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Process Post #2


For this week, I mainly focused on how my blog looks visually.
After hearing Mauve’s lecture this week, I started to think about how my blog actually looks like, if it’s very appealing to my audience or not.
First of all, I want to change the background of my blog. I’m not sure if I l want to change the whole color or if I want to have a background with a pattern, or certain image. I do like how my blog has a lot of white space and that’s what I aimed for at first. However, looking at other people’s blogs, I think adding a color is a nice representation of the blog and who I really am. A color can add various meanings to the blog and I think it could add a special charcteristic to it.

To change the background color or even the font that I use for my blog, I realized I need to make a child theme, so when there are updates, the changes doesn’t go away. I’ve tried and researching on how to make a child theme, but I personally think it’s extremely difficult and hard to understand, so I need to do a bit more research before I actually do anything, just in case 🙂 As I mentioned, I am thinking of changing the font that I use for my blog. Perhaps, changing the font for my title and adding a color to it, so it stands out a bit more. During tutorial this week, I realized that I really want to come up with a proper ‘title’ for my website. As of now, it’s just my name, which also makes sense because I am branding myself but I think perhaps a catchy, creative title can help to further brand myself and stand out from the crowd! So my goal is to come up with a title, make a child theme so I can make few changes for my blog. Also, a logo is something that I need to work on. It’s definitely not easy to make a logo that’s well presented and I think it will be easier for me to create one once I figure out the title for my blog, so I’m thinking to save that for later (hopefully soon though).

One positive thing this week is that I managed to have my Instagram account showing on the sidebar of my blog. I found a plugin that allowed me to do this and I am very happy about it! I’m thinking to push the Instagram even further up because it’s located in the middle of my sidebar and I want it to have it shown a bit more.

Overall,  I realize that I still have A LOT to work on to fix and update my blog. Right now, I’m on the defense of sticking to what I really want my blog to look like (very minimalistic, simple design) or being more bold which can stand out and perhaps it’s what my audience wants more. I learned that colors, fonts and the little things can play a massive role to attract consumers, so I wish to make small changes step by step! I’m excited for what my blog is going to look like in the future 🙂

Process Post #1

Hello! Long time no see.

This is my first process post of the semester. It’s been a while that I wrote one of these process post but feels good to be back.

Regarding last week and this week: I’ve left my blog hanging ever since I finished PUB 101 last year and forgot about it. Actually, I always did have a small spot in my head for my blog but I guess I was too busy and got carried away with life. However, taking PUB 201 has got me back in track of blogging my life and I’m very excited about it. Since it’s been a while that I’ve been blogging, there are definitely few things that I have forgotten regarding about how to function and manage this blog. Therefore, last week and this week I had to play around with my blog, update few things and edit couple mistakes that I saw. At this point, I’m happy with updating few things here and there, but I definitely wish to improve the look of my blog. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do it or what I want to improve on specifically but I’m sure it’ll come to me as I work on my blog with time.

For this class, I’ve decided to continue working on this blog  because I wanted more experience and wish I could build and grow this blog. Since this is my personal lifestyle blog, I will be branding myself. This means that my brand is personal branding of myself. My blog is a lifestyle blog where I talk about beauty products and makeup that can help achieve one’s self esteem. I will also be talking about different restaurants, diverse places to visit around Vancouver. Therefore my audience are young adults, age around 18~25 or even higher. I would say female are more interested in my blog because I talk a lot about beauty and not even that, girls usually like to search and find new things, places to visit around the city we live in. Regarding my tribe, I have a lot of friends, coworkers, church friends who are interested in makeup, looking at food posts and much more. Since my blog is a bit broad, I think it will be much easier for people to approach and get a glimpse if they like it or not.

The Business Model Canvas is something very new that I was introduced to today. All the different terms that are used in the business model was new to me so I struggled at first. I had to research a bit online to what this model was and how it worked. Now I have a better understanding of what the model is, I can definitely see that it is a nice guideline for my brand. I still haven’t finished completing the business model but I will work on it for this week. Working on this business model canvas really helped me think deeply into my brand and how I want my brand to be. It also helped me think about monetizing my brand because that was one thing that we didn’t get to touch on a lot in PUB 101. I would like to say that during PUB 101, that was my first phase to blogging and now, I’m on my second phase.