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Professional Process Post #5: I Created Viral Content

Hello friends,

This week in class we discussed analytics. I thought I would discuss my experience creating viral content for another class, and how I intend to apply what I learned to my own blog.

I am currently taking CMNS 353: Topics In Technology and Society. My professor for this course asked us to write viral content. To do so, most students wrote a Buzzfeed post. Anyone who received over a thousand views on their piece was rewarded with bonus marks.


I was constantly referring to my Buzzfeed analytics to see how far my writing was reaching.

Writing the piece was interesting. Just as I am expected to do with my blog, our article needed to target a specific audience. It also had to be related to social media. As a student addicted to the Internet, I decided to write about struggles students face online. On both my blog and on Buzzfeed, I made my work personal, as I am more likely to promote to and resonate with those I relate to. After settling on a topic, I expected writing the piece to be easy. As we all know, most successful Buzzfeed posts are extremely simplistic. They are typically formatted as a list with headings, pictures and brief descriptions. However, I found it somewhat difficult to write like this. It was difficult to be concise and entertaining. When writing content accessible to your virtual networks, it is a little more difficult to be confident in your content. You know other people will actually be reading this!


I began to promote my piece by sending the link to my boyfriend, family and group chat with several of my close friends. My close connections frequently revisited the page. Although this significantly boosted my article’s social lift, my article needed to reach further to get a thousand views. So, I began sharing my piece on Facebook. Instead of posting the link as my status, I posted it to a large female empowerment Facebook group called Inpower 2.0. Many of the women in the group are similar to me; everyone is fairly young, and lots of them are enrolled in university. I decided to ask these women to help me reach my view count, and they provided incredible support. Immediately after I posted, my view count skyrocketed as people began to visit and share my work. In just over a week, I went from 44 views to 908, and my analytics showed that most of my audience was brought to my article via Facebook. My article eventually stopped receiving traffic via Inpower 2.0. referrals, and I posted my link once again to another group. Within minutes, I had reached a thousand views.

Promoting Carly Camera…

Through this Buzzfeed assignment, I learned the power of networking. To increase traffic to my blog, I intend to share my cyber infrastructure with my network, which includes my friends, family, classmates and online communites.

Now that you have read about the process, please take a look at my Buzzfeed article!



Peer Review 1: Simply HelenJ

I click through to Helen’s blog and I am greeted with a simple theme that is true to the title of her blog, “Simply Helen J.” The title of her blog stands out as it is a subtle bright pink opposed to her tagline that is grey. Helen has chosen a great theme because it is simple and easy to read. The theme is also very accessible, because navigation is clear, and each post provides you with easy sharing icons to different social media platforms.

However, I think it would look better if she would rename the ‘other’ option on her menu for PUB 101. The menu is divided into concise categories that give me a sense of her blog without scrolling down or clicking through to her ‘about me’page. Overall, I think Helen has chosen the perfect theme for her blog as it reflects what her title states and only needs to make minor changes to the menu.

There is a small box on the right side of the blog for Helen’s ‘About Me.’ My immediate thought is that I wish I didn’t have to click ‘Read more’ to continue reading. I’m impressed with how Helen wrote her mini-about me because it captures her blog in two sentences. When I click ‘Read more,’ I wish the about me box was better connected to her ‘About Me’ page. I think maybe Helen could start by connecting to the two then introduce herself? Also, I believe her about me should be longer since when a reader clicks ‘Read more’ they anticipate more details and currently her write up feels incomplete. Helen is on the right track with her ‘About Me’ page, but just needs to slightly add to it.

The content on Helen’s blog is amazing! The post “DIY Air Plant Terrarium,” has the perfect balance of text and images that DIY post needs. Although, I think it would be more beneficial to make the images smaller to create a better visual balance between the texts and images. I also like how not all of the posts in a row are DIYs, because the post “What’s in my Purse,” is a light-hearted easy-to-read post. Helen tags her posts appropriately, which will make it easier for her readers to search for posts when she further develops her blog.

Helen has created an online persona that is relaxed and welcoming, which I think will appeal to individuals that share similar interests as her. I think she currently only needs to tweak her ‘About Me’ page to be more detailed and her menu, otherwise her theme and content are good.

I’m not a crafty person… but I might try making an air plant terrarium since she makes it look so easy! Don’t forget to check out her blog to get inspired!

A Review of Awkward Girl

Hello friends,

Welcome to my review of Awkward Girl, a blog recently created by Veronique Brissette. I am not a professional blog creator, nor am I a professional blog reviewer, but I hope that through providing my perspective, I am able to promote some growth.

The Awkward Girl Vision…

Veronique has developed a focus for her blog: she wants to share stories and ideas from her own self-claimed awkward life and mind. It is apparent that this blog represents who she feels she truly is. Authenticity is important when creating a blog, as you want to feel comfortable with the content you will be required to create.


Veronique has begun to create posts, and her tone throughout them remains consistent. It is very casual and funny, which definitely suits her awkward themed blog. She has chosen to include anecdotes, short stories, and awkward photos.

Veronique’s About page is concise, communicating exactly what her blog revolves around. However, I feel like a little bit more could be added to this page. Perhaps a photo, or a few more details about her.

I noticed a few minor grammatical errors through the website that could be reviewed. It is ultimately up to Veronique how she wishes to develop her tone, but I noticed a lower-cased “lol” in the middle of sentence, which I thought seemed more suitable for a text message conversation rather than this blog. Although the tone is casual, it should not appear careless.

Process Posts…

Veronique and I share similar feelings about beginning to blog. It is overwhelming! It is good that she has documented this, and she is using her progress posts to track her growth and explain her ideas, successes, and struggles.





Veronique has created a visual header. It is yellow and blue, and I think the quirky font choice suits her online self. Her main menu is yellow, matching the header.


Once you scroll past the header, necessary colours and visuals are left out. To me, the darker blue, black and grey communicates professionalism. Since this blog is more fun and lighthearted, I believe that further incorporating the yellow and light blue found in the header image would better communicate Veronique’s vision. I would also love to see some feature photos added. Visuals are appealing and intriguing. She could consider adding more to her sidebar, such as links to complimenting social media platforms.


Veronique’s personality really shines through everything she posts, and I believe the future of her blog is very bright. Visit Awkward Girl for Veronique’s “unapologetically awkward” perspective.



PS: Veronique, I recommend you look up Avocado Bay! It is a restaurant on Denman Street and I think you may be quite interested…

Professional Process Post #3: Introduced to an Influencer

Hello friends,

This week, our class had a discussion with Matt Shea via Skype. By posting gaming videos to YouTube, Matt has managed to secure over 1.8 million subscribers.

I learned from Matt that a brand can easily be an extension of the self. He was interested in video games, and he used that to create viral content, and eventually his own profitable brand. In a previous process post, I expressed concern with the fact that I could not see myself as a commodity. I realized it’s easier than assumed to begin to inspire others – you can simply share something you have already began creating that feel truly represents you. Through the practiced process of providing for others through a blog, you can also become better at your own craft. This is precisely what I hope to achieve through my own blog.

Matt also described how he has begun to expand the topics he covers on his channel. Originally, he focused specifically on gaming, but he mentioned how he recently made a video on the Logan Paul controversy, and he did this almost entirely for views. Creating a specific focus for a platform attracts people who share an interest in the topic. Once a dedicated audience has been acquired, it is wise to begin to expand content. At this point, people are not only interested the platform’s genre, but have become invested in a personal brand.



Process Post #1

How difficult can setting up WordPress be?

Apparently, it’s a lot more difficult than I assumed it to be.

I could not contain my excitement, so I created a WordPress account and bought a domain as soon as I could. I made the mistake of creating a separate WordPress account rather than installing it through Reclaim Hosting, which I would later come to realize. By creating a separate WordPress account, I struggled with transferring my domain over to my blog. I did not want to make any posts until I could figure this out. Thankfully, Ariel addressed this during the first tutorial and it felt good to know I wasn’t the only one with the same problem.

Once I had setup my blog through Reclaim Hosting, the struggle to choose my blog theme began. I downloaded and searched through multiple themes to find something suitable for my blog. I think my blog will sort of be like a journal? Not really sure, but I definitely wanted a more text-friendly theme. I’m not lying when I say I searched about high and low for a WordPress theme.

The theme that I chose (for now at least) is called Teletype by DinevThemes. I think the minimalistic layout of this theme appealed to me the most when compared to others (also, I really like courier new for text heavy blogs). I customized the theme with my preferred colours (pink of course lol). I used Canva to make a plain header to match the footer of my blog. In my opinion, the customization of the theme for aesthetic purposes was the easiest part. I wanted my theme to mimic my vision board  that represented me as a person, and I think I found the perfect one.

The most difficult aspect of setting up my WordPress blog was creating the menu. I referred to Codex, but it still took me several tries since what I did on the dashboard wouldn’t show up on my blog. I eventually had to go in and customize my theme for the menu to appear. However, I did not struggle with creating a separate category for my Posiel 101 posts (weirdly surprising).

I wrote two blogs posts in midst of this chaos, but I decided to wait before posting them as I wanted to have my blog layout figured out. Also, I still don’t know how to disable comments on my ‘about’ page…. (sigh)