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Process Post #10

Last process post of the semester: This week’s lecture, we talked about monetization regarding its rules, key relationships, pitching and much more. Beginning of this semester, I didn’t think monetization was a big part because my blog is still very small and I need to grow my audience a lot more. However, working on it […]

Process Post #9

This week’s lecture was extremely amusing and helpful. We had a guest speaker coming in to talk about how we can present ourselves to others. I personally always had a fear of speaking publicly in front of other, especially in a presentation style. I’ve never been too confident with myself speaking in front of many […]

Professional Process Post #9: Back to Business

Hello friends,

This week, I am revisiting my business model canvas. A business model canvas is a template used to develop and document different elements of a business. I created the first iteration of this at the beginning of the semester. At this time, I was completely lost with this project. I did not even have a URL, and I felt extremely insecure about my ideas. I also did not fully understand what each segment of the business model meant.

Carly Camera's Business Model Canvas: First Iteration.

Although my confidence has improved as I continue to develop my blog, I have been feeling like there is an impossible amount of work to be done before I am able to build an empire out of Carly Camera. As Suzanne has been mentioning, confidence is lacking in the creative sector, and I am certainly an example of this. I am struggling to believe my website could ever amount to something I could even monetize, never mind charge people for my own work and services. I chose to put all of these negative thoughts aside when I updated by business model, and remained optimistic about the possibilites for my brand. In tutorial, we reviewed our business canvases with partners. Athena’s encouragement brought me more confidence. She noticed that my original business model did not mention selling my personal photography. She suggested that I create some sort of physical gift of my work to offer potential superfans. I had never thought about this before, partly due to my lack of confidence in my own creations. But when she mentioned this, I immediately envisioned a scrapbook offering of my best work. This offering would reflect my blog’s mandate and aesthetic, and would certainly be something a potential fan could treasure. I incorporated this idea into my business model’s second iteration. I also developed my value propositions, considered new potential partnerships, specified which social media channels I planned on using, and demonstrated a greater understanding of what “customer segments” really means.

Carly Camera Business Model Canvas: A Colourful Second Iteration.

If you are considering developing your own brand, developing a business model canvas is something certainly worth considering. It encourages you to be confident in your success by prompting you to consider so many possibilities.