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James Bay

Oh, James Bay… or who my friends know as “Bay bae”

A brilliant debut album “Chaos and The Calm.” 

I still kick myself for not being in Vancouver, when he came to Vancouver.
First time, with Hozier in October 2014 at the Commodore Ballroom.
Second time, in April 2016, headlining at the Orpheum Theatre.

I love how the whole story unfolds throughout the lyrics

Let the ashes fall, forget about me

Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes

Your lion’s heart will protect you under stormy skies…

These 3 songs are only a sneak peak to “Chaos and The Calm.” 
From the first track “Craving’ to the last track Incomplete,” the album paints hope and heartbreak.
Check out his whole album if you have time, you can thank me later. Definitely won’t disappoint.


Adele 25

It was hard to find official videos or audio for Adele’s music on Youtube, despite having her own VEVO channel.

let me photograph you in this light, in case it is the last time…

Here’s her album 25 on Spotify

Water Under The Bridge

If I’m not the one for you, why have we been through what we have been through…

We Don’t Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth

Struck a chord with me when it was initially released.
A song I believe a lot of people how can personally relate to.
Maybe not all in a romantic sense– even friendships and family fall out.

we don’t talk anymore, like we used to do

Here’s a live performance where I personally think that Charlie looks like he’s in love with her.
Although, they may not be friends anymore… here‘s some drama you might be interested in.

Here’s a cover of the song from BTS member, Jungkook.
I find he sounds similar to Charlie Puth.

Jungkook did post a sample version of his cover on the official BTS Twitter back on Jan 6, 2017.
Charlie Puth liked and followed BTS after.
Here’s an article by allkpop about the incident.

On Feb 27, 2017, the BTS official youtube pages releases Jungkook’s full cover of the song.
And Charlie Puth retweets the post.
Also, summarized in an article on allkpop.