comments. Seems like a selfish act for letting my followers defend me, but that’s only if I have ANY following in the future. I can dream!


JordanAnne’s thoughtful review of my blog back in weeks 5/6 was incredibly helpful in giving me some insight into how I am setting myself up to be perceived by others (who do not already know me, so essentially strangers). This was fantastic because, as we discussed early on in the semester, first impressions are everything […]

Story without Text–Happy Birthday to Seventeen’s Woozi!

November 22 is a day to celebrate. Why? Because it is Seventeen’s producer and Vocal Unit leader Woozi’s birthday!

The following story is about the growth of Seventeen’s Woozi from his pre-debut day to their most recent promotion for the new album Teen Age. Happy Birthday to our precious Vocal unit Leader and hard working Producer Woozi!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! !

Story Without Text–Happy Birthday to Woozi

​This video is for personal viewing only, please do not download, edit, or reuse.

Disclaimer: Photos are all from the web. If you find photos you own and would like me to credit and link back to you, please tell me!

Music Credit: Seventeen Woozi–Simple. You can purchase it on itunes or Spotify.


Audience is something I’ve been struggling with since starting this class. I’ve never been much of one to advertise my personal life; I don’t label myself as much of a storyteller, so this whole concept of blogging is pretty frightening. Initially, I imagined my audience would be fellow karate athletes with whom I could share […]

process post #9

When considering cross-media usage, I think using Instagram or YouTube would be the best transmedia integration for my website. This is because my website is about reviews and the use of pictures would best represent the music or dramas that I talk about. Also, as all of the digital album covers are square, it would be easy to organize or post about the albums using the Instagram layout. However, in each post, I would need to include more of my opinion on the music from the tracklist to the entire product packaging of the albums. Another way I could do this would be instead of writing so much on each post, I include a link to my blog and/or YouTube. However using YouTube, I would need to put in a lot more work. I would need to create a channel that talks about all the music releases that occurred in the month, as posting every 2 weeks would be quite time consuming. The plus side of using YouTube though, would allow me to engage with my audience a whole lot better. I would get a lot more exposure as well as allow my audience to get to know me as a person instead of just someone who sits behind a computer and writes posts. And maybe I’d even be able to create my own brand if I get as famous as Michelle Phan and become the 7th most paid YouTuber!!

Incorporating transmedia

I am not a frequent poster on blogs and social media platforms and hence it is difficult for me to build up my social presence. After visiting Zoe’s blog, which is a great example of incorporating transmedia, I gain idea on how to raise your presence.

1. Link to my twitter account.
Your retweet signifies your active engagement on social media. Clicking a button means show your interest and concern on topics. When you have tweets of dogs on your wall, who can’t tell you are a dog lover!

2. Engage with other bloggers and influencers.
Comment on their posts! You will definitely get more visibility because of your comments. Visitors who love your comments is going to click into your profile and probably your blog!

3. Appear in various platforms
In the lecture, Lisa Manfield explained the power of reaching out on all possible platforms and gave tips on effective editorial. She showed us the fact that visual and video content attracts more readers eyeballs than texts. Make a video and picture for your posts could raise your online presence.

I am going to link my twitter with this blog! See you in Twitter!